A BTS Pop-Up Shop Is Coming to Seoul

A BTS pop-up shop is on the way 👀


A BTS pop-up shop is on the way 👀

BTS will be opening a huge pop-up store called 'BTS Pop Up : House of BTS' starting Oct. 18.

will be opening a huge pop-up store called "BTS Pop Up : House of BTS" starting Oct. 18, stretching all the way through Jan. 5 in the area of Gangnam, Seoul.

"'BTS Pop Up : House of BTS' will be an experiential space complex that will provide a more spectacular customer experience than ever before,” said Big Hit Entertainment in a press statement, adding, “We hope it will become a space that everyone, including fans, can enjoy together.”

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Lizzo Is Down to Collab with BTS, and Let’s Make It HappenUm, absolutely!

Ya know BigHitEnt India is the most populus country in the world with LOADS of merch-deprived armies? 🙂💜 bts 💜💜💜 I HOPE THAT KOREAN ARMYs WILL ENJOY!! meanwhile in europe,croatia ...... 😍😍😍😍 bts PLEASE RT AND LIKE MY PINNED AND TAG MOOTS IM BEGGING YOU💜💜💜 who is she with jiminie hyung? No hay dinerooooooo 😅😅😅

BTS_ARMY Can't wait

Billie Eilish Has Zero Time For People Questioning Her Potential BTS CollabBillie Eilish was pretty excited when BTS gave her a shout-out, saying said they were interested in a potential collaboration with the 'Bad Guy' singer during a Beats 1 interview on Apple Music earlier this year. I have mixed feelings about this 🙄 Yes please:') they can keep it anyways

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The BTS ARMY Thinks Jungkook Dyed His Hair Blue & We’re LivingThe BTSArmy is going nuts of Jungkook's new hair. bts_bighit JungkookTimes bts_bighit ur faster thn me JungkookTimes bts_bighit ha? when we said tht? jeonggukpics bts_bighit No one thinks that

BTS_ARMY Cadê a lojinha no Br BigHitEnt I don't wanna hear from you until you change the way bundling affects your charts BTS_ARMY We made a MV in gratitude to BTS. Take a look and please support our video! TheSevenReasonsFor 🥺🥺❤️ BTS_ARMY Seoul is already well fed😪 Can we get one in Oslo instead🥺🙏

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Billie Eilish Isn't Here For BTS NegativityShe responded to fans disparaging a potential collaboration.

Flop First i don't live in Korea Second im broke AF 😭💔 Osi osi BTS por los cielos ✨ Bts wiiiii Ага BTS_twt PCAs TheMusicVideo BoyWithLuv I'm still broke so... we broke enough to go to seoul m8 Will try my best to go ! . BTS_twt Ohhh cool 💜

Lizzo Wants To Collaborate With BTS & Honestly, The World Needs ThisThe BTSArmy would *kill* for this. bts_bighit

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Anxiety Pop Is the Sound of 2019Musical artists like kimpetras and rinasawayama beckon our broken and weary bodies to the dance floor. ELLEWIH

Wowwwwwwwww SO COOL!! BTS_ARMY ah Southeast asia please 🥺 and im still broke legends only PCAs LoveYourselfSpeakYourself TheConcertTour BTS_twt House of BTS in Seoul Reisinhos

But they’re kings anyways Legends WOW They are coming to Saudi Arabia 😊❤️ Yes and i can’t go jimindelirium SOLD OUT ALREADY 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 kings Im mean they are kings and L E G E N D S after all ARMY's🙌🏻💜💜💜

Si y en América, nada wow iconic 🤩🤩

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