Buffalo Wild Wings Worker Died After Exposure To A Cleaning Agent. 10 Other People Went To Hospital

Buffalo Wild Wings Worker Died After Exposure To A Cleaning Agent. 10 Other People Went To Hospital

A Buffalo Wild Wings worker died after exposure to a cleaning agent. 10 other people went to hospitals

A Buffalo Wild Wings employee died after being exposed to a cleaning agent used on the kitchen floor of one of the chain's Boston-area restaurants, fire officials say

11/8/2019 5:55:00 PM

A Buffalo Wild Wings employee died after being exposed to a cleaning agent used on the kitchen floor of one of the chain's Boston-area restaurants, fire officials say

A Buffalo Wild Wings employee died -- and 10 other people were sent to hospitals -- after they were exposed to a cleaning agent used on the kitchen floor of one of the chain's Boston-area restaurants Thursday evening, fire officials said.

The worker who died apparently was trying to squeegee the chemical off the floor after a coworker who started using it was overcome by fumes, Burlington interim Fire Chief Michael Patterson told reporters.The incident at the restaurant in Burlington began around 5:30 p.m., with workers and customers -- some coughing -- streaming out of the facility as fumes spread, witnesses told CNN affiliate WCVB.A worker, intending to clean the kitchen floor, put a chemical called"Super 8" -- a cleaning agent with sodium hypochlorite -- on the floor, Patterson said. That person quickly was sickened, apparently by fumes, and went outside, he explained.A second worker"attempted to squeegee the product out of the building when he was overcome," Patterson said.Read MoreFirefighters were called, and responders found the second employee suffering from nausea outside. An ambulance took that man to a hospital, where he died, Patterson said.Ten other people at the restaurant -- eight employees and two customers -- checked themselves in to hospitals Thursday, with symptoms including breathing difficulties, watery and runny eyes, and shortness of breath, Patterson said.They were being treated with oxygen, and none of them was believed to be in serious condition, according to Patterson.The restaurant was closed for the night. Police and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate, Patterson said."We are shocked and saddened to learn of this tragic accident at our franchise-owned sports bar and are working closely with our franchisee and the authorities while they conduct an investigation," Buffalo Wild Wings said in a statement."Because the investigation is ongoing, we are unable to share any additional comment at this time. Any further questions will need to be referred to the local authorities."A manufacturer of Super 8, on its website, describes the product as a sanitizer"specifically designed for use in mechanical or hand dishwashing operations."Patterson said he was told that Super 8 is a"common product used in floor cleaning.""For some reason tonight, there was just a reaction that led to this," he said.'It smelled horrible'Customers told CNN affiliate WHDH that they could smell a strong chemical odor, and people closest to the kitchen began coughing and moving outside."Imagine, like, you're in the pool, but add bleach to that. It smelled horrible," Michael Burnstein told WHDH."I think one of the things that went through my mind is, we're sitting there, like, 'What are we supposed to do? Is everything OK? Should we even be breathing this air?'"

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Daaaam “U don’t make it - U don’t eat it” ~ Bruce Willis, Red movie quotes Bleach and Ammonia... Watch it! They may not want to be buried next to people of color! 🤔 sucks someone that worked at one of the Buffalo Wild Wings stores died from something there, man the Buffalo Wild Wings. After talking on MIRC about how much I wanted Buffalo Wild Wings, and I've still never been there, and people in MIRC said in a way never go to Buffalo Wild Wings because of how good it is in a way. Hey Hot Wings are one of my most favorite foods. Wanted to say that, that

Lawsuit looms! What a kerfuffle!✍🏾 I’ve been cleaning for years, what kind of cleaning agent was he using? Did he mix it with bleach? LivePD Ammonia and Chlorine Bleach never a good combo Something isnt adding up here, obviously... super 8 is a cleaning agent, yes... but that strong, to kill someone and hospitalize others ? 😢😢😔More tocome on thos no doubt... so sad for families

😢😢😢 Mixing bleach and ammonia makes mustard gas!! Very deadly . SkrizzlyAdams Careful My heart goes out to BWWings team ands employees family!! Scary.. WTF so sad. My heart goes out to the victims families. They should sue. That’s the equivalent of mustard gas... someone didn’t give him safety instructions or he didn’t follow them. OSHA will figure it out

This is tragic. Wasn't there another recent incident involving this restaurant chain regarding someone 86'd? Just open doors and turn on vents. An experts making such error mixing 2 different cleaning solutions Cant mix bleach with ammonia. We all learned this in science class in middle school And what is the NAME OF THE Floor CLEANER so other people don’t use it and die?

