World, Live Updates On The Coronavirus Pandemic

World, Live Updates On The Coronavirus Pandemic

A Mississippi high school student tests positive for Covid-19 after returning to school

A Mississippi high school student has tested positive for coronavirus during the first week of classes, according to the Corinth School District

8/1/2020 6:49:00 PM

A Mississippi high school student has tested positive for coronavirus during the first week of classes, according to the Corinth School District

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

England may need to choose between pubs or schools, health expert saysFrom CNN’s Arnaud Siad in LondonThe United Kingdom may need to choose between keeping pubs open or allowing schools to reopen it if it wants to keep coronavirus infection rates down, a key member of the group advising the government on Covid-19 response told British media.

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“Closing some of the other networks, some of the other activities may well be required to enable us to open schools. It might come down to a question of which do you trade off against each other and then that’s a matter of prioritizing. Do we think pubs are more important than schools?” Professor Graham Medley, who chairs the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) sub-group on pandemic modeling, told BBC radio Saturday.

Medley's comments were made a day after crowds were seen in bars and pubs in parts of northern England despite a spike in cases the reintroduction of some government restrictions in several areas.Pubs were allowed to reopen across the UK on July 4.

“I think we’re in a situation whereby most people think that opening schools is a priority for the health and wellbeing of children,” Medley said.On Friday:Prime Minister Boris Johnson said England would “squeeze the brake pedal” on the next phase of re-opening in a bid to slow down the rising rates of coronavirus infection.

New restrictions were announced for northern England late Thursday in an effort "to stop the spread of Covid-19." Across the country, certain venues that were schedule to reopen Saturday – including , casinos, bowling allies, skating rinks and “the remaining close contact services – will remain shuttered until at least Aug. 15.

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St. Pete couple raises $20,000 to buy masks for their community

The Florida couple continues to do more by involving their community in fundraising efforts for more masks.

Finally How can anyone have a good feeling about kids returning to school, when there are reports of Covid 19 positive cases. Does not make sense to open schools unless numbers are lower and protection protocols in place. This is not news for God’s sake. Young kids don’t get it not driving age kids. teachers and school staff. Bus drivers . Cross walking guards. This is a learning curve for all of us. So learn where we stand and then come up with a plan . No one can count on this administration, all there thinking about is getting re-elected. No matter at what cost.

Including our children. I think before they open schools 1. Start testing our children. Get a handle on what is going on with them. 2. Think about providing a solution to child care . Not that anyone is going back to work. Also invest in programs that will help feed our impoverished children. 3. Test Haha

Why are we still listening to Trump!!! Trumps dictator unthinkable coup of the 'CDC'🤔 have killed & still are killing people! The Covid is REAL & we should PROTECT our kids!! NO schools opening! Trump knows how the Trump death flu speads!! Let the student be treated , is not a death sentence One positive how many negative, always MSM pushing the fear mongering, that’s why you’re fake news

Well surprise surprise Is this news? One person. It's not about cases. It's about hospital beds and deaths. That was the original sell. Flatten the curve... You can blame Trump and his MAGA Idiots for this too!! So u want to blame it on the reopening of schools.They could have contacted elsewhere and not the sch.this whole covid 19 issue is looking more like a sponsored virus now ooo and CNN is playing a part just cos they hate one man..Trump

Hold the presses Yes...let's definitely let the knee-jerk reactionists dictate our kids futures. There's nothing better for preparing for adulthood than learning to be frightened of everything. And? How many kids came down with the normal flu? So what OMG1KID....why the hell is this news...? Conveniently again like nytimes did now fake news can also yell and scream “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”!

so sorry for what happened to him Whoooo caaarreeesss. He/she will be just fine Are they sick with symptoms or just test positive? Okay? A virus is measured by it’s morality rate. If you can eat out, go to the grocery stores, attend protests and a funeral, you can attend school and go vote in person. Period.

First week or classes on a weekend end of July beginning of August. Lol COVID-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75% it’s surprising the media fails to ever disclose that. The medical community has done miracles to fight this and no one reports it! Go get it missisipi One kid CNN! They need to be in school! Some kids also had the flu by the way !

