A Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Hits Idaho - Cnn

A Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Hits Idaho - Cnn

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits Idaho

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4/1/2020 5:33:00 AM

An earthquake struck northeast of Boise, Idaho, on Tuesday night, according to the United States Geological Survey

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FACT CHECKERS: Can locals verify the epicenter distances of recent earthquakes (4.5+) nearby your DUMBs? Deep Underground Military Bases listed by State Not a good news, The earthquake in Boise Idaho this is Doctor Augustine again commenting there could be a connection between Yellowstone on the volcanic cauldron and the Boise Idaho earthquake I know it's hundreds of miles away but that's nothing compared to how big that volcano is

CNN is reporting that a source close to the White House claims ths Idaho earthquake was caused by President Trump. CNN refuses to give up their source and say its from a credible source. Your trash CNN My window blinds were swaying...about 500 miles away from the epicenter. Oh my God!!! Praying for safety

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We are all targeted Yup, Trump was right-- no such thing as climate change sarcasm sarcastic Want to pass this info along to help those effected by Corona virus This is the town that people need to reach out do you God. Salvation is through his Son. Wake up America! Well there ya go, another 6.5% increase in land values. Its ground shaking the way values increase.

So many earthquake What's next? Locusts? East coast predicted to have enormous Chinese Lantern Flies invade this summer. Don't tell Trump they're named Chinese or he'll do same blame game. Just wait until the grid goes down, you haven't seen anything yet. I hope earth's using a condom God has abandoned human.

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I wonder if this was created in order to keep us in fear🤔 in a area like this with pretty much none activity, casualties would be really low it would be a good time to practice Tectonics. In the early hours of today in *Wuhan* a scientist by the name *Dr.Chiu Sangimo* along with his associates made a breakthrough on the Cure for the Corona Virus, after being verified by *WHO* , it is said that efforts are already being made to propagate the Vaccine

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Fear mongering. God is paying you back for all your bad deeds , killing people destroyed entire country killing innocent people. America destroyed 25 millions Iraqiens god will destroy 50 millions Americans. The world is telling us to prepare for Jesus Christ's second coming... Frak Holy Crap what's next, alien invasion from Alpha Centari ?!?

Felt it herethepointIdaho Sports are not politics, US UK were arrogant pride now they are nation of virus so degrading disgusting disgraceful . virus destroyed your arrogant ness, let them fear Allah. Moral relativism, religion of ecology, and isms, victimhood, breakdown of family finally a great chastisement? I believe you’ll spin this too as Trumps fault

Federal and States government are urging people to stay home, don't go to work. How about also government mandate all mortgages and banks to freeze mortgages and credit cards for as long the stay home ordinance last (meaning the people not need to make payments). Mother earth doing a cleansing of the planet

Felt it in my house in nampa Idaho. Everything was shaking like crazy. My 20 gallon fish talk almost fell off of the shelf. I had to stand against the wall. Living in Idaho we don't have earthquakes. I've never had to experience one until now Fake news. how do you know it's 6.5 in magnitude? Where is the chain of custody for this hot take on earthquakes.

South Korea depends on exports and trade in 2018 at 70.4%. Although Coronavirus was affected this year, it decreased by 0.2% compared to March of last year. This is an amazing economic indicator. In other words, South Korea did not have a major impact on the coronavirus. · Heck yeah, bring on one more disaster. Shaking in Nampa, Idaho. Very alarming. IdahoQuake

Really, Mother Nature? Now is NOT the time! Whoever started a game a jumanji, please finish the game. Hello Boise... no need to come to California now.... Enjoy the general constant roll and rummmmbles... ? Is it a truck, bus or train OR 'The BIG One 'building in you neighborhood... I have lived in Idaho 33 years, 1st time I felt a earthquake.

Can't help but think if all the potatoes got mashed....😬 WOW!!!! It was felt in Eastern Washington Hysterics on here will blame Trump for this. Yep they are that crazy Earthquakes in Idaho It was felt in some parts of eastern WA. Thought d kids were stumping all around the house. ....report when it gets closer to Yellowstone...☹😎🤨😌

March madness still on going...guess it is not going out silently. That's how the Crinkle Cut French Fry was invented. All we need now is the Yellowstone Caldera to blow and we would have a perfect 2020. maybe its china boring a highway through Nature is really ticked off at humanity. Because of our collective greed and selfishness we are going to pay the price.

