A Florida Sheriff Said He Will Deputize Lawful Gun Owners İf Protests Turn Violent - Cnn

A Florida Sheriff Said He Will Deputize Lawful Gun Owners İf Protests Turn Violent - Cnn

A Florida sheriff said he will deputize lawful gun owners if protests turn violent

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7/2/2020 6:50:00 PM

A Florida sheriff issued a strongly-worded warning to anyone who may be considering violently protesting in his county, saying he would 'deputize' the county's lawful gun owners for help.

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He wants a war Dear god. The beer belly /incel brigade. Florida. Better be careful what he says...im a legal gun owner and if i happen to drive by and they are slaughtering people, well let's just say I won't allow another Rosewood incident happen. Honestly yeah, it's why the 2a exists. Don't let people run around and burn down your homes. Do shit about it.

I believed if you are not police officer or army soldier. It’s not safe to participate any public areas where people protest with any kinds weapons . You’re better leave your gun at home. He is right, otherwise they must try to avoid civil war. Between opposition and protesters. I’d say it’s time for Democrats to arm up. They will fear educated people with guns.

Sign me up! Resurgence of the people’s militia of the Constitution. Will the southern state militia remain under lawful control? Best of luck with that. What will they do if we take that as a threat, then 1 million of us drive down to his county and give him a chance to make that threat to our faces? This is wonderful news.

Good for him! These protestors are just doing it for fun now. Most are white anyway! This is Wild West insanity. Innocent people will die. How STUPID! Imagine all the boners white supremacists popped in Florida after hearing they might be able to live out their murder fantasies. Fucking unreal. What could possibly go wrong?!

The sheriff saying this is black. Oh...but he's a cop...so now he's 'no longer black.' 👀 Pretty much sums up what’s wrong in the country, thinking everything must be solved with a gun. Take a look at other countries, the ones with the strictest gun laws have the lowest gun fatalities. Why do you think that is, wake up America.

Hes probably hoping they are all white but won't be be surprised🙄 Time to resign bub They all need to lose some weight!! Of course he will. The Boogaloo Boys are going to considered this an invitation - this is exactly what they want. Yeah even when the police are behind the violence Fire his sorry ass too.

I stand with the Sheriff and his deputies. Law and order should be expected throughout America. this is a coon at it’s finest. He's talking crap Amen! GOOD NEWS... and by CNN🤣 Yes! This gives white supremacy an open season to kill African Americans. [Ignorance] is as detrimental to our existence as racism...


Sheriff, Since when did police turn traitor &surpress the Constitutional right to protest?Do your folks enjoy their constitutional right to own guns?! The Constitution isn’t a menu, you can’t just pick &chose WHICH you want to uphold! That’s your duty, sir ! Yessir! We shall stand our ground! 🙄🙄🙄exactly the problem. Hope he arrests his armed citizens to when they commit a crime against civils. They think they get enough training hours? Smh.. but maybe that’s the point anyone can do it.

Sounds like a spaghetti western. Good for him. Bring law and order back to America! God bless cops! Awesome. Should apply nationwide Yeah. Right after your deputies pull a stunt like the riot-geared Aurora officers who pepper sprayed peaceful protesters listening to a violin vigil. Then you’ll claim their reaction is “violent”.

Sounds like the start of a civil war What is the best way to foment r wing violence? Offer them the chance to shoot protesters legally! That sherrif should be locked up! CNN you don't care about law and order! Its better not to have police on the streets! He reminds me of this clown that we had as a sheriff in Milwaukee. David Clark!! 🤡🤡

Good! Enough's enough... Let's roll 🇺🇸 Another beauty from Florida. Sweet! More yahoos we can get rid of faster! I shot the sheriff...and I’ll shoot all his deputies! That's constitutional and proper. What's your problem with that, Moonbats? 🤣😎 Here we go... vigilante extremists patrolling the streets in the United States of America! Picture Putin commending trump and initiating a plan for a Council of Dictators; Putin, Kim Jong-un, Erdogan, Nicolas Maduro and Sheikh Khalifa, trump will serve as honorary go-fer.