🤔 Why would kids have been in school in July? Ah yes, but mail in voting and the Twitter trending tab is the real issue Mr. President. Oh well..right Trump and supporters?! And so it starts.......😞 This is so shocking . Its already happened in several schools in my area. Makes me glad that my kids homeschool.

Fake news 👎🏼 Surprise! Surprise! Bruuh it’s only August 1st and they going to school already? What happened to “summer break”? So what! No-one is going to hospital! Did they get from school or outside. I would bet outside Which would indicate that they contracted it BEFORE school started most likely. According to most info on incubation of virus.

DUH..... it’s fuc*in’ Mississippi It's Mississippi so this makes perfect sense. Took an Advil and finished his homework Just the beginning Only one? Chicago 9yr old shot and killed while going to get a video game controller from friend's house ... student positive for COVID, has a better than 99% chance of living.

Maybe he was already infected. 🙄 Oh dear! Shut down the world! Entire state under house arrest! Burn schools! Wear goggles! Disinfect the Golf! What did I miss? Tested positive is essentially meaningless I’m shocked. They’re literally endangering the wellbeing of ppl and families with this bullshit nate57allen Just the beginning😔😥

gee I wounder why........ *Sad banjo noises* So he got a cold⁉️ Crazy school administration, district authorities, parents and the state governor. How stupid to even think about it. realDonaldTrump sorry but that is truly impossible. Our wonderful Commander in Chief, President Donald J Trump, says our kids are as safe as ever. And with this coming from our President, I am going to stick with him like glue. Excuse me, I must now go throw up.

Oh I just realized I was replying to fake news CNN. The worst news station out there. Sure sure. It’s just bullshit trying 2 keep kids out of school. Trying to start a trend so they can say it’s not safe to go to school. It’s all a scam! Let’s not forget that the COVID was here for over 2 months B4 we heard the word. NOTHING HAPPENED! Hospitals were not overwhel

But, but trump said kids are immune . come on,parents whete do your loyalties lie, with your kids or this IDIOT in,the White House And where did this student get it from? And how long is the incubation period and length before death? No one seems to know And so it begins! It's just the Flu they say...Dispicable unresponsible adults. Protect the Children America. Common sense is easy with fire and get's so F'ing simple.

How many tested positive for the flu? Are we testing for that? Kills a lot of kids every year. Covid kills almost no kids. In two weeks I wonder how many more are infected bc of this one student Wow - imagine that!!!! Our infection rates keep climbing & their insisting on our kids to go back under the false pretense that their safe. They ignore that 40yo on down are the majority in ICU. We continue this trend our whole country will be like...

Smh! So the kid that gets beat by parents every day and kid who has a family member that molest them and maybe the kid that is extroverted and forced to stay home everyday will kill themselves...just so you can claim is was a covid death it will be but not in the way you think With all the money and precautions taken by MLB . Guess what? uh huh covid 19 makes it to first base. And the white house claims its safe for schools to open.

Wow. That was quick. This is not news Run for the hills everyone’s gonna die. Everyone saw this coming. Well, not everyone. Heres looking at you GOP and COVIDIOTS Of course... OMG!!! One student in the whole district! CNN, you are pitiful. Opening schools at this moment Is very misstep!! Here we go!!! Stay safe...

How many kids past the cold and flu this week? How many have to get sick or God forbid die for trump to get them back in school Barron I bet has never been to public school Trump wants to delay presidential elections. But he wants to restart schools ASAP. Does not make sense. What a surprise !!!! 'A' one? uno. Breaking News

It ain’t going away. It’s the new normal. We have to get back to school and activities. Some will get sick. Like the flu or strep. And 99% will get over it. It’s a joke TRUMP IS A WASTE OF A LIFE... HE NEEDS TO PUT HIS KID IN PUBLIC SCHOOL FIRST... ITS MESSED UP And yet those 'peaceful protesters' have been at it for 60 days with no illness/deaths. It is a first in science!! A virus that is also a liberal!! A virus that knows what a church is! A virus that knows to avoid angry people!! It's AMAZING!!

