A 10-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his babysitter while she was taking selfies with a gun, police say

A 10-Year-Old Boy Was Accidentally Shot By His Babysitter While She Was Taking Selfies With A Gun, Police Say - Cnn

A 10-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his babysitter when she was taking selfies while holding a gun, a Texas sheriff's office said

A 10-Year-Old Boy Was Accidentally Shot By His Babysitter While She Was Taking Selfies With A Gun, Police Say - Cnn


A 10-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his babysitter when she was taking selfies while holding a gun, a Texas sheriff's office said

Thinking the weapon was unloaded, the girl started posing and taking pictures with it, police said. That's when the gun went off, hitting the boy in the stomach.

(CNN)A 10-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his babysitter when she was taking selfies while holding a gun, a Texas sheriff's office said. The boy was taken to a hospital in critical condition, but is recovering.The incident occurred at an apartment in Houston on Tuesday evening when the 19-year-old relative who was watching the child found a gun, according to tweets from the Harris County Sheriff's Office.Thinking the weapon was unloaded, the girl started posing and taking pictures with it, authorities said. That's when the gun went off, hitting the boy in the stomach.Pediatricians are more likely to ask families about smoke alarm safety than gun safety, study saysThe child was taken to the hospital in critical condition, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted.Read MoreHis condition has improved and he is stable after undergoing surgery, Senior Deputy Thomas Gilliland told CNN. The investigation is ongoing and no charges have yet been made, Gilliland said.Accidental and preventable gun deaths make up 1% of overall gun-related deaths in the US, according to the National Safety Council. Gilliland reminded the public to always remember that firearms are not to be played around with."Firearms are dangerous weapons so take precautions to make sure things like that don't happen," Gilliland said."Taking selfies was not the best thing to be doing." Read more: CNN

Another responsible gun owner!! FurkanMajilla wp What an irresponsible weirdo.. What the heck? But guns don’t kill...right? The risk of having gun rights. Just kidding! Thoughts and prayers!!! I guess it doesn’t take much effort to pull a trigger. It's laughable how the US just doesn't care about gun legislation. They would rather gun makers make a profit before securing the safety of their citizens.

This is America. Sounds like a likely story... cnn..because when news happens, we'll be sure to cover something else What a dumb thirsty ho

Hong Kong Bookseller Sentenced By China To 10 Years For Passing 'Intelligence'A Hong Kong bookseller who published critical volumes about Chinese leaders was kidnapped by Chinese agents while vacationing in Thailand in 2015. Now, he's been sentenced to 10 years in prison for providing intelligence to people overseas. This human rights violation shows how non-democratic nations and their leaders greatly fear a free press and free speech. In a democratic nation like the U.S., the leader with autocratic ambition labels any free press criticism as “fake news.” OMG, every time I think the US has gone to hell, I read something like this that illustrates how bad an authoritarian regime can actually be. This sort of thing is what Trump’s aiming at and it’s unconscionable! Hong Kong hasn’t made it yet. StandWithHongKong China_is_terrorist

You can't fix stupid! Who takes family photos with a camera in one hand, and a loaded, cocked handgun, in the other? My babysitter....thats who! NRA members know the answer to this: THE KID SHOULD HAVE HAS HIS OWN GUN..... What moron has a loaded gun on her person while babysitting? Did the parents think she was a ”good guy with a gun”

Just dumb Thug life. this babysitter needed a babysitter. here is a good tip for babysitting, don't shoot the kid. LeapDay SaturdayMorning She flashed the gun, instead of the phone! Disastrous!!! This is why it should be illegal to have unsecure firearms in a home with children. The one gun law Maryland got right.

Wow, your reporting this days after it was 'new's?

