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A New Monopoly Game Celebrates Women, but What About the One Behind the Original?

Hasbro’s Ms. Monopoly will pay women more than men and celebrate female inventors, but it makes only brief reference to the feminist whose board game is credited with inspiring it all.


There’s a new version of Monopoly coming, one that celebrates women by paying female players more than men. But it makes only brief reference to the feminist whose board game is credited with inspiring it all.

Hasbro ’s Ms. Monopoly will pay women more than men and celebrate female inventors, but it makes only brief reference to the feminist whose board game is credited with inspiring it all.

The game, Ms. Monopoly, is the first to feature a new character — an advocate for investing in female entrepreneurs — on its cover,

Ms. Monopoly celebrates female inventors, but one was conspicuously missing from the announcement: Elizabeth Magie, a progressive and feminist whose role in developing Monopoly itself has long been diminished.

to Charles Darrow, who sold the game to Parker Brothers in 1935, but Ms. Pilon and others argue that he and Hasbro owe it all to Magie, who is acknowledged, briefly, inside the box of the new Ms. Monopoly.

. They purchase property along the way and there are utilities, railroads and a bank. A corner square instructs players to “go to jail,” and a trip around the board earns each $100.

The goal was to amass wealth. The game’s purpose, however, was political. Magie’s views were shaped by Henry George, a popular progressive who argued for a single land tax to keep the wealthy few from monopolizing resources, according to the book. The game was designed to make the case for reform.

The company then set out to neutralize any threats to its new game. It secured a patent on Monopoly, and bought up similar board games or sued their makers. George Parker, the company’s founder, visited Magie and persuaded her to sell the patent for The Landlord’s Game in exchange for $500 and a promise to publish it and two other games of her design.

“The Monopoly game as we know it was invented by Charles Darrow, who sold his idea to Parker Brothers in 1935,” the company said in the statement. “However, there have been a number of popular property trading games throughout history. In fact, Elizabeth Magie — a writer, inventor, and feminist — was one of the pioneers of land-grabbing games.”

Read more: The New York Times

So women need an advantage to win against males? Sounds like bigotry to me I’m fine with this but it needs to be accurate. The little statues you play as better be a sandwich, dirty dish, iron, and a broom Takes equal game and makes it unequal. Hmmm ok. I would have found this kind of condescension absolutely demoralizing when I was a young woman in my career. How can any woman raise a daughter with this mentality.

Apparently Elizabeth Magie, the inventor of Monopoly, forgot to celebrate women in her original version of the game. This is stupid monopoly was made for families to play so that would be men and women just a reason to get some love from the liberals good to know where this company stands Hey monopoly, what the fuck

Horrible and patronizing concept. But monopoly was never about gender... it was just about making the most money thru real estate. What a joke Celebrating women by saying we don’t know how to play restate game? 🤔 How does this do anything to advance society. Could we just please stop with the stupidity?

In the new game of Monopoly, women make more than menUnlike the classic game, women will collect 240 Monopoly bucks when they pass 'go,' while male players will collect the usual 200. It's 'a fun new take on the game that creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men,' the creators said. For Fuck's sake

And no one thought to call it ‘Womonoply’ - c’mon... lul this just raises another issue on sexism :/ where are male characters then? haha i think it’s just another way of marketing scam to get some money of those extreme feminists who claims to be ‘a feminist’ I thought feminists are looking for a balance not feminist supremacy

Equality in 2019: Women can’t roll dice & go plop, plop, plop as good as men can so we should give them money to fill that “not good enough” hole in themselves which surely exists. (Meanwhile the player pieces are kitchen appliances 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️) Liberals 😂😂😂 Sexism The original game was designed to teach Georgism.

The dirty secret to Monopoly is it’s not a positive game it’s in the title that’s why when u mess u go to jail 🤷🏾‍♂️ People didn't buy the game monopoly because of the guy with the monocle. This never would have made it thru shark tank I want it now!! So equal pay is out? Tell the soccer gals. They finally figured that out when they figured out the men actually made less. Women don’t need this pandering.

Not everyone is amused by Hasbro's new Ms. Monopoly gameIn the new Ms. Monopoly, women passing 'Go' will get to collect $240 in Monopoly money while men continue to collect the usual $200. Sexist and enabling the hoarders.

Jesus Christ! Go outside and meet some normal people! Imagine the family fights over this one! Nothing pleases you bed-wetters. hope the price is 77% of what the non-delusional version costs This is the reason that Mike Pence will take over in 2024. Gives new meaning to Community Chest We will all just identify as women then. Game set match.

monopoly is the best real estate lesson. forget all those useless scamming seminars Feminists - Pay inequality is unacceptable when it discriminates by gender. Also Feminists - Pay inequality should be celebrated and is acceptable if it favors women. WalkAway Ohhh 4 Fcks Sake!!! I was sexually harassed by HS students & faculty while I was Library Director of the hassenfeld Library USN_PDS nashville . hasbro = Hassenfeld brothers. I was then falsely professionally disparaged when I left. hypocrites

Does the new ‘Ms. Monopoly’ fix or fuel the gender pay gap?Female players get $240 for passing Go in MsMonopoly, while men pocket just $200. Pandering/attempting to profit from the lunatic left feminist libs...moneymaker Big scam Are they allowed to waste it on clothes and makeup?

Let me get this straight ... we take a game that never had a gender pay gap and always treated men and women equally by not even addressing gender and now we make it sexist by making it pay women more than men?! Why in this world of wanting equality would we want favoritism of being paid more..ridiculous!!!

