Cannon Hinnant Shooting: 25-Year-Old Has Been Charged İn The Death Of 5-Year-Old Hinnant - Cnn

Cannon Hinnant Shooting: 25-Year-Old Has Been Charged İn The Death Of 5-Year-Old Hinnant - Cnn

A 25-year-old man has been charged in the shooting death of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant

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8/14/2020 1:15:00 PM

Police have charged a 25-year-old man with first-degree murder after they say he shot and killed a 5-year-old boy last week in Wilson, North Carolina.

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If the races were reversed, your headline would read: 25-year-old white man charged with first-degree murder after they say he shot and killed a 5-year-old black boy last week in Wilson, North Carolina. But CNN must create that racial division to keep the agenda fueled. CNN is sick bruh if this was a white shooter n black kid this would be wall-to-wall 24/7 with you guys. EVERY headline would outline the kid n shooters race. but as its this way, its nowhere to be found. his life mattered too, you pricks.

I'm Proud of you . You did a story without mentioning race! Oh, see. lil dude went out like more of a man then fentynal Floyd Does his life matter? Is there going to be coverage his funeral. Is CNN going to dissect why this psycho killed an innocent 5 year old? Hey CNN was this brutal murder by a black man killing an white child? Race doesn’t come up unless it fits your narrative. CNN is FAKE NEWS!!!

Why don't you inform about skin colour of the murderer in this case? Political correctness level expert. alot of people see white families and the feelings come to them... like... they don't deserve to get away with happily raising children here... because of slavery in history. because it's privileged. they may have better lives more money all the fun in the world and still...

WLM! Took you long enough, CNN. Now, say BLACK man shot WHITE child. Try!! Glad to see CNN got suckered into actually reporting on this heinous crime. God bless that boy and his family. Finally you all catch up to real life, just a few days late and I’m sure this will be the end of it for you Have CNN finally stopped saying the colors/races or is it just for this story?

Could you please show the races, because you do it ALL the time when reversed. Try again CNN 25 year old BLACK man murdered a 5 year old WHITE boy Okay now only if they can charge breonna Taylor’s Killers 🙄 I don't see this about race. It is obvi individual with some mental health issues. Anyone in their right mind wouldn't do this. Especially a black man. You don't see this happening.

You finally decided to report on this! Here are the blm supporters commenting on this type of post SAYHISNAMECANNONHINNANT incredible how cowardly can be LMFAOOO Finally reporting on this days later. Well done. Headline should read: Police charge a 25 year old black man w the murder of an innocent 5 year old white child. Because you know damn well if it was the other way around, and the rest of you SJW’s, would be all over “white man shoots black kid.”

Gosh, you finally got around to mentioning this, did you? Black man executed a white child. Nice of you to finally report this horrific crime ... only took a week Should have killed “man” immediately onsite. How about this: 'Black man charged with executing five year-old white boy in front of his siblings for riding his bike on his grass.' I'm sure you would've reported it the same way if a young white man had shot a black kid in the head for riding on his grass... in the South.

He killed The boy because the boy was White. Of course CNN leaves out the races in this headline because it doesn’t fit their narrative. I fucking loathe these people. Instead of making this about race let’s acknowledge the boy died which is sad & the man who did it was arrested which is good! Taking this outside of the facts is ignorant.

Interesting that if the races were reversed CNN would damn well put it into the headline. Typical race baiters. What took you so long to run this story..... something to do with race!!!! Finally got round to some perfunctory coverage did you I wish their was a way to stop people from having children if they’re not ready or fit to be parents. If only there was a way... 🤔 That boy deserved better. Poor thing. I abhor parents who are horrible to their children. They don’t deserve the beautiful babes.

It's about time that CNN reported this story. They should be plastering thia all over social media and the TV. I haven't heard one protest about the killing of this young boy. No politician's outrage. BLM. No. It's just reaffirmation...... SayHisName SAYHISNAMECANNONHINNANT Why don't you say 25 years old black man? SayHisName

'...a 25-year-old man...' it was (is) the '' - what do You think !? A Day Late a week d A Dollar Short USED to be the saying ..... is 3 Days This is so so sad. What the f*ck is wrong with human beings? 'Police have charged a 25-year-old BLACK MAN for the COLD BLOODED MURDER of an innocent 5 YEAR OLD WHITE CHILD'. There, fixed it for ya.

If the shooter were white and the child Black, it would be 24/7 NEWS! CNN hasn’t once reported this on live TV! NOT ONCE Black male shoots 5 year old white child. Black man I was told news organizations weren't covering this? Where are the black lives matter people shouting outrage at this one? Took you a week..and still no mention of the racial overtones of this heinous murder.

