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A picture and its story: U.S. couple waves guns at anti-racism protesters

A picture and its story: U.S. couple waves guns at anti-racism protesters

7/1/2020 1:05:00 AM

A picture and its story: U.S. couple waves guns at anti-racism protesters

For Reuters photographer Lawrence Bryant, the events of last Sunday in St. Louis, Missouri, will make him especially vigilant the next time he goes out to cover anti-racism protests that are sweeping the United States.

In a series of dramatic pictures, Bryant captured a couple exiting their mansion carrying firearms which they waved towards the crowd, as they confronted demonstrators making their way to the mayor’s home nearby to demand her resignation.The images, taken at close range, have featured prominently on news websites and in newspapers since they were taken.

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Bryant, 45, recalled that on Sunday evening several hundred white and Black protesters walked through an open gate into the community where the couple - Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia McCloskey - live.They were met by Mark McCloskey holding what looked like an automatic rifle and shouting “get out!” several times at the crowd. In photographs and video footage of the incident, he wore a pink shirt, beige trousers and his feet were bare.

With places to take cover, Bryant said he was not overly worried at that point, even when the man appeared to cock his weapon.Then Patricia McCloskey appeared from the front of the house holding a handgun. Bryant quickly became more concerned.“She had her finger on the trigger and looked nervous and I became a little bit more worried, as there were kids out there and she was sporadically pointing the gun at random people,” he recalled.

“I just was trying to make frames. Trying to stay safe, trying to dodge the barrel of the gun and stay out of sight and out of line. I’m a big, Black man and I always have to pay attention to that anyway.”The McCloskeys have said they feared for their lives on Sunday and that protesters damaged a wrought-iron gate at an entrance to the wealthy neighbourhood.

“Their actions were borne solely of fear and apprehension, the genesis of which was not race related. In fact, the agitators responsible for the trepidation were white,” their lawyer said in a statement sent to Reuters.“The McCloskeys want to make sure no one thinks less of Black Lives Matter (protest movement), its message and the means it is employing to get its message out because of the actions of a few white individuals who tarnished a peaceful protest.”

Calls to phone numbers listed for the couple went unanswered, and their lawyer declined to make them available for an interview.Kimberly Gardner, the city’s chief prosecutor, said she was alarmed by the videos and that her office was investigating.“We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated,” she said in a statement.

The St. Louis confrontation has taken on added significance after President Donald Trump, who has already been accused by critics of stoking racial tensions in America, retweeted an ABC News video of the incident. He made no comment.Bryant said he was pleased with the pictures he took.

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Slideshow(11 Images)On the one hand, he would have liked a longer lens to be able to zoom in on the man and the woman. On the other, the fact that he only had one camera with him meant he captured not just the McCloskeys, but also the protesters around them.

“A lot of the photos out there focus on them holding the guns, but to me that’s not telling the whole story,” he said.“I wanted to show there were people protesting peacefully and they came to engage them.”Additional reporting by Jonathan Allen in New York; Writing and editing by Mike Collett-White

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After the protesters broke the fence of their property It's clear what the intentions are. Theyvare notbanti-racism protesters, they are antifa members, only seeking damage abd chaos Get away from my money Who did they “take from” that they are so paranoid? 示威者手里拿着的是武器吧! That trespassed into their home, cut chains and forcibly entered.

So are officially just as bad as SkyNews U. S couple defend their home in a secure gated community against racist left wing thuggery. Me, I'd have emptied the magazine as soon as they broke in. Scumbags You need to change your headline from... A picture and its story: U.S. couple waves guns at anti-racism protesters to A picture and its story: U.S. couple defends their property from trespassers who broke in through a gate.

Why blacks R not buying Guns blacks also shld carry Guns & kil ther opponents bloody Govt workers shld die on D spot The woman was pointing a gun at the people with her finger on the trigger. She showed every intent to discharge the weapon. Only a FN idiot puts their finger on a trigger unless they are firing. This is why Concealed Carry is so effective.

