A Second Pastor Has Been Charged With Violating Public Orders Against Large Gatherings - Cnn

A Second Pastor Has Been Charged With Violating Public Orders Against Large Gatherings - Cnn

A second pastor has been charged with violating public orders against large gatherings

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4/1/2020 5:49:00 AM

For the second time in two days, police have charged a pastor with defying public orders against large gatherings by holding church services with hundreds of members

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ninnynoomy What on Earth is wrong with these people? That Pastor needs to look at the man in the mirror and do some serious soul searching. Since when is it our Christian duty to help facilitate the spread of a deadly virus. Our church is doing services virtually. It is available in 2020. Chain the doors, put him in jail. No bail.

Good It's clear the Church is the target AFranklin64 Delivering the word of their Jesus, go sin and pass it on with COVIDー19. Jesus DIED FOR YOU TO SIN! Jesus OWES YOU Forgiveness! GIVE ME YOUR money Before you leave, and I'll cut a check to the Republicans! Right GOPChairwoman Do it the fuck online and get over it. Can't stand people like this.

Let them meet. Darwin in action. Greedy Lock him up. he is a danger to the rest of us. SpiroAgnewGhost They are supposed to be men of God. Instead they are turning into murderers! Shame on all of them. They know what they are doing....... that’s what makes it even worse. It’s sad that their flock is disposable to them.

Just let them die. That would make them real close to god. Religious wackos are going to be the death of many more people because Christians are selfish assholes. Why do they attend services with the information they have? Makes no sense. all the parishers have TV. Book time on the local station and do a televised sermon. Oh but then he count pass the collection plate. Thats tge real reason he neds them to come in person.

I’m a Muslim and we have prayers also but we closed all of our mosques because it’s dangerous now to be in gathering it’s not easy to do that but we can pray at home until this terrible disease is over stay home and be safe please may god have mercy on us all Is he trying to kill his congregation? Fine ALL of them. Not just the ignorant Pastor. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

mayrabella101 You know there will be a 'religious liberties' defense. But hey, at least it will be hard to blame the LGBTQ community...what? Oh, they've blamed 'the gays' already? Oh. jaketapper Those idiots never learn... time to keep him in jail... maybe rikers he should be charged with attempted murder we know stupidity isn’t a chargeable offence but it should be

A man on an island about to be killed by a storm receives a visit from an eagle. Eagle says,'I can carry you to Safety'. Man says 'No. God will save me'.After his death, the man asks God 'why didn't you save me.' God says, 'I sent you the eagle'. Listen to the experts. Stay home. GovAbbott of TX has finally issued a statewide “stay-at-home” exec order. Excempt are essential services. And religious gatherings. And hunting and fishing.

What is wrong with people? How uninformed and dammed irresponsible, does his congregation not read ? Shit deelightfulEP 'This, so called pastor, should be arrested! He doesn't care about his parishioners only money! Religious freaks all of them. Cnnfake Ah, some good news at last!! They are hungry for money 💰 And using God as their weapon. Hmmmm seen this before....ISIS Fake evangelical brains-washed christians. Only in the US.

Why do people think they have to be in a church to maintain their faith? Is an all-powerful deity really concerned with where you worship? I think his particular perception of Faith affected his sanity! PRAISE THE LORD! And Pass the Coronavirus. Holy Stupidity! The thirst for tithes is difficult to stop. These charlatans seem to be cash strapped.

Lock the sick bastard up. What’s wrong with this people. Even during the Plaque in Egypt Israelis quarantined as instructed by God. Nothing to add 👇🏿 Take away the Church's tax exempt status and audit the hell out of the cult. Haiku Going to church is A crime punshable by Our law enforcement. A second Pastor arrested for holding churche services, American ppl saying over again, Governor of Florida why haven’t been arrested for not shutting down d beaches, why not d professor that order students back to d university, why not?

Somehow they don’t bother to go to the mosques or talk about them not gathering there. Down the street from me, there has been many services . No one cares oddly. Death Cultists. His pockets aren't gonna fill themselves!! JUST STAY IN YOUR CARS and use SPEAKERS!!!!!!!!!! I bet the are all GOPs doing what they do best. Believing what Trump told them. It will all just disappear. Go to church and fill the benches up with 100s of people. BIG DUMMIES!!!!

