A Letter to Teens About the Science of Popularity

...and the best ways to use social media


What happens to the coolest kids in high school? In adulthood, they're often at greater risk for loneliness, addiction, and relationship difficulties.

...and the best ways to use social media

Read more: Psychology Today

Very interesting and helpful. 😂😂😂 GOOD That is probably true. The 'coolest' kids in high school and college don't usually fare so well in the 'adult' world

Who Is Mike Gravel?At 88 years old, Mike Gravel is running for president for a second time with the help of memes, two teenage boys from Westchester, and some of the most leftist politics out of any 2020 democratic hopeful. Huge fundraising day today. Get yer Gravel on:

Tweens And Teens Should Have A ‘Go-To’ Adult Other Than Their ParentsShow up for all kids, not just your own.

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Marc Du Pontavice’s Xilam Expands Scope With Shows and Films Targeting Adults & TeensMarc Du Pontavice, whose Paris-based company Xilam won Cannes Critics’ Week top prize with the animated feature “I lost My Body,” is set to expand the scope of his thriving listed… I love this album, but am not sure I'd call it 'a'

Can You Name A US State For Every Letter Of The Alphabet?This Is One Of The Hardest US State Quizzes You'll Ever Take No you can’t. No state begins with X No one can eg x,y or z. If you know the song “Fifty Nifty United States” this quiz will be a piece of cake!

Pro Runner Gabriele Grunewald’s Husband Shares Emotional Goodbye Letter to His WifeAs she spends her final days in comfort care, he had one last message “before she heads up to heaven.”

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