Gun is on other side also They are right. Trespassing Guns, guns and more guns! What a country 🤔 I think what people are having a problem with here, is that she's a white woman. Would this picture look different somehow if this was a black woman.? Why do we accept so little from our politicians? Unite, don’t divide.

Ok, your article says they walked through an open gate, yet ever other report and article says the mob broke open the gate, and went into a private neighborhood. What is the truth? ✕protesters ◯rioters We get what BLM is saying. Now, they’re starting to walk on thin ice ! Should say “A picture and it’s story: US couple protect there property from trespassers who broke down a gate and threatened to kill there dog”

Another example of MSM lies. That was a gated community. The rioting looting seeking scum had smashed down a main gate which left these residents in fear for their lives. What an idiocy is the second amendment? Ridicolous. This does not happen in any non-third-world country on Earth Liar. You did not mention they broke into a gated street

*rioters. As soon as they start damaging property it’s a riot. They smashed their gate to get on the property I have yet to see one MSM report that the angry mob broke down a security fence and were on private property. Should she have had her finger on the trigger, no. Should the protestors have not destroyed a gate to enter a private community and trepass on their property, also no. Journalism is dead.

Brave people, protect their home and resist thugs. Good for the home owners. Time to get some machine guns. You aren’t dealing with one or two thugs any more. Terrorist groups at your doorstep. You don't tell the whole story! Look at this picture below, where did protesters come. i fully applaud this couple for defending their property

هذا الاسود أسد . العين بالعين Your reporters were part of the looters or otherwise you are lying. How shame! Their democratic government can't protect them or offer them safety. 'Get off my lawn, Boy!' Translation. Uncontrolled crowd entered at private land. Owner step out and demonstrate his will to protect his property. The end.

Not peaceful and they went into a gated community What would have happened if it was a black person holding a gun at white people? Anti racism? Rubbish, Show me similar scene from Texas or Arizona In America there are thousands of accidental shootings and they happen just like this. America needs gun reform.

BS. They invaded a private property. At thugs. Peaceful protest and assembly is all people's right. However, damage to property and trespassing is illegal. People have a right to protect their family and their private property. OMG! Give it a rest !! At the very least post a least one story about the ‘protesters’ assaulting and shooting innocent civilians FFS!

Those people are criminals or rioters who broke her gate. Dirty scumbag biased media affectionately call them 'anti-racism protestors' You going to tell the story about the people destroying their gate? You going to make it seem like nothing was going on? News is 100% full of shit. “Anti-racist” peaceful protesters one day earlier in St. Louis aggressively “hugging” Catholics who were praying next to Louis IX statue in Forest Park. Libel ReutersDeception TopplingStatues BlackLivesMatters Marxists Fascists ReligiousPersecution

You just can’t help yourselves. Can you frame it without choosing a side ever? Joggers, they’re called joggers This creates a fallacy that some citizens have more rights than others. Those more rights enable them to decide whether to others have right to hold a lawful demonstration. Why isn't she in jail yet?

It is legal if blm enters their house illegally Anybody calling them protesters is part of the Marxist takeover, they are using the idea they are fighting Racism to justify and give cover to their Commie revolution. The fakenews defend BLM no matter what Like any law biding citizen I too would do anything to protect my property & my family.Maybe be a bit more disciplined with muzzle direction & finger on trigger. Reuter says they came thru an open gate & then say the gate was damaged by the protestors. What is it.poor journalism

Protesters trespassed private property and threatened to kill the couple, their family and their dog. They had every right to use their firearms to protect themselves U mean defend themselves from an angry mob. 'U.S. couple waves guns at anti-racism protesters ' sounds reeeealy like something else,ain't that so my dear newsagency ?

