Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: An Event That Brings Thousands Of Tourists To A Small South Dakota City İ

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: An Event That Brings Thousands Of Tourists To A Small South Dakota City İ

A motorcycle rally that brings thousands of tourists to a small South Dakota city is about to begin

A motorcycle rally that brings tens of thousands of tourists to a small South Dakota city is about to begin, despite objections from a majority of its residents

8/5/2020 6:45:00 PM

A motorcycle rally that brings tens of thousands of tourists to a small South Dakota city is about to begin, despite objections from a majority of its residents

Despite objections from a majority of its residents, a South Dakota city is preparing to host what some locals say is the largest gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in the world.

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GO FREEDOM LOVING BIKERS! tovaga See Now CNN is worried about large crowds without masks. Wonder why... You can’t fix stupid I’m glad to see something that’s not canceled because of China plague. If they get the China plague. Hopefully they get the cure with hydroxy and zinc it cures nearly everyone that takes it. Fake news doesn’t want people to know this. They only spread fear and hate fake news cnn

AndrewYang A culture of stupidness. Just stay there. Meh, I’m ok with them getting it. AndrewYang Time to find out how things go. AndrewYang Let those who ride decide.... Stupid earthlings at Sturgis these are the ones that will spread the virus back accross the country .these are the ones who live in the woods and are possessed by the baked potato 🥔 president...might be their last stop for some bikers.sad and stupid .

Extreme noise pollution. What a nightmare. Natural selection at its best! Buh-bye! As it should!!! I hope their close relatives and people that has to suffer them in a daily basis have the common sense to force them to stay afar from them. You wanna risk your live? ok, thats on you, now face the consequences, no seeing your family, go be 'brave' far from society, you dipshit

Effing idiots! 'We gotta fight for our right to parrrr-tay' Beastie Boys I don’t care if it’s closed down I’m going they can kiss my *** I’ve been living my life all wrong. I thought closed meant closed. Of course when my governor said wear a mask to protect others and myself I did. Sorry another case of SD and the Harley riders get what they deserve

🤨 Hell yeah AndrewYang Hard to believe that we've been surrounded by this many idiots. Bikers not afraid of catching a cold? Amazing! Good aginnt As long as its treated as a peaceful protest, they will be safe. Because America doesn’t give a fuck about a mandate. That’s why this is America to begin with. WE MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS

Zombie Bikers Now how is it that these mother fuckers can have a rally with 250k people, but we can’t go to church or open our schools. American politics fucken bullshit.. This is a bad thing for Sturgis to allow right now. Sorry, I can´t understand them! Rode my bike for decades and loved it so much, but never would endanger the live of others with spreading a virus!

Nothing bad could possibly come from this...... Why must it be so hard for people to do the RIGHT THING!! 👩🏼‍🦱 👨🏻‍🦰 🏍 🦠🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️🦠🦠✏️🦠🦠🦠🦠 When u complain about and push for violent rioters to follow the so called rules for the ChinaVirus then maybe,just maybe someone might listen. Till then ur just more fakenews

Wow Great. Now we get to see if covid-19 has the same impact on unhealthy older white people. My guess is it's equal opportunity. This is why our death count is 7,000+ a day. Fear mongering CNN . Typical Natural selection about to take out the white trash Meth is their vaccine. ONN53105203 How dare they not fall for your fear mongering! I hope some “peaceful” protestors show up, that would be entertainment.

so many small penises gathered in one place Hey hypocrites, How come you haven’t highlighted the same issues with the mass gatherings due to so called protests in Portland and NY ? Ohhh...that’s right COVID doesn’t spread during protests. AndrewYang Didn’t one of the Dakotas already have one of the largest Rona clusters in the country a few months back owing to conditions at meat packing plants?

South Dakota governor is a dingbat who doesn't care if people get the virus & die. Hope she's voted out! The derps shall derp. Refusing to wear a mask to help protect fellow Americans is as un American as it gets. Wow how dare people enjoy themselves and live life as intended. So selfish... 🙄 I don’t recall a mask mandate across the US when the media cheered on the rioting, looting and burning buildings!