Wait a second. Someone died at a Buffalo Wild Wings, and it WASN'T the food that killed him?!? It is just so sad that this man was trying to do a good job. Let us learn from his mistake and not belittle him. maybe such chemicals should not be available!!! My guess. Knowing the population in that area. The worker who mixed the two chemicals could not read English. Probably barely understand English. Hired as cheap labor. Most of these restaurants do. This is one good reason immigrants Need to learn English.

AbramVillafan Just a guess, ammonia mixed with bleach? Consumers need to be better advised by manufacturers of not mixing common cleaning products like deadly bleach and ammonia !! Crazy This headline is written horribly. Doesn’t illustrate the storyline correctly. The headline inside the link paints a better picture.

I have already known not to mix the two chemicals. Was this event an accident?smh MattyMaeg It's against the law to not provide MSDS information to employees or at least not train them to know where to find that information. This is the companies fault for its failure. Tried to warn people about the silent killers.. RIP JcHaWkInS3

I worked I restaurants for 20 years. Every back of the house cleaning product is WAY toxic. So stupid, not supposed to lick the floor. BlindMike_ BigSteve207 kirkmin think of the deal you can get on the live show at this place now. This is why I dont clean. I used to mix bleach and ammonia to clean the bathroom until someone said their wife had to go to the hospital for doing that. This family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Is this the same location where they ask a black family to change tables because another regular customer didn’t want them to sit by them? Working in a food industry, there are commercial cleaning agents that are like acid. If not diluted properly can cause lung/skin damage. Most contain chemicals combined together chlorine and ammonia or ammonia and lye. They have dilution rates and can't be combined with others

So sad - don’t mix bleach with anything unless you’re sure of the contents. Older adults know this but many young people have not been taught some simple things. So sad. This is so sad and unnecessary- corporations must start providing the necessary equipment to keep all employees safe and prepared for an accident when handling this poison. We also need to look at why it’s necessary to use poison ☠️ to clean a floor- there are natural ways.

Safety Data Sheets - please read and follow them. Business owners: Try to use the same chemicals when you clean. Label cleaners for employees on where they should be used and read labels!! Don’t try something new and always rinse thoroughly after cleaning to prevent this! How sad:( To die working at the job u hate, smh

What a major law suit. But again people not being careful and not caring. That's the power of pinesoil baby Oh! What exactly is the cleaning agent? So we know to avoid it... Don't mix bleach with anything. His family can sue for millions Lo Let me guess--he mixed ammonia with bleach. I had an aunt who did that--she lived, but her lungs were ruined.

Even if there is any kind of safety training I highly doubt something like this would have been avoided. People don’t listen or care enough in the world today. Even if there were specific scrub brushes for each cleaning product some useless idiot would disregard it I was going to make a floor licking joke but jfc people, teach your kids to never mix cleaners, either

VERSACEFETUS you’re alive right? 😂😂😂🐎💩 Betcha it's from using one product with ammonia and another with bleach. Never, EVER mix cleaning products. Each works great, by itself. Together they make a highly toxic gas. That is so tragic! Hadn’t they used it before ? My God what happened ? What type of cleaning agent was that?

bri_8a 😲🥺 I’m still going Wtd Wtf Something similar happened last week in the kitchen of Norma’s Cafe in Carrollton. Everyone started coughing, wiping their eyes, and I had to leave. As I was driving by they had both front doors open & weren’t letting customers in yet. This is so sad. Sorry for families

I was poisoned at a work place when someone used drain clog cleaner and I'm not sure what else but result was SO2. We had to be evacuated. I had asthma after. hermionedangerr that new job couldn’t have come at a better time!! If you mix bleach with ammonia you will die. Just days after another location told a black family to move tables because a white man didn’t want to sit next to black people, a manager is killed by cleaning products... what the actual fuck is going on at Buffalo Wild Wings

Oh JESUS CHRIST WHAT WAS IN THIS CLEANING AGENT?!? Called it before I read it. Mixed a powerful base with an acid and gassed himself and the others. Mixed with Ammonia? I thought maybe all the microwaves cooking the food killer her. We ate at Wild Wings today here in Daytona Beach. Hopefully this doesn't happen here because for their wings I am going to risk it.

