A majority don't want Trump to run in 2024, polling shows

58% of voters don't want former President Trump to run again in 2024, according to new polling from Quinnipiac.

10/20/2021 3:43:00 PM

58% of voters don't want former President Trump to run again in 2024, according to new polling from Quinnipiac.

58 percent of voters do not want former President Trump to run again in 2024, but 78 percent of Republicans think Trump should run again in 2024, according to new Quinnipiac polling.

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cyferPtVila Dems won't vote for him. And he's likely to get fewer votes if he is to run. But people are just sick of him, they'd rather suffer through different GOP criminal. He won’t run. He will pocket all the money he raises. There is a never ending supply of supporters that just want trump to steal their money. That’s what grifters do.

No, anyone still supporting Trump is either incredibly gullible & uninformed or corrupt themselves. Only 58%?!! If indiated by New York, can he run for president again? Once again they did not ask me We are fed up with the hate and division he has brought to our country! I want him locked up for life!!! Dude will def run.

No shit. If we weren’t such a stupid country, it would be 100%.

GOP senator thinks Donald Trump will not even win nomination for president in 2024Sen. Bill Cassidy was one of seven Republican senators who voted to convict Donald Trump during his second impeachment. But who will follow in trumps tiny footsteps - RAFAEL or maybe ERNST or REYNOLDS from iowa or maybe DEATHSANTIS!! Republican voters SHOULD listen to trump and NOT VOTE!! Hahahahahalosers...

He should fade away fade away and fade away FAST If I never hear or see Trump again in life, would make me very happy. Frightening that 42% would be just fine with the return of the monster. More than 4 out of 10!!! I know i don’t want him to run or talk or have anything to do with this country again! Strong economy, lowest unemployment, securing borders, low taxes and inflation, peace w adversaries by strength & in MidEast, ISIS defeated, energy sufficient,defends unborn, Operation Warp Speed. Should be close to 100% who want him to run, but most peoples brains are warped.

MAGA math says 117% want him to run again. But nearly all republicans do. Which is terrifying. Time to move on. Trumpnwas no good for out country. He created a lot of civil unrest We don’t want him in the country it’s that simple something horribly wrong with you gop

Why one red-state Senate Republican won't back Trump in 2024.MaddowBlog: Why won't Sen. Bill Cassidy support Donald Trump in 2024? Because the senator sees the former president as an electoral loser. MaddowBlog He won't support him because he knows that Trump is going to jail not because of his morals MaddowBlog Do you really think trump or any other republican cares come time for his re election he will find out when he loses MaddowBlog He can keep his losing record to go along with his impeachments.

He doesn't need to run lol Like please don't So he's going to run again. And probably 'win' since the Dems failed to pass any kind of voter protection bill. Wouldn’t it be great if common sense was more “common place” Only 58%, what has happened to the decency in America? Correction: 58% of people that take polls (those are not regular people).

Huh? An old dying man replacing another dying man. Time to cut off age for president. 60 max. ‘F*** Joe Biden’ Chant Drowns Out MLB Playoff Postgame Show That 78% of the GQP want him to run is mind boggling. The guy should be run right into prison for the blood that is on his hands. Just 58%.. I guess the rest are anti-American.

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he is too old enough. He won't run. In the next 2 years, his star will cease to shine. Hopefully he will be tried, convicted, and jailed for his crimes against the government and American people. Lies! Percentage is too small. Red states should band together and step. Blue states are non sustainable , despite all of their own demands on consumer goods to be. Blue can’t survive on their own. Red can. Bye.

Independent & no !!! A damned useless poll. Trump the best

As Donald Trump's 2024 chances increase, Mitch McConnell sounds the alarmPolls have consistently shown that Republican voters favor Trump for the party's 2024 presidential nomination. If you believe in 100% vaccination, why aren't you upset about groups like Unions getting passes from Dems like CAgovernor GavinNewsom & his cronies? Must not be that serious. CaliforniaLove WeveGotACountryToSave Crypto dogecoin ETH face2face COVID19 EndSARS Yeah but trump's polling overall is still just as abysmal as before the 2020 election. Miss that guy🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Sorry, this is just stupid…… Biden has done so much better right? Biden doesn’t give a $hit about you or your children. NO NO NO NO NO NO That’s 35% plus too many who do to feel safe in the USA Gee, I wonder why? 🤮 42% didn't understand the question. Seems like it should be agreed upon that a twice impeached president being investigated for tax fraud and possible money laundering, sued for a fake college and making money off the presidency shouldn't be allowed to ever hold office again.

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GOP Senator Dunks on Trump for Being a Loser, Says He Won't Vote for Him in 2024“Elections are about winning,” Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy told Mike Allen of Axios

he attacked the United States as President. Where do you think he belongs? MinnesotaMaryS The 4 percent of Democrats are not Democrats… Voters or Republicans? Republicans because they don't think he can win or voters who are scared to death thinking he can actually get back in the White House? I know I know we all probably must have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a man who recommended me to Randy_Jones32 on Twitter he guides me through and i made a return of $10500 after a week of trading, connect with him

Since voting rights have been tampered with in many states, the minority opinion could very well drown out the majority. mong820 tim duoc nguoi co the tam su chia se vui buon trong cuoc song , lien lac voi minh qua yh : huymeyessound , mong nhan duoc thu cua tat ca cac ban , hoac pm de chao doi sdt Are you guys still pushing polls that are a bunch of useless manipulated numbers.

Round it up to 60 percent but apparently the senate is the more important election. Don't run Trump oh no he's going to trip yeah he did. Man you don't need to run. We had enough 🤨👎

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Hell NO! Ok now do Biden 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you really sure about that? HELL NO. And 100% don’t want Biden/Harris either. Sure hope we can find someone that can actually work to unify this country and listen to all Americans. HELL NO! I am part of the Dem 4% even though I am an Independent. Trump is toxic to everything and everyone. If he runs, then Dems should be able to pick up many seats in the House and Senate, and easily retain the presidency. So Bozo, please run.

Add me to the count. No more madness, please! I’d like to see him run… as far away as possible. Granted it would be more of a waddle but whatevs, he just needs to GO No comments

Really? Only 58%. Lots of nutters in the other 42%. The 14th Amendment Section 3 says he *can’t* run for anything again. Many in Congress are disqualified too. “Shall have engaged in insurrection…” is pretty clear. thrushkurds Oh, you mean the guy who lost the Whitehouse, the congress and the senate for the (R)'s in 4 years, setting a new record for failure and losing? Yeah, no shit. What I can't work out is why so many (R)'s actually want him to run.

The numbers make no sense if repubs are 30% of the voting populace that means independents and dems represent the other 70% or so... that means only 28% would want him to run and 70% say no way. And who are these 4% of dems who would vote for him? Lolll are they awake?