A tabloid got a trove of data on Hunter Biden from Rudy Giuliani. Now, the FBI is probing a possible disinformation campaign

The New York Post got a trove of data on Hunter Biden from Rudy Giuliani. Now, the FBI is probing a possible disinformation campaign.

10/18/2020 4:05:00 AM

The New York Post got a trove of data on Hunter Biden from Rudy Giuliani. Now, the FBI is probing a possible disinformation campaign.

The FBI is examining whether the material supplied to the New York Post by Rudy Giuliani is part of a disinformation campaign by Russia.

USA TODAYWhen a New York tabloid published the alleged contents of a computer hard drive purporting to document the Ukrainian and Chinese business activities of Hunter Biden, the newspaper cast the information as a"smoking gun."Enter the FBI.

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Less than three weeks before one of the most contentious presidential campaigns in history, federal authorities are investigating whether the material supplied to the New York Post by Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, is part of a smoke bomb of disinformation pushed by Russia.

The inquiry, according to a person familiar with the matter, is at least in part, aimed at determining whether Russia has set its sights on a familiar target: Biden's father, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.The FBI has declined to comment, refusing to either confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.

The gauzy details of the newspaper's account trace the hard drive to a computer repair shop in Delaware, where a laptop had been left for service last year but was never re-claimed by the customer. Exactly how the material moved to Giuliani,who with Trump has long pushed debunked conspiracy theories about the Bidens,

has raised as many questions as the authenticity of the laptop data the president's lawyer provided to the tabloid.After months of investigation, two Republican-led Senate committees unveiled a report in September that found no evidence of wrongdoing or corrupt actions by the former vice president in connection with his son Hunter's business dealings in Ukraine.

But Trump and Giuliani have continued to lob allegations at the Democratic nominee, despite multiple investigations, including the recent GOP probes, that have found no basis for the claims.On Wednesday, the president and his lawyer seized on the New York Post story, asserting that an email purporting to show an adviser to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma thanking Hunter Biden for arranging a meeting for him with Joe Biden, who was then the vice president.

The story provided no evidence that such a meeting ever occurred and has come under fire for its reliance on questionable sources and documents whose authenticity was not verified. Biden's campaign team told USA TODAY that no meeting ever occurred.

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Explainer:Biden, allies pushed out Ukrainian prosecutor because he didn't pursue corruption casesGiuliani, through his lawyer, declined to provide the material to USA TODAY for examination.When Twitter initially blocked the sharing of links to the story, citing a"lack of authoritative reporting" on the origin of the source materials behind the story, the newspaper hit back in an editorial, calling the criticism "ridiculous."

The Post has not responded to requests for comment.Here's what is known about the origins of the New York Post and the claims made about the Bidens by Trump and Giuliani:What are Trump's claims about Biden and Ukraine?The effort by Trump and Giuliani to dig up dirt on Biden and Ukraine was at the center of the impeachment inquiry launched against the president last fall by House Democrats.

The Democrat-controlled House last year approved two articles of impeachment – abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The impeachment probe was set off by an anonymous whistleblower complaint accusing Trump of using the levers of U.S. diplomacy to try to cajole Ukraine into pursuing investigations of Biden for the president's own political benefit.

Multiple senior Trump administration officials testified that they became alarmed about a July 25, 2019, call the president had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in which he urged his counterpart to announce an investigation into the Bidens. Administration officials also testified of concerns that Giuliani was carrying out a"shadow diplomacy" in Ukraine focused on pressuring officials to investigate Trump's political rivals.

The Republican-controlled Senate this year acquitted Trump of the charges after a trial.Trump and Giuliani have accused Joe Biden of seeking the ouster of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin to thwart an investigation of Burisma – a claim that independent fact checkers and investigators have debunked.