A lot of those bickers will get sick in two weeks So what. It was a mostly peaceful protest. Bwahahaha see we can use dumb shit excuses too. 250k people to bring that virus back with them all over the country. sxsw got canceled and thousands across Austin lost their jobs, hundreds of biz shuttered just so 5 months later we can act like the pandemic isn’t real and over a 1000 ppl don’t die a day bc ppl are on motorcycles instead of on foot. Get it together, America. WearADamnMask

AndrewYang does anyone know someone that is going to Sturgis2020, just say goodbye & that is was nice meeting them... AndrewYang I drove through South Dakota a few weeks ago. This is not at all surprising. Most embarrassing time in human history. Here come all the snowflakes crying about no masks They peaceful protesters 😁

AndrewYang If I lived in Sturgis I'd find a way to get out of town for this thing. AndrewYang Talk about a super spreader. Stay away from NY, fools. Should be fine... You can wet your pants but it will only keep you warm for a little while. And they will spread it across the nation like wild fire. Freedom!

I see the bikers everyday on my way to work. License plates from all over the country. It’s great they are so patriotic American Flags are everywhere. Well if they all get sick!! Too bad!! The bad part will be the innocent people who they infect!!😢 No do BLM riots and protests that have been happening for two months!

EricBlake12 Who cares ..: their body their choice right lmao AndrewYang I don’t wish harm on anyone but I do believe in karma. This could be a moment for Darwin to take over Set your calendars for a medical report for two weeks from now. Problem is, South Dakota is not the only state affected. These bozos will be going back to wherever.

Darwinian Powers, ACTIVATE! AndrewYang They should bring 'end whiteness now!' signs so that they become fully immune to COVID. Spikes Stupid people CNN is the voice of the Democrat terrorists Oh baby!! Getting the left riled up! No masks ohhh nooooooooo! Hahahhhahh Play stupid games... AndrewYang The common denominator of entitlement is.....

AndrewYang Darwin. Undefeated. AndrewYang If they put a protest sign on their hog it will scare off the virus. This isn’t the swine flu you know. Bikers rally at a peaceful protest against the lunacy of lockdowns and mask laws. Also, there is no evidence Covid can be transmitted biker to biker at 70 mph (prove me wrong!). Shove that up your ass, Dr. Farcey.

Wait 3 weeks for the follow up reports. You think Tulsa was a mess! Why don't you do stories like this, scare stories, about protests? Like the ones in Miami, Houston, and LA, which spread the virus? AndrewYang This is utter stupidity. CovidIdiotsConvention AndrewYang Be there or be square! AndrewYang And this ladies & gentlemen is why America will NEVER get ahead of this virus. At a time when we need everyone to come together & work as one people you have these people who are as unamerican as on can possibly be pull this crap.

CNN doing it's best to keep you angry and scared. The question now is, why do you like being angry and scared? Serious question, I want to learn. AndrewYang I heard they will stomp on the flag, kneel, and chant BLM 10 times; a proven repellant of Covid, according to the News. Not 'welcoming.' Majority of city of Sturgis does NOT want those idiots descending upon and endangering them. Unfortunately the citizens have zero say and greed is trumping science and safety.

Let them ride or die 🏍 For many of them...this will be their last rally. Hope they enjoy it before they suffocate to death. S. Dak. never closed! ☺️ Sturgis will get a huge boost financially because of this rally! Kudos for Sturgis, and all the bikers who attend. For your entire virus carrying life you've done nothing and didn't care about anyone else - while you went about your business infecting others... But now you care...

America Running the Darwin Gauntlet, eh? I’m sure this will go swimmingly... Ok Karen. bUt cOVid dOEsN't affECt bLm pRoTeStErS. 🤡🤡🤡 Nothing to be done? Doesn’t trump have a paramilitary force that can lob tear gas and stun grenades at them like they did to the peaceful protests? You cried wolf too many times. No one is scared of the boogy man disease that 99.98% of people survive. STFU FakeNews

This is what happens when you let White privilege run amok. You can’t tell these peoooe anything because you told them their entire lives that the rules apply to everyone but them. Selfi she’s, narcissism and stupidity mixed ins deadly stew. TRASH! Peaceful protest. I just don’t fucking get people know more you folks in the states are your own worst enemy my thoughts with you all R.I.P

Bunch of retired conservative biker cosplayers getting together in the middle of a pandemic? Why would anyone discourage this? The poor people that live there they have to sheltering in place Peaceful protest. Stop trying to destroy our democracy 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Go Sturgis. The anxiety addicts can’t stand your joy.