NeryColindres Wait. What? Monique11344899 thafreshstkd305 I almost died from their spicest boneless chicken hot wings 🤣 Gatekeeper5150 Key word; Boston I hope they retire his jersey. Y’all are not BWW fault or the manager or employee. We all probably have those product in our home. I’ve mixed them on purpose or accident especially on a floor or mop.Who would have thought it will make a dozen ppl sick or cause a death. Devastating 💔

Condolences to the family of the employee. Cleaning agents are extremely dangerous when inhaled, ingested or in direct contact with the skin. They cause many occupational injuries and chronic health problems to workers. Sadly, in this instance it has resulted in a fatality 😔 carli_ellen 😨😨😨😨 “fumes” . . . Probably exposure to something else they were using at the restaurant.

Strong ammonia Question: Is this the same restuarant chain that told a family to leave bc....'we don't serve your kind'? Discrimination Just wondering while I rack my brain & memory. TY. Think the cleaning fluid is deadly? Try the wings. Or don't...seriously...don't. May the lord be with the victims I'll bet a dollar that somebody mixed bleach and ammonia yielding deadly chlorine gas. Condolences to the family.

Oh my god...😥 Bleach and lime away? Watch the BWWings stock 📉 Holy moly Dude, this was my mom's cousin, Ryan. She's devastated. His family is more than likely going to sue the restaurant Buffalo wild fumes rose_valenciia don't u work for this chicken wing place? Lawsuit city. Please be careful. THIS is heartbreaking.

Damm thats crazy .how strong was the cleaning product that a sad. Was he black not funny but didnt buffalo wings just had some racist shit going on ther all this is crazy .this country is a laughing pot wack👎 This can easily happen when chemicals are accidentally mixed, such as ammonia and bleach... aye_itsizzyy

What wrong with using Vinegar to clean the floors? If only there were a way to test product ingredients and prove safety BEFORE they are allowed to be sold, oh wait. Absolutely awful. Hope everyone else stays safe and in good health. I've scrubbed the floor at many a McDonalds and Taco Bell and this is honestly a thought that never ever crossed my mind. Remember to keep those brooms and deck brushing tools clean in between every use.

Tragic. 😔 His family is experiencing a nightmare over the death of this good man. Strength to them and may he Rest In Peace. What’s the product? Rip/ may the lord be with him and his family Whoa. Honestly surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Most of these restaurants don’t put much, if any time into training staff on chemical safety (or any safety really).

That’s how my bathroom was after I ate there Sounds like he mixed it with ammonia. $12.50 an hour ain’t worth risking your life for. In Canada, if you tell your workers to mix chemicals properly, and explain clearly that it's a major health hazard to use the wrong chemical/wrong combo of chemicals, they call you racist and file a grievance.

Bad week for BW's 😬 wow BWW not having a good week I think god is sending a message not to ever eat at this restaurant madflavor Experimenting with a new sauce? 🤔 Sad. So sad for this guy 😢 Rest In Peace 🙏🏼 Did someone mix bleach and ammonia? This is a dangerous chemical when interacted with other chemicals I never have dined there know I never will

What a tragedy. The population should realize things like this will happen much more often if not for government regulations which the GOP and this administration continue to do away. jimothy619 ☹️🙏 That’s really too bad What the hell are they using to clean the floors there? That’s just crazy. And I’m sure this stuff is stored in back rooms in all of the Buffalo Wild Wings locations.

