90-year-old grandfather comes out as gay, searches for long-lost love

Kenneth Felts is proud to be gay, even though it took him a lifetime to be able to say that.

8/8/2020 12:00:00 AM

A 90-year-old grandfather reveals he’s gay in a viral Facebook post: ”I’m out, I'm gay and I'm free.' - NBCOUT

Kenneth Felts is proud to be gay, even though it took him a lifetime to be able to say that.

As a child growing up in a strictly religious household in Kansas, he felt unable to express that to anyone else or pursue any such relationship — at least until he left home.Eventually, he had intimate encounters with other men, but he never spoke of them, because in the 1950s and '60s, it seemed impossible for him to do so.

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“If you came out, it really would cost you — your family, your job, all of your relationships,” Felts explained. “You would immediately be called a pervert.”Kenneth Felts.via FacebookAnd so the secret part of his life remained a secret, even after he joined Navy and met a man named Phillip, whom he fell in love with and to whom he devoted two years of his life. They “were just happy with each other,” Felts said, looking back on their relationship now. “It was a void in my life that had suddenly been filled by another person who, apparently, had some of the same needs. And we just melted into each other.”

What tore them apart was Felts himself, who, following church services one Sunday, realized he couldn’t reconcile his love with his faith. Read more: NBC News »

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I like asparagus! Hear me roar!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 So he lied to his wife and kids his whole life? Donald Trump is Gay a35362 Can Kenneth be President? Honestly though, does anyone care? Nihilistic subversion espionage! Who cares? I don't understand why anyone would want other people to live their lives hiding who they are. So... you either want a husband who are actually not into women, or if you are a guy, want them to compete you for women? All you have to do is literally just let them be. LGBTQ

Got news for you. All your Friends Know PattyArquette Such a beautiful story! Good for you gramps We say at 60 we lose intelligence? NBC propaganda PattyArquette Awwww! this warms my heart! Damn shame this man had to live a major part of himself in secret while bigots of all types are out and proud of their depravity.

PattyArquette Awww. I'm so happy for Kenneth. I just love that big smile on his face. Here's to happiness. You still have time for love.❤🙏🌻 PattyArquette SO? Who the is Felts? If he is not Relevant Keep it to your self! And does it really Matter? 9/10 NBC stories are identity stories. To late!!!!! Pointless.

And he's not the only one it's a lot of grandfather's right now today Married with Children and was gay their whole lives EsoOrc Damn granddad..you can keep a secret. Glad you feel free!! Who cares if some 90 year old who you have never heard off & probably never will again unless he ends up on some chat show comes out as gay.

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 This is an NBC News story why exactly? Imagine thinking you have to withhold that all that time. Ugh. Good for you Kenneth, I know that some of my relatives were likely gay but in denial. Too bad they never felt they ever had the option to be themselves. Glad NBC news is reporting on things that matter

Dumbest story I ever heard. His daughter is gay. He is over-compensating to show her he accepts her. Sad, really. Metcheew. No news again? .brianstelter This isn't news. This is propaganda. I'm sure someone is going to want to hit that... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Some say kenneth, just in case time runs out, that love is made in the beyond - as well and even better.

This are not news. We don’t need to know who you prefer to sleep with. Great shirt Rainbow Bright. Awesome. Good for him. It's really sad he felt he had to live closeted his entire life. Freak This sodomy shit is way off the tracks... Das kinky Okay? The sweater was a strong hint. NBCOUT Cut it out 😂😂😂😂. The agenda is REAL!

NBCOUT That’s not right. NBCOUT I hope he gets another 90 years he looks great for carrying that great secret. NBCOUT NBCOUT Aww I hope he finds him. NBCOUT 😂😂 NBCOUT If it takes one White man 90 years to come out, Africans are simply dieing with it! NBCOUT Sure fucken old house on so many meds lmao

NBCOUT Guy? At his age? Amazing or psycho. NBCOUT This article has been running for like days. Is there not actual news you can report on? NBCOUT Really? Is this necessary? Is this news. Be like shoving a marshmallow into a piggy bank. joerogan NBCOUT You go granpa NBCOUT What’s the news about that?

NBCOUT That guy’s probably suffering from Alzheimer’s. NBCOUT Disgusting old perv NBCOUT This is where u think that your going to heaven but hell is where he be dwelling. Or dementia or both NBCOUT Good for him, bravo !! NBCOUT NBCOUT NBCOUT I want this sweat shirt!...... NBCOUT Who cares? Geriatric Gay....boring.