I just want people to know that not all bikers are as stupid as the ones giving stupid answers to questions of Covid19 & Sturgis. I know a lot of bikers & my brother is one. None of them are going this year & are saying most of the ones they know aren't either. Good. More GOP supporters with Coronavirus. I say let them get together. I even encourage it.

I’m so ashamed to be white. Not a single mask. Or black person. Seal the whole region off and isolate them. We don't want them back! Oooooo boy, people from all over the country go there. This is not good. They might as well shut down schools now. Ever wanted to buy a used motorcycle? Give it a month and a half and they will be available for peanuts!

You literally said nothing about Portland rioters gathering. Why does the GOP want to kill all their voters? . Another good test bed. . 🇺🇲 Is 1 in something at least! COVO-IDIOTS ! 🤔 Leading the world in deaths 164,000 and counting Making room for more illegal migrants. 👍 Cry about it..... A Trump rally finall. Long live our king Donald Trump

EricBlake12 Way to go. I used to think the US is a well organised country. Its fine, it's their right, I hope it's fun and everyone is safe and has fun Hope the alcohol kills all the germs. But if it does go sideways, I feel bad for the poor healthcare workers who have to risk themselves helping others.

I’m 11 miles away from Sturgis Rally, Ive already seen most of the bikers a week early, people around here are nervous about Covid, and its going to spread worse, govkristinoem doesn’t care that people die, as long as she has “Her economy going full tilt.” If you don't think it's safe, don't go. It's as simple as that. To me, this is no different than thousands gathering in every major city to protest every weekend. Everyone says the protests didn't cause outbreaks so... ?

We're never going to get rid of this virus with so many stupid people out there. I'm so sick of these selfish morons EXTREME COV-IDI-OCY. WHAT STUPIDITY HERE Natural selection Good. Let them all die Excellent peacefullprotest QuareFellas Is Trump gonna pay their medical bills? Uh.... Guarantee no Antifa will show up here.

There also was spikes of covid-19 after the BLM protests and riots too. Didn't see too many masks then either. Maybe instead of using the weight of the government to attack and jail protestors, we use the same government to create and enforce a national response to COVID to prevent morons spreading the virus and allow us to finally begin opening like so much of the 🌎 hottake COVIDIOTS

💩 Just remember the Harley South Park episode. They should be held individually liable if they pass it to someone and they should sign a waiver saying that them and their family are not allowed to access any hospital resources or support for any covid related medical complications. Awefully hard to ride a bike...when yer COVIDSICK...!

ResistMonsters I hope they'll be safe. The Governor noted that at trump's rally that was held in SD a month ago, didn't have a problem. (Herman Cain was already sick by then from the previous kkk rally.) So, the bikers rally should have no problem with Covid19. No targeted groups, here! Trump is no longer ‘loved nor feared’ he’s just become a ‘joke’..!!

And then they go back home. Good. Maybe this will knock off thousands of more Trump voters I'm sure CNN will make this out to be a disaster... I rode across the country twice to attend the sturgis rally. People will he PACKED into bars/venues without masks across the state. I am horrified that the rally is still happening during a pandemic. As a biker I am ashamed and angry that it wasn’t canceled.

Go for it! Spread Covid on two wheels. Awesome 👍🏻 Are Americans just stupid? Well done the United States of Americans!! Your freedoms, selfishness and ignorance will kill you all!! MAGA2020 This is the reason our country is doing so poorly dealing with Covid-19 compared to others in the world. Let's all ride to the middle of nowhere then once we're there, ride up and down the strip 20 times a day before riding back to where we came from.

Welp, add 250K to the contraction list. And who knows how many will not be here by next month. Sad. mulko_martha PeacefulProtests imagine being so bored and miserable that this biker function looks like fun. smh then imagine having to look like those biker ppl lol bless it lord I see nothing wrong with this.

I wonder how many will survive? What do you expect from helmetless organ donors? Hey see you then just think of it as a protest That way you can praise them instead of demonizing them You are so full of s*** see you then Gotta feel bad for the health workers Let's party hahaha Well, since it means a future with fewer Republicans, I’ll go with it.