They say? After they say? There were so many witnesses including his little brother and sister!!! WTH? What the fucking fuck? I mean, seriously... It's about fuckin time In his defense the kid was looking at him funny. Was the crime racially motivated? Your racist tensions you have made people like this act out because you have made it seem all white people are bad and if you kill one it is a good thing. MSM are anarchists.

You almost reported on it Better late than never. I guess. Pretty sad it took Twitter outrage before this story was covered by the MSM. Has Crime rate increased or decreased during this period? You're a few days too late Fake News CNN. Shame on you. What about the skin color of the shooter like you always do with cops?

SayHisName JusticeForCannonHinnant odd you took 5 days to report this and don't mention his race Took you long enough I hope he gets his ass beat continuously in jail. 🤬 Last fucking week you fake new hacks! Y’all are the worst race baiters out there... CNN this is how you should right up all of your tweets, without race descriptors. However we all know that isn’t the case. When you include race its because you think it supports a certain narrative, whether there is proof or not.

This was a human killed by an animal. No race or other incorrect taxonomy needed. CNN will paint it as Trump’s blood on his hands but was really their own for trying to instill hate, and racism. Commentary Not News. Police have charged a 25-year-old black man with first degree murder after they say he shot and killed a 5-year-old white boy last week in Wilson, North Carolina. There. Fixed it for ya,

It is tragic and I feel so sorry for the boy's family. BUT what is so unbelievable is that is this case CNN does not say a BLACK MAN killed a WHITE BOY. Race is only mentioned if the victim is a person of color and the perpetrator WHITE Wake up USA you are being brain washed!! When are the four nationally televised funerals?

Why don’t you mention the race of the two involved? You love doing that when the victim is black Yet BreonnaTaylor murders are still free Let's be real it was a black man , if we can say white man or while police officers... we can say black man .... who shot the this white child in the head execution style ...

Black man EXECUTED 5 year old because he was White You forgot to say black What is CNN leaving out - Where’s the outrage? No protests and riots? His life didn’t matter? Oh wait the sweet innocent boy was white. That explains it. Carry on... Wow and to think how your tweet would have been turned around had the effing Perp been white!!! AllLivesMattter

The killer was black. And if it were the other way around, CNN would be saying it was racist and a hate crime! It took CNN to report this awful crime five days after the fact! 😳 CNN CannonHinnant was a White child murdered execution style by a black man, in his own yard, in front of his sisters. His life mattered.

25 year old black man!!! 🤬 Get it right CNN Every report involving race, you’ve used the skin color of both parties and now it’s just a “man” when in reality a black man murdered a white child in cold blood. Doesn’t fit the MSM’s narrative for ratings and ad revenue. MSM should be held accountable! DefundTheMedia

If the races were reversed, you would’ve reported earlier on this That would be a black man How sad to see people use this boys death for proving a point.This isn’t about race, the boys father and the killer were friends. Ate dinners together,drank beer, hung out earlier that day. Clearly he snapped. Can we talk about why someone with mental health issues owns a gun

chadfelixg CNN decided not to stoke racial hatred this time, I wonder why? Now the liberal media covers this story? Guess your crack journalists missed it. Too focused on bashing Trump and kissing Biden’s and Kamala’s asses. I’ll bet if a 25 year old white male put a gun to a 5 yr old black kid’s head & executed him, it would have been covered same day.

There are some really stupid people in the world. And I'm referring to many of the replys to this tweet..... What about this being a hate crime. HATE CRIME. RIOT NOW! 'They say?' Sounds like you doubt the Police, despite the multiple eyewitnesses that saw a 25 year old Black man run up and use a gun to murder a 5 year old child by shooting him in the head.

This is the best you could do? Really? From now on, we take it you’ll be leaving race out in EVERY KILLING. Otherwise, you’re the pathological sociopaths that we know you are. If the races were reversed your headline would have read WHITE man kills 5-year old BLACK child. But no one really expects CNN to be objective.

Let me clarify a 25 year old black man walked up intentionally put a gun to this five-year-old child’s head and pulled the trigger in front of hus two sisters ! CNN - Finally a legit report. But why Hey CNN, you forgot to mention that the shooter is a black man and the poor child was white. RIPCannonHinnant

His name was CannonHinnant say his name scum bags. Only took you week to write this tiny story. What's a matter, didn't push your hate agenda? We see you picking and choosing when to add white/black in the headline. Losers Why did it take you 5 days to report this? Why isn’t Don Lemon screaming at your viewers to go riot because of this? Where’s your outrage? your treason is WELL documented. TheStormIsComing

Finally got around to reporting it Good. Fucker deserves the chair for what he did. Where is the outrage? Riots? Where is the justic gor Justin ? You left out a lot of descriptive words, you know adjectives. He is a monster not a man A black guy walked up to a five year old white kid and shot him in the head. fixed it for you.