10 Things to Know for TodayAmong 10ThingstoKnow: — Democratic rivals unload on Bernie Sanders in likely debate preview. — Residents of South Korean city struggle to avoid virus. — Former Egyptian President Mubarak dead at 91. NAACP LULAC TheBlackCaucus HispanicCaucus PLEASE be logical with vote. NONE of TheDemocrats candidates can deliver promises especially BernieSanders nation too much debt. Can't gain but at least protect children &don't lose little we have. Bernie will send US into recession 🌹🌹🙏I have a question: If nothing kills this virus WHY are they spraying all this poison? I've watched them spray this crap right next to fish,fruits meats laid out in open markets. Food not even covered. Koreans_apologize_to_VietnameseGovernment

Sry this isnt about gun laws, it’s about stupidity Texas again. It’s either Texas or Florida. Two of the dumbest States next to Alabama. Lets be honest the US has a gun problem since decades and didnt do anytjing against it. So you deserve all of this Hello Friend Check out my new video Song FIRE, like, comment, share and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel

Oh God! Why do we need a gun in taking selfies? Better yet, my does the babysitter has an access to a real gun? Gun control issue again.🙏🙏🙏 Wow, what a really dumb thing to do! All the people on here complaining about the guns in America should get together and go take the guns. It’s time for you to rise up and force your wants on to people such as myself. Get off of twitter and get out to take those guns.

Meanwhile in America Is this babysitter qualified?Fortunately this babysitter was not taking selfies while holding a bomb. Again! Or is the same bloody boy SMFH

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Remember when we were young and our families taught us respect around a firearm. I miss those days. If it didn’t say what state I would have guessed TX or FL Will the parents get their precious gun back after the investigation? Where was the 'Baby momma'.... It's not an accident when you don't secure your guns. The word you're looking for is negligence.

Only happened in the republican gun owner states. There will be more American deads by those NRA gun owners than deaths by the corona virus. How deadly gruesome the republicans can be to the country. I think she should be sentenced to 3 years in prison (no early out) and have mandatory gun safety classes when she's released as part of her 2 year probation.

Don't Americans have the option of letting go of guns? forever? Why was was she taking selfies with a gun while babysitting Cos Texas that’s why. Only in the good ol USA

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i’m in UK and just don’t understand guns... why do the Americans have to have them (i know this is a loaded question but ...) This is crazy what is happening in the USA, why in the world this person in the presence of a child, And why would she/he have a gun while watching a child in the house? President is too busy to do something about gun restrictions, he wants to be reelected, period!

They will say: ' Gun is not the problem, the problem is the holder'. It won't stop soon... Sigh... Thank God he survived it Wooo hooo America!! Lol COOL! 自由美利坚 A child babysitting a younger child is like a horse babysitting a dog As long as gun makers make money, politicians get funded and the people stay scared and divided this will happen again .

Why in God's name would she even be taking selfies with a fvcken gun in her hands

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Watch them pass the strict laws about Selfies before they even consider anything about guns. 🤷‍♂️😬 ... wish speedy recovery to the boy 🙌🙌 ah shıt here we go agaın Yup Lol she’s getting life in prison. That’s no accident....that’s STUPIDITY That's crazy. But things that's happening in this world doesn't shock me.

She sounds bright. Bet ya she’s a Bernie or Biden supporter Hey , PPFA kills more children each year than guns do. Oh and make sure to blame the gun and not the irresponsible babysitter She obviously didn't take an Eddie Eagle gun safety class...

Only History Majors Can Get 10/12 On This QuizHistory? More like mystery.

taking a selfie. 🤷‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😒. Which person was the baby sitter? And this will get the air time the left wants unless it's discovered the girl was a Muslim Sanders supporter. Better ban those phones with cameras! Exactly why stupidity should be outlawed. Glad the little boy is recovering but the young lady is to blame, not the gun. The gun didn’t fire by it self now.

This will get turned into another reason to take peoples guns as opposed to trying to address stupid ass people that mess up a lot of things. How many ten year olds died yesterday in car accidents because the drivers were texting? How many were killed by abuse? lol...guns don't 'go off'. Parents should be jailed because of stupidity. How can such kid access a gun. Parents are just crooks

CorySWolfe I’m sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that this generation celebrates gang culture.. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.. MOVE ALONG PEOPLE.

Texas. Need you say more? America ... the stupid country. Where everyone has a gun. Seems to compare with 18 year olds celebrating abortions on TicTok 'That's when the gun went off'. Guns don't 'go off'! They have to be intentionally fired by a person squeezing the trigger. This time it was done by a stupid person. Don't blame the gun!

