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A Boom Time for the Bunker Business and Doomsday Capitalists

Personalized disaster prep has grown into a multimillion-dollar business, fueled by a seemingly endless stream of new and revamped threats.


It has a pool, a sauna and a movie theater. And it could survive the apocalypse. Step into the world of bunker builders and doomsday capitalists.

Personalized disaster prep has grown into a multimillion-dollar business, fueled by a seemingly endless stream of new and revamped threats.

Tom S., 69, who works in information technology and lives outside Atlanta, purchased one of the Vivos cellars after becoming increasingly concerned about political unrest, among other things. His 2,200-square-foot bunker is also a great jumping-off point for exploring the Rockies, and he and his wife plan to use it as a home base when he retires, he said.

He identifies as conservative but his bunker neighbor is liberal, and they once had a spirited conversation about President Trump.

Mr. Hall has outfitted the building with five air filters, connected it to the electrical grid, drilled a well to the local aquifer, and set up diesel generators, a wind turbine and a battery bank, all for backup power.

From his defense days, Mr. Hall knew that the government had been selling off its underground weapons warehouses. In 2008, he purchased one for about $300,000 and told his wife, Lori, and young son that they were moving from Florida to Colorado so he could start his bunker business. That silo soon became the Kansas Survival Condo.

The Survival Condo vault, which cost the military millions to build, was sold to a civilian in 1967 for $3,030 and passed through several owners before making it to Mr. Hall.

Read more: The New York Times

Metro 2040 This is what their tax cut went for. Got to love supply-side economics. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nobody is gonna get out of this life alive. Sooner or later we all die. 'Doomsday capitalists' is a great reminder that doomsday has its cheerleaders. Sounds so survivalist. But honestly who wants to be 'left' here? After all that personal stockpile starts shrinking what to do? Take a scary trip to McDonald's, Starbucks, Kroger? What happens when the toilet stops flushing?

The life will give no mercy to bunker builders... Apocalypse will end all form of life, even for rats! The only way to life,is to change attitude to ourselves. Stop your hate to others and throw everything you owns... There is a sucker born everyday, simply amazing! I wouldn't want to shrivel up mentally, emotionally & physically in a hole in the ground, even if that hole had all kinds of built-in 'luxuries'. I'd much rather commit suicide before reality of the climate hell becomes to painful and extreme. But that's just me.

lol, Looks like something out of Fallout. Bunkers with contaminated water and air from super large nuclear fallout..ok! speak to me I never knew

There's a boom in VC funding for fertility startups. But female founders say they still have a hard time getting men to invest.By one investor's accounting, more than $321 million in venture funding has gone to fertility startups in 2019.

The ultimate in 'stupid'; we merely wait til the apocalypse is over and they have to come out. Then, we have them. SURELY NOT FOR THOSE OF US WITH NO MONEY!!! ....... windmill that close = cancer..... Just sayin' Instead of trying to make the world a better and more safe place, some people apparently prefers to hide them self instead... 🤔 Sorry, but you can't hide your self for ever, sooner or later you have to crawl out to the real world...🧐

I mean why wait for the apocalypse? This sounds amazing and I would never leave Come on you Must do better! Stephen Miller is a Monster!! A rising tide floods all bunkers. Just ask Hitler. Let’s put our resources into bunkers instead of building a better world! Great job team!!👍🏽 7 billion people on this planet and we’re all idiots

What's outrageous is that people could be building shelters for their neighbors. But all the richest people in this country care about is themselves. Who wants to survive the apocalypse?

How Airlines Are Defending Dormant 737 MAX Jets From The Ravages Of Corrosion, Insects And TimePlanes are built to move. Making sure almost 600 737 MAX planes aren't damaged from their prolonged grounding has become the mission of a small army of maintenance staff. Among their chief weapons: yellow vinyl tape, copious amounts of lubricants and in some situations, wet wipes. JBogaisky Thank goodness people are spared flying Southwest

I’ve Seen The Feature. Nobody is better prepared to survive in a post-nuclear world than a Wall Street venture capitalist who made his fortune ripping off investors and destroying companies... He'd die of hunger once his supplies of dried truffles and imported ice cream run out. Gee, all I have is my basement. The rich survive. Lol

But it is Not water proof. It will be drawned in water and nobody could survive. Love George Clooney . Love His T-shirt. Order Yours : 10% Discount Go sell your bunker to poor CHILDREN. Nobody lives forever... maybe the microscopic water hippo. RichUnderhill got one yet? There were be no place to hide! Rich or poor everyone will die.

A Time Machine Journey Through Madison Avenue: The Greatest Agencies, EverNice and amazing

Do you even know what the definition for “Capitalist” is? Free market, supply and demand democracy, as opposed to dictatorial oppression a la communism and socialism. In times of war its safe, c/c its different,the very worst if comet or large Asteriod directly hit Earth, if nuclear explosion set off,no fu

Hopefully these become tombs since these billionaires are digging our graves. Many many of these cowards are on this list or are invested in these companies? We are all gonna die and this is what we are talking about.😐 '...the exact location of which he insisted be kept under wraps.' Hmm, that's weird, I just typed it into Google Maps and it came right up. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

And then there is the day after doomsday..then what? cant wait to crack em open Just trying to get ahead of the Epstein torture Dungeon? Someone tell Trump that we’re under attack and let’s lock him inside with 10 years of BigMacs.

How This L.A. Marathoner Turned Running With Dogs Into a Full-Time JobGet paid to run and hang out with pups at the same time? Sign us up.

BolsonaroPresidenteAte2026 Which is why Trump and the 1% could care less if they destroy the environment and ignore climate change. They have somewhere to go. What if apocalypse survivors come banging on your door? ASK YOU'LL SELF'S THIS QUESTION IS YOU'LL NAME ON THE LIST OF THOSE THINKING AS IF THAT'S GOING TO SAVE THEM FROM WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THAT'S NOT GOING TO SAVE ANYBODY EITHER FROM WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN

as soon as they scurry in there we're gonna dump six truckloads of wet cement into the entryway 'I've never been happier with mine!' - J. Epstein The 1% know the revolution is coming. It wont survive an massive earth quick though They will never survive the wrath of GOD

Quentin Tarantino Defends Portrayal Of Bruce Lee In ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’One of the memorable moments in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is when Brad Pitt’s Cliff Booth goes head to head with the legendary Bruce Lee played by Mike Moh. This… He is just making it worse. 'I heard him say things like that.' 😬 “After seeing the movie, Lee told the Los Angeles Times that the depiction of her father was “disrespectful” and “a mockery” of her late father’s legacy.” Glad to see Bruce Lee’s daughter’s take.

Doomsday capitalists? Interesting use of words from the NYT. Yo we can’t survive without atmosphere for now atleast. Please. It will not “survive the apocalypse.” There should be a group dedicated to destroying these bunkers if conditions ever become bad enough to warrant using them. It would incentives the elite to fix the world.

I’d give you $20.00 for it let me know when you can do that because I know you need the money 💵 badly. Everyone buying one of these deserves their fate. People confined in small spaces and bombarded with stress. Yeah...that’s gunna turn out great 😬 Billionaire bunkers are little more than fancy tombs considering the Billionaires will never leave them to face the world of suffering they are cultivating.

no thanks

Jail Staffers Guarding Jeffrey Epstein’s Unit at Time of Death Placed on LeaveTwo jail staffers who were guarding Jeffrey Epstein’s unit the night he apparently killed himself were placed on leave, and the warden of the detention facility was reassigned while the DOJ probes the circumstances of his death. Con-venient surface question on check their bank accounts

You should see the ones that governments have built. has it got food

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