A Definitive Ranking Of Every Marvel Movie Based On Laughs

'I understood that reference.'

6/18/2021 12:17:00 PM

'I understood that reference.'

'I understood that reference.'

Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFMarvel / Viafilmandtvquotes.tumblr.comAction? Drama? Comedy? They have it all!In honor of the lighter side of the MCU, we'll be ranking each film based on how comical they are.Tap to play or pause GIF

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Tap to play or pause GIFMarvel / ViaSince Peter Quill fromGuardians of the Galaxyis full of laughs, we're rating each movie on a scale from zero to five Peter Quills, five being the funniest.Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFMarvel / Via

Just to be clear, this is NOT a"best" ranking. This is a"funniest" ranking. Got it? Good...17.Captain America: The First AvengerMarvel / ViaNazis. Dead friends. Sacrifice. No comedy to see here, people. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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Scarlett Johansson Says Black Widow Was Basically A 'Piece Of Ass' In 1st Marvel MovieThe actor praised her character's evolution over the past decade ahead of the release of the stand-alone 'Black Widow' film.

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