PatUnleashed KeithMalinak JeffyJFR putthatinyourpipe glennbeck SteveDeaceShow ValentineShow scrowder SaraGonzalesTX Public education everyone, and she's 19. Just think DNC wants 16 year olds to vote. One of many of their insane ideas. Now, read it again but substitute the more common 'texting while driving' for how the child was killed, and see how many readers you get. pandering

Interesting how they say “the gun went off” as though it fired itself. What’s the rest of the story? Typical CNN just stirring up second amendment debate garbage. This is a dangerous way of miss information CNN does all the time!! Payers for the boy and his family. CNN. Communist News Network Ban babysitters

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Rule 1 of owning a gun, keep your finger off the trigger and always assume the gun is loaded, never point the barrel at someone who isnt a threat. If only the baby boy had a gun. 2a Well she is in her private jail for life! GovHowardDean Most American news story ever.

Good grief!! 😲 Lame. But can CNN report anything that does not necessarily further their agenda? IDIOT An other gun grabber story! Its to bad that we don't have gun education in our schools we teach life styles why not gun handling . but in the end you will never replace stupid. read someplace where 7 or 8 hundred people have killed themselves taking selfies

Such a narcissistic society we have become.

Not an accident...its ignorance...babysitter should be charged. This is what the internet calls a 'shill' like Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She probably did it on purpose to prove a point, so people can see how dangerous guns are, and her cronies can wail about the need for gun control. This is not how you change laws. Very worrisome.

This can happen only in US You caint make this up! That's just dumb! This is a prime example of why gun safety should be taught in schools Foolish babysitter. Careless parents leaving a gun where an outside person could gain access to it. I always knew those damn selfies would be the death of us. Sorry it killed the wrong person in this case.

shitholecountry valentin_ktz mdr tema

What a Maroon... America you are so lost. If only the boy had a gun to defend himself If I WaS THe PaReNT, I WouLD ACCiDeNTaLLy SHooT BaCK! 💯 Oh Dios!☹️ Yoh so sad Can we at least see the selfie? Hmm. A fine blend of Florida and Texas. Again it's always the idiots that are pro guns shooting themselves This is why babysitters need licenses

Texas needs to shut up about gun laws. guns dont kill people ... babysitters do 这才是一个疯狂的国度,人的大脑更恐怖😱有这个国度在,世界任何都体现的更和平了 Oh look it America fucking up again great Wait, your going to allow your babysitter to babysit your child with a gun? 😪😪😪😪 Translation: Don't hire a babysitter off Craigslist! I bet a marble that the shooter was black.

Damn crackhead babysitters 🤨

She should accidentally spend some time in jail for her 'accident'🤨 Only in America No arrest, that's not right. 1000 way to die in west Keep on the good work NRA ... Thank God he's recovering.... How do you call it accidentally? Why was she holding a gun? f***😠 This is very Texas, but more Florida.. 😱GunControlNow

So the parents had the gun loaded? 😫 WTF! aren't guns suppose to be locked away when you have kids? ...and how many people are being shot in Democrat World Headquarters.... CHICAGO -- right now no doubt, you know, Democrat Run for 50 years ? Does this not meet your Fake News propaganda Profile dnCNN ?

IT’S NEGLIGENCE NOT AN ACCIDENT GODDAMNIT cauemoura tá aí uma boa pauta Prayers for his family. Throw the book at her! Negligent Homicide! What. The. Fuck. 😳😳😳🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Guns 🔫 are fun for Americans! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

🤦🏽‍♀️ Don't worry, she was a responsible mature guy owner right until she wasn't. Because America. I hope he's ok. That's an incredibly irresponsible babysitter! Somehow gun right activist will blame the 10yr old Why is Houston always on the news for craziness! People have to be careful with guns especially around children. This is common sense. Oh yeah that's right, common sense is not a common thing. That's what my grandma says...

I'm guessing that the gun was properly secured in a safe? Natural selection This is what happens when guns end up in the hands of irresponsible people. This type of thing never happens with responsible gun owners. Bring the guns!