Finally you report! Had it been a black child killed by a white man, youd have been running it all day every day. And this headline would read white trump supporter kills black child. You fake, racist po💩 rag. Regardless of being bogus... This is a horrible story. No human regardless of race, gender, or political beliefs deserves to hold their child as they pass. God bless this family. 🙏💔

Bout time you covered this. Deep State lap dogs A week late & a dollar short, CNN ONE question not posed is ... what NEW gun law would have kept this felon from possessing a firearm? Felons have proven that they do not abide by society's rules, that's why we removed rights via due process. Rights like gun ownership & voting.

8 children now killed by Blacks over the last 2 months. Where's the outrage and protesters for these little angels? Finally! realDaveReilly Fixed: Police have charged a 25-year-old black man with first-degree murder after they say he shot and killed a 5-year-old white boy last week in Wilson, North Carolina.

A black man killed a white little boy. CannonHinnat CannonHinnantsLifeMattered SayHisName Top news story for the next 3 weeks if the races were reversed. Hey CNN, where's the photo of the black guy who shot this five year old White child? How come you don't mention his name or race like you do with every other crime?

25 year old Black man* Because you would have mentioned it if the races were reversed. 25 year old BLCK man Darius sessoms MURDERED this little baby heres the animals picture. We all know if it were a white man who murdered a 5yr old blk kid ud plaster the picture & state the races. Wheres the no justice no peace riots for this innocent boy? It took u a wk 2 report

Death penalty. Can't even be argued. If anyone says otherwise, you aren't human. Gee, no mention of Race in the CNN Headline🙀 It should Read: A 25 year Black Man & BLM Supporter assassinated a 5 year old Child for being White. Another murder credited to the Democrats & MSM for promoting & fueling Racial Hate in order to defeat Trump in NOV.

CNN SUCKS Should there be riots and looting CNN? Piped into the propaganda 24/7 Weird way of saying EXECUTION OF A CHILD. Wait a second...this headline seems to be missing a few descriptors that generally make it into your 'coverage' of racial issues and hate crimes. 'A 25 year old' lmao

Well damn, we didn't think y'all actually heard about this.... After they say? It's about time you reported this, assholes 🤔 Talk about selective editing... Can't hide that agenda, can they? CNN afraid to say African American Im impressed you were able to report the news without citing anyones color. 👏🏽👏🏽

chadfelixg Jesus, please comfort his traumatized siblings. ❤️🙏🏻 Wow last week and your just now reporting it. How long before it on TV Strange how CNN makes sure to note the races of people when the victim is a PoC but they strangely forgot to do it this time. Hmm 🤔 Can't y'all just pray for this little angel and his family?

chadfelixg What? The first time in a decade you're not assigning RACE to the CRIMINAL OR VICTIM Omg CNNisFakeNews such hypocrisy Notice you don't mention race like every other chosen story you put out. It's very telling. Stop dividing people. That's all you've done other than lie since 2017. No race on killer?🤮

'they say' I'm sure CNN, JoeBiden , SenKamalaHarris , DNC, and half of Hollywood are currently working of this guys bail fund. This murderer heard the dog whistle of the left telling him to attack white people. 5 days late, but whatever. Adding this to the list for a study. Do you ever tell the whole truth?

You have been lying for four years Barr teases Friday 'development' in Durham probe, says investigation won't be 'dictated to' by election Must pain you so to report this!! Holy crap, you reported the news!!!! Congratulations 👏 👏 👏 👏 Something is missing from your headline 😕 🤔 😔 Yet very next tweet article is sure to mention victim is black! jokejournalism

Why'd you leave out the details of race for killer and victim? The nature of the crime? It took 5 days to put a short blurb out about this. Absolutely despicable. A black man. WLM. The US has been a concrete jungle since it's unity. Kill or be killed. Any leader who attempts to scrap gun rights will break the country. I trust Texas, Florida and California men would rather have their republics than stop possessing guns.

I guess better late than never. How many funerals will he get and when will you televise them? CNN, tell us what kind of 25 year old man? You know, his race, like you usually do. I like how it say ' the police say he shot him' purely objective consistently... There are evil people on social media who are siding with this person for executing a little boy. 😕.

African Americans, 13% of the U.S population, commit 50% of all murders annually White Americans are victims of violence committed by blacks at twice the rate of the reverse (10 times the rate when proportion of population is taken into account). The wrong group is protesting Black man* who possibly did it over the boy riding his bike in his grass... KidsLivesMatter

Why cant you write in the title to your article that it was a black man that killed a white child. If the races were reversed, you would surely mention it. Five days later? Your corresponding system is still using smoke signals? Shame 25 year old black man Black man executes white child in hate crime What Color was he? We know that is very important to you.