Shokin was widely and publicly viewed by international organizations such as the European Union and International Monetary Fund, as well as anti-corruption investigators in Ukraine, as an impediment to reforming the country’s culture of graft. Read more: USA TODAY »

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No longer believe in FBI, USA FBI now kissing KGB ass. The laptop does in fact belong to Hunter Biden, it has been confirmed. How is this Russian disinformation? HunterBidensLaptop These emails discuss his and his father's involvement in crimes. Rudy is making fake news for $$$. He better get paid ahead of time... no money in his boss’s accounts, only major debts.

'The NYP got a trove of data on Hunter Biden from Giuliani. FBI is probing a possible disinformation campaign' 'Giuliani Is 'Drunk All the Time' and Russian Disinformation Campaigns Are Taking Advantage: Trump's Ex-Lawyer, Michael Cohen' ELECTION Back to Russia huh? The FBI should be investigating the emails. Instead they look at Russia or at least that’s what you’d like us to believe. The same Russia that paid Hunter 3 million. Liberal press is particularly bitchy today.

The 4th largest publication in the US. Get this straight. We can’t allow the US to be Holden to a corrupt Biden and communist China. And you will only be able to read about it on Fox, NYP and other non liberal news sites... The only disinformation here is by Biden. The FBI should be investigating both Hunter & Joe for receiving money from China & the Ukraine.

USA Today is panicking that the new information on Biden corruption will damage him and so the paper is ignoring the emails and now implies that Giuliani is part of Russian disinformation. The press is supposed to be democracy's watchdog but it no longer is in the USA. When RG was at SDNY I was a student at NYU. I met him several times when he came to speak to several student groups. A lot of us thought he was smart, full of integrity and brave for taking on the Mafia/corruption. Sad to see what he has become. Very sad!!

Lock him up! And how will USA Today respond if it turns out that everything they have is true? If Hunter Biden was an outstanding person, you may not think this possible. We all know that he is not, although many don’t care or won’t admit it. So until we get the report, just flip a coin🌞 You’re missing the point. The Biden’s are corrupt. Do your job for once.

CNN AP WSJ FBI got a trove of data on Russian collusion from John McCain paid by Clinton. When FBI will probe a possible disinformation of previous campaign ? Rud-E-Col-udeeE imagine that. There is no indication that the FBI is investigating this case. This is the article that Twitter should censor.

CheetChucks Possible disinformation? ☠️☠️ The plot thickens. Rudolf daughter endorse Biden Trump tried to infect Biden with Covid19 at the first debate... Creep! unbelievable! you fake news are evil. This is a joke right? For 3.5 years our country was dragged through the mud bc of a Russian disinformation campaign launched by Clinton and the DNC. All the information on the laptop has been verified by numerous sources and the Biden campaign hasn’t even denied its veracity.

Sounds like a libel suit to me. we already know it was fake and from the ex Prosecutor General of Ukraine who was removed due to corruption, etc. Its just a sham. sounds like a last weeks attempt to do some dirty politicas (since Roger Stone master dirty trickster is recovering) This is not Hunter, this is Joe Biden - the King of Ukraine!

You know how China blames the US whenever negative attention is cast on the CCP, and the world laughs at them? Yeah, that's what the world does to us whenever we blame Russia for revealing Democrat corruption. It's a joke. Lock Rudy as up. He been breaking laws on the regular. The way he was locking folks up in NY b4 9/11 man send him to jail.

FredaElliott19 surprisesurprise Check out the photograph Since when is Hunter running for president? Lock him up with Trump! They can share the same cell!! I read the story. How can you state, unequivocally, that the FBI is investigating anything when you readily admit, 'The FBI has declined to comment, refusing to either confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.' I don't understand. Help me.

Is Hunter Biden running for President? Trump recovery Joe depression From Putin, with love for Trump. Of course it’s disinformation. This is out of control. The FBI is thinking about doing another disinformation campain? When are lawmakers going to put a stop to this? Biden ousts other country's prosecutor because he doesn't pursue investigating corruption? What the f***? so many countries in this world , so many prosecutors in this world, why he never cares about other country's prosecutors but just Ukraine?