Ok. The earth shook. About all it did was give us a very short break from dealing with the coronavirus problem. Two candlesticks fell off a table and everything swayed pretty good Mayans : messed up It is 2020 Sorry 😦 Huracanes y terremotos 2020 está enojao So far in 2020: WW3 with Iran, floods, wildfires, tornados, volcano erupts, a pandemic, locusts, a recession and now earth quakes in the west coast.

Natures plan is pretty simple. Force all these Humans Inside then Bury them. Nature had enough of us Humans. We should adopt lockdown 1 month every year for sustainable existence with Earth. 2020 needs to seriously chill out. Have you figured out how to blame President Trump for it yet? 'preliminary'. When's the final?

IS THIS FAKE NEWS THIS PAPER IS DATED JAN 20, 2020 NO ONE HAS SAID A WORD Which is only 200 miles from an active super volcano ApolloOnze Bicho tá solto. Fue terrible, que susto. Sentia que me desmayaba. Locust, earthquake, plaque. If you don't think these are signs of end times, well I don't know what to tell you. God is real, and I don't think He likes our decisions lately. 👀

Y'all about to get wiped out whoever lives close to west coast of US. Something is big coming up Hoping all in the area are safe.. Ok now we have Earthquake,s.. Fire,s Floods Pestilence I'm not a big God believer. Run,s for the Bible and drinking some holy water 😟😷 Not now earf When can we expect Don Lemon to announce Trump caused this?

Really getting tired of your God 'working in strange and mysterious ways' 🤔😷😠 *o* We need masks and mass testing. The quake was felt by many as evidenced on social media. The temblor was centered 73 miles northeast of Meridian, a city on the outskirts of Boise , according to US Geological Survey. Definitely felt it in Boise.

I wonder how much fracking activity is in the area? 6.5 earthquake strikes Idaho , the largest in the state since 1983. Is there anybody there at the Communist News Network paying attention to what's going on 🤦‍♂️ TassajaraRd Basta! That's near Yellowstone. Yellowstone is Caldera. 😓 Another one!!! What's up with that?

Interesting. Mother nature is reacting to the abuse she takes from humans ! What the Frack? TheRealNenye 2020 really not slowing down

March 30 coronavirus news - CNNCan someone give don lemon smelling salts, he looks like he’s going to fall asleep LOL cant remember the acronym so says 'people would not understand' 🤣😂 and democrats say conservatives are dumb... these are your experts you put on to prove your points. Too funny.

Coronavirus news and live updates: Cases top 787,000 globally - CNNThe novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact countries worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US. Follow here for live updates and latest news. Why is NYC not doing this? Looks good Micha_Alvez JustinTrudeau fordnation ?!!!!

Idaho Governor Signs 2 Anti-Transgender Bills Into LawThe legislation approved by Gov. Brad Little ban trans people from correcting their birth certificates and stops trans girls from competing in gender-aligned sports teams.

Idaho Passed A Bill That Threatens The Future Of Trans Women In SportsWith the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act signed into action, the privacy of transgender people’s lives will be severely disrupted. Here's how: What about “fairness” for biological women? Are they suppose to suffer in silence due to the “unfairness” in competing with “biological males,” And hormone suppressive therapy doesn’t WORK!! And you ALL know that!

Idaho governor signs two anti-transgender bills into lawIdaho Gov. Brad Little signed two anti-transgender bills into law Monday -- one banning transgender girls from playing on girls' and women's sports teams, and another prohibiting transgender people from changing their gender on Idaho birth certificates. Biological males would have an unfair advantage in many sports. Fake News Logic wins!

Idaho Gov. Signs Bill Barring Male Athletes from Women’s SportsIdaho governor Brad Little on Tuesday signed into law a bill preventing male athletes who identify as women from competing in state-funded female sports, as well as a bill prohibiting residents from changing their sex on their birth certificate.The sports bill was sponsored by State Representative Barbara These are your priorities right now you Republican rats? TrumpLiesAmericansDie Thank God Idaho has its priorities straight Always focusing on what's important.🙄