A Conservative Moms Group Is Really Upset Burger King Used The 'D-Word' In An Ad

The word 'damn' is 'destructive and damaging to impressionable children,' according to One Million Moms.


The word 'damn' is 'destructive and damaging to impressionable children,' according to One Million Moms.

The word 'damn' is 'destructive and damaging to impressionable children,' according to One Million Moms.

The petition to remove or edit the ad had over 9,000 digital signatures on Monday, according to the group’s website.

“Mom, are you fed up with the filth many segments of our society, especially the entertainment media, are throwing at our children?” the site’s mission statement asks.

and profusely apologized, saying it had made the “wrong decision” in taking it down.

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It's nowhere near as bad as 'stupid'. How’d you feel when at a recent Trump rally, Trump was speaking about ALL the great things he had accomplished so far & then said in one of his outbursts, “and now they’re (democrats) are trying to impeach the (himself) the-son-of a bitch? Were you ok with that? Grab ‘em by the pussy

No, what’s damning are children locked in cages abducted from their families left to lie on cold floors and or die . Smarten up moms against damn The Bible use the word “Damn”, “Damnation” and its many synonyms and connotations through out the text. Or do they filter these out for their children when reading or teaching the Bible? I know this language can be scarring. It was for me. But it’s right there in scripture.

🙄 Meanwhile nursing babies are being stripped from the arms of their asylum seeking mothers and placed in cages. 😑 Get over yourself. I’d be more worried about what kids are putting in their mouths The damaging 'D-word' is Donald. A word that kids are not allowed to say in a class room should not be taught to them. beagoodrolemodel

Conservative 'Moms' group slams Burger King for using 'the d-word' in a commercialActivist conservative group One Million Moms is taking aim at Burger King for using what it calls the 'd-word' in a commercial promoting the non-meat Impossible Whopper. damn How do we know is a conservative group, the only ones that get a$$ hurt by words are the Demotards!!! Give me a damn break.

Amazing. But they throw all their support & stand my a draft dodging, 2 bit conman who said “if you don’t support me you’ll be so God damned poor!”... They need to get on the bandwagon of all this trans stuff in schools and libraries and forget about their kids hearing real words that are even in the dictionary.

Narrator: They're not one million moms. There are probably just a few hundred people in this group but unfortunately they seem to hate everything and make their opinions known! How do they feel about Trumps language? Explain that to the kiddies right after you explain who he is..suppose to be. Lighten up. The word stupid is pretty damaging too and I know MANY parents who use THAT word toward their kids daily! Burger King ISN'T raising your kids, YOU should be!

Such snowflakes Ad should be more truthful and say “This Burger tastes like Shit” I bet the OneMillionKarens wouldn’t mind that. It is? Well, damn!

One Million Moms starts petition against 'irresponsible and tasteless' Burger King ad featuring a curse wordConservative group One Million Moms has a bone to pick with Burger King because a man in its Impossible Whopper ad says 'the d-word.'

Funny. It’s my sons favorite word. Oops Who fucking cares about the word damn. So is 90% of the president's words. Why aren't you suing him? The solution is easy. Don't go to Burger King! It's not like it's a nutritious choice for the children you fear may be impressionable. How about the impression of fruits and veggies instead? 😂

Can we stop calling 'Damn' the D-word? Everytime I see this, I think everyone is talking about the word, dick. BurgerKing No one cares One million mom's demonstrate how inconsequential they are. “Damn” is the word they’re offended by? 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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Wait. What? bk ad execs correctly guessed that this would upset some people, and that guess has won them millions in free advertising. So are a million other things that they are letting get by that's messing up our children and a lot of grown folks too ! TV's program 95% sexual activity and on top of that gay shows music is unfit to listen to!

Get over yourselves In today’s world is this really what we should be focused on!? DAMN!!! This is ridiculous. Do you know what is impressionable and damaging to kids? Trump! I bet most if not all these women voted for Trump because he grabs em' by the, yeah you guessed it... BULLSHIT !🐂💩 They are trying to raise Ninnies 😰 Science has proven that expressing through the use of expletives relieves pain and makes you feel better 😀 Making a child feel they are going to hell if they say certain things is damaging 😞

Conservative 'Moms' group slams Burger King for using 'the d-word' in a commercialActivist conservative group One Million Moms is taking aim at Burger King for using what it calls the 'd-word' in a commercial promoting the non-meat Impossible Whopper. damn How do we know is a conservative group, the only ones that get a$$ hurt by words are the Demotards!!! Give me a damn break.