😏 Thin the herd George Floyd riots were okay? Check your classifieds in about a month. There may be a lot of used Harley-Davidson’s for sale Mostly old fucks. So, good luck to them. Lunacy! It’s like you people are asking to get COVID! I hat the fuck is wrong with you all!! I have no pity on them if they catch COVID 19 😂 Live and let Die 😷

Thank God. COVIDIOTS MasksSaveLives TrumpLiesAmericansDie freedomisnotfree Looks like a peaceful protest to me. America is breaking my heart. I always thought we were WAY better than this. 💔 Funny seeing all the Karen’s in the comments. If you want to see the world's worse mullets, go to Sturgis. Enjoy the republican live Looks so much better then minneapolis seattle NYC or a other democrat run city 😂😂😂😂😂 TRUMP cities are the best

It’s a motorcycle protest. 👍👍👍👍😃 🤐🤫..... Dirtbags gonna dirtbag. TBOS Trump relies on this level of stupidity No one is more excited than this guy 🦠 (Covid-19) Then too, the lack of covid spread at all the outdoor protests is encouraging. Anything for a buck! Is this whole thing just a grand Darwin test? Let me guess, republican governor too? I'd say stay safe everyone, but might fall on deaf ears? COVID19 SturgisRally Sturgis Sturgis2020 SouthDakota

What happened to common sense in USA Natural selection... I think many (most) of those going to Sturgis have fought off a lot worse than a virus like Covid-19. Bikers are the one group of people who could benefit from mask use at all times cadenceofmylife No Virus No Ride 🤔 Good for theme Don’t tell CNN that Vegas is open.

Time to watch the classifieds. There could be some great deals on used bikes in a few weeks. In all seriousness, this is why you need to protect yourself as much as you can. There are a lot of people who don’t care about themselves, let alone you. So govts are able to pull out tear gas, rubber bullets, unmarked vans, federal officers etc when they want to shut down popular peaceful protests...but when it comes to a motorcycle rally that 60% of the local town didn't want to happen - there was nothing the mayor could do?

Good. I hope record numbers attend. Can’t wait for your propaganda piece about the “30,000 new Covid cases coming out of Sturgis.” Is Hey don't worry they're just protesting! Remember you said the rona doesn't come after protesters. TheMoreYouKnow Democrats want people locked in their homes, gaining weight. Meanwhile, the virus itself is weakening as the human genome continues to fight it off. Imagine criticizing people for going outside, getting healthy Vitamin D, and having fun safely

As it should be everywhere Lol at all of the KoolAid drinkers on this TL! 🤣🤣🤣 Suck it. Anyone who continues to ignore protesting and scoffs at this is officially brainwashed. This is why there will be covid19 in U.S. forever. People are too dumb. I'd like to personally invite all antifa wussies to Sturgis, South Dakota this weekend

Sorry Jews ✡️ you cant stop us🇨🇳 Republican Death Cult I ride. I also social distance, wear a mask (a motorcylist mask, in fact), and avoid large/indoor gatherings. None of it infringes on my freedom at all. Rode safely with my buddy last weekend. Not going to Sturgis though. (And not voting for Trump.)

This virus will never get under control with people doing things like this. I can't wait to see this outcome! Idiots!🤔🤔🤔🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Alian_Pro One way of reducing population i guess. I need help from those with a kind heart and knows single Dad struggles. Unemployed since March and struggling with FL unemployment, my two young Daughters and I need $100 to $200 to cover rent and food. It hurts my pride to ask. If you can. Venmo: Robert-Wheeler-101 Thank you

Gonna be a lot of used bike sales... I like how most of the responses are from people who automatically assume that just because people aren't being forced to wear masks, they won't at all. Absolute smooth brains Bikers gon’ bike Peaceful Protesters. Tierno158 I predict the prices on used Harley's are gonna bottom out by September. Mostly estate sales.

Expect cases to surge across the country when these idiots return home and spread it to their communities. We’re never getting rid of this thing. Culling their own herd. Well when they are sick who they gonna call. Republicans don’t care I wonder if there is a ventilator side car accessory? Looks like many people are Trump’s base from TV photos. With hardly anybody wearing masks as they cruise on their motorcycles, Trump may permanently lose some of his voters!

Republicans equal money first, lives second. I feel sorry for the seven thousand residents of the town. brave of them. Ignorance is bliss. Looks like a blast ! Wish I could attend. Fk yea! Every single time we throw a leg over our bikes we understand and take calculated risks knowing that today could be the day that we die. And I can assure you it's a 99.9% chance that it'll be from an accident, not a damn virus! LIVE FREE & RIDE

Well so long and happy trails! 93A4Jules Time to party Sturgis2020 The largest mistake our country can make. After making Trump president, of course. Trash In all fairness, Republicans aren't known for their smarts, just their stupidity, racism, hypocrisy, science denialism, history revisionism, delusions of grandeur, false sense of entitlement, etc.

