A Former Trainer Has Accused Nfl Star Antonio Brown Of Rape. He Denies The Allegations. - Cnn

A Former Trainer Has Accused Nfl Star Antonio Brown Of Rape. He Denies The Allegations. - Cnn

A former trainer has accused NFL star Antonio Brown of rape. He denies the allegations.

A woman who used to train Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown accuses him of rape in a lawsuit. Brown denies the allegations.


A woman who used to train Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown accuses him of rape in a lawsuit. Brown denies the allegations.

Britney Taylor, a woman who used to train Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown, has accused the NFL star of rape in a federal lawsuit filed in Florida Tuesday.

Taylor accuses Brown, who just signed with New England after being released by the Oakland Raiders, of rape and two instances of sexual assault. Brown's attorney, Darren Heitner, posted a lengthy statement to his website, saying:"Mr. Brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit."STATEMENT REGARDING ANTONIO BROWN: https://t.co/yvEcRyilbt pic.twitter.com/0K9G8vJeG1

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Well, I guess his former team executives are shouting and jumping for joy that they got rid of him just in the nick of time!! He's trouble since attending Miami Northwestern High School! Good luck NewEnglandPatriots 🤩 BelieveWomen The only thing i dont get is why she only pursuing this in civil court are suing him. Why not put him in prison.

of course he does Maybe there's something profoundly wrong with the athletic industry superstar culture. This will mees w/his head. No bargain for pats.

NFL star Antonio Brown accused of rape in lawsuitGet breaking national and world news, broadcast video coverage, and exclusive interviews. Find the top news online at ABC news. NFL needs to suspend this POS. rapist Live look at all patriot fans : What timing

Will there be metoo protests at Patriots stadium? Or does he get a pass because hes an athlete ? let me ask y’all why..is this about money 💰 or is this about justice ...if u rape some one u should go to jail or have a charge ...why is it a law suit first ...i need answers because this rape allegation stuff is getting out of hand ..with no jail time only for blacks

Bad seed. They after him I guess he made somebody mad If it happened once, why return to allow it to happen a second time? And then a 3rd? Here we gooooo.. Convenient. Timely. These people... Wrong jersey He gets 20mil regardless if the drop him. So he was smart I'm that regard This crazi...... I hate how women take no accountability of their actions. First off I get it the shame. But to let it happen twice. Or to keep working with the guy after 'rape' really. U could screamed u could called police right after. Stop acting like a victim and act!

Antonio Brown's Phone Recording Could Be a Huge Legal & NFL ProblemAB's phone call could come back to haunt him. Lol. Good. Fucking ass jaffryan He’s on the patriots now, nothing will happen.

He is a true Patriot. Dindu nuffin If he's officially charged that would void his contract with the Patriots Always a rich man Son Hong-min's popularity in South Korea surpassed Ronaldo in this Qatar World Cup qualifier. The coach of Turkmenistan asked Son Hong-min for a uniform after the game. It is a world-class soccer star that Son Hong-min deserves this year's Fifa Ballon Road Award.

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Here’s What We Learned in N.F.L. Week 1The Cowboys looked sensational, the Patriots and the Chiefs rolled and the Chargers survived. But the big story was Lamar Jackson leading the Ravens to 59 points. “Not bad for a running back,” he said. Didn’t read the article but I hope it includes we learned that crybaby diva athletes can manipulate a franchise and be rewarded for lying, acting like like a child and being untrustworthy. Here’s what I learned: -Lots of empty seats -Lots of childish behavior on the field -A full blown temper tantrum -An idiot wore a watch,that if sold could feed thousands for a year, in a football game and still lost the game embarrassingly. - C Collinsworth needs to retire. 🙏

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NFL is over, now it's just another episode of reality tv. Buoyed by Trump, GOP candidates sweep North Carolina special elections Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at The circus has begun.... The Patriots sure can pick them. 😂😂😂

Roscoe Parrish Shocked By Warrants In Arrest Video, 'I Played In The NFL'Roscoe Parrish was floored when cops told him he had warrants out for his arrest. Never heard of a NFL player getting arrested 🤔 Wish I had a dollar for every NFL player questioned by the police for some crime or other. Usually violent. I'd be on a yacht sipping cocktails not here tweeting about another idiot being arrested.

I believe this The never ending story Of course no one will read the article. The news won’t even ask serious questions. This will just be all about telling the NFL they should not let him play. Watch. Most of these allegations are really used to get a certain reaction. No one cares about the actual facts.

Well that didn’t take long Well there goes his chances in the XFL.... 🤦‍♂️ Dont worry Patriots fans, OBJ is working on getting his release so he can take AB's place. Baby pop 1 Of coarse the lying brat denies it ! Meanwhile...in Robert Kraft’s office.

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Brown allegedly raped Britney Taylor , a gymnast , who together with Brown attended Central Michigan University. CNN has no credibility... Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown accused in lawsuit of raping former trainer. let's get the facts then decide. Why show him in Raiders garb?!? ☠😠☠ He is a Patriot. Here is a picture for lazy “journalists”.

These ballers can get any woman they want. No need to 'rape' roybelly Weird...she went back 3 times...now a civil suit with no police involved because false allegations to police is a felony Her story sounds strange & if he did IT, are their other victims that need Justice. 3Times, THREE & on separate occasionS 🤔& she chose to see him again. Did she not enjoy IT the 1st 2x. Was she FORCED to train HIM FatalAttraction She filed a lawsuit, what happen to 911. Oh💰

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He likes drama, so I guess this is just one more chapter So she was raped and went back to be raped two more times....yeah ok seems legit. Emails AB allegedly sent his accuser He made a big deal about his helmet, being that diva, he wouldn't accept a no from a woman so I totally believe her. It was probably an arguement of new comdoms vs. Old ones.

Very surprising that he denies it I pray this man is innocent. U got $9m signing bonus from Patriots so just pay her off...

He set up AB! FORMER

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