We are turning into pussies. Not using bad language in front of children is a waste of time. I cursed like a sailor at 8! My parents didnt even curse Should be more upset about what’s in the burger and fries. Onemillionmoms = a few thousand snowflakes! Selling lots of Whoppers with this free advertisement! Damn that backfired!

One Million Moms = 3 women in a trailer park Really? Oh, PLEASE!☹️🙋‍♀️ I kinda feel like I should eat Burger King in response to this, but I really don’t want to Well, fuck! Very self righteous and sanctimonious of the dozen moms.

One Million Moms starts petition against 'irresponsible and tasteless' Burger King ad featuring a curse wordConservative group One Million Moms has a bone to pick with Burger King because a man in its Impossible Whopper ad says 'the d-word.'

Well, I'll be ____! Subjecting children to to a Trump pornografic speech, even in the background, sets them up to be lifetime haters. I'll bet OMM's don't agree. Um... can we please have Wendys comment on this Djtrump swears worse and more often at rally that are broadcast on the network news where are these outraged moms then?

I noticed the fast food photo on this. Feeding your kids this shit is far worse than the word Damn. I have to laugh because the parents in the generation now are awful and cannot distinguish between good and bad. The moms should use that energy to feed and clothe poor children.And there aren't a million of them,damn it!Don't like it,eat at the golden arches.Realmomshelpchildren

How many kids watch commercials anymore? What about all the filth the WH spits out almost daily? It seems this group has selective hearing! Should of said darn good. conservative views are destructive and damaging to impressionable children Why don’t OneMillionMoms do something constructive, like get realDonaldTrump thrown off Twitter?

What’s truly damaging to children is the entire Million Moms’ agenda.

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🤫🤫🤫🙄🙄🙄 Oh, bullshit. yeah. unlike fast food. ha ha - this is nothing compared to what they hear and do at school every day in public schools. But their the first to take their children to a trumpet rally ! Give me a break Hmmmmm. Damn is in the Bible. Where are you on the president sexually assaulting woman Kids in cages?

Those one million moms need to get a life !!! I guarantee you their kids hear worse everyday at school, on the playground, and on the street. These fools to need to find a better cause to whine about. This is what happens when society starts to let women out of the house LOL !!!1 Just eat your damn burger or don’t it’s that easy

One mom, named 'Million' Lmao these people again. Get a life Lol They should be more worried about what’s in the damn food The hypocrisy is strong with this group. They ARE the experts of harming children with their LGTBQ stance. They know all about it Since damn basically means “very,” perhaps the dozens of moms would prefer “muy.” Or will speaking Spanish make their heads explode?

I think you mean 'Nowhere near even 200,000 Moms'. Why on earth would anyone consider this “news worthy info” we must have? The article says the ad in question has been out since August. That means these people are just looking for things to complain about.

I’ll bet my last dollar their all trump supporters. 😼 Damn they're dumb! It’s 2029 STOP BEING SO SENSITIVE. These moms will raise children without a back bone to put it light hearted See Trump rallies ladies...vulgarity to the nth degree from a president with kids in the audience. Your kids hear worse on the playground. Don’t be so DAMN uptight.

White women been upset about A LOT since the Kardashian’s came into the fold... Well Damn.... These kids must not have internet, Iphones, cable, they don't go to school, no friends, FB, Snapthingy, are they living inside the Matrix?, wt,... Hahahahhahahaha! They are just trying to stay relevant.

Daaaaaamn But it’s in the Bible... The word damn is DAMaging? To children? Most children have heard a lot worse by the time they are four yrs old. Who told them the word damn is bad? And why? the president of the United States would say it on television, and worse! Damn them. Maybe they should give a shit about not allowing abortions for rape and incest instead of hamburgers.

Ask an War torn Mother if she gives a Damn ...? As a nurse and nutritionist- Let me fix it.. some of the food is “destructive and damaging to impressionable children”... funny how people pick their battles! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Childhood obesity fine. Damn your going to hell. Wth? I'm trying hard to drop it from my potty mouth, but it's not easy. It was my father's favorite curse phrase. LOL

Give us a break! But is the burger good though? Look at all the free advertising BK is getting with this silliness. White women need to find more constructive things to do with their time... I envy someone so sheltered the “D” word is worth getting upset over... People in the world have real problems... Get a hobby

Goodness they must have happy little lives if that’s their biggest problem! 'Damn'? Really? Yet they'll put up with this guy's 💩. Perhaps they should have said it's a FUCKING good burger ? Too damn bad. BK rocks! Well fuck them. Give me a break.