THANK YOU, NRA!!!!GunControl American as apple pie. Shootings Oh Texas. This is what happens when you glorify guns. A girl posing with a gun - I wonder where she's seen that before? So much of the news coming out of this state is based on gun violence, foolishness and ass backwards attitudes. 'Well regulated militia' my ass

Yeah right! This can't be true. What kind of parents leave a loaded weapon out? This is more their fault then the babysitter. T&P®️ This is why no home should have a loaded accessible gun in the house. Guns are more likely to hurt a family member than stop an intruder. Stupidity at its worse right here. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Here is the real problem and yet everyone is worried about jlo and Shakira shaking their ass at the halftime show?! WTF?! wow In Gun we trust, pretty sure this make America more safe Stupid!! A gun shouldn't laying around for no reason!:-( Put her in jail and throw away the key. First of all, why the hell would a babysitter carry a gun? And second, why do they rake a selfie of a gun? Seriously

Praying for the little boy, hoping he has a speedy recovery. Only in USA 🙄

Violated one of the rules of gun safety. Never put your hand on the trigger unless you are ready to fire. What the? None of this would’ve happened if the 10 year old had a gun. Smh. Guns guns guns fool people ‘Murica :( A-M-U-H-R-E-K-A That's America for you smdh What was she thinking. She should not have touch that gun in the first place. She is old enough to know that guns are not toys.

Absolute insanity... did she not think it a good idea to check to see if the gun was loaded? And she was trusted to care for a child! To many mistakes here. The parents didn’t secure a loaded gun with children in the house. 😡😡😡 I pray the victim is recovering. 🙏

Nawww!! ARReST THe BaBySiTTeR! SoMeTHiNG Ain’T RighT w/ SToRy! BuLLSH—-!!!! I mean, this is Texas. And the NRA will say, 'It's not the fault of the 'selfie-er', and we'll make that pose go viral, because it was a great pose, and that the boy is just a bad critic in the way!' Yeah! A baby sitter holding a gun! What could possibly go wrong?

The boy best be alive!! Murcia Well everyone needs to have a gun in Texas, how many kids need to die? Why wasn't the gun locked away in a safe? this babysitter needed a babysitter. here is a good tip for babysitting, don't shoot the kid.

I fully expect our government to send out thoughts and prayers immediately followed by new babysitter legislation. This babysitter issue really needs to be addressed. Also, this little boy would have been much safer if he had a gun of his own. Accidents with guns will increase with the number of untrained people possessing them. Acceptable?

While at 19 the babysitter should have known better, but same blame to the gun owner for keeping a loaded weapon unsecured & unattended in a home with children. We don't even have kids or child visitors yet we lock in safe 100% of the time, & transport in locked case. Just another normal day in a red state with zero gun control. If only there were a good babysitter with a gun, this could have been prevented.

piersmorgan KatiePavlich Dam it...Another dem libitard with a gun! What a wonderful modern fairytale: Pence is the babysitter, America is the child, Fox is the selfie camera, and coronavirus is the gun. WTF! THIS is why we need STRICTER GUN LAWS This is America...

Wow that should never have happened!!! WTF?!?! Natural selection Thanks NRA. NRAisaterroristorganization I don't know why people use gun any how as if it's a toy or a harmless thing 😩 she should have used a camera There goes the 'good guy with a gun' narrative. And the next episode on only in America Texas?

Jail time for sure Now do how many were intentionally shot in Chicago, Baltimore yesterday

Again, we did not check the gun. But now we will blame the gun as usual, not the person holding the gun I think the only answer is, we need more guns, all children should carry, right? Incidentally not old enough nationalBAR barstoolsports NationalSheriff collaborations owner property $mgmt 'product' placement chase nascar opinionmatters gracious excellence policy graduates grownuppolitics accidentally slipped and fell dicks choosekind humiliation

🤦🏻‍♂️ Another reason why we don’t need guns 🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh no she needs to be in prison! Only in America Heart breaking. We live in an onion article We are going to cure bad child supervision with gun control. Makes sense.

ThingsThatNeverHappenInBerlin Nope. Non gun problem in America What if the child had a gun and could protect itself? 🤔 Guns are not toys. MalcolmNance Where is that protected by the constitution?! This is why we don’t need guns anymore A 10 year old with a gun? Is he one of the good guys we are supposed to lean on?

This is absolutely horrible. If only he’d had a gun to protect himself Not enough thoughts and prayers I guess

Outlaw stupid babysitters. Clicked the wrong button?! Social media is to blame. She was doing it for likes Texas, or Florida What kind of parent leaves a loaded gun lying around the house and with children in it and then doesn't tell the babysitter about it? This is why I'm worried whenever my kid goes to someone elses house to play.