Yep. Pretty sure that’s illegal. When should we expect charges to be filed? Well that’s a good representation of the US....gun owners waving their guns around This society lives in fear, is not healthy. ijbailey LOL What a farce. “Anti racism protesters”. More like violent Marxist revolutionaries. These rioters broke down a gate, entered private property and threatened homeowners.

bradheath Terrorism This is a right and proper way to shoot people driving by. at rioters Headline should read; Wealthy couple hire special operators to protect their home, because these bone heads have no clue how to operate! ..... some days when you got to be bad, be real bad, hire operators! bradheath Tresspassers who broke the gate to private community

Why dont show video of how these 'protesters' broke into their property? Dont just report one side of the story Points guns at trespassers who would not leave private property when told to. Fixed it for you. Protesters were trespassing. Rioters 'protesters' lynch mob shut down by new sheriffs in town.there you go anti-American reuters

So he’s proud he ignored the private property signs and entered the gate. Locked or unlocked he had no respect for private property. There were no shortage of private property signs and the property owners were yelling private property leave. This was criminal trespass. ........ finish the story. What on Earth would have caused these obviously racist and hateful people to feel the need to protect themselves and their property Go ahead, I’ll wait... pathetic.

300 people broke through the gate and said they were going to burn his house down and kill them and dog. I think it warrants a gun. This wasn’t a white black issue, it was people making threats issue. Your article creates more racial divide. Be better Reuters used to be a neutral, reliable news organization but it’s gone far left now pushing these false democrat party narratives. These are democrats protecting their home and lives against a mob of hundreds who have trespassed onto private property and threatened their lives.

And TamirRICE was targeted and murdered by police for playing in a park alone with a toy gun. WhitePrivilege USAdmin SoPathetic BlackLivesMatter You missed the fact that one of the protesters is pointing a gun at her Democrat voting lawyers who are currently representing a man in a police brutality case point guns at large crowd trespassing near their home after breaking down entry gate to neighborhood.

I am as liberal as they come, but these folks live in a gated community. The gate was broke open. The protesters were trespassing. Call the police you say? The St Louis City cops are slow to respond and getting them to do the right thing is a Crap Shoot. I am from St Louis Racist point guns at blacks. Fixed it for you

Now Reuters is like CNN not reporting truth anymore Will Twitter flag this headline as misleading? I'm all for the movement, but your headline shows how skewed Reuters is. The protesters should not have broken the gate and entered the private property as the protest video shows. Once you start breaking locks and doors and gates and entering private property you take risks

More accurate headline: 'Homeowners protect their house from a trespassing mob that bashed down a gate to get into their neighborhood' The 'protesters' trespassed on private property by coming into a gated community uninvited. Said couple while their trigger discipline was terrible were well within their rights.

in the right side, is it a Microphone? So you're not going to say what really happened, going to keep pushing the narrative of peaceful protesters instead of calling them what they are 'terrorists' who broke into those armed couple Reuters is the enemy of the people What do you want them to do just stand there and let a mob destroy their home ,some people is not afraid to stand up for them selfves

Before you shat all over their reputation, they're defending BLM protester on a case involving police brutality. They support BLM. Interestingly enough they understand just how violent BLM can be, and that's why they brought their guns out. Stop with this fake ass news. Right job I wonder what this home owner is saying - mind you he is an attorney.

“I wanted to show there were people protesting peacefully and they came to engage them.” Didn't the protesters break down the gate to their driveway? That doesn't sound peaceful to me. I'm not sure what their beef was but that's nuts. You missed a bit there : 'Who were trespassing on their property and threatening violence' .. funny how you tend to do that..

let me rephrase the title : 'US couple waves guns to prevent entry of anti-racism protestors on their private property' . Couple waves guns at intimidating and often violent mob trespassing on private property and a long way away from their own hood. There wrote it for you. You are welcome 😃👍 So you intentionally left out the part where the so-called protesters broke into a gated community.🤔

Reuters distorts or only send you a partial picture. The BLM and antifa mob broke into private property and made threats against the couple's lives. They have every right to defend their family. Typical propaganda from How dare you twist this what kind of insanity have you driven yourself into REAL HEADLINE US Antifa couple waves guns at house owner trespassing her property while masking themselves as “anti-racism protestors” Your welcome

