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A Few Good Women: Female Athletes to Keep an Eye Out For In The 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The Olympics are here, and these athletes came to play and slay the competition. #olympics #femaleathletes #competitive #olympics #tokyoolympics

7/29/2021 9:01:00 PM

The Olympics are here, and these athletes came to play and slay the competition. olympics femaleathletes competitive olympics tokyoolympics

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics is full of women who not only competing but also spreading important messages. Here is a list of the women that you need to watch this year in Tokyo.

1. Naomi Graham It was an honor to photograph Olympic boxer Staff Sgt. Naomi Graham and it's as exciting seeing this portrait run in Sport Illustrated: https://t.co/gpsybO2OPp. Check this video to see more: https://t.co/xndv5smFmr. Thanks @EmLJohnson for the assignment! pic.twitter.com/s3h2IHmSQA

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ADVERTISEMENT — Ross Taylor (@ross_taylor) July 25, 2021 Naomi Graham is not only an amazing boxer, but she is also an active military member. This feat makes her the first woman to represent Team USA in boxing, while actively serving in the military. Serving her country and participating in the Olympics? What can’t she do?

2. Allyson Felix Not only will this be Allyson Felix's fifth Olympics, it'll be her first as a mother.She gave birth to her daughter, Camryn, via emergency C-section at 32 weeks in 2018. The two celebrated together after Felix qualified for Tokyo last month ❤️ @allysonfelix pic.twitter.com/8qKVGFtn78 headtopics.com

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) July 19, 2021 Allyson Felix has won nine Olympic medals in track and field and has been very open about her struggles as an athlete and a mother. In 2019, Felix wrote a piece for the New York Times where she discussed her struggles with her Nike sponsorship after having her child in 2018. Felix is not only an amazing athlete but a courageous activist for women who feel as though they have to choose between their career as an athlete and a mother. 

3. The entire US soccer team The U.S. women’s soccer team easily defeated New Zealand at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday.Rose Lavelle, Lindsey Horan, Christen Press and Alex Morgan scored goals, and the U.S. got help from two New Zealand own goals to win 6-1.

4 US goals were disallowed due to offside rules pic.twitter.com/r7n3xeH1AD— ERIC JEM 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 (@mubazieric) July 24, 2021 With members like Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, the US women’s soccer team has spent years at the forefront of equal pay in women’s sports. Their success as a team has strengthened their voices in this crucial fight, making them truly inspirational. 

ADVERTISEMENT 4. Nelly Korda "Everything needs to click, and it can be challenging. The pressure, the expectations of history makes it a little harder."World No. 1 Nelly Korda can join an elite group of LPGA players by accomplishing this rare feat at the Amundi Evian Championship: https://t.co/4zff03K0kh pic.twitter.com/u9Kmwxk3cD headtopics.com

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— Golf Digest (@GolfDigest) July 22, 2021Being a woman in a sport such as golf is not an easy feat, but Nelly Korda has proven again and again that she is here to say, winning 6 LPGA Tours. Korda is playing on Team USA with her sister, Jessica Korda and they are expected to do great.

5. Katie Ledecky Race one. ✅@katieledecky takes silver in the 400m freestyle. #TokyoOlympics pic.twitter.com/OWbmbJZWg9— Team USA (@TeamUSA) July 26, 2021 Katie Ledecky made history as the youngest member of the US Swimming team in 2012 and has continued to amaze us, winning six gold medals and two silvers. Nearly nine years after her first Olympic appearance, she is still proving herself as an excellent swimmer. Ledecky is definitely one athlete who never fails to impress us. 

Top Photo by Kyle Dias on UnsplashPayton Toomey is an editorial intern at BUST and a student at the University of Arizona studying Journalism and Information Sciences and eSociety. She loves writing about mental health, feminism and pop culture. You can follow her on Twitter @PaytonToomey.

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