Pulling a trigger takes some effort. Guns just don't go off! Didn't think it was loaded, didn't check! This is the crap that infuriates responsible gun owners. NRA US needs more guns 👌👍🙌 NRA MalcolmNance Cmon man oizo3000 i only learned like last week that even if you take the magazine out, there can still be a bullet left in the chamber

America doesn’t care about democracy so why do I care about America? guns trump idiocracy All Americans are obsessed with themselves.

Gun problem, nope. Sips tea,,,aahhh MalcolmNance Hey it’s Texas. Girl was just practicing her god given right to carry a deadly weapon. Cut her some slack. I keep hearing that America needs more guns. So am I to understand that if this boy had of been armed he could have taken out the babysitter before she got him and the world would be a better place. Wake up America

La bêtise humaine... Where'd she get the gun? Did she BRING it (doubtful, but possible in Tx) Did the 10yr old's parents leave a LOADED gun lying around for a young babysitter to find? Then the story reads: 10 yr shot b/c wreckless parents leave loaded/ unlocked gun near immature babysitter The whole world watches in shock as these types of stories are repeated 😢

😂🤷🏼‍♀️ 'Murrica 🙈 Murica If the child had a gun this wouldn't have happened 🤷🏼‍♀️ Normalcy in the USA.

Before reading the article I was guessing Florida but Texas would have been my second choice. But we still dont need gun control Never going to end😢 WTAF? taking a selfie with an unloaded gun(and I can't even believe I'm actually saying that because, to me, it would still look stupid either way) or a loaded one will never be seen in a picture. OH! And where was the good guys with a gun when you need 'em?

😂😂😂 'White American's' children must be fool's in Nature. Well at least everyone seems to agree it’s the persons fault and not the gun. Now if only these people could get on board with the “mass” shootings.-Hu Holding a gun while taking selfies🤦🏻‍♂️ This behavior is disrespectful and ruthless... Especially for a babysitter who actually has to protect the child... Such a case can only happen in the great America....

So stupid to do something like that. I hope she gets time behind bars for this. America Texas...of course🙄

StupidPeopleControl They should put this in new dictionaries so people will know the America we live in. The only thing that could make it more American is if there was a Coca Cola in the background of the selfie. BananaRepublicUSA Prosecute her for negligence. It isn’t the guns fault a moron was handling it.

If someone had taught Shawnika basic firearm safety rules she wouldn't have been taking selfies with a dangerous weapon. Why wasn't the weapon under lock and key? Jesus,,,,,,,,,,,how the hell do you get shot by your babysitter? hahaha,,,What parent leaves their kid to a sitter that plays with guns? God help us all, cause apparently we cant help ourselves.

Accidentally shot with a gun that was in the home with children left unattended with a babysitter. the parents need to be arrested for not securing their stupid, hideous firearm, forgive me but someone has to be thinking this So wrong on so many levels. Usually it's the idiot taking the selfies who gets injured or killed, this time it was someone else. But, of course, that gun was probably owned for self defense. Only you cannot defend yourself against stupidity holding a gun.

God, if only the boy had a gun to defend himself, this wouldn't have happened. Wow. Some people are too stupid to live let alone babysit. What a pity... Only if the boy had a gun to defend himself. Wwttff🤢🤮😏 Beware of terrorism Layokrap 🇹🇭🙂🇹🇭 And you wanted to raise the minimum wage to $15, because you thought she deserved the wage of someone with common sense.

😳Wtf are you doing taking a selfie with a loaded gun while babysitting?🤷...omg🤦... that babysitter is not well upstairs...🧐 I pray the boy gets through this🙏 parents beware 🚶 Simply outraged by this ... paryforthefamily

Absolutely insane .... why is a weapon there in the 1st place.... the law of weapon possession needs to be altered .... too many innocent lives at stake & too many dumb heads that carry it Nope, can't support a 'selfie' under these circumstances. McConnell refuses to allow gun safety legislation from the House to reach the floor. He blocks everything that the special interests groups oppose. Meanwhile Americans continue to die from gun violence. Senators must be retired, those whom have forgotten who they work for.

Gun+Texas= Murrica only one thing missing is a pie Koma kungakhale nkhondo. RIP Look, OBVIOUSLY it's a tragedy that a child was shot. But just think about how dangerously unprotected that family would be without a gun in their house. Only in american. GOP

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