God help the man that pulls off a W against his gf/wife in this game... that will not end well. Is this the onion? Sounds like the porn Industry It should mention also that the creator was a marxist teaching through the game how you can only win if you bankrupt your adversaries She would be terrified with the praise of bourgeois women

SJWs manage to ruin board games. Move aside you equal people, let the female supremacists through. /satire Shouldn’t equal pay be celebrated not women getting more? Everything is twisted.

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Why don’t they give women a dice where all the six faces are six? Yeah, because of course this is equality. .Hasbro = fail. I grew up playing Monopoly. I never needed boys to “help” me. This is the most condescending tripe. Game says: “Girls aren’t smart or capable enough to succeed without the boys purposefully losing.” I would NEVER give it to my daughter or granddaughter!

Modern Day Feminism is a Joke. That’s called sexism hun The tweets here show why this version exist sadly... Only weak women would like this My ex wife cleaned me out!! Now I'm living in a cardboard box dumpster diving. It’s a game. Larryferlazzo Is this what we really want? We want to now promote that women are paid more than men? How is that a good thing? Shouldn’t it be equal pay for the same job? See this is the problem.... try to correct a wrong & people carry things way too far & go to extreme the other way. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Ridiculous, Feminists must focus in fight against the ignorance present, in most American women. Lol what a waste of money. Years ago “feminists” were seeking for equality and now they want women to have more advantages. Does women need this “advantages” to win? I don’t think so. We should look forward for EQUALITY.

I expect total sales to be in the forty dollar range.... Doesn’t everyone in Monopoly begin equal? So this game is truly about gender and pay inequality. What a dud Nothing says feminism, like just handing over free money.🤣😂🤣😂🤦🤦🤦 Not sure who decided a game that had zero gender inequality in it...pick a pink or a blue figure chances were the same..needed to now be made in a sexist version? How is that progress?

Feminism is about breaking down advantage based on things like sex or color. Not screwing someone else because you can If you want to stay poor, vote Democrat! WalkAwayFromDemocrats ThursdayMotivation Perpetuating sexism..

Jason Momoa Just Said His New Apple TV+ Series Is Better Than ‘Game Of Thrones’Those are some serious claims.

When's Brexit Monopoly coming out? You know, the game where America buy up all the UK assets and all the hotels are owned by Trump. Sounds pretty dumb to me 🤔 Feminists finally got what they were fighting for.. a clear advantage and not equality Celebrates? Apparently women can’t even manage actual equality in a game of chance.

They would have to have removed the “you have one second prize in a beauty contest” card as well. Personally I think it is Sexist. Betsy DeVos should mandate that every kid in America be required to play Socialism Monopoly in school so they learn just how horrible the economic policies of Democrats really are.

Sexism is still sexism and the fact that we’re all talking about this is the point!! Creepy

Jesus Implying that women cannot compete with same rules as men is not feminist. Not only does this woke edition of monopoly use sexism to fight sexism but now it’s not woke enough for some apparently. This world has really jumped the shark. I think it’s time to start over. When was monopoly about men? 🤷‍♂️ you has a thimble, car, wheel barrel, etc. These identity politics are getting way out of hand.

That's because it's parody. Kinda strange that someone writing for the 'paper of record' couldn't be bothered to do a cursory amount of research. What’s next an LGBTQXY... Monopoly? This obsession with so-called gender issues is going bonkers! Yes because women need a spot to have any hope of competing

Good Celebrates? No. It insults women and mocks the idea of equality by promoting inequality. Women can’t succeed unless she gets special treatment is a bad take.

If you buy up all the little green houses you can’t lose. Just don’t build hotels. Hoard the houses. Then no one else can build anything. cheaterswin ncgop That’s it problem solved. 🤔 Are the boardgame pieces different. No doubt a black transgender woman in a wheelchair instead of the tophat. Flirt with policeman, get out of speeding ticket

Uh. Ummm. What? You mean Monopoly, the game where everyone playing gets paid EXACTLY THE SAME amount wasn't what we wanted all along? What a joke. 'celebrates' - I believe you misspelled 'patronizes'. This is incredibly sexist and stupid. The original game payed equally, why change it? Oh that’s right, to pander to the screaming feminists who cry about equality. This isn’t equal, it’s bullcrap.

The Landlord’s Game was in strict opposition to the evils of capitalism You know how the saying goes, Women spend most of the money, have all the kids and own all the pussy. They have enough.

Monopoly was ahead of its time All playing tokens had no gender As a feminist, I am frustrated by this. This defeats the point of the feminist movement, which argues gender EQUALITY, not advantage. Advantage over another gender is sexism. I thought that feminism is a gender equality, not a sexist discrimination

This is going to trigger a whole lot of people (by which I mean “guys”). And that’s the point. Getting paid different amounts for no reason doesn’t seem right, does it, fellas? So it “ celebrates women “ by giving them an advantage. As a woman, l am well able to win with skill ! The Grievance Studies finally gave us something useful. A board game for the victim culture.

It´s very sexist. We all want gender equality, but this looks like gender revenge 🤨. No to Feminazism. Brialliant marketing strategy. Got everyone talking about it. Outrage sells How long before Tucker Carlson does an hour special on this? 😂 duh the hasbro people stole the idea from the lady who actually created the game monopoly which was intended to show the consequences of capitalism

😂😂😂🤡 This is going to trigger a whole lot of people (by which I mean “guys”). And that’s the point. Getting paid less really sucks, doesn’t it, fellas? Imagine being the kid that gets this for Christmas from their psycho woke parents.... more school shootings incoming Hahaha Its ok ladys- us men will just claim to be women- just like in girl sports

Paying women more than men is just as bad as men getting paid more than women. Should be equal 🙄 Original Monopoly Is best are fake and take my money again It looks like sexism How many people will simply 'identify as a woman', since 'gender is just a social construct'? 'It is just a game'.... 🤡

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