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A top Microsoft cloud exec says that the company wants more customers to try out serverless computing, the 'best way to do compute'

A top Microsoft cloud exec says that the company wants more customers to try out serverless computing, the 'best way to do compute'


A top Microsoft cloud exec says that the company wants more customers to try out serverless computing, the 'best way to do compute'

Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich explains why serverless is the future of cloud computing . This year, Microsoft launched new serverless products.

But there's a better way to do computing, says Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich, and it's called

"We don't want customers to stay out of the best way to do compute, and serverless is the best way to do compute," Russinovich told Business Insider in a recent interview.

Serverless means that users don't have to worry about that: Their cloud provider does the hard work of managing the servers, automatically running the code in the most efficient way it can, at the very moment it's needed. In other words, developers don't have to worry about the server infrastructure, because it's handled for them.

Russinovich called this new pricing model"microbilling," as customers just pay for the computing resources they use, as opposed to virtual machines, where customers are charged based on how long they're active.

Microsoft explains its big bet on serverless computing, the next major way that developers are going to write cloud software

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