That man was black and the kid was white. CNN the storm is coming, can you pedos hear it. SAVETHECHILDERN I guarantee race would be mentioned in the headline if roles were reversed. About time you all report on this. But that headline is BS. You couldn’t even put the boys name in the headline. You people are not reporters. You’re disgusting.

Wow. Way to be up to date guys. CNNisFakeNews EnemyOfThePeople We need to bring back public hangings Welcome to the story Did the pressure get too much RIP Cannon thoughts go to his family at this sad time Took you long enough to cover this story! Of note: this mostly peaceful “25 year old man” is black.

So a nigga Killin a white kid by mistake is being charged with first degree murder. An entire week went by before CNN was forced to cover this disgusting story.... They didnt want to cover it cause the murderer was black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the photo of the THUG who killed this child? You would be quick to show the pic if it was a cop.

CNN finally reporting on this story. Bout time Translation: black on white child murder. Fixed it for ya. Way to show up late to the story CNN! CannonsLifeMattered Stop spread this fact. Its bad for Antifas and BLM narrative. What color was his skin ? Isn’t that the main thing you normally report Want to bail him out too? chrissyteigen

Oh NOW they mention it. SAY HIS NAME CNN!!! Cannon Hinnant! SAY HIS NAME!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Surprised you passed on the opportunity to capitalize “Black” in this story. Pathetic A black man executed a White boy in a hate crime Why are you a week behind the story? Hoped it would go away? You don’t fool anyone. Fools.

Race apparently only matters in your headlines when it involves officer shootings. IAmSophiaNelson Darn, where are instant electrocution laws 😢😢😢 Will this get the same coverage Floyd got from CNN, MSNBC, New York Times? Finally Why is this not on TV 24/7? How come this crime doesn’t get as much publicity as George Floyd? Where are the while live matter riots?

Nice of cnn to finally catch up with the news MENTAL HEALTH IS AN EPIDEMIC IN THE USA Politics couldn’t be honest if their life depended on it. Any idea what colour the murderer was, any pictures? All lives matter How many days did you sit on this ? You are terrible “ a man “ suddenly by magic CNN the penultimate broadcasting network of identity politics is colorblind. Say their F’ing names!

They should bring back the gallows in the public square for these monsters. This is why CNN is certifiably dishonest ... They are fake news and the enemy of the people ... You have to report that the 5yr old boy was white and killed by a 25yr old black man ... Ordinarily , it shouldn't matter but it does because of your bias against white people

FIXED IT FOR YOU. Police have charged a Black 25-year-old man with first-degree murder after they say he shot and killed a White 5-year-old boy last week in Wilson, North Carolina. Some leftists reacted to the murder of a 5-year-old boy in North Carolina by an African-American male by celebrating the brutal killing, with one asserting it was justified payback for the boy’s “white privilege.”

CNN shows a pic of the murdered boy's father, not the white boy or the black shooter. Had it been the other way, cities would have burned and there would have been 7 funerals! Where are the riots and looting? Why isn't the scum charged with a hate crime? If thw races were reversed, the headline would be much more graphic and detailed...

You asked why 'the liburul midiuh' don't cover this? Here it is. They took some time for research. Took you way too long to report this tragedy💔 Thanks for finally covering the story. We hope you continue to do so whenever there is a tragic incident like this. Americans needs to know when something like this happens in their country. Now we can grieve together and also do some self reflection.

If it was reversed it would read : 'a 25 year old white man shoots and kills 5 year old black child.' White people using this as a rallying cry against all blacks really cheapens the boys death. Sad. I guess all the pressure you guys caved but thank you for reporting it, but don’t forget to put it as a hate crime because he did it because the kids white let’s not forget that CNN.

About fuckin time you cover this tragic story. You're a little late covering this story and everyone knows why. A 25 year old black man killing an innocent white child. How morally Ickes can you get? Report the facts! I am glad you have the moral courage to cover this. Many didn't think you would. Now please mention how he was shot point blank with the gun pressed to his head in front of his little sisters.

JanetsaBode This is JUST inexcusable.. If evidence finds him unequivocally guilty it is my hope that the FUcker is thrown off a Bridge.. CNN omitting the race of the killer because it doesn't go with their kosher agenda for BLM, say it CNN a BLACK man killed a innocent White boy in a hate crime. Finally you report this. A black man killed a white child in cold blood and you wait days to tell your small group of followers.

WoW this little boy is shot in the head for no reason and the left wants to excuse the man for it because the boy is white. You people are the racists against white people. this thread is disgusting KerryG1016 Clinton News Network breaking with this story. Nice tweet will the story make your air. Maybe donlemon will report this outrageous.