Reuters is the enemy of the people You all missed it the black guy on the right is pointing a LARGE WEAPON AT THEM!!!! This mob isn't peaceful!!! This couple had every right!! Protecting their property Ken & Barbie at the white honky tonk ranch in suburban St Louis. WTF? You forgot to mention the part where the protesters were illegally trespassing on private property at a time where violence by 'protesters' is off the charts

That's the headline you went with? 🙄🙄🙄 Notice how the media flips the narrative. Fortunately, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution grants people the right to own guns, otherwise the couple may not only die, but their houses will be looted幸運的是,美國憲法第二修正案賦予人們擁有槍支的權利,否則這對夫妻,不僅可能會沒命,房屋也會被搶劫一空 Nice to see an armed couple exercising 2nd amendment rights here. Isn’t this private property?

A remake of Wild Wild West the series...only in America Trump's plan for bringing us together, Hahahaha. Orange King Trump, dumber than a pond turtle! You mean the people trespassing on private property? Waves my ass... An open gate? ✌🐸 Inaccurate headline. Wow, this headline is BS. The full story is that those protestors broke a fence and invaded their property. Given the background that protesters have -they have burned down buildings and killed people-, I think that the couple was just protecting their home and their lives.

Both of them should be arrested! And the man, who is an attorney, should be disbarred!!! ....if she's an atty., she should be disbarred too! Thats a cigarette lighter and emergency light! They have a right to defend their property with force. Why don’t people understand that? Storm the bastille! Tell the truth you assholes

You forgot to say they were peaceful and handed out candies for children... 🙄 HOLY SHIT REUTERS, THIS IS LOW. The mob broke into clearly marked private property, through a gate & threatened their lives, their dog, & to burn down their house. US, the country where guns are recklessly aimed at people, the country of indiscriminate gun use, US will be driven mad by guns and destroyed by guns.

The protesters broke through a locked gate and was on private property... Exactly! You don't enter someone private property. ummm...they were located at their own home a home that the 'protesters' took ground from 'the gate was unlocked' ...at the point protesters break the law they stop being protesters... arguably they become 'a lawless mob' shrug

I would have raised my arm in solidarity and cheered them on. This story is bullshit, these protectors trespassed on their property and approached their house, what a big lie the headline ia Nice work I’m starting to think the first episode of American Horror Story: Cult wasn’t so dramatic after all. Pointing a loaded gun is a crime, she should be arrested. Of course she can have an alibi that its not loaded or self defense bcoz there trespassing. Lame.

Anarchists. Not anti racism protestors. This is why no one trusts the media. Those people were defending their home and their person from criminals. Stupid couple threatening to injure or kill is criminal offense in other states I guess in Louisiana still white can do anything and police don't act, because demonstrators are black.

Who lets their wife do the confronting? Oh. Right. Wrong picture and made-up story Suburban middle class white women of America are the pickle jars of racism There's your 'american dream' These 'peaceful protesters ' where threatening to destroy their home and threatened their lives '! They had a right to protect themselves !

Anti-racism protesters? 😂 Castle-Doctrine much? No, they were criminal trespassers who were threatening the neighborhood. Yes, this is real. This is America. Peaceful protesters walked past a rich white couple’s house (yes, that is a single family home you see there) and they felt so afraid for their lives that they armed themselves. 😢 HistoryWillRemember us with Shame

BLM…… im honestly amazed yall still ignore that these 'protesters' broke down a gate to a gated community and trespassed on private property lmao Ugly part of society. We are not moving towards harmony. It is not going to resolve basic issues It’s private property that the rioters broke thru a gate. Anyone would protect their property. This should stop all the anti 2nd Amendment people. In fact I’m hearing because of rioters gunshops are running low on inventory.

We, the white, will not remain quiet anymore if the black continue on looting! 🔥 Not sure what to make of this, except, would anyone just lay there and let people without consent to enter their body, if your clothing were ripped /seams popped, and these people go right in and that you should not defend yourself, because they want to show their frustration?