NBCOUT This is the 1,358th time NBC news has retweeted this story. NBCOUT Good for you grandpa. NBCOUT NBC should be reporting on the child trafickers, not on a person coming out of a closet who cares?!! NBCOUT NBCOUT Well he’s always been free and seems he’s always been gay so the only thing new is he’s out? What’s that

NBCOUT Bless him. All those years hiding that. He must feel so free. NBCOUT Good for him! NBCOUT 90 isn't beyond the realm of possibility NBCOUT So he outed the deceased love of his life. Not a nice thing to do NBCOUT It's never too late to live your life. NBCOUT why is this a personal private choice even news

NBCOUT So mental illness in a 90 year old man is....news? NBCOUT Love life ... we’re a long time dead NBCOUT That’s real important news right there! NBCOUT Puke NBCOUT He dose not want to leave any regrets of life. NBCOUT You are not free . NBCOUT That old, he’ll be gay and single till death NBCOUT Burn baby burn.

NBCOUT Going right to hell. Why? What’d he do for the widow and the orphan, the poor and the humble man? What’d Jacob Marley say? Mankind should’ve been my legacy! NOW, you know why you go to hell. NBCOUT How did NBC miss an opportunity to bash Trump in some unrelated way? Weird NBCOUT Groundbreaking journalism NBC. We can always count on the Liberal media to keep us informed of all the days important events. I'm sure you guys worked hard to be the first to report this important news, so thank you.

NBCOUT Old news who cares NBCOUT The Angry Sky Daddy will punish you if you tell the truth about your sexuality. Just ask The Twitter Trolls for Jesus. They know what the Angry Sky Daddy wants. Their self-contradictory Bronze Age Magic Book told them. NBCOUT How can this be free... he is out of hIs mind, he should be send to adults care facility 💔

NBCOUT Congrats guy. Should have thought about that sooner. NBCOUT NBCOUT you just got free tickets to the hell NBCOUT Go back in! NBCOUT You're are living free, Do what's good for you. NBCOUT How many times is NBC going to tweet this? NBCOUT Good for you grampa! NBCOUT وَمَا كَانَ جَوَابَ قَوْمِهِ إِلَّا أَنْ قَالُوا أَخْرِجُوهُمْ مِنْ قَرْيَتِكُمْ إِنَّهُمْ أُنَاسٌ يَتَطَهَّرُونَ (82) فَأَنْجَيْنَاهُ وَأَهْلَهُ إِلَّا امْرَأَتَهُ كَانَتْ مِنَ الْغَابِرِينَ (83)وَأَمْطَرْنَا عَلَيْهِمْ مَطَرًا فَانْظُرْ كَيْفَ كَانَ عَاقِبَةُ الْمُجْرِمِينَ

alt_ramsey NBCOUT NBCOUT I declare that I am straight. Never really understood why gays feel they need to announce to the world they are gay. Who really cares? I sure don’t Iamstraight NBCOUT The man got old!! NBCOUT That is awesome! NBCOUT Dementia NBCOUT LoveIsLove NBCOUT The most senseless news item and portal for decades

NBCOUT NBCOUT How did he become a gray?father if he is gay? NBCOUT Aw my heart ...! His message should be shown in schools. One of the most important lesons about freedom and personal emancipation . NBCOUT Sorry to report he just passed away NBCOUT 90 YEARS OLD AND STILL STUPID QUEER NBCOUT Better late than never.

NBCOUT Hopefully he gets saved. NBCOUT I'm here... 😂 😂 😂 NBCOUT Ya pa que NBCOUT Come on. It is time to pray. NBCOUT NBCOUT How gay! NBCOUT Weird NBCOUT *Looks through comment section* Yup... it's time to block some bigoted 'Christians'. NBCOUT 😑😑😑😑💩💩💩 NBCOUT uwu 💕 twitterverse, you know the drill

NBCOUT 90 years in the closet NBCOUT Gross NBCOUT congratulations on everything , 90 is huge or is it the new 70 ? NBCOUT Good for him. Be yourself. NBCOUT See- Mike Pence? If he can do it... NBCOUT S n Match pink depostion s Match loriice battiste Facebook a crackhead NBCOUT What a pity... too late to get lost.

