A Judge Ordered The Postal Service To Take “Extraordinary Measures” With Election Mail

A Judge Ordered The Post Office Take “Extraordinary Measures” With Election Mail

10/31/2020 1:56:00 AM

A Judge Ordered The Post Office Take “Extraordinary Measures” With Election Mail

The decision comes as USPS is struggling to maintain on-time mail delivery and courts are making last-minute decisions about whether ballots that arrive after Nov. 3 will be counted.

.The USPS warned most states this summer that ballots should be mailed no later than one week before Election Day, which is now just four days away; election analysts say that it is nowtoo late to vote by mailin most places. They recommend that people who hold a mail-in ballot either use a ballot drop box, deliver it to a polling place, or vote provisionally in person.

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At Friday’s hearing, Seaver wouldn’t say for sure whether she agrees with that assessment, but she did say getting ballots delivered on time was the agency’s main priority.“Someone asked a question, ‘What are you nervous about?’ And we stared at them and said, ‘We’re nervous about everything! We want to do everything right. We want every ballot put in possession of the Postal Service to be properly handled and delivered on time,’” Seaver said. “You’re in the game. You have to play the game and run the plays. You have to have faith in the team, that they’re going to give it everything they have.”

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they must be working so hard. we should commend them. this must be very difficult

Judge orders U.S. Postal Service to boost service amid concerns that late mail ballots won't be countedStrict ballot deadlines and the unreliable performance of the Postal Service could disenfranchise thousands of voters But I thought the Dems said mail in ballots were a great thing? This is why, if you can, vote in person. That’s all fine on paper but what exactly will be done to ENFORCE this ruling? 95% only bad news(

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Florida judge resigns from vote-counting board after donations to Trump campaign uncovered🗳 A Florida judge has resigned from Duval County’s vote-counting board after findings that he donated repeatedly to President Trump’s re-election campaign and other Republican efforts were uncovered. Election2020 Wow that was fast! Obviously guilty!! Good [Imagine a very flat, Ben Stein-esque tone of voice when you read the below sentence] What a surprise.

Florida judge resigns from vote-counting board after donations to Trump campaign uncoveredThe Florida judge who led Duval County’s vote-counting board has donated repeatedly to President Trump’s re-election campaign. Trump guys can't desist from criminality. I see no reason he shouldn't be prosecuted. Thankfully he was caught. If the GOP had any self awareness at all it would see the cheating is turning off the good people. Sounds like a violation of the first amendment