Religion is also destructive and damaging to impressionable children Imagine the damage these mothers do when they tell their kids they're going to hell for saying it? This isn't what Christ wanted, not ever. Damn them all to hell. 'This group is overly sensitive and wants to control what people do and say!' says group that is overly sensitive and wants to control what people do and say.

The world is clearly going insane by worrying about dumb sh.t. I would have spelt it out but with these pressed and bored people out here, they would flag my message as offensive. *flips through bible to see where it says thou shall not use word damn* preceptsofmen Get a friggin life people ... 🙄 I really don’t give a damn

Where was the outrage from this group when women accused the president of sexual misconduct? Or when he cursed at his rallies? Very true my kid told me to stop calling him damit when he was little fellow, you are a good boy son. What’s destructive to impressionable children is, if they see a rude president who lashes out with nasty, divisive language on the news 😡

Tell them to focus on real issues that are affecting our youth. Move on. Just have them listen to their POTUS at one of his rallies.. These damn moms are destructive and damaging to impressionable children. I’m sure they have no issues with the immoral asshole in the WH that they voted for. I do think we’re losing respect for everything, fast.

1_MillionMoms should be slammed themselves for feeding their children the garbage Burger King puts out. Anyone know what damn TV show was airing when the commercial aired? I'm betting it wasn't children's programming. How many of them say way worse to their kids My eyes hurt from that eye roll.

Burger King should stop listening to one million moms and instead start listening to the dozens of tweeters like me who think the word 'king' enforces gender stereotypes that make women afraid to eat burgers. But “grab their p***y” is perfectly fine. Godamnit Hey, you should hear what comes out of POTUS and then tell me you are up upset at a fast food chain ad.

W h y did you give them a platform by considering this news. You know there's really not a million of these Mom's right there's more like about 30,000 probably even less than that There's a lot of other D words they should worry about. Like Drugs. Damn Damn Damn Damnit I wonder how many of these moms forgive Trump for his vulgar mouth.

They should be more upset about the food Burger King serves. Maybe in a Christo-Fascist dreamworld. Not in the real world. But supporting someone who openly brags about grabbing pussies is ok? One Million Moms, a group with less than 5,000 followers on Twitter and 100,000 followers on Facebook. 🙄 Im starting a GoFund me to send 1 million moms 1 Million Dildos.

If you're working fast food drive thru and not swearing I question your sanity. Dunts! Some form of the word 'damn' is in the Bible 15 time. Uh oh!! It's true. Don't let degenerates control our culture.

...bollocks....I love the word damn....I'd rather suggest scrubbing 'evangelical' from polite conversation as it now has morphed into meaning, in broad strokes, racist, xenophobe, non-christian ideals, white nationalist, grifting, right-wing-nut-ball, unable to think critically. I couldn’t think what D word they were talking about.

So how shall we say the 'Hoover Dam' now? I bet they don't vaccinate. It’d give there position more credibility if they didn’t ardently support a President who routinely uses real swear words at nationally televised events. But they expose their kids to Trump, who spouts hate and lies all the time “Quotes of Aleph” (age 5): “Bam.” Silence. “That’s damn in Korean. But if I HAD said damn, I meant dam as in beaver dam.” 5 yrs old! 😹😹😹 FYI: Bam is NOT damn in Korean! 😹😹😹

Hasn’t it been established that it’s like a handful of moms, tops?

Damn that's crazy Good grief my minister use to say damn in his sermon at church with kids in it. These woman need a life or focus on something a little more serious like gun laws, pool fencing if they want to protect kids snowflakes! but our president grabs em by the P**** and they vote for him. Priorities, people, seriously.

So is the F word but you guys don’t care. Perhaps evangelical churches should be next on your list to boycott then... So does the word dam need to be taken out of their social studies and science books too? They support tRump 'Damn' is destructive and damaging. 'Grab 'em by the pussy,' however, are beautiful words that flow from the silver tongue of the chosen one.

Well Damn! I wonder if this is the same group of rock stars that got fighting mad at Cheerios for having a Biracial Family in their commercial a few years back? Get a fucking hobby already 😳

Geeeez, hypocrisy! Republicans give me a fucking headache. Damn that is too bad!!! We’re not gonna start calling it “the D word” But I'll bet they're quick with the B-word, especially if they're not serviced the way they feel they should be. Silly. They hear and say worse at school. Just STFU already. Presumably that's a religious group. Have they ever filed a complaint about the foul mouthed President. 'Grab them by the ..... is unacceptable by any standards.

These women seriously need a hobby. All ten of them.