So you wait a week to report it. Are you televising his was already buried HYPOCRITES Had this boy been Black and killed by a white guy will run this for a month on their network and blame it on realDonaldTrump . Now the reverse is the case. No coverage. SUCKS . Fake news Here comes the people wanting BLM to speak up.......yet this guy is arrested and charged already. Y'all love using any false equivalence to make BLM look bad.

Say it with me FAKE NEWS CNN....25 YEAR OLD 'BLACK MAN' KILLED INNOCENT 5 YR OLD WHITE BOY.....THERE FIXED UR PATHETIC HEADLINE.....ALL LIVES MATTER....TRUMP 2020 Say it CNN. 25 year old BLACK man. You forgot to write black man like you label all white people Horrible way of mistreating the children, just horrible.

He will get a slap on the wrist Kid was white FINALLY Don’t waste taxpayer money. Get rid of that trash. Could have left out 'they say'! HE DID! FakeNews Bout time you covered this story. *black guy kills little white kid in cold blood. Good job, CNN, it took you a few fucking days, but you've finally addressed it. Great work. -.-

Cannon Hinnant SayHisName Finally! Day late and dollar short. 12Tulip3 He rushed outside when the boy rode his bike onto his property, put a gun to his head, and executed the 5 year old boy. Where's the boy's name? Cannon Hinnant! This happened in front of his two sisters. Police charged a Black man with first degree murder after he shot & killed a 5 yr old White boy last week. Fixed it for you.

Thanks for pushing the Blacklivesmatter narrative to this degree, CNN. No talk about race, CNN We see your hypocrisy 'After they say' he was shot, you're seriously implying the police might have just made the whole thing all up or something? A new low. Say it... Black man executes white boy in front of his family!!

Of course they don't mention the race of the murder, this is horrific. Where this country is going Black man Hate Crime. 'a 25-year-old man' 'they say' CNN is a disgrace Where are your color words you usually use when describing victims and assailants? JW. 💔💔🙏🏾🙏🏾 What was the race of the murderer? What was the race of the victim? Why no mention? 🤔 CNN BLM

Little late to the party. This happened 4 days ago CNN, you have liability in promoting Racial “inequality” within your narrative. The question in this instance is are you reporting it for the tragic loss of this child, or the charging and sentencing of the “black” man? This is old news, cnn. Welcome to the party. And shame on you for being late.

I noticed you conveniently left their races out of this article. Must not fit your narrative... You finally found out about this? The rest of the country has been talking about it for days. Your entire network is absolute garbage. Let me help you. 'essentially' A 25yr old black man who was inspired by CNN's never ending race baiting was convinced by Democrats that all his failures were due to white people so he killed an innocent 5 yr old white child to express his support Democrat's political views.

All Lives Matter ALM It’s about effing time you mentioned this horrific execution CNN. But if the colors were reversed, you would’ve been on it like flies on 💩 Red40894571 Love how you lead with “Police have charged...” rather than “innocent young boy shot in cold blood”. And that it took you this long to even consider the crime and his life noteworthy. What a joke. His little life mattered!

Notice that people aren’t looting and rioting over it? DEATH PENALTY!! Fixed the headline for you ... not sure why you didn't include race like you usually do. Police have charged a 25-year-old black male with first-degree murder after they say he shot and killed a white 5-year-old baby boy last week in Wilson, NC. When are the mass protests?

5 days later. About time this was reported on Great CNN! It took nearly a week to tell us about this. Took you almost a week to discuss this horrible tragedy while you jumped all over the Russia, Jussie, and Bubba hoaxes. You are tabloids at this point. Damn, you’re actually covering this? Hell just froze over.

A clear omission of the race of both murderer and infant victim, when we all know that race would be front and centre if the roles were reversed. PLUS Its taken you five whole days to even report on this despicable act. You are absolutely atrocious people. No mention of race? How odd... What would your reporting have been like if it was a white man shooting a black child?

Say his name His name was CannonHinnant , what would the headline read if the boy was black, and the offender was white? 'Police charge neo Nazi with murder of innocent black boy' Fixed it... Police have charged a 25-year-old BLACK man with first-degree murder after they say he shot and killed a 5-year-old WHITE boy last week in Wilson, North Carolina.

You failed to identify the race of the murderer. It took a week for you to report the news, the real news.... Romans 3:24 And are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 1:7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace. the hypocrisy with this fake news network! constantly race baiting but when it doesn’t fit the narrative crickets in your headlines...disgraceful! RIP sweet boy!JusticeForCannonHinnant Thanks for leaving the colors of their skin out of the headline. Wouldn’t want a lot people thinking THIS one could have been racially motivated

A black man assassinated a white child for riding his bike across his lawn. '25 year old black man killed in cold blood a 5 year white child'. Thats how you guys usually do it. What happen? You bunch of hypocrites!!!!! SayHisName CannonHinnant Uh-oh FNN had to report on something that didn't align with their political ideology

If this had been reversed, the headline would be: Police have charged white 25 year old man with 1st deg murder after he executed 5 year old African American Cannon Hinnant in cold blood in his own front yard, but because he's white YOU DIDN'T EVEN SAY HIS NAME!!!! 'They say'? Way to spin it, about a week late.

