Oldest Living Couple İn The World İs A Husband And Wife İn Texas - Cnn

Oldest Living Couple İn The World İs A Husband And Wife İn Texas - Cnn

A husband and wife in Texas are officially the oldest living couple in the world

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11/8/2019 7:10:00 PM

A couple in Austin, Texas, has been named the oldest living couple in the world, according to Guinness World Records. John Henderson is 106 and his wife, Charlotte, is 105. On December 15, they will celebrate 80 years of marriage.

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ja I me nothing wrong with the look on her face. She is a pretty old lady 80 years together, the true living example of taking your wedding vows seriously. Unlike today where marriages are lucky to last 8 years, or 8 days in Hollywood. AprilDRyan Proof there is no limit on the abuse a man can take. AprilDRyan They attribute the longevity of their marriage to plugging.

AprilDRyan 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 My home town....just wow! Beautiful. They look 70 That former police officer took two lives and forever damaged this family forever. God, please grant this family favor & peace through this immeasurable pain. Omg WOOOW from back when they fixed things when they were broken instead of tossing them and getting a new ones.

FrancesMill1. What an inspiration Happy Anniversary! May the Good LORD continue to give you both. LOVE-WISDOM-HAPPINESS, You are a inspiration to the World that, TRUE LOVE does LIVE. I love this. What a nice couple! Breaking news get it at CNN Bahahaha I hope it works for all marriage couple.. Go Texas!!

May the Almighy God bless them! Something to appreciate in terms of last long love.. 🤔 What about Us young youths,,we will die with 30yrs,, They still look young eh, let's go 200!!!!🍉🍉🍉🍉💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 Anjanna Congratulations you 2 wacky kids that is great. Is she still giving head tho? PTL! When it works it works well indeed! Amen.

They look great. They don't look a day over 80. Congratulations 💯♥️👊🏼 Congratulations to John & Charlotte Henderson! Please please find out what they don't eat. Whatever happens don’t let realDonaldTrump visit 😳 God bless you grany They look better than do. And I'm 30. God Bless the both of them. Built to last ❤️

justsanaa incredible.....👍 All you need is love justsanaa They still look young and gorgeous Happiiee marriage anniversary in advance ❤️❤️🙏🙏 They’re beautiful congratulations They look fabulous! Sweet ❤️ Congratulations! Advance happy anniversary ❣️ Hey hey must have had what you might call reconcilable differences.

Waow, congratulation! Congratulations! They don't look a day over 87! Wow...read from similar couple when asked How did you stay married for 80 yrs answer...we come from an era when something breaks, we don't throw it away.. we fix it. Amazing!!! Watch out homie, im comin 4 your spot Another reason why I won’t get married until after I’ve been with someone for 10 years lol

his smile 🥰 Congrats This gives me hope I can succeed to do the same by myself Wow God love ‘em. So sweet! Austin in the news TBoisseauATX That‘s senatemajldr McConnell on the left. Texas? Not France or Italy with the wine & cheese diets? Maybe access to really good BBQ helps you live longer. Wow, wow wow couple!

JUBINGBINGBING Notice the wife not smiling. She like he's still here. Just kidding. Must be nice to be in love all this year's. Congrats really great! Bless them hope they have many more years together 80 yrs, my God...is he laughing for or at her 🤣 Generally , when a marriage reaches 75 yrs or more , the leader of their country pays a visit, dont see trump doing that .

I hope you have many more celebrations. God bless you both He’s a cradle robber! incredible 80 years. That is a period of time that I can hardly imagine. Teerific God bless them and Happy Anniversary ❤️❤️ They are so very fortunate! That's the legendary couple👫 The life has been beautifully meaningful for them!

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