Worry about something important. Are those the same damn conservatives that support Donald Trump? Damn them, damn them all to hell! Damn, who cares?!!!! Those same moms telling their kids that god hates gays is fine tho. They don’t like Gay Marriage either👎👎👎🍁 Leave it to a conservative group to think 9000 is the same as 1000000.

MOMS....!!! Really!!! You're falling short on your job of prioritizing what is truly important in life. However....he/she might be your progeny but they will grow up to make their own life decisions. Of course, either one of us could be wrong, right?

....destructive and damaging... dare I add damning? I think I shall. OneMillionMoms I mean, damn Really? Damn! Says the group who doesn't understand words enough to name themselves accurately. And yet they’ll take their kids to see their “role model” at those “family friendly “ rallies. And do they make their children stay away from the Bible for the same reason?

😂 have they ever listened/read what realDonaldTrump says!? And yet they don’t object to trump’s use of profanity. Go figure. I had one of those damn burgers today and damn, it was good. Yeah, like that one word, out of the hundreds they hear at school or even from IMPOTUS himself, is the word damaging children. Let me guess, they banned 'Are you there God it's me Margaret' too huh? Smh

I suspect these are the same women that support Trump. Their “morals and standards” are flexible to say the least. 1milmoms One Million Moms: one male moron. Damn, 30 Helen's agree, that's a lot of moms.. 1_MillionMoms has 529 followers on Twitter and 5.5K members on Facebook. I don’t know how that adds up to 1 million. Is this new math? 🤷🏻‍♂️

BeBest and grab them by the pu$$¥ The conservative woman’s pearl clutchers brigade strikes again. Tell them to watch two minutes of one of Trumps rallies. They need to get a damn sense of humor, or did their conservative husbands tell them to think this? WTF Well damn... Damn, nothing else in the world going on that they can get in a tizzy about? You known like climate change based fires? Damn fools.

“I can grab them by the darn p***y”. Much better.

Is it? Well shit! ROLMAO hahahahahaha that's hilarious! Makes me want an impossible burger. Burger King can’t buy this kind of publicity 😂 this the most I’ve heard about them lately Hahahahahahaha an ad is the least of their worries. Have those moms ever seen the internet? Really? Because it’s in the Bible a lot.

One million moms sew one million crazy! All Republicans are subject to eternal damnation. Like our president Wait til this conservative group heads trump speak. They’d be rendered catatonic!

Do they not hear the words 'hell & dammation' every week? Who cares 😂 stop. One Million Moms ... what a legacy. 😂 The kids have heard worse, they just don't know it That and any group need to share a diversity and inclusivity index score before they start talking representatively Honest, the jokes just write themselves

These women need more sex...

One Million Dumb Moms. Then these mom's should be outraged with things that come out of the Presidents mouth 😉 My favourite Daaaamn. Damn seriously? That damn Conservative Mom’s group have to be out of their damn minds to be so damn sensitive about using the word damn! Damn ridiculous! But pussy grabbing is ok!

Move on! Cult45 what is this? BOTH sides are now competing for the Ridiculous Awards? Have you heard your dear leaders language...gtfoh

Seriously? I think it is more likely they are angry that people are eating less beef and hearing someone say 'damn' in a commercial is a convenient thing to complain about in their attempt to hurt BK's bottom line. Have they listened to IMPOTUS lately? Priorities... Wait until they hear about the president

Damn, this is upsetting. Fortunately for million mothers kids won’t hear hiphop or rap What do these cry babies say when they burn their fingers on a hot stove - gee golly? This group needs to take a cue from 1 Timothy 2:12 Who the hell watches commercials anymore? Also one million moms needs to get a life.

Have they listened to anything the president has said? But grab them by the pussy is ok and sex with a porn star ok then. realDonaldTrump Well, DAMN, dont buy their fucking burgers then! Go to McD or wendys!! DAMN!!!! 🤔 ... maybe it's the cowboy hat. But I'm asleep though.🤫💤 That may be the stupidest thing to get upset about for children! How about using your'milion mom' power to stop the destruction of morality/reality/truth? Our potus is making lying acceptable by everyone everyday! How about fighting against climate change deniers? Cut me a break!

They should be more concerned with the food. Ronnie the Limo driver has more twitter followers than million moms. But Trump is just fine. Well that’s a damn shame! But feeding them trash is not?

Kids here worse from mom and dad and at school. Probably mors like 10 moms complaining. It’s in the Bible ... The hypocrisy pours out of orifice these women have...they bow down to our country's most immoral man & praise him every chance they get...but using the word 'damn' sends them around the bend...😠

Damn, so are school shootings. Oh stop it. The “F” bomb that is heard in their homes from sunrise to sunset is worst than damm One Million Moms can 'hold the pickle'! 😭😭😭 Really? All 217 of the One Million Moms are that upset? Damn! What do these conservative moms say about Trump’s choice of words Their children are REALLY going to be messed up!!!!!