Many attends church because that’s the only place they’ll feel close to God. Meaning, that’s the only connection to God they’ve, because their hearts are far from Him. It makes no sense, shut down a church but keep Planned Parenthood open? Who is the Antichrist? morgfair Must be hard for them to miss the weekly payday; one would think-if they practiced what they preach-the concern would be for their parishioners.

jaketapper Money is the root cause of the problem. Getting ppl the best substances on Earth is way more important than going at this guy. FBI I should be ODNIgov I want to coach every police department as DNI. I Kno who needs to be investigated. Send him to prison. Branch Covidian? Good. They aren’t above anyone else. People can pray at home. Churches are trying to pass around that tray GREEEEEDDDDD!!!!! Pray everywhere and anywhere. Churches are not needed in MY opinion!!

Phony Christians . For God! I love you! It is religion which always flouts logic, rationale & science. All over the world and people suffer for following them blindly. That mansion, yacht and private jet don't pay for themselves you know! Lock every one of them up and fine their parishioners. Throw these fuckers in jail - that is where they belong! For too long, religious zealots have caused too much harm with their bigotry and stupidity! Best case example, refusal to allow condoms in an AIDS ravaged society...

Shocking. Now can we talk about this please? Religion is so 13th century All you holy rollers and born again evangelical, pastor phonies want are structures full of people to keep giving you money. Haven't you learned anything but greed. The same thing happened here in Italy, the priest died and 50 people have covid-19, many died...! People is...

I hope these pastors are paying tax. I don’t have anything against churches. I am also a christian. The pastors should obey the laws and follow instructions especially due to human lives. Worst part is after they die and then find out there’s no heaven and it was all a hoax! jaketapper Throw him in jail!

Selfish, arrogant frauds. These pastors should have been locked up for long already, it's fraudulent action they practice on a regular base taking advantage of stupid ppl, educated and uneducated. This business is the filthiest by far, its worse than American and Chinese politics together. It’s all about money! They need those donations. Sick!

Christian Americans are idiots. If only they could infect only themselves the world would be a much better place. What's the matter with him? Doesn't have his own Learjet so he's fundraising? We do not agree with this behavior, but the world needs the blessing of the Lord From all religions .. Don't blame realDonaldTrump for some peoples idiocy.

sweetnonnie Throw em all in jail - in different cells - to make sure no baby evangelical freaks are conceived. Lock him up now morgfair just asset forfeiture him already DUH! not that hard to do cops/cities do that all the time Keep up the good work. Put them all in prison if needed. Good this is putting others in danger but people also have to use their brains.. they don’t have to go

jaketapper He should be arrested. Good. jaketapper Hey Jake, any idea why network won’t cover TaraReade Raped by JoeBiden IBelieveTaraReade RapistJoeBiden The pastors are old white guys who have the same narcissism streak as Trump. There's no nut like a religious nut. careful baby People saying CNN isn’t Christian, aren’t Christian, they’re thoughtless Republicans.

The first one had something like $500 bail. He got right out. What is even the point? Pastor who held large gatherings with hundreds of members were charged. There is freedom of religion but large gatherings are dangerous amid covid-19 crisis. Lock him up! Yea No panic, people, it s just a biblical plague...please come pray

SethAbramson Hard to grift in the middle of a pandemic. 🙄 Lock him up! SethAbramson Charge him with attempted homiy jaketapper It’s all about the money. There’s such a thing as virtual church on Sundays. A lot of places having doing this recently. These pastors are only putting the people at risk! I’m surprised no reporters asked Trump about this at today’s press conference. Acosta

Church’s gotta make their money I went to Sunday School as a child: 'Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.' (NIV Romans 13:1) SethAbramson They seem not 2 know that it's just a building. It can blow down. It can burn. They can watch services on Tv or live feeds on the computer. As a Fundamentalist Christian I would suggest that they take this time & study the because a lot of what's going on isn't in there.

Arrest and fine these bastards! Mayeyala Lock em up! angelnjacksmom2 Don't stop them... God will protect them...😏 Same in my state, the churches were still meeting until this Week. Some started driver through service last week. The largest just stopped service this week because the minister tested positive.

SethAbramson It'd be great to hear this crime is bumped up to a felony. This is bullshit. jaketapper Throw his ass in jail. And all of his batshit followers in isolation Look him up! Lock him up.. Lock him up What's this trying to charge him But keep releasing prisoners, libs! Good. Churches are negatively contributing to the continued spread of this disease like arguably no other source. Lock them all up if they refuse to comply with the rules to help reduce the spread of this pandemic.