This is attempted murder and they don't care who it is who dies. Usually serial killers (at least the ones we hear of) have a type but these guys & gals are targeting everyone from babies to centenarians and they don't care! wearadamnmask ! masklessnessismurderone & there mostly old n smokers n drinkers should b a shit show & Afew weeks later 🤢🦠sadd🥴

Good, I hope they all get it. At least will know where the next surge is ANTHONYBLOGAN C’mon man. 🖕🏻 YOU CNN! This event will go on as planned, as well as the Plandemic will go on. You guys are cooking the books. We all know it. So cry us a river & get off our FREEDOMS! excellent, the mask is a sham.

They will end up spreading Covid-19 all over the Country Motorcycle rally is a rally done on motorcycles which move. It's not a 'gathering' to sit besides each other and get infected one another. Difference. Please go try to stop a bunch of bikers 🤣🤣 So that dude says he came from Florida?! This should get interesting.

It’s the indoor bars that’ll be the problem I SEE DEAD BIKERS! Vasiyei vaende kunozadzana ikoko And people wonder why we aren’t getting over Covid With 250,000 idiots NOT wearing masks, no wonder South Dakota is solidly in the Trump camp!!! Thats irresponsible, the town and the bikers Nah, you just watch. The motorcyclists are going to be diligent in wearing the proper protective gear.

IGNORANCE IS WIDE SPREAD. Cool just in time to send the kids back to school! Absolutely love it America at its finest free with no B.S. about masks and Fauci nonsense Where was the outrage when BLM/pro-trannyism rallies went on with little to no masks or social distancing? sportybigguy O well thin out the heard

Idiots on bikes It’s a peaceful protest so all good right? By the lefts rules peaceful protests are fine. Thin the herd 🤪 This isn't gonna end well. silver lining: less votes for trump. I always thought bikers were cool... and a lot are, but these morons? No vaccine for stupidity. Just Wow ' In the wars against coronavirus and the climate crisis, we have met the enemy and the enemy is us.' covid19

About to be plenty of motorcycles for sale. A bunch of middle-aged or older, and Republican in a pandemic that’s hits older folks worse....🤔 for me! where are the police and state troopers?. The event ought to have been canceled. This is a protest so it is ok like Seattle Portland NY DC You know who else is attending? 👇

Tens Try HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS! HomemadeMonster I witnessed this by accident once, as part of a cross country drive! My Lord, more than half a million motorcycles buzzing around 24-7. Couldn’t sleep! Went to Mt Rushmore & got the hell out of town. The noise & pollution were both suffocating. Have fun! Sturgis2020

CetranoSusan This is so stupid! Come on bikers! Use your brain! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 تحيا جمهورية مصر الحرامية الطفل مبيعرفش يكذب ههههههه عبر YouTube I mean... it’s outdoors, right? The same as the protest? Which didn’t cause a spike? I’m sure the majority of residents in cities with protest were jumping to have those?

Sorry to be so blunt be HOORAY tRUMPs biker buddies are all going to catch the TRUMPVIRUS. Good riddance you all deserve it! Bunch of baby bad boys on bikes can't go 1 yr without their party. You all need to quarantine for 2 wks afterwards. Oh that Trump's way to spread it more. If they burn a flag or bible, would it be okay, then?

This is insane. No different than 1000's Rioting/Protesting. So what is your point. At least they are not there to trashing the city. However would love to see the Rioters/Protesters try and confront them. That would be worthy of Pay Per View! Ignorant people !!! the Gov in SD is a Trumper...I am sure she will be there to welcome them

whats wrong with u people, u will only fear when u get the virus, if u don't treasure your own life, treasure your family and friends life when what if u pass the virus to them amd they die afterwards, you will be a killer Just a peaceful protest The residents of SD aren't objecting but the douche bags at in NYC have their panties in a twist over it.

highlandlink markdown 2 weeks from now an d see what the covid numbers look like for SD Well... alcohol DOES kill the covid-19 virus.. right? Sounds like that 'majority' might want to elect a new town council . . . Sounds like CNN continues to seek ways to demonize ANYTHING that could even minutely be considered pro-Trump Sounds like CNN assumes the 'majority' of Portland residents have no objections to anarchy

Sally Yates looks foolish terrifying and it’s obvious Obama Biden administration used its powers to attack a political rivals namely president trump. Just helping cnn out since they are refusing to cover it. Talk about constitutional crisis! Yates is the first of many to come Come paint BLM on one if those streets, lmao

Let freedom ring Shouldn’t be a problem. As long as they maintain 6 feet apart and keep on their motorcycle helmet on. 😆 You’ve taken their money for years and kicked out firefighters and other people so they are yours now boohoo Good luck with that big dummies! This is just pure ignorance...disrespect for all...