2. _It_Was_Written Underpaid. ToxicWorkSpace ToxicJobs corporationsDontCare CorporationsKill WorkersRights The employee you save may be you. ProtectUSworkers It’s so sad how many rules and precautions get tossed out the window when it come to the restaurant industry. Trust me, most companies have the proper way to do stuff written all over the place. But it’s VERY easy to take a short cut when someone is yelling at you to “hurry”

Omg. Wow! That's terrible! 😖 God have mercy wow BWW is very clean. I’ll be taking my family very soon xoxo Terrible I was eating at a restaurant, Not Buffalo Wild Wings and they spray for flies while we’re esting on the patio. The fumes are strongmand float in our food etc, They should know better. This happens all the time because chemicals are so dangerous. They cause so many health issues and even death it’s so sad. That’s why I shop at a 100% all natural buyers club online. It saves me money and it’s 100% better for family’s health

Bleach and ammonia ? Always read the SDS sheets for every chemical your place of business uses. Even if you don't use them directly. Knowing what to do can save your life. God and he left behind a baby and wife. Shit... Way Overrated. F Buffalo Wild Wings. My mom accidentally mixed bleach with ammonia... hospital stay, almost died.

Too bad that happened, that's why I hate using any chemicals for cleaning, burns my eyes, makes me cough, can't breathe, itches my skin, really bad for you, just hate it. That's. awful. I was at the one in FortWayne and it smelled of Bleach so badly! I asked the server what was going on and she said we have to clean to cut the spilled beer smell. I said it’s so bad I’m not sure I can eat here.

Dude, we’re Walt and Jessie disposing of bodies or wacking Crazy Eight? How does this happen? Fabuloso would never ByrningBunny It really needs to be revealed exactly what happened so it never happens again. kylerd93 careful out there! I wonder who spilled the Blazin sauce barrel That is really sad to hear 😔

Who was the MSDS on-site person? Oh shit, I was just there last year. Rip Mixing bleach with amonia? R.I.P. So is someone getting massively sued for serious neglect? This should never have happened. Epstein didn’t kill himself. Been in business for over 30 years and the training of cleaning is not given and explained by the companies on how powerful the cleaners are and should never be mixed especially with bleach.

This is tragic & sad. Wtf Must have mixed it with something accidentally maybe. Not a good week for this franchise. Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings. Beer. Death. For this we can “thank” corrupt politicians, unethical agenda-driven political appointees, &slick lobbying by powerful mega-corporations. Consumer protection agencies, laws, funding, & resources have been greatly eroded over years by egregious profits-over-people agendas.

Must be that foam free. I remember using some highly fumigated oven cleaner that would make you cough violently when I worked in the deli. WHMIS training Wrongful death lawsuit on the way! That is a sad tragedy. They have been having bad news after bad news. If your black and go in there expect them to offer watermelon and fried chicken

Geeze. I'm so sorry. My sincere sympathies to their loved ones. Capitalism claims another victim Lmao!!! Well this is unacceptable and a lawsuit waiting to happen. How can this happen? You can not ammonia and bleach. You will die from the fumes! They will have a memorial service and replace him in two weeks. Capitalism

Their wings I understand, but the floor cleaning chemical? Fugazy much? This is sad. Delicous Nobody reads instructions anymore. Ever read the instructions on your tooth paste? Seems like shitty job delegation Horrible. Dont mix the chemicals! Ammonia and bleach bad comb! Yup, keep cutting back on the EPA.. ☹️

What kind of “toxic cleaning fumes,” exactly, so others can avoid? Hello, OSHA_DOL Really sad. I’ve been in kitchens since about 15 and have worked with the stuff. Clearly a horrible chemical reaction. You mix that with anything, something like vinegar even, and it’s very dangerous. Prayers for the family.

Probably mixed bleach and ammonia Probably mixed ammonia and bleach SophiaCook it happened again but fatally Hope they can figure out what cause this to happen! Why isn't anyone talking about billrichardson being a pedophile? Never “wing” it. rest in peace.. my condolences to the family and friends of the manager 💗

Learned a long time ago not to mix cleaning agents. Saw a violent reaction once with pool chemicals. Ummm this is why I stopped cleaning with chemicals. I don't even use green washed all purpose cleaner any more. Microfiber and water 💯 Yikes. Calling my grandson. He goes to Suffolk University in Boston.

So sad to hear The gonna use this as an excuse to raise prices on their shitty food It's dangerous to enjoy chicken from fast food joints today. Thoughts and prayers 🙏 Why did n earth are there even cleaners like this, especially in a business? Should only have cleaners that are safe, even if mixed.. Did they mix ammonia with the bleach based sanitizer? I was always told that would create chlorine gas.

Rough week for Buffalo Wild Wings... Can we now start to entertain the idea that chemical policies in America are ridiculous? And that we're so used to them that no one questions all the death and injury each year from chemical-related 'occupational hazards?' So sorry for this manager and all who were present.