Private property. Bahahaha rednecks ...who broke down an iron gate to trespass on their private property and harass them with threats of violence (AKA a dangerous mob of criminals) 🖕🏽 I was taught to never EVER aim a weapon at anyone, unless you had every intention of pulling the trigger. Those people look so stupid.

Keep in mind that Reuters is a foreign news source inciting race war in the USA for political gain But also show the broken metal fence that the demonstrators broke down before trespassing....... Racist anti racism racists PEOPLE LIKE THAT SHOULD BE KILLED FOR BEING STUPID AND RACIST OF COURSE What about the fact that they were on private property and threatening to kill the homeowners, do you not understand you idiots

Racist Reuter’s tell a half truth Journalism is dead, the mob broke through gates, did damage and was looking for more. You know it, and intentionally left it out of the story. I finally understand how the nazis came to power. Years of this BS reporting for your party Must be a Trump supporter. It’s amazing how intentionally deceptive the media has been about this particular story. And from Reuters I expected a little better, but I guess not.

Well done. 👍 👏👏 Brandishing hatred ‘Merica When did stop living by their stated principles of neutral journalistic reporting? “A lot of the photos out there focus on them holding the guns, but to me that’s not telling the whole story,” . Where are the photos of people pulling their iron gate down? I would have been fearful too!

I have to wonder how many times have they had a bunch of people on that street for them to be so afraid. They both kinda reminded me of Barney the deputy from that old sitcom. I’ll fix your headline “U.S. couple waves guns at anti racist protestors who broke down and iron gate to gain access and intimidate them. “ so I fact not protestors but criminals.

It is not true. Look at the satielle picture of their property and you’ll soon realize they breached the gates and were trespassing Textbook aggravated assault the moment they pointed the guns at the bypassers. They arent anti racism protestors and they broke down a metal gate to enter the couples private property.

I think the term you are looking for is trespassers. In order to protest on a public street you must have a permit so if you are marching down a street you a violating the law there is a time and place to do so this was not it grow up call it what it is these are people protecting themselves and property from rioters

Congrats on being pure shit. Their on their property. They are lucky they were not shot. US couple defend their home and protect their property from racist thugs who had been threatening to loot the suburbs for many weeks. Karen? Responsible gun owners know better Barrels down Film shows no immediate threat for this lack of irresponsibility And They must be charged with brandishing a assault rifle and endangerment of others

The protesters weren’t peaceful and they entered onto private property. What exactly did they think they were going to do, how many were they prepared to kill, So much for unbiased reporting, eh? moskal196239 White life matters This is a lie by omission and perfect example of misleading fear-mongering! It should read, 'U.S. couple waves guns at anti-racism protesters...who broke down a gate in to their private neighborhood and threatened to destroy their home and kill them' FAKENEWS

Karen. Its getting more like a walking dead scenario right there.. Some should take a lead between this 2 groups and certainly its not trump Protesters? More like, armed gang that was trespassing. These protestors are like Hitler's brown shirts They threatened to burn down their home. US couple POINT guns at trespassers

Don’t you mean “Criminals who were Trespassing?” Awful! Если зашли в твой дом с дурной мыслью,то сначала стреляй,а потом интерессуйся кто они такие. no photos of the entrance gate The US will soon lose its 1 position globally. In your own picture, the raciat protester his point a gun at her. 🤣🤣🤣 And these 'protesters' broke the iron gate to their property. There is a photo of the gate. Peaceful no way.

fakenews MockingbirdMedia EnemyOfThePeople jews Hey your photographer Lawrence Bryant was part of a B&E and could of been shot, you should really stop sending photographers into trouble. Terrorizing white... protesters? i think you mean waste of life bums unlawfully entering a property, which is criminal, which means they can defend themselves

Private property.... Horizontal strips don’t work for her, do they? Fake news as always. Homeowners protecting themselves and their property against racist mob. Anti Racism Protestors? FYI 🇺🇸👌🏻 for your information 🇺🇸👌🏻 Quick question... is America great again yet? How's that working out for y'all? Tired of winning yet?