Ok and? That took about as long as expected. NotMyChild So we coward in our homes till there's a vaccine? Are you stupid There are worse viruses than this. STOP BEING AFRAID. All we know is what the media feeds us, and what the 'PAID' experts tell us. There is evidence to the contrary. WAKE UP! One in the entire usa? That sounds very good.

I know it’s bad they have it but at the same time more should get it to show how stupid it is to open the schools at this point No really When I was a kid school never started until after Labor Day. Just delay opening a month and extend it next year when the virus is hopefully under control or gone. What’s so difficult about that. 😷

Idiots Expect more of this... 🙄 In the entire USA there has only been 1.3% of the population that has contracted the virus. Think about that figure the way you logically should. It sheds a whole new light on the narrative. Oh. Is there still a pandemic? Just guessing there will be more, but the world won’t end!!

Holy shit!!!!! Way to be all over it, CNN. Winter That’s very sad indeed! Why is this news? It fits their narrative. My suprised face... We all seen this happening like Ms. Cleo CottonConniee Surprising Right? In the good OL days; 60’s & 70’s; School didn’t start till after Labor Day. I don’t see the advantage. Show me cause I don’t see it.

What is wrong with you people in the 🇺🇸 ur killing each other. Have respect and wear mask 😷 Social Distancing, Wash hands,Common Sense! Canada 🇨🇦 is Crushing COVID-19 we agree with Science and Respect each other & our Health Care for all 🇨🇦 I am tired of Covid news And that student will be fine.

Damn! Welcome Back Mr Kotter! The first of many unfortunately. BIT-CH ARE YOU FOR REAL? Looks like America is on a suicide mission 👀 Well no shit. Didnt see this coming. Wow So glad I teach abroad where we haven’t had any cases in over 65 days. Ironically, everyone doing their part to control the virus (wearing a mask, self quarantining), is now allowing me way more freedom than if I lived in the US

Thoughts and prayers Opening of schools at the moment is totally senseless. “A” student wow!! He would not tested positive if had school or not he was in school I wonder how old this person is. My guess, old, otherwise, their age would have been revealed for higher impact. Reeves need close schools for a while longer. They playing Russian roulette with our kids when tell them they got to go to school .

Trump: get kids back to school! They’ll be safe and fine! Also Trump: we need to postpone the election, too many lives are at risk! How early do they start school there? Geez. One. Only one. And he’s not gravely I’ll. So flu is worse. PattyArquette That was quick. This is exactly why schools should not open back up now!!!😡😡😡

NBA bubble of mandate of mask, social distancing, temperature, rapid testing daily, tracing & isolation seems to be working. 🤔 There are over 100k schools in this country. Are you really going to post “breaking news” every time a single case is diagnosed in one of them? So gee. poz cases already in the public schools. THERE'S a real surprise... realDonaldTrump

OMG, we need stop all education immediately And How come when I go for shopping or go to supermarket everything looks so normal but when I watch MSM including CNN it looks nobody is going to survive with China Virus. All are going to die. If it’s 1st week&he’s first2test positive,we can guess he didn’t get it there! However,he may have given it2others?Just sayin!But I’m sure all you brilliant journalists will be tripping over each other2investigate&due ur due diligence2see where it might have ordinated from?NAY!

This is not 'breaking news'. If it is the first week of school then he did not get it there. How is this breaking news? PattyArquette An the 'NO SHIT!' award for least surprising headline goes to CNN TrumpVirus PattyArquette And so it begins... Are we really surprised? YOUR children, not theirs! School will open and i really want to recommend alex__joe to anyone who have interest in forex and crypto trading or growing your Btc he’s the right person for all that, I’ve made several withdrawals trading on their platform, I’m doing this because of his legitimacy.

And we it begins...all over again... Well that went as well as we thought it was going to 🙄 I fear this will happen everywhere! I hope it doesn't! I just don't see how you can 'social distance' young, energetic/ hyper students. They will not keep those mask on all day either! Breaking news. Someone among thousands and thousands of people got sick.

