A ‘Monster’ Star-Forming Region Spied by NASA’s Spitzer


10/26/2021 7:04:00 PM

This Godzilla isn’t flattening any skylines — it’s just a cloud of gas and dust, striking an eerie resemblance to the fictional sea monster. In this image captured by our Spitzer Space Telescope, the colors represent different infrared light wavelengths:



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What You Need to Know about NASA’s SpaceX Crew-3 MissionIt's launch week for our latest Commercial_Crew mission to the Space_Station! Crew3 is set to lift off in the wee hours of Halloween morning (2:21am ET/6:21am UTC, Sun. Oct 31)—learn more about our crew and the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endurance: Launch coverage of Crew3 starts Saturday evening (10pm ET). Tweet us your questions with AskNASA and we might feature them on our live broadcast! Commercial_Crew Space_Station SpaceX Sucessos e boa viagem Commercial_Crew Space_Station SpaceX Ü

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Earthquake, Magnitude 3.5 - CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION - 2021 October 24, 17:15:15 UTCMagnitude: ML 3.5, Region: CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION, Date time: 2021-10-24 17:15:15.4 UTC, Location: 28.59 N ; 17.83 W, Depth: 24 km. Last one week reports seems like they are summing up a big one. That’s so much better. Really like the feed…

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Earthquake, Magnitude 3.6 - CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION - 2021 October 24, 18:33:44 UTCMagnitude: ML 3.6, Region: CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION, Date time: 2021-10-24 18:33:44.0 UTC, Location: 28.56 N ; 17.86 W, Depth: 20 km. This is the 6th felt earthquake in Canary Islands, Spain Region in the last 68 hours

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NASA's Mars rover is back in action after two weeks of silenceThe solar conjunction that cut off communications for NASA/JPL's Perseverance is finally over. Don't put Howard Wolowitz on it!!!!

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