A New Tree Species Is Named After Leonardo DiCaprio

1/8/2022 1:35:00 AM

A New Tree Species Is Named After Leonardo DiCaprio

A New Tree Species Is Named After Leonardo DiCaprio

The “dicaprio tree” is a small tropical evergreen tree with yellow flowers growing from its trunk.

The “dicaprio tree" is a small tropical evergreen tree with yellow flowers growing from its trunk Published 26 mins ago Theo Wargo/WireImage Scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in the United Kingdom announced they have named a new tree species after Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio.reports the Leo tree is “critically endangered.The new species – Uvariopsis dicaprio Lorna MacKinnon A tropical, evergreen tree from Cameroon, the first plant species to be named as new to science in 2022, has officially been labelled Uvariopsis dicaprio today in honour of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.Talk Courtesy of Reaction Engines For most New Yorkers, getting to the Hamptons in less than three hours is a commendable feat, but what if you could get all the way to London in just a third of the time? The UK Space Agency recently revealed plans for a high-tech “space plane” that is capable of jetting across the pond at lightning speed—and it could be in the skies as soon as 2030.

The"dicaprio tree," also known as Uvariopsis dicaprio , is a plant grown only in the Ebo Forest of Cameroon, which is widely recognized for its incredible biodiversity, according to its article published in the scientific journal,.

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So the tree is overrated? You can find them growing around a bunch of younger trees. That's very dumb.

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets New Tree Species Named After Him by London ScientistsLeonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most outspoken environmentalists, and those efforts have now paid off in the form of a recently-discovered tree species being named after him. Accordin… JayRockerz Soon a song is gonna be named after him,called Leo got fucked by a bear oh yeah. Sara69928787 Ohh boy! 🙀😻 Africa Cameroon LeonardoDiCaprio of UvariopsisDicaprio”

Newly identified tree species named in honour of Leonardo DiCaprioAn evergreen tree native to Cameroon’s tropical Ebo forest has been given a scientific name that honours Leonardo DiCaprio for his campaigning efforts to protect the forest from logging I wonder if there are any trees in the west named after an african Did he fly in on his private jet for the ceremony? Very cool. But is more wasteful than the entertainment industry... It's all false & for entertainment... Big cosmic Dept to pay back 😂

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Leonardo DiCaprio Gets a Tree Named After Him