'A super adventure to infinite space': How generation ships could bring us to stars

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Is the key to interstellar travel creating massive ships that could support a large crew for multiple generations?

, that call for a smartphone-sized spacecraft and a laser-driven lightsail. These proposed spacecraft will be accelerated to up to 20% of the speed of light and will be capable of reaching the nearest star in 20 to 100 years.

Another important aspect of the Generation Ship has to do with the state of the crew. In some cases, the proposals recommend keeping the passengers in suspended animation for the voyage. Another possibility is to have "nursery ships" that transport ova and sperm that can be grown upon arrival. These measures reduce the supplies that must be brought along for the voyage .

In other cases, ships are designed to be self-sufficient indefinitely and make the voyage over the course of millennia rather than decades or centuries. These ships are larger, are likely to contain more complex biospheres, and can house larger crews . This last aspect is essential, given that many more generations will be born during the voyage.Like all proposals for space exploration and settlement, the Generation Ship is time-honored and predates the Space Age by more than half a century.

A pilot would be awakened at intervals to make course corrections and conduct maintenance. His essay also included a description of a nuclear-powered clock that would keep track of time on the voyage. He also indicated that the spacecraft could be fashioned from a large body, "such as an asteroid or a small moon." In place of nuclear power, Goddard claimed that the energy requirements could be met with a combination of hydrogen and oxygen fuel and solar energy.

In 1964, Dr. Robert Enzmann proposed a fusion-powered interstellar spacecraft that was the most detailed concept of a generation ship to date. Known as an "," his design consisted of a sphere measuring 1000 feet in diameter and a long cylindrical habitat and propulsion section. In 2002, famed science fiction author Ursula K. LeGuin released her take on the effects of inter-generational space travel, titled. The story takes place aboard a ship called the Discovery that has been traveling through space for generations. Over time, a new religion emerges among the younger generation called "Bliss" that teaches that the spaceship is bound for eternity rather than another planet.which takes place aboard an interstellar starship of the same name.

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Why not find a way to propel asteroids and make them into ships? Probably way cheaper and safer to reside in too.

Earth is one such 'Globe' shaped entity, traversing through Milkyway as the Support (Solar) System transits through the interstellar realm in the Universe.

Hollywood made that educational video call Aliens movies.

Without gravity, only robots can do such travels, because your bones will not resist !!! look how bones inside behave in absence of gravity in time, left to right is 6 months...

The same shit will happen as on Earth… In no time they will start slaughtering each other…

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