Poor boy💔 Scum running wild. The usual savage suspect. Cancer YouDontMatter man? Forced to cover the story because of the outrage, huh? Sure took a long time for racist CNN to report about this. Can't say black man, cause that headline would assume a black man was taken into custody without incident. Now if there was a incident and said black man was shot and killed that be the story not the murder of a child. Sad world F U cnn

Aa m1 shot that kid HisNameWasCannon You disgust me CNN- the most racist organization in media 'Journalists cannot serve two masters. To the extent that they take on the task of suppressing information or biting their tongue for the sake of some political agenda, they are betraying the trust of the public and corrupting their own profession.' - Thomas Sowell

How convenient you left out the races of these people when it doesn't serve your agenda. Hacks. CNN =ENEMY OF AMERICA Say his name !! No mention of race? Took you long enough to report it. And be honest if the races were reversed you’d be calling it a hate crime. You’re disgusting parasites pushing a horrible agenda. You should be ashamed...

Why would someone kill such a innocent child. In this case I believe an eye for an eye Last week huh? Conveniently decides to leave out the race on this crime. I wonder why FakeNewsMedia If the races were reversed: “Police have charged a 25 year old white man after her shot and killed an unarmed 5-year old black boy.”

This happened a week ago and you’re just now reporting. Now report about the riots and destruction that happened because a black man brutally killed a white child. Well you’re only a week late in reporting this. Shame on y’all. CNN, still the most spineless worthless POS enemy of the people network...I had to hear about this little boy from twattwr days ago because you won’t cover stories that don’t fit your biased narrative until you’re forced to.

What’s with the lack of identity. You guys like identity I’m proud of you guys for not bringing race into the story. Awful story, but I look forward to more of this kind of color-blind coverage Funny how you conveniently left the race out...wonder why 🤔 Shot him at point blank. While the 5 year old was playing with his sisters!!

Tragic. I hope the family finds some sort of peace before Trump turns their son into a prop. This is horrible horrible news Let’s show this family love. Should read Black felon executes his 5 year old white neighbor - but noooo CNN can’t tell the truth. I would rather shovel shit for a living than work . People who shovel shit are way more respectable and shoveling shit is way less embarrassing.

Say his name CannonHinnant facts left out of CNN post a black man killed a five year old white boy in front of his younger sisters for riding his bike. FactsMatter CNNisFakeNews Finally... CNN posts real news. Let me rewrite that for you: “a black criminal shot a white boy in cold blood”. There. 🤔 You forgot to mention that the 25 year old is black..

Well the kid wasn't a violent black drug addict so no nationwide funeral in a golden casket for him. “After they say” - where’s your outrage? What if this was your child? This man is a monster. 25 year old BLACK MAN! A week after the story broke U guys r pathetic EnemyOfThePeople That hurt you to report this. Sad you play politics with a heinous crime of this nature. Why you are FAKE NEWS and the enemy of the people.

Finally you are talking about this. A black man executed a white little boy. I realize it does not fit your narrative. If this little boy were black & shot by a white police officer , you would have said so in the title. Since he’s white & shot by a black man, you conveniently leave out those details. Racism can go the other way, but that doesn’t fit your narrative EndRacism CannonHinnant

Look at 's double standards, when the victim is BLACK, they make sure to let EVERYONE know the VICTIM was BLACK; when the perpetrator of the crime is BLACK, they suddenly forget to mention their race. I mean, race shouldn't matter ever unless the perpetrator claims as such. Say the race of the fucking killer, please. Thanks.

is racist Didn't feel the need to mention the race of the assailant this time? What colour was the person who shot him CNN? Also, are you going to tell me if it was the other way around with skin colour that you'd not mention it was a white man? Some news outlets are just so shameful, you can't even hide it.

Black man, white boy. Be consistent either way race baiters... Why didn't you mention their skin colours? Ah, I see what you did there 😉...or didn’t do rather. Gotta keep that narrative going don’t ya? Keep us divided amirite Let me guess the shooter was black. Whites need to organize violent protests demanding that all blacks be returned to the land of their ancestors.

is only reporting on this now? You mean POLICE HAVE CHARGED 25 YEAR OLD BLACK MAN AFTER HE SHOT AND KILLED 5 YEAR OLD WHITE BOY. Shit He was buried yesterday and you are just now reporting this? Oh that’s right, Trumps water pressure from his shower head was more important. Typical CNN. 25 year old BLACK man! Get it right! I know. Doesn’t fit your narrative! Race would be the headline if it were the opposite

Did you happen to mention he was a 5 year old white boy - murdered by a 25 year old black man? Bet you would have if it was reversed. CNN = Shit Journalism, Race Baiting, America Hating Institution! NEW HEADLINE READS: “A demented BLACK white-hater executes a 5 year old innocent little boy because he is WHITE!”