How can we pin this on Trump says CNN staff. Good god, what are they cleaning with?!? gikiex3 who’s their supplier? Wow. BuffaloWildWings is the devil's chicken. Sad. It just goes to show how important directions are and employee training. Even if training seems redundant. Chlorine exposure is not a joke. You can be incapacitated within secs. Thats why so many companies across various industries have guidelines and approved procedures

My heart goes out to this family. This is exactly why I get plant based cleaning agents for me and my son. EnvironmentalAwareness toxic buffalowildwings plantbased fumes I’m sure they were using that to clean stove and other super hot utensils, they do that when managers push them, no waiting for it to cool down, 🤷🏻‍♂️ a cook in a restaurant i worked almost died he sprayed hot things with that cleaner every day

The manager must have stumbled upon epstiens top secret pedo info is this the same with that guy that dropped some liquid and then slipped in the video that came out earlier this week? This is why MSDAs are important Damn what a shame. I worked in restaurants for years the chemicals to clean coffee pots always made me nauseous. You had to rinse it forever. There has to be a better way.

Gotta hire people who can read! Was their “super 8” secretly hydrochloric acid? What the hell? At least the place will pass the health inspection. RIP Please identify the chemical that was used? Every time I have ever tried to eat there I have gotten a horrible migraine. Lessons to learn: 1. Only use cleaning products for their intended purpose. 2. Avoid bleach based products on floors and mops as they often use ammonia in cleaning. 3. Train on what to use, what not to, and what to do if you do!

🙏 for the family Sooooo, I'm guessing they mixed bleach and ammonia? This is horrible. Did someone mix ammonia with bleach? Sounds like a case of ammonia and bleach mixture. Showing up for work and dying while cleaning is well ? Shakespearien? Mhm. So many of these business have OSHA violations it's terrible

What was the chemical? I couldn’t stand using the cleaners when i worked in the restaurant business. The health inspectors are so adamant about using chemicals that burn your nose hairs. I was so happy when they finally switched to a vinegar based solution. Ugh!!🤮🤢😵☠️ Someone accidentally made mustard gas by mixing bleach and something with ammonia in it probably with a few degreaser chemicals too... I’m so surprised this hasn’t happened more. Just my opinion

Hold on to Peace kfcelia_ This is no surprise. BWWings will use the cheapest products to clean or cook. Prayers to the deceased, the intoxicated and their families. Get that chain investigated The other managers: So yeah they're dead but you're still coming in for your shift at 5 right? Bleach n ammonia create a deadly combination.....sad the employee had to lose his life this way.....

What product was used ? We need to know, “for prevention”. They’re jus gonna replace him tomorrow BWWings 'bout to get their asses sued. Everyday cleaning products ? Can be equally dangerous, especially when mixed, on accident or purpose. That is terrible! nadiaeh12 yikes! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 B Ls If anyone wants to know how to avoid this:

If there was any residue of ammonia on the floor or any devices such as mop buckets that were used, then mixing with bleach creates Mustard Gas. That is the likely scenario, not unheard of. “Employee” smh. Was the general manager for goodness sake Chemistry needs to be taught more. If there's any consolation, they won't have an ecoli breakout now.

I’ve had a fear of mixing chemicals since a friend said their toilet literally exploded from their aunt mixing cleaning chemicals inside it (luckily no one was inside when it exploded), so learning RESIDUE from a prev cleansing caused a reaction sets my paranoia to 11. ohmygod Nothing in a restaurant needs to be cleaned with such harsh chemicals.

This is so very unfortunate and tragic, my sincerest condolences to his family🙏 'It may also be used manually as a “third sink” sanitizer or as a spray sanitizer.' A spray sanitizer that's so effective that it can wipe out human life And this 80+ year old company is just selling it to the masses?! It's almost like there are other factors not mentioned.

vvalentaa good thing you got out! AJStein I would look into who they are hiring to clean. A lot of them don’t know what they are mixing together. Cheap labor will do damage on many levels. Bleach. One teaspoon to a gallon of water, that's all it takes. Don't use it full strength😭 Need to ask - what are the long term health effects on workers using these on a regular basis (esp if in larger than recommended concentrations). How safe are they

In the absence of more detail, this certainly sounds like a chemical reaction, versus simply the cleaning product itself. Very sad. Prayers and thoughts to loved ones and wish the others well mike_foo we probably died a million times already after smelling oxicide What was his ethnicity They clean? If he wasn't eating all those Buffalo Wings he probably wouldn't have been exposed to the fumes.