Stupid and reckless Let’s just call it a protest and then the left will support it. Plus side: a bunch of lightly used and trailered bikes are going to be available cheap at estate sales soon. dudes that ride motorcycles w/o helmets are ignoring health concerns abt the pandemic ? shocking .. Sturgis has fewer than 8,000 residents, total. So ...

Extremely wrong that people who live there will be subjected to people coming from all different states and more than likely not wearing masks? Where is local Government to shut this down? Are they looking to be the 1 Covid State? these are all Frumps' voters so no rules apply here Where's the Governor of S.D.? Oh yeah she's the one that allowed rally with trump . The rally where he told everyone the schools were teaching our children to hate America. Ummm, if that's true why is he bellaring about opening schools? What a CLOWN, the gov. included.

Your hourly fear mongering by the Communist News Network, aka CNN, CCP propaganda tool for America. Majority of residents? Lies, lies, lies. Thinning of the heard Is DjT going to have a rally !? Why not ! Bollox. WHere is the evidence that a majority disagree. Did you actually poll them? Lol... more fake news!

Good for them. Its ok for looters and riots to gather. Yay! I thought antifa was going to shut this down. 😂 Really stupid people! PedroSi56519532 The Denial Rally? What’s the mean age among participants? 🤔 Thus life will never return to normal Call it a protest and they should be fine. The silent majority is officially PISSED OFF!!! Play stupid games win stupid prizes!!!!

It’s not 10’s of thousands. It’s hundreds of thousands. I been twice. Wonderful riding. 1M ppl and 750,000 motorcycles. It will be smaller this year but it’s going to be a hotspot for a state that’s been great about Covid. It’s how the city of 6,000 makes all of their money. Protesters when deaths were increasing and the media was completely fine with it.

Just call it a protest. There has been massive protests in every major city. You can’t stop people from exercising their 1st Amendment rights. They're protesting so it's ok. How did they get a permit to have this. govkristinoem has full control of that State! She’s doing it fear mongering. This years annual Sturgis gathering, should most certainly be canceled.

Can they just call it a protest so they're immune? Yuck🤮🤮🤮 How diff is it from Portland? You didn't ask Portland protesters to stop? FakeNews media is real.. Call it a riot & there’s no issues. Fake News goes silent Stay home if you don’t want to go. Not hard. Call it a protest in the name of a marxist organization and its all good

I testded positive 2 months ago. My upper respiratory infection 6 months ago was by far worse.

South Dakota To Host Hundreds Of Thousands For Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Starting FridayHundreds of thousands will likely attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota beginning this Friday Not one person there will wear a mask. Let the fuckery begin! Wolololo! Hopefully, they will wear their bandanas as facemasks. But we will know in a week or two. Lunacy

250,000 Bikers To Attend South Dakota's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Despite COVID-19The large event will not face a coronavirus cancellation because 'the city knew that people were coming no matter what,' a spokeswoman said. Aka No Mask convention. Oh boy. Another COVID spike is coming... What could go wrong?

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U.S. teachers protest school reopenings, coronavirus cases down in South, WestTeachers at dozens of school districts protested from their cars on Monday over plans by some U.S. governors to resume in-class instruction during the coronavirus pandemic, while Arizona, Florida, California and Texas saw declines in new cases. most school teachers are pretty fat so they feel at risk teaching in classrooms Yes. They failed us and parents are adapting to ensure their kids aren’t harmed by the callousness of the left and the teacher’s union. We’re homeschooling, creating our own pods, using private schools, while million of underprivileged are disadvantaged. Congrats.

South Africa's Denel ordered to pay outstanding salaries by FridaySouth Africa's Labour Court on Tuesday ordered state defence firm Denel to pay workers outstanding salaries for May, June and July by Friday, Aug. 7, a copy of the court judgment showed.