NBCOUT NBCOUT It’s never too late to find the love you deserve. NBCOUT Lol. Yeah grandpa shame your three generations before u die!! NBCOUT I envy him. My wife wouldn't let me do that. NBCOUT I’m gonna cry NBCOUT JamesWraith1985 aww NBCOUT Bad move at 90. It’s time to repent and make things right grandpa.

NBCOUT Weird... NBCOUT Sickening NBCOUT I'm sure if he has a nice bank account he'll find it NBCOUT that seems weird. I am just kind of now and like what now and thinking about something my 104 year old great grandma said once about Phil Donahue, 'why are all these people getting paid to go on tv and tell their stories?' but that was in the nineties, so what do she and I know?

NBCOUT He had to get that out b4 he die and now he's free NBCOUT We care a LOT! NBCOUT Some things should be taken to the grave. NBCOUT Ops.... 😢 NBCOUT يالله حسن الخاتمه NBCOUT We don’t care. NBCOUT cuddlybaer11 NBCOUT That's awesome and all the weird ass trolls on this thread need to eat a di*k.

NBCOUT Guess he waited till everyone he didn’t want to know weren’t around anymore 🧐 NBCOUT NBCOUT The left is obsessed with deviant behavior. NBCOUT How convenient... NBCOUT NBCOUT NBCOUT The “silent” majority isn’t so silent anymore! MAGA NBCOUT it's never too late to get your prostate pumped and tapped by some good ol deck....good for you Gramps.

NBCOUT Yup, I can see all the other gay men just fighting to be your partner. You don’t know who you are, where you are or where you live. NBCOUT Don't you think you should have done this 60 years ago? NBCOUT Does that make sense NBCOUT And who cares. NBCOUT Sick? NBCOUT Imagine if everyone needed to tell the world about their sexuality. Would that normalises nonces as them and gays seem the only 2 who do it.

NBCOUT Jesus, who cares NBCOUT 👏👏👏 NBCOUT Oh ok. Thanks for the announcement. Stay happy doing whatever you do NBCOUT This was such a touching story he met the love of his life then changed his journey married had an amazing daughter then went searching for his love of his life Phillip unfortunately he passed away this guy's true love story he's happy now

NBCOUT Love this❤️ NBCOUT what took him so long? NBCOUT dafuq crystal4obama NBCOUT Woo hoo! Congratulations! NBCOUT Pretty cringe dude, your family is surely barfing NBCOUT He's not 'free', he's stupid. NBCOUT Gross !! NBCOUT Good for him to finally be free to be who he truly is!! ❣️ NBCOUT This is not news

NBCOUT NBCOUT Ok and ? What’s the big deal NBCOUT NBCOUT Okay? Have a great life! NBCOUT I’m guessing his flamboyant sweater gave it away 😂 NBCOUT I first buggered a man in 1973, and while I have only partaken in the pleasures of the male anus a few times since I will admit that a man’s is preferable to that of a woman. I understand his feelings, but always keep your options open.

NBCOUT I hope the years to come will be gracious with Mr. Felts. NBCOUT Why is this even news. What u do in your home is nobody business. The news needs to get back to the basics about stories that really matter NBCOUT See Lindsey, it’s never to late. NBCOUT Time for ... CLUBBING!!! GetSome NBCOUT Oh looky i'm a elderly fudgepacker,look at me,gtfoh!

NBCOUT Kenneth! You are an inspiration sir! Wishing you all the happiness in the future! NBCOUT Go, Grandpa NBCOUT This is sad news to me. A man spent his ENTIRE life not being who he wanted to be because of other people’s opinions. I hope this inspires people to go all In on who they truly are. What a fucked up society we live in.

NBCOUT Good thing he had the kids first NBCOUT Get this goddamn trash outta here NBCOUT It’s never too late! 🏳️‍🌈 NBCOUT CUTE! NBCOUT He needs to be careful in the dating scene because he'll want to get his feet wet and a lot of people aren't very good and might scam him. Older people are targetted for scams a lot, my grandmother was.

NBCOUT Well done, sir! Bravo! NBCOUT Good for him I hope he's happy now NBCOUT Okay, strange that you keep running this story. Does he.... NBCOUT NBCOUT I'm so proud of you and so happy for you!!!💙💙💙 NBCOUT That hoodie is gay too. NBCOUT Nice NBCOUT bless your heart NBCOUT امحق هذي تاليتها NBCOUT Poor baby... living 90 years in a society that forced him into a closet!!! Good for him!!!

