A Pandemic Didn't Deter This 102-Year-Old From Voting - Cnn

A Pandemic Didn't Deter This 102-Year-Old From Voting - Cnn

A pandemic didn't deter this 102-year-old from voting

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10/25/2020 11:00:00 PM

102-year-old Ora Smith was born in 1918, when a deadly strain of influenza plagued the US. So when one of the most pivotal elections of her lifetime fell during the second pandemic of her lifetime, Ora didn't think twice about casting her vote.

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Republican and Tomi Lahren hate Black voters Alright Mother. Vote! 'A lifelong resident of the Deep South, Ora's grandmother had been enslaved.' Her GRANDMOTHER was a slave. Slavery and Jim Crow weren't that far away. My own grandmother is 90 and had direct slave relatives as well. .... and she voted for Trump !

Your a badass, Ma. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ❤ Brava Ora! We ❤️ u Ora for voting. God Bless you. So having lives through a real global pandemic that killed over 50M people, she’s a living witness that we a currently living through a fake pandemic JoyAnnReid our black people is stop our black frome coming up can i black leaders can they tell the truth i see in the business of walmart and in the music industry

I'm sure she voted against Trump, hehe Go girl! 🗳 A possible JoeBiden vote Vote🗳

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