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A PICTURE AND ITS STORY: Capturing a rescue in Beirut

A PICTURE AND ITS STORY: Capturing a rescue in Beirut

8/7/2020 12:40:00 AM

A PICTURE AND ITS STORY: Capturing a rescue in Beirut

When he first felt the ground shaking, Reuters photographer Mohamed Azakir thought Beirut had been struck by an earthquake.

Then he heard the explosion.Grabbing his camera, Azakir rushed out into the streets, trying to locate the source of the blast.When he reached the port, he realized he was close. Dead bodies lay everywhere, and people were screaming.Azakir saw one man, pinned under a vehicle, covered in a thick film of rubble and blood. At first, Azakir thought the man was dead. But then the man opened his eyes and began waving his arms and asking for help.

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Azakir called over some rescuers who were nearby. In a series of dramatic photographs, he recorded the rescue of the man, while also helping the rescuers move the car to free him. He took pictures of the man being transferred to a stretcher and taken away, black smoke still billowing from wrecked silos in the background.

Azakir was told by the rescuers that the man was being taken to a hospital. Reuters has not been able to ascertain the identity of the man or to which hospital he was taken.Beirut’s deadliest peace-time explosion was caused after ammonium nitrate being stored near the port ignited. The blast on Tuesday killed at least 145 people, injured 5,000, and left a quarter of a million homeless.

“It was like a horror movie filmed in a devastated city,” said Azakir, who has covered Lebanon since 1981.Photo essay:Writing by Rosalba O'Brien; Editing by Daniel Wallis Read more: Reuters Top News »

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This poor man survived with some injuries and seems fine now according to news reports.. KellieHare heartbreaking 😢 That picture looks faked. Im not sure why but objectively speaking, it looks like a staged photo. Media at its worst, before helping anyone, before getting the dead body out they will prefer to capture their stories for their ratings and point scoring. Shame on these media channels for their inhumane acts. Shame.

🙏🏻 The fuck is wrong with you? This man has family, friends, people who care about him who will be distressed by this photo. Hell I’m distressed and I don’t know him I thought there is something called 'journalism ethic'....or it's all about the money?... Posting this photo is beneath Would you show such an insensitive and harrowing picture of an American citizen? Why is death and destruction the only foder you crave and show like this when it's happening to 'foriegners'

Lack of decorum 😱😱😱😱 & rescue came eventually after a photoshoot. Is journalism a force for good or the very otherwise 🤔 Shouldn't this image be sensored, cover the photo 😤 Most people in this thread did not read the article. Guess and win game. Content warning This picture took me by unpleasant surprise. Also, no one in such dire straights should be news fodder. The picture is terrifying. I'm glad the man was rescued alive, but this is too far. Journalism doesn't need to be shocking to be GOOD.

Who ever take the photo, how can you take a photo of someone dying, if you are not gonna help the less you can do take a stupid photo. One picture 1000 words Think it's good showing this picture. It shows how it really looks like. And makes clear that reality is not consumable. This is horrible. God Bless Beirut.🙏🏻

International activities of the Latin America states in combating drug trafficking in the XXI century: Have some God damn decency will ya!? This is disrespectful to that man and his family. You’re better than this Sad To those who did not bother to read the article. He was rescued and survived. May this soul rest in peace

This image being used for clicks, is SO disrespectful to this person and their family. It’s so disappointing Reuters. PhilipGagne Dafuq Reuter’s?! Dead ? Dea stop sharing hurt break picture about bierutExplosion we know what happen, this is against humanity. This picture is disturbing This is the worst Raphael costume I’ve seen in quite some time

Is he okay 💔 BeirutBlast You're getting to be more of a garbage news agency by the day. Maybe that's the Thomson in you? Whatever it is, it stinks. 💔 People who can’t handle seeing this live a plush life. plz respect the Dead... respect to those who have unwillingly found themselves close to God... こんなん世界中に晒すのか。 オールドメディアの独善的な「言論の自由」と「報道しない自由」の基準はよく分からんけど、共感できないことだけはハッキリ分かっている。

This is extremely insensitive. Why show this? Sick person that finds it ok and somehow necessary to take a photo of an injured person instead of helping immediately. Stop streaming that kind of photos! Are you guys nuts? This man has a family or people who know him. At least blur his face idiots! Reuters are freaking garbage .. have their own agenda

💔 People are complaining about this image and yet we have TV cameras in emergency rooms filming road accident victims and we sit there sipping coffee and call it entertainment. What a world ! What was he staring at? It's time we grew up and see actual images and not shield ourselves from reality. It would move us to take action faster rather be complacent and removed. (Think of dead toddler on Turkish beach)

Thank corrupt Beirut officials and Vladimir Putin.😀 Thats horrific 😲 Please don't show these pictures 👋 Oh My God. The whole event was horrendous! I guess it was a difficult one to do. I am terribly upset for the people of Lebanon. Rough justice. click the link people ... hes alive ... although an insensitive photo

Guys, just report the photo on Twitter as violent. Reuters don't care. dont show it, this guy had friends and family mourning him, maybe searching for him Blur it! You show no respect to the victim. Absolutely unacceptable photo. people who find this 'offensively graphic' should reflect on how pleasant and safe their lives must be to have such a perspective.

