A years-old Instagram hoax is back — and it's tricking celebrities and politicians




'If you’re seeing a meme claiming Instagram is changing its rules tomorrow, it’s not true,' Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, wrote on Twitter.

A years-old hoax is making the rounds on Instagram again, claiming the social media company is about to change its rules in order to access users' photos.


Those sharing the fake message included Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, the actors Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts and Rob Lowe, rapper Waka Flocka Flame and singer Usher. By Wednesday morning, many of those who had posted the hoax had deleted the image.

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Mosseri, head of Instagram, wrote on Twitter. LoL Facebook listens in on your calls, do you think they care about your dumb disclaimer meme In a timeline long enough, all meme-hoaxes return Instagram is a cesspool. Unfortunately the Hoax Network, , is still on the air. Common sense is not so common anymore.

Please talk about the Amazon burning, not an Instagram hoax Not Again Wait. I'm already on Twitter. Why would I possibly need Instagram? You would think people would use common sense. I kept seeing the same post over and over. 🤦‍♀️

Instagram denies viral terms-of-service hoax that tricked Rick Perry, celebritiesThe widely circulated post falsely warns Instagram is changing its privacy policy and will make public all of users' photos, including deleted messages. Please it is so easy to trick celebrities

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Rick Perry, The Man In Charge Of American Nuclear Weapons, Fell For An Instagram Hoax'I’d like to introduce you to a Nigerian prince,' read one comment from an Instagram user mocking the energy secretary for being gullible. Well, he is dumb AF. What an incompetent idiot. The man who wanted to do away with the Energy Dept. (if he could only remember what it's called) is in charge. If you don't understand the Net you should not be in charge, period. FeelTheFern07

How did this ridiculous Instagram privacy hoax from 2012 fool so many stars?The 'Deadline tomorrow!' text is an ancient Facebook meme for the gullible. THE PHOTOSHOP JOB ALONE WAS OVERTLY COMICAL. We are truly doomed as a species. Proof that we need to stop making stupid people famous Hmm?

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Megan Rapinoe, Usher, and Trump's energy secretary are among a bunch of stars who got duped by an old school Instagram hoax'If you're seeing a meme claiming Instagram is changing its rules tomorrow, it's not true,' said Instagram boss Adam Mosseri.

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