A ride along Chicago’s red line

Life expectancy varies by 30 years from one end to the other


Chicago remains exceptionally divided on racial lines. The city now has the biggest gap in life expectancy in America

Life expectancy varies by 30 years from one end to the other

Many well-heeled occupants get off the Red line—a rail service running north-south for 23 miles—at Streeterville, a district where signs of prosperity abound. As an advertising gimmick, a luxury car adorns the L-station roof. At a farmers’ market, installed beside a contemporary art museum, shoppers browse for micro-greens, organic beef and gluten-free tamales. A violinist there explains she busks to save for college. Dollar bills fill her case.

Streeterville has another distinction. Public-health researchers suggest that a baby born here can expect to live for an average of 90 years, the highest life expectancy in Chicago. That is 30 years longer than an infant born in the most blighted parts of Englewood, farther south along the Red line. No city in America has a bigger gap.

Here the Red line runs outside, giving glimpses of a changing city: brick pagoda-roofs of Chinatown; high walls of the White Sox baseball stadium; warehouses and ex-factories of a former industrial zone. Men pace the carriages hawking green-and-white packets of cigarettes. The city grows noticeably poorer.

On a few porches people gather. A main thoroughfare has a row of closed churches and open liquor shops where men congregate. Signs on the “Cadillac 4-in-1 Food Market” announce it has been “black-owned for 35 years”, but its door is buckled and the building is empty.

Ms Thorpe thinks many of those could contribute to the three-decade gap. But the most powerful “strong correlation”, she says, is between low life-expectancy and extreme racial segregation. Chicago remains exceptionally divided on racial lines. African-Americans make up 95% of the population in parts of Englewood, compared with just 2% in Streeterville. Segregation is associated with differences between neighbourhoods in income, poverty, marriage rates and more.

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deray That's crazy! I'd wager that the 6 line in NYC has a similar issue. The line runs from my old hood to THE wealthiest neighborhood in NYC. That's what thexsystem requires - ' the industrial reserve army' And... what? Where’s they analysis, where’s the insight? Good intro - needs more work Divergent may have been on to something...

And that's why Chicago has a gun epidemic, they need to find solutions to 20th-century problems Via_Oliii tutormentorteam Thank you Mother for moving us to LincolnPark many moons 🌙 ago ☝️️😇 Because democrats destroyed this city GillesHerard CHICAGO: Isn't that where Obama organised the Black Community? A city that has been run by Democrats for many Decades. When are people going to realise Democrat Communist want one lifestyle for you and a very different lifestyle for themselves. Wake Up!

if this is true the people at the lower end should find out how this train is bestowing youth to the people - finally an answer to the ever lasting question johncusack fyi

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