A 9-year-old bullied to the brink led an Australian rugby team to a roaring crowd

A 9-year-old bullied to the brink led an Australian rugby team to a roaring crowd


A 9-year-old bullied to the brink led an Australian rugby team to a roaring crowd

Quaden Bayles, an Aboriginal Australian with a rare bone growth disorder, captured the world's attention this week in a viral video detailing the bullying he has received.

“On top of that, being an Aboriginal boy with a disability, people don’t understand that’s a double-edged sword,” she said. “There’s racism, and then there’s discrimination because of the disability.”The crowd was so loud that he wore a headset as he strode onto the field to the sounds of a didgeridoo. Quaden handed the referee the ball, stood tall with the team captains, and flashed a thumbs-up for the world.

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I thought he was 18... 💛 💗💗💗🤗 YY OUR LISA Y/y S This is getting too much That child needs love and privacy

Bullied Boy Quaden Bayles Getting MMA Lessons After Heartbreaking VideoThe 9-year-old is all set for MMA training with ONE Championship. Gotta stopbullying kids should get to enjoy being kids life is hard enough we shouldn't make it harder for each other Smh ELE EverybodyLoveEverybody I don't think we're being told the full story 😬

Comic Brad Williams raises $300,000 to send bullying victim Quaden Bayles to DisneylandComic Brad Williams' fundraising efforts have paid off abundantly, with $300,000 pledged to send bullied Australian boy Quaden Bayles to Disneyland. Awww that's really cool HyapatiaLee Last I checked it was 30k but whatever. pullmygoalies I’ve been to Disneyland. I don’t think this will cover it

Hugh Jackman shares heartwarming video of support to bullied schoolboy Quaden Bayles: 'You've got a friend in me.'Hugh Jackman has responded to a video of a heartbroken schoolboy crying about bullies

A comedian has raised nearly $200K to help send a bullied 9-year-old to DisneylandA video of the young Australian boy, who was born with a form of dwarfism and left in tears after the latest bullying incidents he's experienced, has received an outpouring of support from celebrities including Hugh Jackman.

Matt Roloff Reaches Out to 9-Year-Old Boy Being Bullied Because of His DwarfismThe 'Little People, Big World' star is sending a special message to Quaden Bayles.

Hugh Jackman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan & More Rally Around Bullied ChildAfter a video of a heartbroken Quaden Bayles went viral, celebs such as Hugh Jackman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Alyssa Milano rallied around the boy, sending messages of support and love.

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