Okay guys. Your Bible says that as long as two or more people are speaking God's word, it's Church. I'm sure you can do it online. All about the money with churches God bless you! jaketapper It is like the aliens have come. jaketapper As ye sow so shall ye reap. What a moron but more the people that go stupid

Perhaps you should love thy neighbor enough to not spread a Pandemic virus which may kill them. Just saying. Sadly he needs some time locked up🤪😜 😡 Can’t wait to see this lawsuit. As a Christian I’ll just say this Pastor is being reckless and irresponsible. No need to do what he’s doing. Nobody is telling him he can’t have church services.

And NY is letting out child molesters and sex offenders as you read this. Crazy times Hello Fake news They all think God will protect them. jaketapper Has any law been passed actually making it illegal to gather, because the last time I check the 1st Ad gives us the right to assumable. jaketapper Aren't you supposed to care about your parishioners. Just unbelievable. Have a skype mass.

jaketapper Why.. you can stream the damn service.. Are they investigating mosques? He's a selfish ignorant idiot. Probably needs donations. jaketapper Freedom of religion has nothing to do with a bunch of people getting together. It's a personal relationship with your choice of a God if any. Your able to worship at home just as well as in a church. By the way, it's cheaper if your home. This pastor is incompetent and dangerous.

5 times Trump and US officials downplayed coronavirus as the administration struggled to prepare for the growing pandemic jaketapper Those collection plates aren't going to fill themselves! Good jaketapper It is how churches make money. That is how Pastors get paid when the baskets get filled. jaketapper Hey, it's the 1st amendment. Freedom of religion. (voice dripping with sarcasm)

TheWarMonitor These snake handlers belong in jail or in the hospitals of New York helping on the front lines... with their mouths taped shut. Pastors gone wild! The first amendment of the US Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...or the right of the people peaceably to assemble...”. Gathering for church worship is protected by the Constitution.

jaketapper Places of worship in Muslim countries and shut down. Mecca 🕋 is Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 is off limit to worshipers due to COVID-19. These evangelical pastors have no shame jaketapper They should also charge every person who went to these services in violation of a lawful order issued by a governor trying to save peoples' lives. If they brought a child, they should also be charged with endangering a minor.

jaketapper Oh fuck let him die. jaketapper Religion is a business jaketapper Throw him and his followers in jail. jaketapper LockHimUp jaketapper They broke no laws. Freedom of religion is a constitutional right. This is a political hit job against the church to silence the church and freedom of religion

Reminds me of the Dark Ages when the Church Burned Our Scientist for Witchery lol Arrest them for “defying public orders” but you won’t arrest them for touchi..... Nevermind Why not just round them ALL up and let god sort them out? He definitely touches alter boys Better Call Saul! BetterCallSaul Release the prisoners and lock up the priests. Democrats are evil.

March 30 coronavirus news - CNNCan someone give don lemon smelling salts, he looks like he’s going to fall asleep LOL cant remember the acronym so says 'people would not understand' 🤣😂 and democrats say conservatives are dumb... these are your experts you put on to prove your points. Too funny.

Coronavirus news and live updates: Cases top 787,000 globally - CNNThe novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact countries worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US. Follow here for live updates and latest news. Why is NYC not doing this? Looks good Micha_Alvez JustinTrudeau fordnation ?!!!!

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DoJ reviews stock trades by lawmakers after coronavirus briefings: CNNThe Justice Department has started to probe a series of stock transactions made by lawmakers ahead of the sharp market downturn triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, CNN reported on Sunday, citing two people familiar with the matter. Can hardly wait to see the Barr gop white-washing on this one. DoJ? The same DoJ that's headed by Wm. Barr? Be real - we all know where this is headed, don't we? Burr - Feinstein - Inhofe - Loeffler - Perdue

Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 723,000 globally - CNNNew York EMS lieutenant Vincent Variale, who tested positive for Covid-19, said many first responders who treat coronavirus patients were 'afraid to go home,' adding that 'they don't want to expose their families so they were staying in cars.' He smart he knows he can’t win Did you call your brother out for the poor prep and response by the state and NYC? Too bad. He is the most level headed of the Dem bunch.