Hunter Biden for President! The Republicans are giving him more publicity than his father, whom is running for Prez. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Joe Biden Crime Family!!! HE'S A F*CKIN' CROOK!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lock him, them up A lie. You are just like all the other pathetic news outlets. Took 4 reporters to write! It was passed to Guiliani. But even so Biden bragged a out withholding $$ until prosecutor fired. We have seen pics of Hunter & Joe w Burisma. Joe has not denied authenticity, only deflects.

The man married his cousin shouldn't that be enough to discount him. Maybe because all he has are.... This whole thing smells for so many reasons. Bannon and NY Post and Rudy behind its? It’s not journalism. Partisan hatchet job. Post is political first and journalistic about 12th. Bannon profited from Wall fraud. There can’t be that many computer repair places in De. Find him.

Emails already corroborated... cut the 💩you protecting yo boy biden Why did Biden make this statement? So if it’s not disinformation then it’s true. Let’s see. You're fake news. You're only trying to cover for your candidate. You called the NY Post a tabloid, in an effort to delegitimize them. Key word. Tabloid.

Pulling another 2016 bs campaign! The UNSTABLE Con-Man-in-Chief NEEDS to have Already Been Dragged to Lock-Up with Heavy Duty MEDS for RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT...to Entire Nation of US! SENATE ENABLERS ARE COMPLICIT! Deja vu, reminds me of antics from 2016. Take everything that comes out of Trump's camp with a grain of salt folks. He's grasping at straws wherever he can.

So there’s no proof this is his laptop ...except...uh... have you guys seen the pictures on this laptop? He cleaned up NYC, then the leftist brought the crap back What we have is an inminent intervention of the FBI. It's filled with corrupted officials and polical activists. It is a danger for America's democracy.

Hmm, your headline elsewhere calls NYPost a 'tabloid.' nypost is not a tabloid, 4th largest paper is US. So much for 's truthfulness & integrity. The story is true to include Joe & JILL'S recieving of millions from China, & Joe's selling his office for personal gain. Nice headline. Biased are we? Put him in jail

Still hasn’t been denied by the Biden campaign 🤣 Let the spin begin! The media has to protect Biden. What a joke. Oh RudyGiuliani, I hope you have your ducks in a row. I have a hunch that SDNY is waiting for Trump to exit the WH before charging his sorry ass so he can’t be pardoned. He’s a disgrace, really 🙄

Perhaps a review of the benefits of WHITE HOUSE NEPOTISM would be appropriate.🤔 Legally blind computer repair guy had someone drop off three laptops, could not identify who. Same guy read files, called FBI, copied hard drives then handed them to Giuliani's attorney. 'incriminating' email found on one was added after drop-off. Nothing shady about this.

Tell why destory my Data system America 'why? 'possible' 🤦🏻‍♀️ Then why haven’t Hunter & Joe denied that the texts & emails are real? Also, why would Hunter’s attorney call about retrieving Mac after it was turned over to the FBI? So many holes in your defense of Biden. Alcoholic Rudy muddling water for Loser Trump? AAA may help!

Wow, to say you people have no shame is an understatement. Did Hunter deny whats in the any of the material? NO. THE DISINFORMATION COMES FROM AMERICAN MEDIA! HAHAHA! I'm still wait on that Russian Collusion I was Promissed was there!! No longer following any mainstream outlet that doesn't correctly identify this as LIKELY RUSSIA DISINFORMATION, and I suggest the same to anyone who cares about the truth.

