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A Pro Bodybuilder's Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Working Out | Allure

'People don't always associate bodybuilding with beauty.' Two-time IFBB champion Margie 'Marvelous' Martin shares her entire routine—including her health and...

10/25/2021 9:40:00 PM

Two-time IFBB champion Margie 'Marvelous' Martin shares her entire routine —including her health and wellness practices and favorite beauty products. Watch her full video here:

'People don't always associate bodybuilding with beauty.' Two-time IFBB champion Margie 'Marvelous' Martin shares her entire routine —including her health and...

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Live updates: US announces travel restrictions over new Covid-19 variant

The US, European Union and other major destinations have moved to block flights from African countries following the discovery of an aggressive mutation of the Covid-19 virus. Follow for the latest news updates.

Magnificent 👍👍💪 This is awesome. Love Margie!

Two children dead, eight people hurt when drag racer veers off trackThe track competition was part of the 'Airport Race Wars 2' event and was being held at an airport in Texas. Texas rednecks being Texas rednecks Think tedcruz and laurenboebert will make nasty comments about this guy, too?

Sam Quek's shock over pregnancy and having two children under oneSam’s due date is two weeks after Molly turns one on 2 March next year. But while the little one is too young to understand what’s happening, the pair have no doubt that she will be an “amazing” big sister

25-year-old dies from COVID after testing positive two days before vaccine appointment'It does not leave out anyone, it is the devil's playground,' the man's fiancée said of the virus. thats just plain unlucky Nearly 100% of current COVID19 deaths in the USA are wholly preventable. Why, why TF are FoxNews and the Republican Party hellbent on killing people via their lies? Why? GOP DepravedHeartMurder Vaccines have been available for more than six months. Why wait? Do it now! Save your own life. Save the lives of those around you. This is sad.

Dinner for Two: Braised Short Ribs With Honey, Soy, and OrangeThese braised beef short ribs are layered with complex Chinese flavors, including soy, orange, five-spice powder, ginger, and more. Serve them on mashed potatoes one day; shred the meat and fold it into awesome tacos the next.

Nigella Lawson lasts just two weeks being vegan as she 'doesn't see the point'TV cook Nigella Lawson has said that while she doesn't mind cutting down her meat intake, she won't be going vegan and can't see how a plant-based diet is better for you DailyMirror morning Nigella_Lawson when the veggy brigade start with the hate campaign take no notice your not alone facing them just remember its down to the diet failings👌👍😜 I think it's to slim down mostly but outside that you're probably going to make yourself sick DailyMirror Can't help it , love that lady Nigella_Lawson ,,,,, and delicious food 😜🤣🤣🤣

‘The Other Two,’ an Unlikely Family SitcomThe HBOMax comedy lampoons the entertainment industry. But in the second season, the joke’s on the lead characters.