NBCOUT Yay Grandpa! I hope the rest of his life is filled with lots of happiness and love!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😊 NBCOUT Old-timer is feeling gay👀 NBCOUT And this was necessary because? NBCOUT Everyone calm down he has dementia 🤷🏾‍♂️ ArlanWasHere NBCOUT Amazing! NBCOUT Doesn't really matter at his age. NBCOUT God does wonders through His creation. Who are we to judge.... StopJudgingOthers

NBCOUT ChenteKunta look your grandpa's boyfriend finally came out the closest. NBCOUT Hahahaha a kind of late but be happy hahahahaha good luck NBCOUT My grandfather-in-law came out when be was 72. He enjoyed the support of his family and a great group of new friends. Lived as his true self for 20 more years.

NBCOUT Welcome to the family 💖 NBCOUT NBCOUT You're never to old to be happy and gay NBCOUT why is this a headliner? No one cares NBCOUT NBCOUT how many people think this is just an old senile man ? NBCOUT Proud 🌹 NBCOUT And the moral of the story is NBCOUT NBCOUT Love it! NBCOUT Good for you grandpa

NBCOUT I knew when you told me a month ago NBCOUT Welcome home bud NBCOUT I need that hoodie. NBCOUT Good for him. Be yourself - who cares what ANYONE else thinks? NBCOUT 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Who cares NBCOUT It's too bad he didn't do it sooner! I'm sure there were a lot of years of unhappiness! NBCOUT CONGRATULATION!

NBCOUT Yaaaaaaas grampa NBCOUT 🙌🙌🙌 NBCOUT Good for you 👍 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 NBCOUT 👏👏👏 be happy NBCOUT 👏 NBCOUT LOVE IT 🙏 NBCOUT Who gives a shit. NBCOUT Lmfaoooo NBCOUT L. Should have took that secret with him NBCOUT I have had a crush on him for the past 10 years. Doesn’t anyone care about my feelings?

NBCOUT Pops, move to Palm Springs or Cathedral City rumor has it that those two cities are full of dirty old me preying in young victim. They have a real Epstein kind of culture there! FoxNews NBCOUT 😊💗💗💗 NBCOUT All (vast majority) American men r still victims of MaleGenitalMutilation. Where's the outrage about that?!?!

NBCOUT How is this news? Are we going to write about every person that decides to come out? NBCOUT We don’t give a fck NBCOUT He can keep a secret😊 NBCOUT NBCOUT NBCOUT NBCOUT he been dreaming bout that d for 70 years!!! NBCOUT NBC...Your HQ for the Homosexual Agenda. NBCOUT Is this kind or report matters?

NBCOUT Really ! or its his senility talking! NBCOUT Glad he’s happy. Hope he find love. NBCOUT We are too stupid to survive as a species. NBCOUT Senility? NBCOUT Cute. NBCOUT How terribly sad that he could not be free until now. This is why we must create a world that is accepting and loving, so one does not have to live a lie for 90 years.

NBCOUT Well, at 90, it's about time! Go be happy! NBCOUT Hopefully he finds his love. NBCOUT For a 90 year old gay has a different meaning - like happy and gay. NBCOUT Good for him! I’m glad he found the courage to be himself at long last 🏳️‍🌈 NBCOUT And 99.99% of the population don’t give a fck. NBCOUT

NBCOUT All Of This Is Attacks/ Promoted By The Media's! If He Chose To Be Gay It's Not An Interest Of Mine That Is Personal Life/ Choice & Should Be Kept That Way! This Media Promotion Of Gays/ Trans Etc. Is A Threat To Me & Suspect! You Don't Promote Straight People!🧐🧐 I'm Not Gay.😷 NBCOUT Soo, Grandpa been on the down low for all this time! 🤔

NBCOUT Why do we care who people have sex with? NBCOUT This is not normal. NBCOUT How are all of his grandchildren coping? How about his own kids? Would be very interesting to find out. This must be the oldest person to 'come out' to date! NBCOUT Romans 1:18-32🔥 Proverbs 1:24-32🔥 Isaiah 66:24🔥 LGBT LGBTQtogether LGBTQuarenteners

NBCOUT Wow ... NBCOUT Eternal damnation at age 90!!! wtg. NBCOUT He just came out of the closet NBCOUT Why is this newsworthy? NBCOUT What a lovely story. NBCOUT Little bit late. Only little bit late to find the former lover. NBCOUT This is news?! 😳 NBCOUT At that age, his focus should be more on getting up, rather than getting it up...gay or not! 🤣🤣🤣

