A brighter future for rapid Covid tests?

The U.S. still doesn’t have any program to get Americans free, at-home rapid Covid tests. But a new plan from the Biden White House could change that.

12/3/2021 9:26:00 AM

.mehdirhasan on lack of free, at-home rapid Covid-19 tests: 'The great irony is there's been nothing rapid at all about rapid testing in this country. It's been unbelievably slow. We're behind the rest of the world when it comes to rapid testing.'

The U.S. still doesn’t have any program to get Americans free, at-home rapid Covid tests. But a new plan from the Biden White House could change that.

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ektaka mehdirhasan Sadly, the same responsible people who got vaccinated will be the ones to use them when needed. The ones who didn’t vax, will continue to be out and about, massless, and spreading it.

President Biden to make at-home rapid tests free in new COVID plan'We're expanding our national booster campaign to provide booster shots to all eligible adults,' Pres. Biden says during remarks about his plan to fight COVID-19 this winter. Booster's for US, but not 'for illegal's'

UFC's Dana White Tests Positive For COVID, Consulted Joe RoganUFC president Dana White reveals he tested positive for COVID-19, says he consulted with Joe Rogan. So that means he will probably die within 72 hours. So strange😳 So very Twilight Zoney🥴 Most ppl consult their Doctors concerning illness. These people consult Right Wing Radio Show Personalities for Medical their advice. I don't know what strange phenomenon is happening in the United States right now but it's not good. Consulting with Seth always ends well. Good luck with that.

LeBron James Cleared to Return by NBA After New Round of Covid TestsAfter several rounds of conflicting test results, the Los Angeles Lakers star will be back on the court on Friday. Bullshit he got on that ivermectin The energy consumption of a data center is a significant resource that should not be overlooked. IT equipment consumes most of the energy resources datacenter cooling optimization efficiency energy pue like follow retweet

COVID-19 booster side effects: What to expect and how to manageAll adults are now eligible for COVID-19 booster shots, which means more people than ever have already or will soon be experiencing side effects from their TODAYshow From Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche who helped construct the vaccine. In his own words. TODAYshow DO NOT GET IT! TODAYshow Dont get it

10 Athletes Who Got A COVID-19 Vaccine, And 7 Who Didn'tFrom LeBron James to Aaron Rodgers.

Mark Meadows now calling Covid story in own book ‘fake news’Chris Hayes: “All of the evidence points to Trump having Covid, knowing he had Covid, and spending a week spreading it around while covering it up and refusing to admit he's sick. But Meadows is willing to undercut his own book in order to pretend that’s not true.” chrislhayes Trump Derrangment Syndrome chrislhayes Typical trump, didn’t care about anyone but himself and he did get the best treatment at the time while hundreds of thousand died, he wasn’t a president just a dictator chrislhayes Doesn’t his publisher have a problem with something Meadows presents as fact only to lie.