'Anti-racism protesters'? How about anti-capitalist marxist thugs? You might mention that the couple were BLM supporters and civil rights lawyers protecting their home. You mean criminal trespassers. Those folks deserve a medal. Is that a weapon the “anti-protester” on the right is holding ? And the should have shot them

Trespassers get guns waved at them. Fixed it Forgot to mention how the mob 'peacefully' destroyed their gate and broke into their property. People might be in fear of their lives when a mob does that. Nice headline. What's next? Telling us that this is a 'peaceful protest' ... Funny - all I see are 2 people protecting themselves after getting their lives threatened by an angry mob.

Stack em up like cordwood and wait till trash day, or call animal control to pick them up Professional rioters trespass. A picture & its story. They were scared. These loonies that aproached them we’re lucky they still live. Most fair observers would reach different conclusion that there was no 'anti-racism protesters', they broke into a gated community; they were invaders; looters and thugs. If the couple did not wave their guns, they would probably got killed.

Am I the only one who is sick of hearing about these two morons? This story doesn't have the legs you think it does Reuters. Stop wasting your efforts... It's only a matter of time before someone gets killed, and all the politicians seem content in letting this charade go on. good they are protecting them self!

I'm sure it's not surprising that they are personal injury lawyers. This picture captures in a single shot the cocktail of the illnesses afflicting America. Looters* You misspelled a violent mob threatening to murder them and their dog They should be charged, convicted and disbarred!!!!BoycottMcCloskyLawCenter

Cowards with hate in their heart. Peaceful protesters. They should be ashamed but I suspect shame is a foreign emotion for these tacky fools anti racism protestors....LOLZ *points gun. Bullish! Disgusting. the rise of the karens ...wild wild west !...

St. Louis Couple Points Guns at Protesters Marching Outside Their HomeA St. Louis couple pulled guns on protesters marching by their luxurious home. This isn’t even remotely close to what happened but ok.... Nope, this is a gated community the rioters broke down the gate and threatened them dsuave1911 see

White St. Louis couple point guns on protesters marching by their mansion to mayor's homeSt. Louis police investigating a confrontation caught on cellphone video of white neighbors of Mayor Lyda Krewson pointing guns at protesters marching by their mansion. At one point the moron is pointing the gun at his own wife 🙄 Mustard stains and barefoot. She must be looking to become the nra spokesperson. There should be no investigation...for what? Protecting their home from vandals? If you cannot even protect your home from that then this country is long gone!

Trump posts video of couple brandishing guns towards protestersU.S. President Donald Trump on Monday posted a video showing a Missouri couple brandishing guns towards protesters calling for police reforms, again accentuating racial tensions in America. They broke down a private gate and trespassed on a private road on the homeowners property. pointing guns at the public, with fingers on the triggers. arrest these lunatics! God bless them for protecting own neighbourhood! People with balls!

A White Couple Pointed Guns At Protesters Outside Their Home In St. LouisThe protesters were calling for the mayor to resign after she shared activists' names and addresses in a Facebook Live video. This is what white privilege looks like wakeup maga TrumpIsARacist And Trump loves it. Well the protesters were trespassing

Missouri couple point guns at protesters calling for St. Louis mayor to resignA video on social media shows a couple pointing guns at protesters marching through a St. Louis neighborhood demanding Mayor Lyda Krewson's resignation. Trespassers..... As they should. Those are rioters. St Louis needs a new mayor

White couple who pointed gun at protesters say they support Black Lives Matter but felt threatened by ‘angry mob’A white couple who pointed guns at protesters in St Louis have said they were threatened as crowds marched down their street.Video shared online showed 63-year-old Mark McCloskey and 61-year-old Patricia McCloskey stationed on the lawn outside their St Louis home on Sunday night as protesters walked I don't blame them Here it is America ..Russia is employing the tried & true Sun Tzu 'divide & conquer strategy in-battle & as long as DonaldTrump is employed in federal government, America is in danger ...not only from a foreign govt ... but a pandemic as well .. look for the maga banner.. Guns? yeah that'll deescalate the situation