A nurse's training didn't protect her from vaccine misinformation. Now, she's one of the victims of Covid-19

Her science-based training to become an RN was apparently no match for the disinformation about Covid-19 vaccines being shared across social media, according to her brother.

9/22/2021 5:50:00 AM

Her science-based training to become an RN was apparently no match for the disinformation about Covid-19 vaccines being shared across social media, according to her brother.

Natalie Rise was a registered nurse in Idaho who loved her job as a home health care worker before she decided to stay at home with her special-needs twins, according to her brother, Daryl Rise.

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Bad enough I can’t get into the ER, but now I have to worry about the nurse who just came into contact with a covid patient and getting sick. Go into a different trade if you don’t care about yourself or your patients. You can make more money as a electrician without all the B.S. I have met many nurses that refuse to get the vaccine, it’s unbelievable

GovHowardDean Beyond misinformation, these are cultists willing to die for their (insane) cause 😱 GovHowardDean HermanCainAward And? Her brother is entitled to his opinion. (He’s wrong… But it is his opinion.) You're all such a lost cause. How is your science working for you when there's a bunch of vaxd people still getting covid😄 and now you need 3 shots just to 'maybe' be more protected. I cannot believe how blind most of the world is to this.

I’m not going to read this article but please do not create a relationship between nursing and misinformation. People have a right to be stupid even if they have the education. Darwin. Every RN who refuses vaccinations of any type (without a valid medical reason) should be dismissed from the profession. There is no room for opinion here. If you are an RN who is unable to evaluate the science, you don't have what it takes to work as an RN or hold a BSN degree

When will these people ever learn? Trust science instead of far right media, ie Tucker Carson misinformation.This nurse should know better. So, I have to say, she asked for it. Fake news

Long Covid Affecting One Third Of People After Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection, CDC MMWR Study FindsSymptom rates were higher among females, Black people, and those 40 years and older or with pre-existing conditions. good

Her mind and her choice I'm glad she's not in the health care profession any more. Bye This is a serious mental health issue in addition. Tucker Carlson and Fox network are to blame for the misinformation.they lie every single day . With all the resources available its is NOT ACCETABLE to ration care. If Idaho is as bad as you say you might want to pick up the phone and call the Federal government for assistance. When the pandemic began many states like New York and California were given military assistance.

I don't want to say Mankind will be better off without the bumb people ... But ... She new better

COVID-19 Has Killed About As Many Americans As The 1918-19 Spanish Flu PandemicThe pandemic still has the United States and other parts of the world firmly in its jaws. Lies no . the gop has got America firmly in its jaws as the gop promotes covid 24/7. and not once do they ever wash the blood off of their hands. Yes it has. But not as quickly......

Covid-19 cases forcing hospitals to ration care is unfair and unacceptable, expert saysWith the spread of the Delta variant and lagging vaccination rates, Covid-19 cases have strained many hospitals across the US -- which one expert called unfair and unacceptable. CNN is the enemy of the people! If you say you don’t want to wear a mask or get the vaccine and you get Covid then you should be the last to be given an available hospital bed. If there are enough beds fine, but if they start to run out then prioritize non Covid cases where the patient is vaccinated. Maybe they should stop firing employees over mandates.

Seth Rogen says what we were all thinking about COVID-19 safety at the 2021 EmmysCome pandemics or earthquakes, Hollywood will still have its awards shows. And actor Seth Rogen was first to acknowledge that fact during Sunday’s 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, roasting the room of attendees. good Seth Rogen sucks. I wasn't thinking that. I was thinking why do they have this flake on?

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Will Doctors Who Are Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation Ever Face Penalty?Some of the top spreaders of COVID-19 misinformation are physicians with active licenses Maybe the ones accusing the others of spreading misinformation are, indeed, the ones spreading misinformation themselves. Who stands to lose the most money if their information is found to be misleading? That’s often a clue…