Wtf.. 😒 Probably a result of lowering govt regulations on toxins. Score for small govt. . ddt monsanto asbestos toxins BWW may as well shut down and start over under a new name Toxins poision chemicals pesticides insecticides. Why oh why are us humans dying Do we not know better the choices we make? All these un-natural toxic chemicals we put on things to clean and rid of pests are not going 2 harm us? Boy are humans the dumb ones in the end...

JeremyLeavy mikeg0703 ColesTwitt3r .... This is a tough one. How is CNN going to blame THIS on President Trump ? Companies like Ecolab who make special restaurant cleaning materials make things close to idiot proof but sometimes you have employees who are less than that, fucking around, high, or don’t care what they’re doing. Sounds like it cost this person their life.

You can't even use bleach to clean up tiny amounts of urine. Same effect. Tragic Between this toxic chemical spill, racist treatment of African-Americans, crappy, overpriced, tasteless food, what reason is there to patronize Buffalo Wild Wings? I never could see why it’s popular. Much better wings elsewhere.

Wow..that chain has had some issues lately. That is sad to go to work and have that happen... Vinegar is all you need for a good clean! Ban these chemicals now!! Where are we China? What is happening? Fast food kills MSDS sheets&hazard material training provided&taught BY restaurant managers. They know what chemical goes where/do the ordering when something runs out so they DEFINITELY know what’s what. Pretty sure this means an employee fucked around did something they shouldn’t have on floor

When a minimum wage job kills your boss, because the corporation found a cheaper floor cleaner. Not the employee's fault, but the corporation's failure. What's a few lives measured against corporate profits anyways, amirite🤷‍♂️😎 'Buffalo wild wings manager FUCKING DIES' - Twitter headlines Y’all make me fucking SICK

Sad. At least it was the reanimated Siberian virus. RIP So Coming from being AT THE SCENE, and was right in front of him, and on the phone with the wife when this all happened I gotta say is that It’s so easy to point fingers when you know nothing. My manager was a hell of a man and he died trying to save everyone from the fumes.

🙏 That's inexcusable! Many prayers for this mans family and the others who are sick due too this. They might have made chlorine gas on mistake... Something isn’t adding up about this story. Super 8? Hey, tell 'em not to use bleach-based cleaner on the floor if it could be mixing with other cleaners or vinegar-based food spilings...while you training them not to ask people to move due to skill color. BasicTraining

I teach Chemistry and warn my students about this every year. DON’T MIX BLEACH with anything else! This sounds like chlorine gas exposure, which is a chemical weapon used by Saddam Hussein in Iraq. I hope the name or names of the products used are reported in the news! edgarlickscats 😦 Strange to hear...

😳 How long will it be before cnn blames TRUMP for this? Place your bets MAGA ImpeachTrump This is one reason why I stick to non toxic cleaners like Krud Kutter or Simple Green or white vinegar or even vodka is a great cleaner. Seriously. Who lining up? Some people will do anything to get out of work smh

Follow instructions and never mix any chemicals.. Do not mix Clorex with Amonia that will produce Clorine gas It is a killer Bet they mixed it with ammonia. Bleach and ammonia create a toxic gas. I was overcome once in my first apartment and I did this to clean a bathtub unknowingly. True tragedy. Sounds as though the cleaner was mixed with another agent either intentionally or not. Maybe it came in contact with the residue from a different product? It appears to be a widely used product so investigators need to provide an answer to prevent future incidents.

Shut it down. Read instructions avenhutt TravisEhlers1 Have fun training on the dangers of chemicals at the OG Travis Sad for sure, but the reason businesses have MSDS sheets and basic hazardous materials training is to AVOID mistakes in using products. Guessing whatever it was got mixed with something else causing toxic fumes. If BWW didn’t provide and document the employee’s training though...