Hi, CNN! White lives matter. Don’t you want to put a spin on race? What say you? This shit is heartbreaking! Problems with this tweet. 1. This story happened Sunday (5days to cover it) 2. 25 yr old black man (you're so concerned about race 3. You covered a mispronunciation of Kamalas name over this story. CNNSucks CannonHinnant SayHisName

Black man executed 5 year old white boy at point blank range for possibly riding his bike on his lawn. Fixed it for you, and btw this news is a week old already, but hey BLM and George Floyd matter 24/7 right? Why don’t you actually describe this murder the same as you broadcast Georgia Floyd. A 25 year old Black man walked up and shot an innocent white child “point blank” in the head. Where is the coverage? Outrage? Questions? Black on white crime?

In the comments you guys can’t just be heartbroken for the people who lost their son without tying it to a racial agenda? It’s just as sad if it were reversed. Time to Kill Why is race absent in your tweet? Every time it involves black and white people you include the race. Why not now? Oh wait're no longer using race to further divide? Yes, I'm sure that's it🙄🙄

Why don’t you mention that it was black guy that shot a 5 year old white child. Are you a news agency or a propaganda agency. Finally got around to this I see. There are other news you can cover besides bashing Trump. cnn, only now? That are old news... Charged a 25 year old BLACK man with murder of 5 year old white child. There fixed it for you clowns. 🖕😡

Yes.... Conveniently leave out black If guy was anything but black, you can bet your azz you would have said so. A 25 year old man A week. It took you a week. I'm surprised is seeing above skin pigmentation for the first time! 'Black male killed, white little 5 year old' A 25 year old black man CNN! Get your shit together

Hate crime Did you tweet this in the middle of the night hoping no one would see? And then you can say yea look we talked about it. 'Police have charged a 25 year old BLACK man' Fixed it for you No. Say his race. Black man executed white child on bike. You mean a black man executed a white boy? Oh you mean the black guy that killed the little boy? Funny you left that at when you are in the business of race baiting.

Oh, you finally found the story. A 25 year old black man murdered a 5 year old white kid. Say it right. How come there was no mention of race in your headline? BLACK man killed WHITE child. HATE crime and BLACK man is RACIST. As is CNN. You are a disgrace to covering the news neutrally. A 5 year old innocent little boy was executed in front of his entire family and it takes you 5 days to report it!!? Push your political agenda but know we see you for who you are ..FRAUDS

About time this poor kid got some respect. Now why wouldn’t this have been reported five days ago when it happened? RIP Cannon Hinnant. Thanks but the entire country already knows about it. We’ve been following the story for nearly a week. Sorry you had to interrupt your regularly scheduled Orange Man Bad routine to write a half ass article about this. As you were.

Really CNN?!?!? CannonsLifeMattered CNN should stick to their normal divisive news caption. Headline: Black man shot and killed a White boy.. Wilson Why now the race doesn't matter? CNN you're pathetic. The execution style murder happened Sunday, he was buried yesterday and you tweet this out today? I guess black man with criminal history murdering a white child doesn't fit your agenda. realDonaldTrump is right, you're FakeNewsCNN

What’s this I live in Sweden and know that the little boy was white and that the killer is a black man. But brainwashed American liberals are not allowed to learn this fact from CNN or MSNBC for some reason. Why isn’t anybody questioning WHY this is, and WHAT the end game of this agenda is? What took you so long to put this story out

If the child was black and the man was white, you sure as hell would have mentioned the killer’s race. After they say? Seriously? That’s how you spin this? The guy shot a 5year old kid in the head, while the boys sisters watched. Wtf is wrong with you It’s about fucking time. It’s was a 25 yr old black man executing a 5 yr old white boy. Cover it as if the races were reversed.

If the murderer was white or Asian or even Hispanic person, the news would mentioned it already. But murderer is a murderer, doesn’t matter what color you are, you are a POS for sure! After THEY say After weeks of discrediting the Police this is your headline! Morally you are dead!!!! You mean the black man that executed a little 5 yr old white boy? You should be wallowing in shame for hiding the facts of this evil hideous crime.

Racist black man kills white 5 year old boy execution style in front of his 2 sisters for going on his lawn. There , I fixed your headline for you Wow. you were finally shamed and HAD to report this. Must have been a painful decision This is the man who shot a 5 year old little angel. You play identity politics only when it fits the narrative you are pushing. Do you see why your ratings and respect as a news source has bottomed out with the majority of people?