NBCOUT I wonder how many young lives he’s touched over the years.. NBCOUT Yawn NBCOUT You've posted this several times he's 90 years old enough already NBCOUT TMI NBCOUT Well the other silent majority is coming out Nov.3rd to vote for Trump , as a Trump supporter this must be what it was like for the gay years ago as we are also persecuted for our supporting Trump and the similarities of being discriminated against are astounding

NBCOUT You old fool, when you are 90 years old you ain't anything. NBCOUT Yeah, gramps is horny for dudes. Bravo. A dick in his ass/mouth is on his bucket list. We're all very proud of him. rainbow flag emogi NBCOUT NBCOUT All the sickos at NBC love this story so prepare to see it several times today and all week!!!

NBCOUT free gum jobs NBCOUT Does he wrestle? NBCOUT Is that you Ken ? I,m still here NBCOUT I'm surprised that people didn't know already. That hoody is a dead giveaway 😉 NBCOUT no one cares NBCOUT NBCOUT Way too late old timer. NBCOUT Who cares. Sounds like a “me” problem. NBCOUT Viejito shoto. NBCOUT Welcome to the family, Sir!

NBCOUT Remember when NBC used the be a news organization? NBCOUT Grandpa about to go crazy on those apps! 😂😂 NBCOUT Good for him. Too bad it took so long to find his true voice. Love long, enjoy life NBCOUT This is a dumb story NBCOUT Lookout boys theres a dirty grandpa out there 👆 NBCOUT At 90. This shows how immoral the lifestyle appears to be.

NBCOUT NBCOUT This is so purely wonderful my day is made. It’s NEVER too late for you be you. NBCOUT Ok. So? NBCOUT The Bible says Do not be deceived; fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, effeminate, nor homosexuals, will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Cor 6:9-10 Clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus, do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh. Rom 13:12-14 Repent and Believe!

NBCOUT This was such a sweet story! NBCOUT Love it! Glad he feels free! NBCOUT Now do coming out as a Trump supporter. It's one helluva lot more brave in 'tolerant' 'progressive' circles. NBCOUT NBCOUT Keep that shit in the closet, who cares if a man is screwing another man, how freaking gross. NBCOUT when asked for reply from the family:'grandpas senile and we've known since mother divorced him'

NBCOUT That is old news.. NBCOUT It's never too late. NBCOUT He is just horny NBCOUT WTF? 90 yrs old! NBCOUT I completely support this guy and all his gay happiness. I really do. However, this isn’t news!!!!! NBCOUT Grab your ankles! They’re coming... NBCOUT Your long lost love is dea......never mind. Good luck sir!

NBCOUT He lied for 90 years about his orientation? NBCOUT Who cares?! NBCOUT NBCOUT I dig that hoodie. NBCOUT trash NBCOUT So he deceived his wife and family for how many years exactly? NBCOUT Does strict religious family spell catholic? Just say'n! Ask'n? There's a lot of information skipped, over looked, or just not included NBC does stand for No Body Concerned!

NBCOUT Congratulations! NBCOUT Live life on your own terms no matter what age!!!! NBCOUT While some diminish the conflict, it is apparent that the homosexual agenda is always proselytizing, ever justifying their lifestyle; in contrast to heterosexuals who merely practice the natural behavior. NBCOUT Typical gay, boring everyone about what they do with their genitals in private. Why can't they keep their bedroom habits to themselves?

NBCOUT 💕❤️💕 NBCOUT Making a celebrity out of an aberrant lifestyle is negative. To expressly state or imply that homosexuality is a valid lifestyle corrupts greater society (it takes a village, right). NBCOUT That's great, but this isn't journalism. NBCOUT Uya nya mokgalabo o jotse le dichery nou kaore baamogana basadi ore o gay o free. Wa gafa.

NBCOUT Does he have a chance at being Biden’s running mate? NBCOUT If FakeNews did not have homosexuality to promote to our children, consumers may actually know what was going on in the world. activism nbc NBCOUT That part where he describes finding out Phillip had died....💔💔😞. I’m glad he can be his true self. Homosexuality has been with us since the dawn of humanity. It is real, religion is not.