It’s getting real ugly. Calm down people!! Because Florida Flori'duh This shouldn't be an issue and will work out quite well This Nigger got a job with status and will protect it at all cost... Just do your damn job ccsofl Florida again. Even Texas can't keep up with crazy Florida right now. That sheriff is GOOFY AF. He's clearly trying the 'LOOK AT ME' 'LOOK AT ME' approach.

Deputized gun owners for what To fire at protesters...He should resign or get Fired!! He’s up for re-election! 👍🤜🏻🤛🏻🍻 Good!!! So he is basically saying he will allowed untrained citizens to shoot other citizens. Is this fucking real life. It's with left police unattended for a few decades and it's turned into the mob.

Excellent idea. They should do that everywhere. No more riots. Definitely not a f human beings and a bully. Those southern sheriffs just love attention don’t they? WHITE POWER So glad I move to Florida! DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica THEY will not let NOBODY BREAK THE LAW AND ORDER. GOOD FOR HIM. CONGRATULATIONS SIR, ON FOLLOWING THE LAW AND ORDER. He told the TRUTH THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA IS EVIL AND NOT TELLING THE TRUTH.FAKE NEWS MEDIA WORKS WITH BLACK LIVES MATTER. TRUTH MATTER ALL LIVES MATTER. 🙏

With this, the Governor with his head up his butt, the racists in the Villages and Covid cases exploding, it's a good time to take my tourist dollars elsewhere Thank you Sheriff. No “ violent protest” that makes sense. Peaceful protest 👏👏 and it’s not difficult to understand. Anyone who objects or queries this order is not sincere. PERIOD

lmao. a bunch of cleetus' with guns runnin around playing sheriff. what could possibly go wrong About time!!!!! what drove police departments to have this 'us against them' mentality as opposed to 'serve and protect'? perhaps this had something to do with it: That's the spirit !!! I love how you '*' deputize as if it's just some ridiculous buzzword and not a lawful action sheriffs can take in response to potential lawlessness beyond the ability of his regular deputies to handle alone. Just report the news and let readers decide how to feel

Damn - I wished I lived in Florida. What could possibly go wrong? All skin folk ain’t kin folk. This sheriff is an idiot for allowing himself to be used as another minstrel. I guess the HMIC (head minstrels in charge) DiamondandSilk are recruiting. TimScott AngelaStanton BenCarson Domestic terrorists

What!!! Plenty of us ready and willing to stand with our LEOs to defend our communities against these marxist BLM/Antifa terrorists. Just don't expect the restraint seen to date. Is this a 1869 Florida Man joke? Ah America, the so called leaders of the free world, ready to deputise gun owners who they have probably not done a proper background check on 🙄🙄

Florida is one of the craziest states I've ever been to. People protect yourselves out there.🙏 Aka “n*ggers stay out” he should just say it instead of dancing around it That cannot happen. Do your research. So, how about the protesters who are also lawful gun owners? This could get complicated... It's boogaloo time. I've been waiting to be given lawful permission to protect my country from these marxist antifa mobs.

The problem is....they kill non-violent protesters. It's Law Enforcement that's lawless. And the term Law Enforcement really needs to be changed. They aren't lawyers/court/judge, yet they pronounce sentencing on the spot, including death sentence for many non-violent crimes.

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'You’ve been warned': Florida sheriff says he may deputize gun owners against protestersA Florida county's sheriff released a video that said he will make “special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county” if he feels the county is overwhelmed by protesters. That’s what’s up! GOP - DEM - IND YOU'RE NOTHING BUT DUST AND YOU DON'T EVEN REALIZE IT. WATCH THIS PRESENTATION AND THEN SHARE IT WITH OTHERS INCLUDING YOUR MOM & DAD. I want to move to Florida now.

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