Right on top of things, as usual. What's your next headline? --- 'Titanic Sinks After Colliding With Iceberg'? Blacks murder whites at about 13X the rate whites murder blacks. Blacks kill each other at an astronomical rate. The media narrative is an outright lie. Well at least you finally reported on it. At 3am, almost a week later.

You spelled BLACK male wrong! Automatic death penalty if guilty. Another covid tragedy! It's extremely frustrating that you only call out race when it fits a certain narrative. Thank you CNN finally a news station that broadcasted this sad story, however it should have been broadcasted like George Floyd was.

3 days later and a short blurb. No mention of race in your headline. Absolutely would have been different if the races of the killer and victim were reversed. Well, that took long enough. Also, please either mention race in your headlines every time or not at all. At least pretend to be impartial. If races were reversed, you’d mention their races in the headline. STOP PUSHING A NARRATIVE ON WHITE AGAINST BLACKS

Let me fix your headline because if it were the other way it would be ..Policd have charged a BLACK 25-year-old man with 1st degree murder after he shot a 5-year-old boy last week while riding his bike. Your welcome. We already knew this a week ago, CNN. We don't use you for actual news anymore. What a peace of shit.

25 year old 'black man' fixed it So it took CNN over a week to post this... What that kid is not important enough for you Oh he white so he don't matter This happened nearly a week ago but hey whatever. 'after they say' What an odd fucking thing to say in such a report. Almost as if they are saying that the Police are making the claim so it might not be so.

CNN is at the epicenter of the problem. Their bias just divide the American people. Wake up and stop that latrine of lies Black supremacy is alive and well! I’m wondering if this little boy is going to get a nationally televised funeral? Such a horrible crime Hey why not say the race? If other way around it would be cover to cover race problem. You are traah

Racially targeted murder? White lives matter Black thug executes white 5 year old innocent boy. CNN is the enemy of the people🤬🤬 Funny how you don’t include the race of the man charged... They say? He did. He is black. I have no problem not mentioning race as race is irrelevant HOWEVER, CNN ALWAYS mentions race if it fits their narrative. This does not so they're silent. Disgraceful.

I’m sorry. can you please include the race of the shooter and the victim in your reporting? GGMM_2020 where did all your tweets go? Have a change of heart? See the hypocrisy in your American new coverage? Block away now. Ironic, it the little boy was Black shooter was White, you would know the races. Because it fits the narrative. Same with College student who was stabbed to death at Columbia University. They omitted race. But first shooting of Black person, and you know race

Tell us the Race of the killer. BlackLive? Fools Not just simply shot him. Walked up, put the gun against his head and pulled the trigger. Execution! This was a HATE CRIME. What a world dreadful wickedness, heartless vipes Bit late CNN... you're a disgrace. SayHisName Imagine if a white man shot a black 5yr old boy

CNN buries it in lunar rotation.🙄 M$M late RIP Cannon. No type of hate is good or should be tolerated. h8ONLYh8 Damn a lot of racists in the replies right now A black man, you forgot to mention “25 year old black man shot, execution style, 5 year old white child.” ... should be your headline if you were being consistent with how you have reported the news over the past three months.

Finally.. just couldn't ignore it any longer. Forgot ' Black Man' and point blank.... Assholes. Anyone saying '25-year-old black man' is a racist. The colour of the accused murderer's skin is irrelevant. I condemn this cowardly crime but how dare you use it to inflame racial tensions? A black man shot him. Imagine the endless coverage and white guilt if this wee reversed.

Has the '25 year old man' been charged with a HATE CRIME? Black man. Those is so tragic Where are your reporters on scene, CNN? Had the little boy been black and shot in the head by a 25 year old WHITE man, you’d be pissing your pants and shouting it from the rooftops in an effort to start more riots so you can boost your miserable ratings!!!

Thank god the Americans have guns so they can protect themselves 🙏 Fuck blakpipo Why do you forget to mention he's black. Shot the little white boy in head execution style So you finally reported this...congrats...only took you two weeks... but you’re just gonna skip the race of the people involved entirely even though it’s genuinely a huge part of the story? That’s very CNN.

Wow! Welcome to the news of days ago, which you failed to report on... Because it doesn't fit your narrative. So quick to call out race on every other article.... A black adult murdered a 5 year old white boy. That's the headline. Holy shit. Only after more than a thousand of posts calling out CNN for not even acknowledging this tragedy happened, they finally report it.

Whoa whoa whoa. Why are so many details left out of this tweet? Things like race and motive. If the races were reversed. The motive would be part of the CNN tweet. The level of bias in media is sickening.

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