NBCOUT NBCOUT Nice sweatshirt. NBCOUT Anyone know this guy’s digits? NBCOUT Five buck says he didn't realize he accidentally his the Facebook live button and didn't mean to come out to the world. NBCOUT What a powerful sentence NBCOUT Who cares old man..hope your partner is also using diapers NBCOUT I think the jacket gave it away grandpa... 😂😂😂

NBCOUT Time to lay some pipe grandpa! NBCOUT Still waiting for Lindsey Graham's out story NBCOUT Just in time, too. NBCOUT Homosexuality is wrong. It is old. Tried & found wanting for centuries as a valid lifestyle. Participants are generally at risk due to compounding bad choices- dysfunctional & subsidy dependent as well as non contributing to the perpetuating of society. It represents a tiny

NBCOUT There is so much going on in our country, the world, massive corruption in our government and media and they run this ? Who cares about people’s personal lives in relation to this. NBC, like most of the media is a joke today. It’s agenda based news reporting. NBCOUT I think they knew. NBCOUT NOBODY CARES.

NBCOUT Hey dad. You could have told me first. Lol...🙄😉😉 Good on ya sunshine.. 🙏👍😁 NBCOUT That's awesome! NBCOUT Feel so bad for his wife. She could have found someone who would have loved her wholly, not a dirty rotten liar. NBCOUT Тьфууу, gay-fagot bullshit 👎👎👎👎.Mutant-zombie должны жить в резервациях от здоровых натуралов ,их семей с детьми .Брррр

NBCOUT Better late than never NBCOUT You've always been free, like my straight friends I tell them when they're making out fondling each other in front of me go get a room, or stop and visit with me as a couple, I can watch porn on internet don't need a live show! Enjoy! behind closed doors don't need public show!

NBCOUT I enjoyed watching the BBC's 'Viscious' television series, revealing these two old gay men & the more feminine guy still hadn't told his mother, 50 years later. NBCOUT Good for you! Your 90 and can do or say whatever the hell you want! Congratulations NBCOUT how exciting. NBCOUT Things like this were written about the guilded age.

NBCOUT This is the way you want go out? . godspeed. NBCOUT rufat_zeynalli gec olsun güc olmasın NBCOUT LETS GOOOOOOO! Congratulations Grandpa! Hope you’re family is supporting you more than ever now! NBCOUT Hell at him. NBCOUT NBCOUT NBCOUT Good for you NBCOUT NBCOUT Good for him 👏🏾 NBCOUT I'm a procrastinator too

NBCOUT Sad he lied to his whole family and wife all those years. He made his wife live her whole life as a lie NBCOUT Congrats to the brave man!! NBCOUT WHOLESOME NBCOUT Huzzah! NBCOUT How does a grandfather becomes guy. He is a cheat not guy. He made children and now claims to be guy. I need explanations.

NBCOUT Congratulations 🎈 NBCOUT He was about to check out without his 5-min of fame. Who cares, gay or straight, is not news nor something to be praised or condemned, just is NBCOUT Make yourself happy Pops. NBCOUT Putin would love you NBCOUT Imagine that......... thegooddoginc NBCOUT Chill grandpa. You're not safe with all those nasty people out there willing to bash a Democrat.

NBCOUT A 90 year old riding the baloney-pony? Yuck! NBCOUT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 NBCOUT Тьфууу, gayFagot пидаразы & извращенцы вымирающей Америки.Как же вы достали здоровых натуралов всего мира и штата Texas. Нашли чем гордиться- своим mutant&zombie вырождением,бррр👎👎👎👎 NBCOUT Oh my God no one cares if you are gay or straight. Just live your life and don't shove it our face. Just be yourself.

NBCOUT Aww. So sweet❤️ NBCOUT ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 NBCOUT Gross😜😝😭😂😂 NBCOUT Good for you Papa! Live your best life! NBCOUT Ok now NBCOUT How is his wife feeling about it. Betrayal on his side! Having a fake life is horrible for everyone! NBCOUT So? NBCOUT 90 years old and so very close to dying and proudly going to straight to hell. So sad.

NBCOUT His poor wife is the one that we should feel sorry for!! She got shortchanged all this time. NBCOUT This is old NBCOUT And I'm heading to the promise land👋👀 NBCOUT 90 years of lies. NBCOUT Viejo pendejo. Perdio la vida en el que diran. Su vida. Su rollo. NBCOUT Poor, sad man. NBCOUT THERE IS NOTHING TO BE PROUD ABOUT BEING GAY AT ANY AGE.

