A new satellite system sucks in air to provide unlimited propulsion

3/3/2022 4:30:00 AM

But will it be enough to make satellites sustainable? 🛰 engineering

A new satellite system from Kreios Space only needs air and solar energy for propulsion while improving satellite image resolution 16 fold. Barcelona-based startup Kreios Space wants to unleash the potential of very low Earth orbit (VLEO)...

Barcelona-based startup Kreios Space wants to unleash the potential of very low Earth orbit (VLEO) satellite missions. Its secret weapon? The company is developing a fuel-free propulsion system that enables satellites to orbit much closer to Earth.

"Right now, very low Earth orbit is an unused orbit simply because of the lack of propulsion systems capable of staying in this orbit," Jan Mataró, Kreios Space CTO told IE in an interview at the Mobile World Congress."But it could allow for a

huge increase in the resolution for both telecommunications and earth observation." What is very low Earth orbit? VLEO is roughly defined as any orbit in the range between 95 miles to 250 miles of altitude.

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