And the rest of the story: she/he lives to tell the story. Next up - preschooler gets chicken pox and Mayor faints from fear of an outbreak. You have got to be out of ya mind to send your kids back to school So, the people this student was in contact with have to quarantine for 14 days and do their work online. Who is considered as being “in contact” with the student? Anyone know what the school set up looks like right now?

The whole school? So, things are going well. 🙄 So.. It should be normal in the US. Big surprise AshleyABonds eastmemphisslim NATIONAL NEWS BITCHES! 🤷‍♂️ When the Joker Rules (2008-2019) Gangsta's Paradise The CDC death rate for those infected with the COVID-19 is .026% making half as the common flu of .06%. Most of the world is being held hostage by Coronavirus that is half as dangerous as the common flu.

So...big deal. 1 😲 So. Unnecessary. draiochta14 If only it could have been prevented 🤔 If you love your kid and you live In The states , keep your kid at home 🏡.. it’s dangerous out there ... Of course this is going to happen, kids have been locked up for months. Normally when school starts is when they start getting sick again, that’s just common knowledge.

Indiana student tests positive for Covid-19 on first day of schoolAs an Indiana school district welcomed students to the 2020-21 academic year, one of their students tested positive for Covid-19 on the first day of class, according to a letter sent to parents. I never heard of a school starting this early What? But the president said kids won’t get covid! Does that mean he lied?

FDA opens door to rapid, at-home testing for COVID-19The FDA has opened the door to COVID-19 testing that could be fast, cheap, and done at home. Experts say these tests could transform daily life. Really? There are so many cases where false positives happen. In fact, my nurse friend said their group sent in un-swabbed tips and they came back positive. HOAXCovid Hello,Sir My name is md.sabuj, I am Expert in SEO Professional and Digital marketing. I've been using Facebook, Instagram & Online Marketing ads to generate business Provide for clients. just click here: Wouldn't make sense with all of the false positives, and most importantly US Hospitals Getting Paid More to Label Cause of Death as ‘Coronavirus’.

A Florida Man Reportedly Used Covid-19 Small Business Loans to Buy $318,497 Lamborghini, Luxury GoodsIt is increasingly rare for the U.S. to come together over a common enemy (like, a global pandemic couldn’t even do that), but allow me to offer up David Tyler Hines. The 29-year-old Florida man applied for $13.5 million in taxpayer funds from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)—which sought to help small businesses keep employees on their payroll during coronavirus closures—and was approved for nearly $4 million in three forgivable, low-interest PPP loans despite the fact that he either did not actually have any employees to retain or paid them pennies compared to what he filed for, BuzzFeed reports. Not only that, but he has been charged with bank fraud after allegedly using the money on luxury goods for himself. Gotta love a huckster who uses covid-19 as an opportunity to go shopping!\n

Former GOP Candidate Herman Cain Dies of COVID-19Businessman Herman Cain, a former Republican candidate for president and CEO of Godfather's Pizza, died 4 weeks after being hospitalized with COVID-19. If I only wore a mask.... sing it. The death of Herman Cain is on you Trump! So many people didn’t have to die... this is how you will be remembered.

Diamond giant De Beers likely to cut jobs after COVID-19 hitDiamond mining giant De Beers is likely to have to cut jobs, its chief executive said on Thursday, as it outlined plans for an overhaul of its business after the coronavirus hit jewellery demand. Slave labour at DeBeers drying up, I guess. Who's next? Ya... feeling no sympathy for the diamond GIANT!! diamond encrusted facemask by jph 2020

Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19: Scientists say it's time to stop promoting the drugScientists say that hydroxychloroquine should no longer be touted as a COVID-19 treatment: 'It does not work for treatment or for prevention. I have no idea why there is still talk about it, but it’s wrong.” Could you promote this drug any harder? Liar we are not stupid MSM exposeGates exposefaucci obviously paid for this study. So many studies and MDs throughout the globe suppose the use is HCQ