NBCOUT Enjoy your rest of live being free! NBCOUT Congrats!!! NBCOUT Wasn't the plot of an episode of Two and a Half men ...an NBC show NBCOUT A whole lifetime.. well.. I’m glad you are finally happy NBCOUT So what, you want a cookie!? Here then, 🍪 NBCOUT Laina tobat....gustiiiii! NBCOUT And this bullshit is news why?

NBCOUT Be Happy! NBCOUT Good for him. GavinGrimmVA NBCOUT Enjoy NBCOUT I guess his daughter was surprised that she was a after thought . NBCOUT Yawn, and in other news ... NBCOUT Slow news day? We have children being kidnapped that gets no coverage. Old man wants the love muscle, front page! NBCOUT A little bit later, guy. But no grandkids, I think

NBCOUT So tell me when it is time to die. As i will as God about Romans chapter 1. NBCOUT God Bless Him! NBCOUT Very good...he was out at 90,I never was in the closet,I'm gay all my life..bravo NBCOUT When it doesn't work anymore, does it matter? NBCOUT NBCOUT So he's been on the down-low all his life? He obviously had heterosexual relations. I'm sure his family knew grandpa was a fruitcake.

NBCOUT Ok. So? NBCOUT Well that hoodie is gay... NBCOUT Congrats NBCOUT NBCOUT Elder abuse NBCOUT Good. Now let the fast pace, pill popping, club hopping lifestyle begin. NBCOUT Hogwash NBCOUT no one cares, gays STILL trying to make news, and shitty news media, still giving it to them....GJ another crapper for the readers

NBCOUT Very proud of you 👍 NBCOUT Oh no! Don't fall at the last hurdle, on the final straight... NBCOUT Who gives a shit? NBCOUT IS THAT DEEP THROAT? NBCOUT Much love to this gentleman 🌈🌈🌈❤️🧡💛💙 NBCOUT “That was a real blow to me,” Felts said” He definitely looks like a bottom NBCOUT There will be a greater disaster on Earth. Corona is a sign of chaos. Jesus is coming. We must return to repentance and holiness. SuperFridayVigil

NBCOUT LOVE!!! Love is love, live your truth!!🏳️‍🌈❤❤❤ NBCOUT Great. Now you your dead. Glad You figured it out. NBCOUT Nice!!! Good for you sir, tell your truth proudly!!!! NBCOUT 💙 NBCOUT NBCOUT For people asking what’s so special? READ THE STORY YOU HEARTLESS FUCKS. He knew he was gay in 1942. He was on the search for Philip his long lost love (RIP). Let this precious man live his life and write his memoir!

NBCOUT BRAVO SIR OFB2020 NBCOUT Yes grandpa go find love. NBCOUT Why is this Important? Homosexuality is Wrong according to the Scriptures isn't it? NBCOUT Pretty sure no one was surprised NBCOUT So why is his sexuality newsworthy NBCOUT This shit is so stupid. Focus on real news fbsi_mcbot NBCOUT A sad story tinged with happiness.

NBCOUT Good for him! Better late then never! NBCOUT God love him! NBCOUT At 90 can't you pretty much do anything you want and not give a damn what anybody thinks anyway? NBCOUT Big deal! Let's talk about potential cures for this deadly disease! NBCOUT REPENT! NBCOUT ChenteKunta this guy is 90 and wants to start getting fucked and sucked.

NBCOUT As if it matters at 90... NBCOUT NBCOUT Gross NBCOUT Much Happiness to you!!! ❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️ NBCOUT And sadly I've also been the psychologist of grandmothers who wished the old coots had left when they were young, instead of after a lifetime of abasement for their lack of sexual appeal and abuse in front of the kids.

NBCOUT I wonder, if gay men father children in a relationship with a woman, does the woman have to wear a man-mask and tit-covers in order for it to transpire? NBCOUT Sweet story! NBCOUT LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 hinders procreation therefore it's a sin against GOD NBCOUT repent, Jesus is coming!!! NBCOUT So how did he produce kids ? Artifical insemination

NBCOUT The fact that he even has to 'come out' for 'acceptance' is the problem with BOTH 'sides' of the American coin. VoteGold NBCOUT Delighted for you 🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈life is too short.. NBCOUT Good for you. I’m so glad. It’s too bad you waited so long. Much happiness! NBCOUT Good for him ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

NBCOUT Why is this news? NBCOUT I don’t understand why a person must live with a secret like that, yes, on those years maybe were very difficult to say but in the all run in life secrets like that is always revealed no matter culture, family, and on and on, good for him that he is free! NBCOUT BFD NBCOUT Happiness looks good on him❤️

NBCOUT A sweet, sad story. How sad is it that he felt the need to deny his true self for his entire life? NBCOUT I am sure no one cares, except perverted, racist, NBC!!! NBCOUT No one actually cares about who do you go to bed with. When this type of things are not longer 'news' we all are going to live free.