This is why we use dirt floors Ammonia and bleach happens alot but people usually get sick not dead It was actually the honey garlic sauce that did it Most restaurants that I used to be associated with would mop the kitchen floors with Tide it works as a non slip and degreaser in one Sad, good intentions to just do a job and it goes wrong. Life can go wrong in a instant, enjoy every minute you have.

'We are shocked and saddened to learn of this tragic accident at our franchise-owned sports bar and are working closely with our franchisee' Well, looks like corporate HQ is already distancing itself from the incident by stating it's franchise owned, no doubt expecting a lawsuit. If mixed with ammonia, it produces chlorine gas.

Sad. Company needs to train their employees better He drank it right? WHAT THE HECK KIND OF CLEANING AGENT KILLS PEOPLE?! 😠 THOSE POOR PEOPLE🙏 Bleach, probably concentrated but still bleach. Possible someone cleaned with ammonia earlier. Bleach and ammonia together are deadly. But nooo, lets use the chemical name of bleach to leave everyone confused.

theSIDDHwani I guarantee it was mixed with another cleaner. I've worked in kitchens for years and saw it happen more than once. Two innocuous chemicals can come together and create a very DANGEROUS reaction. And it happens very quickly. Blessings The Buffalo Wild Wings statement is disgusting: “saddened by what happened at a franchise-owned restaurant” specifically worded to try to get out of culpability 🤮

Siroc_The_God Ive used “Super 8” seems highly unlikely that’s what this was, even if it was not diluted like recommended. :/ sad Scary. 10 people hospitalized. Geez, hasn’t been a great month for BWW making the news! Mixed chemicals? Can’t mix cleaning agents... toxic. 😒 _connorgeorge_ _ShesDOPE_ Shitty way to go

This is insane 😮 Must be some strong shit. Well at least we know the kitchen floor is clean! I like clean, but wait. How could such a toxic cleaner be aok to use in a Restaurant? Serious Q: how does this happen. The link won’t open up. Was it deliberate? 🙏🏻 What in the hell are they cleaning the floors with? What awful news and what an awful way to Finn

Qanon dprofic wtf is up with your go to place?

Group speaks out after racist incident at Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings'To see them trying to understand is hurtful because that's something they shouldn't have to do,' one of the women in the group said about the children involved in the incident I prefer to eat where it's quiet and there aren't a lot of loud, rambunctious people jumping up and down. Where is the video to support this elaborate story? Or are we to believe that they are the only black people in the country that didn't video a perceived wrong?

Buffalo Wild Wings CEO meets to discuss racial incidentThe president of Buffalo Wild Wings met with officials of a Chicago suburb where customers of a restaurant were asked to move to different tables because a patron didn't want to be seated near black people. Alright, I'll bite. Now what really happened? should have told said patron to go to another restaurant cause in AMERICA we have all colors of humans and WE LOVE IT THAT WAY Bernie2020 NotMeUs

Buffalo Wild Wings Faces Heat From Racist IncidentBuffalo Wild Wings fired two store employees, banned a customer from its restaurants and plans to speed up sensitivity training in the wake of a racist incident in suburban Chicago. FakeNews Thats not what happened at all. They didn't want to sit by them because they had a lot of children who were doing what kids do: being loud and rowdy. Businesses should really practice smart hiring process & not hire idiots that will destroy your brand/reputation BuffaloWildWings ask PapaJohns founder about brand reputation StupidPeople NationalNachosDay

1 dead, several ill after chemical accident at Buffalo Wild Wings in MassachusettsAuthorities in Burlington are calling it a Tier 1 hazmat incident after a chemical mixture killed one worker and sickened six others. i knew the blazin sauce was dangerous was the ol bleech n ammonia accident again? They are having a good week.

Chemical mixture at Buffalo Wild Wings kills 1 employeeA Buffalo Wild Wings employee in suburban Boston has died and at least 10 others hospitalized following a chemical incident believed to be caused by a cleaning agent, police say. Not great week for BWWings. Someone mistakenly make chlorine gas? I didnt read the article but I'll say it here: NEVER MIX CLEANING CHEMICALS. Just about any combination of ammonia, bleach, and/or chlorine becomes deadly.

Chemical mixture at Buffalo Wild Wings kills 1 employeeThat seems reasonable. S2KiLLA bleach and ammonia make mustard gas that's the only thing I can think of also, where are the news reports on Epstein?