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Louisiana, Coastal Erosion

A Mini-Mississippi River May Help Save Louisiana’s Vanishing Coast

A $1.4 billion project to protect the Louisiana coast from subsidence and climate change is being tested in a warehouse-size lab in Massachusetts.


To understand and help save Louisiana ’s vanishing coast, engineers recreated part of the Mississippi River . At 1/65th the size of the actual river. In Massachusetts.

A $1.4 billion project to protect the Louisiana coast from subsidence and climate change is being tested in a warehouse-size lab in Massachusetts.

The gates on the diversion channel allow operators to limit or stop the fresh water flowing out of the Mississippi.Building diversions means opening up those levees, “a complete about-face of how we’re using the resources of the lower Mississippi River,” he said. Putting in diversions is an acknowledgment, then, that “we can no longer accomplish things by damming things off with flood protection.”

The scale model, about 200 feet long and 70 feet wide, had to account for the differences between the weight of actual sand at the speed the real river flows, and the much slower rate of flow in the model.As the 200,000 gallons of recirculating water flow through the model, the researchers experience the unexpected in real time.

There is a second model of the chute itself, with tiny pebbles scaled to match the corresponding size of the heavy stone, known as riprap, that will line the actual channel. And, after the tests on this Mid-Barataria model are completed, the model will be broken down and a new one representing the second diversion will be built.

is still under consideration by state agencies, and the work to determine whether the project would hinder the diversion is being performed on computational models, Mr. Barth said.Inaction is not an option, he said. “The sea is going to win the fight.”

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

. Let them eat cake I love this small but mighty company! Why not use the models at ERDC in Vicksburg? Ok, so 64 more of those and we should be good to go. commoncoremathandscience 1.4 billion... people have money for this... but wont help others.. WOW. Wait until NYC’S COAST(beaches) start to disappear...!

Let's hope the President of the United States of America Donald Trump re-election campaign bankrupts the Great place to dump bodies...'Puncture the lungs else the cops will come!!'

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Russian politicians condemn 'sick' Pentagon officials after nuclear 'mini-exercise'Last week, the Pentagon ran a simulation of a 'limited' nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia. . . Yes, Wars And Missile Strikes, SUUK!! - So, We Have To Be Ready. . . Wow!

20 Times Saint West Was an Adorable Little Mini-KanyeAll the times Saint West looked just like his dad.

Mike Fiers Has His Reputation On The Line For Oakland A’s This SeasonDepending on who one listens to, Fiers is either the hero or the villain of the still swirling bomb cyclone surrounding his former team, the Houston Astros, regarding their electronic sign stealing during the 2017 World Series-winning season. He is integrity personified. If it wasn’t for him, MLB would have swept the Astros under the rug. I appreciate his candor.

How regenerative agriculture could help save the planet - CNN VideoA quiet revolution is reshaping the agricultural world, with farmers like Danie Slabbert saying that if we want to save the planet, it's not so much about what we eat, but how we farm. CNN's David McKenzie reports. How productive, and how much labor and material investment relative to newer methods? Didn’t MikeBloomberg call these people low intelligence? So which is it CNN? Your leftist hypocrisy is mind numbing sometimes.

Yale researchers say this new method could be the key to reducing anxiety - Business Insider40 million Americans struggle with anxiety, but the usual therapy and medication doesn't always work for everyone. This method may help.

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Coronavirus updates: More cases in New York than any single country

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Pence's office blocks public health officials from appearing on CNN

Utah governor orders all adults entering the state to disclose their travel plans

‘It Was, For, Uh, Medical Reasons,’ Says Doctor To Boris Johnson, Explaining Why They Had To Give Him Haircut

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