'A complete and wholesale distortion of the truth'

Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker joins Morning Joe to discuss newly-released audio from interviews he along with Carol Leonnig conducted with former President Trump for the new book 'I Alone Can Fix It'.

7/23/2021 12:46:00 AM

'That comment from the fmr. President is a complete and wholesale distortion of the truth. We all watched this unfold, there was not love in that crowd,' Philip Rucker says on Trump calling the Jan. 6th rioters a 'loving crowd.'

Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker joins Morning Joe to discuss newly-released audio from interviews he along with Carol Leonnig conducted with former President Trump for the new book 'I Alone Can Fix It'.

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williambrown_M If I didn't know for sure this man is evil, I would have thought he was blind and deaf. Opinion: Said like a parent of the psycho kid in school. Sen McC & Rand part of this 2. I had a chance to move 2 Kentucky, but decided not: because I'm a Dem & likely to have anything from home vandalized to being shot. I saw faces of rage & deliberate harm 2 police. No thank U

Twisting words for ratings again! Don't you have anything else to do with your life? That crowd was there carrying his flag. They were there to stop the duly elected new president from being installed. The violence they caused was in his name. So, yes from his distorted perspective they were loving. Love of White Supremacist Nationalism

I saw it PPL were hugging each other saying that they loved each other while they were strolling through the Cap just like tourists The cops were overwhelmed with pats on the back, hugs, kisses, ect It was beautiful NOT!! Don't know what planet Trump was on NOT EARTH 4 SURE!!! You should hire Michael Steele and give him his own show!!!! He's absolutely fabulous on TV!!! So professional. Representing black people with the utmost EXCELLENCE!

Ppl who lie on behalf of the establishment will never pay a price. He’s not lying correctly. WMD’s, Babies thrown fm incubators, “my helicopter was hit by missile”, we must go to Afghanistan cuz everyone that attacked us is fm Saudi Arabia MOREOFTRUMPS TIREDOFTRUMPS Why hasn't AG Garland charged TFG with insurrection...treasonous acts plus other crimes committed on 1/6...

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Can we please just buy a ticket to see the Trump show? I am over this chapter...🙄 Nice conflation on what he means. They were purposely incited into a rage by expert propaganda. The only love was for an insurrection to which they came prepared. They even 'loved' some people to death. Until all the inciters are rounded up and thrown in jail they will keep trying to change reality.

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