NBCOUT It's too bad that he waited so long before finally admitting it, which isn't easy but it's too bad he didn't do it much sooner and he may have had a happier life. NBCOUT The old newspaper rule: 'When a dog bites a man it's not news. When a man bites a dog, it's news'. NBCOUT Death ( it means that you will be asked about everything you’ve did in your life)is waiting you,and you are saying that you are gay!!!?!

NBCOUT AT 90 'GAY' means 'HAPPY'! NBCOUT He did a porno...gramps and the delivery boy. NBCOUT See II Peter 2:17--19. NBCOUT Never too late to find love. 💛💚💙💜🤎 NBCOUT Good for him, a brave man. 🏳️‍🌈 NBCOUT Much love for this man! ♥️ NBCOUT I thought this was an Onion article at first NBCOUT nasty af

NBCOUT congrats! NBCOUT Good for him!!! 🌈🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈 NBCOUT Bless your heart, NBCOUT WGAS NBCOUT Who cares? NBCOUT Poor old guy🤦🏽‍♂️ NBCOUT Legend NBCOUT I'm sure he's spent lots of time in the public restrooms in city parks and whatnot over the years. NBCOUT Okay. I love Brussels sprouts. Celebrate me!

NBCOUT Nobody cares NBCOUT Oh i don't care NBCOUT Teaching children that this is how you gain “positive” attention. This article is sexual abuse and there need to be arrests. NBCOUT 💙💚💛💜❤️ NBCOUT And whats so special about this? NBCOUT Sadly a 'bit' late. NBCOUT Cool! Never to old to grow and change! Enjoy your life out of the closet!

NBCOUT This is news?

Norwegian Air's July traffic down 90% year on yearNorwegian Air's July passenger volume fell by 90.4% from a year earlier as most of its fleet remained grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic, it said on Thursday. There goes our taxes ! The poor will get nothing now well yea, travel shut down... still one of my fave lines BACK TO C19CHINA FLU OUT BREAKS called TOURIST SELF BUGS

Trump’s 90-Day Challenge: Settle on a Message and Erase Biden’s LeadWith 90 days until Election Day and weeks until the early voting process starts in some states, the president’s campaign is trying to refocus as he trails presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in national and swing-state polls. I miss presidents who could speak English and form complete sentences with functioning vocabulary. I miss those who were decent, intelligent, and patriotic unlike cadet bone spurs. I miss the days when scandal of the day was a president wearing a tan suit. . Can you imagine a Presidential candidate, who refuses to attend a Democratic Convention, which is scheduled to nominate him as Presidential Candidate ? . THIS, is Joe Biden ! . Joe Biden is suffering severe health deterioration. .!!! Trump is a lying crook , period .

'90 Day Fiance' Star Jorge Nava Finally Files For Divorce'90 Day Fiance' star Jorge Nava officially files for divorce after three years of marriage. 90 days or nothing. A failed marriage after only knowing one another for 90 days? Who saw this coming?😂🤷🏾‍♀️🙄 Hucares.u tmz are looking 4 high society gossip while CDC is planning our deaths. u have the platform that can turn this nightmar around & put those responsible in prison. But u dont. Why is that. Are u paid by gates fauci Pelosi 2keep this lie goin. Cuomo has already killd 1000s

In search of his lost love, 90-year-old man comes out as gay: 'I've never felt so free'The 90-year-old Navy veteran came out nearly 60 years after his brief relationship with the love of his life met its end. I hope he’s finally able to live the life he’s always dreamt. 'It's never too late to come out.' beautiful story 🙂 He looks young for 90

In search of his lost love, 90-year-old man comes out as gay: 'I've never felt so free'The 90-year-old Navy veteran came out nearly 60 years after his brief relationship with the love of his life met its end. I hope he’s finally able to live the life he’s always dreamt. 'It's never too late to come out.' beautiful story 🙂 He looks young for 90

Busy Philipps' 7-Year-Old Daughter Inspires Her to Post Bikini PicBusy Philipps' youngest daughter has taught her to embrace her laidback summer style. 👙