'A major victory for our country': Sen. Klobuchar breaks down 'Freedom to Vote Act'

'When you take away weekend voting, what do you think that's about,' Sen. Klobuchar says. 'You cannot have these states basically deciding who their voters are.'

9/20/2021 11:31:00 PM

'When you take away weekend voting, what do you think that's about,' Sen. Klobuchar says. 'You cannot have these states basically deciding who their voters are.'

Sen. Klobuchar joins The Sunday Show after Senate Democrats unveiled the “Freedom to Vote Act,” which focuses on expanding voter access, boosting election integrity and encouraging civil participation. She breaks down the revisions of the bill, and comments on Sen. Susan Collins’ early opposition to early voting provision.

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Voting, should be done the same way that has been done for decades, why change? It’s an American Tradition. If you are in the military or are sick (request a ballot) otherwise there is ONLY ONE DAY FOR VOTING. Bring your ID, I do think it should be a government Pay Holiday…… amyklobuchar This doesn't matter unless you get rid of the filibuster so stop the praise and do what needs to be done to GET IT DONE! We're not buying it.

Yeah well the entire qblican party disagrees, so if you don't depose them they'll be choosing their voters until you have no power anymore. That’s what they did during the Presidency of Rutherford B Hayes all through modern times. Then we have voter district gerrymandering which does the same.

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