Stop just stop!!!!! One Million Twunts is destructive and damaging to impressionable children. These holy-rolling toadies should mind their own damn business. You know what is damaging to youth? ...climate change deniers, non-action on gun laws, institutional racism, etc. etc. kiwis who are old enough remember the bugger advert?

One million (conservative) moms are one million percent wrong on this. Perhaps they should start protecting their children from all the lies and propaganda pushed by conservatives. Then we can talk about 'Damn.' OMG. Kids hear worse things in Disney movies. Come on women. BE REAL! These moms need a different hobby and some vino.

Children are still in cages Well, they need to cover their children’s ears when Trump holds his rallies. Get over it!!I don’t believe for one minute that every member of your organization has never used the word “damn”in front of your children.

Lol wut But feeding your kids Burger King is not? priorities badparents two million mums think it's just fucking perfect the way it is. *rolls eyes so hard they get stuck* But nude “Drag Queen Story Time”, whatever the fuck that is, is totes perfect. The self-flagellation here is off the charts They need to watch fox and friends.Or better yet get one of the Bible channels to have ridiculous nonsense.Dam is not a sinful word unless you belong to a patriarchal evangelical make up there own interpretations of the Bible.

No shit? Oh, For F&*k’s Sake! If that’s all 1milmoms has to complain about, then they have it pretty DAMN good. childrenincages GrabThemByThePussy RawDoggingAPornStar And ‘damn’ is the worst word heard in their house or around town?

Damn.... this one million mom's need to get a phucking life... Fish rots from the head But CNN can say shit hole over and over again on national television? Dayum It's less destructive and damaging than the food itself. Damn you Trump Well damn. Eternal damnation is in their fire and brimstone speeches is it not?

This generation is screwed. 😂🤣😂 Seriously? would it help if they changed it to fucking?

wah the word DAMN is causing this much angst? Grow up and realize that people are starving and sleeping on the streets and being abused and on and on...Damn Damn Damn...SoWhat As far as I'm concerned the bigger threat to children is the bigotry, ignorance & anti-intellectual attitudes of One Million [Hypocritical] Moms.

Wait til they listen to a Presidential rally! Put confusing them about gender and pumping then full of puberty blockers and artificial hormones isn’t? seriously, don’t we have more important things to worry about?! 🤣😂🤣😂 oh holy hell they'd hate me I'm a potty mouth momma I eff bomb every other word in a normal convo 😂😂😂😂🙈

Damn sensitive women... Maybe using the phrase ' As cool as a AK-47 ' would be more acceptable to them . As Tr*mp would say: Bullshit! Why is this even a story?

And the word 'Trump' is ok? They’re damn nuts Eat beef and say grace. Farmers are people too Good lord! What next? This is going way to far. Your precious children hear worse in school everyday and if you are so upset I guess you will be voting against trump for his REALLY offensive language? His bullying? His inhumanity to children at the border? His constant lying?

Doesn't damn refer to cursing someone (or something) to the Christian hell? It's as vulgar to me as telling me I won't get in to Hogwarts. Going to BK From the same group who bullied Hallmark into pulling a legal gay wedding ad. Yeah. Their arguments are credible. 👀 But “grab them by the pussy” is perfectly ok.

Guns are cool tho. Oh shit!

Please, only to kids whose mothers don't let them go to school. I learned that word in first grade from a kid named Patrick and that was in the mid 70's Fast food is destructive and damaging to impressionable children... but you’re worried about Damn 🤦‍♂️ No one tell them about the president. Of all the things happening in the world... 🙄

What a bunch of damn babies 🙄 Has anyone tols them to get some damned perspective and focus on the things that are really fucking kids up, like school shootings? Damn those OneMillionMoms are just such Karens. Get a JOB, ladies. Get a job Damn They should just replace the word 'damn' with two guys kissing. That should do it.

Raising children on fast-food is even more damaging and destructive.

Oh pls,kids hear more vulgar words then this at school. This People are way to soft these days If you use that word, God will darn you to heck! Funny thing is, theyll hear far worse just being exposed to the world around them. OMG it is not damaging, people who swear have higher IQ’s 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

But apparently “grab them by the pussy isn’t”. Got it.

Does this burger grab women by the ladyparts? damn, one million moms is destructive and damaging to impressionable children

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