USA TODAY, are you owned by the CCP? Asking for a friend. Sure, sure. Disinformation. What else is the media selling? Gosh and Rudy looks so sane! Murdoch is behind so much of the damage to our Republic. Greed beyond the most repulsive greed. Horrible human. Wow you get some dirt on a Democrats son and now it’s a problem you gotta quit Joe they are going to replace you with Harris

FBI sat on it for a year & now they are looking into its provenance? Meanwhile recipients have already confirmed they are real & are talking, & there is evidence Joe demanded 1/2 of the take from Hunter's scheme. Disinformation by the JoeBiden campaign Hard physical evidence demands to be revealed and acted upon. Enough with the cover-ups! 🤷‍♂️

Desperate times! Republicans look demonic and we bind this. The NYP reported the FBI was handed the original Laptop so it is the FBI that should be investigated for sitting on the material so long The Hunter emails are pretty accurate with what Joe said How exactly is this a disinformation campaign when Hunter’s lawyer called the shop owner requesting he returns the laptop to his client? Basically admitting this is his hard drive.

& despite ALL that's wrong w/Rudy, even he knows not to use the Aryan Fist that POTUS flashes daily cc ADL john_gravino So it’s false information? More lies Corruption!! Big mouthed spew Because Trump is a convicted felon & an impeached President! Republicans are trying to destroy one of Biden's children! It still does not excuse REPUBs for not finishing Impeachment of a FELON! Trump committed a Felony! WE hear lies about Hunter! Trump committed a felony; TRUTH!

Now do one on the disinformation provided to the FBI with the Steele dossier that the entire Media, including USAToday fell for hook line and sinker. Should be looking into the Biden’s. Our Government is corrupt RME... NY Office FBI = RG's CI. I see Putin's DNA all over Ghouliani's hands and face... big load of it

The FBI should be probing the daily misinformation perpetrated by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, and, last but not least, USA TODAY. Someone is fucking lying... I don’t think Hunter Biden is running for President. Is Barron trump running for president? This has been coming since trump sent RG & his two Russian thugs to go to the Ukraine to dig up, fabricate info regarding d Bidens. While this BS is happening China is taking our place in the world. America 1st ? America is now last in the eyes of world ( C-19 ) & world opinion.

Rudy might be the next one to get ... 'locked up' Wow the MSM is simply in the Democrat parties pocket...USA today pathetic ANY MORON THAT BELIEVES DEMENTED RUDY GULLIANI NEEDS THEIR HEAD EXAMED MORE THAN HE DOES! Who supposedly got it in2019 but waits til October 2020 to reveal and this was supposedly taken to an avid Trump supporter who turns over to Rudy I call bull shit

Lock crazy Rudy up MSM in scramble mode. Cover for Biden out in full force. Meanwhile emails are being verified by people on the other end of those emails. USA Today knocking another paper is awesome, they get the award for least self-aware publication of all time. The FBI was given the info in April 2019 and sat on it to protect the Bidens! draintheswamp

Rudy Giuliani should be behind bar. Now I understand why Obama didn’t want Joe Biden to Run for President...Obama knew.....Hunter pimping VP Office ...Obama knew...In fact I hear most of the Washington Politicians knew... If you think about it, you know who the F up is at work......Joe is the F up...Obama knew...

Ya think. I’m guessing Twitter was told by the FBI this was disinformation?🤔 Funny from a liberal paper. Russia again? Nope. We know where the information came from. Hunters own computer. Probe done. That was easy. Rudy forged it all! America's mayor my azz Arrests in the air? 😂😂😂 The audacity of this is that all of this nonsense got Trump impeached. They’re arrogant to a fault.

hey jlawrence can you say fake news? We can... Prison is waiting Or it’s all true Nah... not our friend, Putin! DumpTrump Nail his ass to the jail cell... working with Russian agents is ABSOLUTE TREASON😡 Giuliani cleaned up AMI after the anthrax 'attack' in 2001 and took possession of all the incriminating photo evidence in the AMI files. I'd like to hear Giuliani, Pecker, and Trump explain what they knew and when they knew it concerning this 'attack.'

