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A Journey Through TXT's Magical World of Music Videos and Visuals

From “Crown” to “Eternally.”

7/7/2020 9:05:00 PM

HISTORY 🎶✨ TXT_members TXTxTeenVogue

From “Crown” to “Eternally.”

returns in “Nap of A Star,” though thestrongest influencein this unique mini film feels like it comes from French director and illusionist Georges Meliès and his work in creating special effects in cinema in the 19th century. “Nap Of A Star” is longer and more complex than the other two videos, and the story it tells has more breadth and depth – it’s the same story of the boy with antlers told in the “Crown” VCR, but “Nap of A Star” goes deeper. The boys meet under a star before antlers start sprouting on Yeonjun’s head. They are then separated, each dealing with the appearance of their own specific flaws – oversized ears for Soobin, spikes on Beomgyu’s shoulders, a completely black eye for Taehyun and wings for Huening Kai. The boys do find each other again under “their” star but not before the looming and threatening shadow of a cat with mismatched eyes appears, introducing us to what looks like the real villain of the +U.

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The Dream Chapter: Magic“9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” Music VideoAdvertisement“Run Away,” clearly draws its inspiration from theHarry Pottersaga, and it might be positioned in the middle of “Nap of A Star,” though it doesn’t have the official +U marker. In it, the boys meet again after their separation but don’t yet remember their past together, and so they rediscover their “magic island."

The whole songtalks about escaping reality in favor of dreams and fantasies, with a light-hearted vibe that’s somehow undermined by what the video shows us. For example, there’s a lot of focus on fire in “Run Away” – from Yeonjun setting fire to his book using his glasses to the boys’ school actually burning up at the end of the video. According to YouTuber

, fire might be a symbol of teenage angst and of a conflict the boys can’t overcome yet. IfStar’s main themes were acceptance and friendship,Magicis about escapism and daydreaming – but there’s a nugget of tension in both, and that’s where the darker concepts in

Eternitycan be traced back to.“Magic Island” Music VideoLike the Pevensie siblings, the boys of TXT are carried by a train into their own personal Narnia, their “magic island.” It’s the ultimate escape from reality, the thematic backbone of this era, and a continuation of the discovery they made in “Run Away” when the trapdoor opened at the bottom of the pool. As soon as they start to play with fire, though, the island revolts against them – their mysterious enemy, the cat with mismatched eyes, appears again and takes the form of a train that runs the boys over. And when they surface from the chaos, they see that the island is on fire. According to YouTuber

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