Ow that looks incredibly painful To whoever posted this....Imagine if the person in this picture was your relative. How would you feel? You need to cover his face at least. Be respectful Why the f do u caption such a picture? Why display this picture here? Imagine if he was your beloved one, would you still do it?

This must be the Trump Family Christmas card for this year !.... ; Have the decency to blur the person face?! What a dxxk journalist❗ ow.... I just realized people are LIKING this? commooooon...😖 You shouldn‘t post this photo. Would you like to see your father or brother exposed like this? Why would you show us this?

THIS PIC IS NOT NECESSARY !!! A very sad moment 😢 Remove it!!! Please delete or make it blurred Jesus Christ Reuter’s! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Twitter this is a disturbing graphic Bad journalism. That gory picture is insensitive. If the blast is proven to be deliberate or an act of terror this kind of journalism works to advance it.

Sensationalism at its best..congrats...full marks for shock value. There is no follow up photo wtf Could’ve placed a warning on that Too graphic I’m sure the guy would just love his photo put out there ...Not ! Fs show some respect to him and his family. viva Hezbollah Is this really necessary? Disgraceful. Nobody needs to see this. REMOVE IT

Vay len :s sadists! how can they post something like that? sick is what you are Seriously... Can you add an advertisement please... ans for exemple this is illegal in France verified TwitterSafety Is he ok? Why does it look like his left eye is photoshopped? WTF Remove picture 🤬 Did the man in the picture survive?

Why not censor such images or its because he is not white. Takataka I just have to report this tweet! Pls, stop posting content like this!!! Only the misery of brown people get exposed in this way.... SHAME ON REUTERS! Content warning! I will report his picture! So rude and no repect to the victim ReutersFail

Oh God have mercy on us today and always oh my god As a photographer, I think this image is a step to far. Might have relatives who will see this Cette maladie qu'on les gens de réfuter la mort et d'un autre côté d'être dans l'empathie des victimes! Oui il y a des morts en cas de catastrophes! La mort existe encore, ce qui est insupportable sont ceux qui veulent l'a voir loin et donc la minimiser au maximum. Paix à son âme

Are you serious? Take the post down or cover it. I’m sure your family wouldnt want pic of your dead picture on twitter prayforbeirut Can you respect the dead and their families? Imagine if this man's family stumbled across this photo? Bastard WTF is wrong with you guys 😢It is now confirmed that Hezbollah kept the chemicals in the port for their use. They ONCE AGAIN murdered the Lebanese people. My prayers to those injured & the wonderful Lebanese people. May you rid yourselves of the Hezbollah terrorists & once again enjoy peace & freedom!

que isso porra Damn that is very disrespectful! Imagine if that was your brother, would you tweet it? Remove it! 😢 Twitter is okay with this being posted? A bit more context would be appreciated, ... “At first, Azakir thought the man was dead. But then the man opened his eyes and began waving his arms and asking for help.”

This is very insensitive/graphic and should not be used as the thumbnail. Kindly delete Why the fuck would you just paste such a photo on my timeline? Fuck you. 😢 content warning please this is graphic You should cover this photo!! So insensitive Delete Fuck Glad he is alive . 👍 yea use a different image jesus

That poor man, I'm glad they got him out 😱 Oh God Dude, why

EU countries offer support after Beirut blastThe cause of the explosion in Beirut is not yet known but Prime Minister Hassan Diab said those responsible would 'pay the price' and appeared to suggest that the warehouse at the center of the blast had been 'dangerous' Trump just said it was a bomb. 🇱🇧💔😢

U.S. State Dept says stands ready to offer assistance after Beirut blastThe U.S. State Department is closely following reports of an explosion in Beirut and stands ready to offer 'all possible assistance', a spokesperson for the agency said, as a massive blast ripped through the Lebanese capital on Tuesday, killing at least 10 people and injuring hundreds. What if the US did it itself?! Isreal has offered aid as well.

UNIFIL ship docked in Beirut port was damaged and naval peacekeepers were injuredA UNIFIL maritime task force ship that was docked in Beirut port was damaged and some UNIFIL naval peacekeepers were injured, some of them seriously, in a huge explosion in the Lebanese capital, the United Nations interim Force in Lebanon said in a statement on Tuesday. Nuke Man created computers for defence wing - later they came to public at the cost of human socially isolatimg 80%of his liife & cost of social life quality. Same way, Man created mobile phones, drones, guns & ammunition and all these brought to public.Human Beings need to improve

Massive Explosions in Beirut Leave Dozens Dead and Thousands InjuredTwo massive explosions rocked Beirut, leaving dozens dead. more than a dozens and more than 3000 people injured... Please collect your resources well! You call this dozens.......for real if your source can’t count at least you have eyes Two. Dear God.

Massive blast rips through Beirut, killing 50 and injuring thousandsGRAPHIC CONTENT: Lebanon 's capital Beirut has been hit by an explosion that has left the city in chaos. The exact casualties are still being determined, but the country's health minister said that there is a ‘very high number of injured’ Israel and its allies want to destroy all Muslim countries, using different proxies! flyer4life Poor innocent civilians ㅠㅠ

Massive blast rocks Beirut, leaving many dead and injuredHours after a deadly explosion, ambulances were still carrying away the wounded and officials said Beirut’s hospitals were full. And the bowling and lax bombings and Brussels and Manchester REAL Obama STOP ing DEW You See What I See!🧐