While they are looking into Russia does this mean they will look into the $3.5m payment Hunter received from the mayor of Moscow? Bulllllshittt, it's corruption at the highest level, unless usa today has something to cover up. GuilIani is a Trump stooge and will go down in flames as such CountryOverParty ChickenTrump

FBI had Hunter’s laptop since April 2019. pretty sure they could have figured this out by now. The real questions are what FBI agents took it & where has it been for OVER a year and a half. Sounds like a high up wanted this all to go away. The FBI has lost all credibility. MAGA Lol... their October surprise was a hoax... played on them. GOP.. grand ole puppets

= disinformation From the story “The FBI has declined to comment, refusing to either confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.” Ummmm? Why is this even being reported then? Yeah won’t be voting for Hunter. I prefer my presidents catch covid while saying it’s a hoax, sleep with pornstars and then try and pay them off, pay $750 in taxes and be more than 400 million in debt to ?, and have his entire team arrested for crimes while in office.

Like anyone should believe what has to say. All day everyday campaign for Biden! 🤮 Prepare for FBI deep state cover up for JoeBiden family. *an obvious easily provable disinformation campaign RudyColludy should be investigated, he has been a very useful tool for Russia over the years A message to you Rudy:

Release the Hunter porno! You guys violently masturbated to the thought of a Trump Pee tape and you don’t think this is real because why exactly? Lock him up I think Giulani has goneca bit koo koo Bullshit. It’s real and nothing you do to run interference for JoeBiden will work. Guess I won’t be voting for Hunter Biden!!

I keep seeing a USA writer named Kevin Johnson writing these artcles on so called disinformation from Giuliani. Kevin Johnson - great example of 'fair media'.. Can't wait to the debate when Trump brings up the subject you phony media asses wont. Burisma job, China loans, affair with brothers widow, $129k Porsche, Arkansas love child, drug addict, dishonorable discharge from the Navy.....wow, Russian intelligence has been busy.

Anything from guliani is garbage people with brains know this. Quick read this before Ted Cruz cries like a baby and Twitter takes the article down. Why won’t the FBI look into Hunter. Where is Hunter? You mean the same FBI that had the hard drive for months and did nothing? Oh please 🙄

Chinese Billionaire’s Network Hyped Hunter Biden Dirt Weeks Before RudyWeeks before the New York Post began publishing what it claimed were the contents of Hunter Biden’s hard drive, a Sept. 25 segment on a YouTube channel run by a Chinese dissident streamer, who is linked to billionaire and Steve Bannon-backer Guo Wengui, broadcast a bizarre conspiracy theory. According disgusting

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Rudy: Only ‘50/50’ Chance I Worked With a ‘Russian Spy’ to Dig Dirt on BidensRudy Giuliani thinks it’s hilarious.He says the questions mounting around him—including those about whether his efforts to dump Hunter Biden’s documents and photos are part of some foreign election-interference operation—are “a bunch of bullshit.” He’s unconcerned about intelligence assessments that ErinBanco Cc: BretBaier MORE YAHOO NEWS......FAKE NEWS BUT, the boss is happy with it

CIA, other spy agencies gathered intel on Rudy Giuliani's dealings with alleged Russian agentsThe U.S. wasn&39;t spying on Giuliani, but on people with whom he talked, including Andrii Derkach, identified by the Treasury Department as a Russian agent. OMG here we go again with another Russia conspiracy pushed by the US Media. Good. The dog that barks the loudest has the most to hide You know he'll play the victim card and say the deep state is plotting against him...

Rudy Giuliani's daughter says to vote for Biden and Harris to end Trump's 'reign of terror''I may not be able to change my father's mind, but together, we can vote this toxic administration out of office.' Caroline Giuliani, the daughter of Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, is urging Americans to 'end this nightmare' by voting for Biden. The Trump Economic and Covid Scorecard with 18 days left before Election: Please open and review the complete scorecard below this picture: nothing short for stupid 5 years from now Caroline will grow up and understand why her father is fighting so hard for President Trump.

‘That’s Rudy’: Trump Reportedly Shrugged At Giuliani’s Russia TiesTrump was told his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was working with Russian agents, but he shrugged off the warnings, the Washington Post reported. Why post this pig... DANNYDEVITO/The PENGUIN 🐧 lookin ass lol Rudy in suit not a dress