9-Year-Old Penelope Disick Just Revealed Her Go-To Beauty Products & No, I’m Not Kidding

It's not all Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics.

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12/2/2021 9:00:00 PM

It's not all Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics... Believe it or not. 👀

It's not all Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics.

I write a lot about various celebrities’ favorite beauty products, whether they’re the ones they actually use or ones they get paid to shell. Never did I think I’d be writing about a nine-year-old’s go-to products but Penelope Disick’s TikTok is chock full of gems. The daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick has been posting to TikTok the past few weeks, under a new account apparently managed by “two adults.” While I’m sure Mom looks at what she’s posting to ensure safety, it’s obvious P is the mastermind behind the videos and let me tell you, girl’s got talent.

My old millennial brain can just barely make TikTok videos and they take me a lot longer than they should. Penelope on the other hand easily goes from lip-synching an Eminem song from before she was born to showing what she packs for vacation with the family. It looks as if she has been picking up pointers from her mom and aunts when she shows the packaging and then the satisfying inside of a body scrub or face wash.

In a series of videos, Penelope shows off her favorite Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics products — she obviously has the hookup. She doesn’t just use her family’s brands, though. She’s got some Honest Beauty and Le Lebo in there, too. Girl’s got taste. Influencers and brands jumped into the comments to remark that “she’s so good at this” and “kylie got all them in on it, genius.” Others think there’s no way Penelope is showing off these products. She’s nine years old and the nail extensions are a bit mature. But there’s another video where Penelope shows herself getting these exact nails so they’re definitely her hands. headtopics.com

Curious what products Penelope loves to show to her (and her mom’s) 2.3 million followers? I rounded them all up for you (minus a few that sold out), below.Kylie Skin.Kylie Skin Makeup Melting Cleanser Penelope needs this makeup-removing face wash after she gets into Aunt Kim’s makeup stash.

Makeup Melting Cleanser $25 Buy Now Honest Beauty.Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Facial Oil This gentle face oil contains avocado, apricot and jojoba oils.Organic Beauty Facial Oil $25.79 Buy Now Hers.Hers Detox Scalp Scrub Maybe Jennifer Lopez, who collaborated with Hers on haircare, gave this exfoliating sugar scalp scrub to Penelope. It contains salicylic acid and sugar granules to exfoliate the scalp and break down buildup.

Detox Scalp Scrub $22 Buy Now Le Labo.Le Labo Hand Soap P has fancy taste when it comes to hand soap. Le Lebo’s features a plant-based formula made with sea buckthorn and rosemary leaf.Hand Soap $25 Buy Now Heritage.Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin Hydrating Facial Mist This affordable rose water spray is a favorite for all-day skin refreshing.

Rosewater & Glycerin Hydrating Facial… $10.69 Buy Now Le Labo.Le Labo Santal 26 Set of 3 Concrete Votives It seems Penelope is a Le Labo fan. She shares this soy wax candle, which now comes in a chic holiday set.Santal 26 Set of 3 Concrete Votives $98 Buy Now KKW Fragrance. headtopics.com

KKW Fragrance Crystal Gardenia It looks like Penelope favors Aunt Kim’s fresh, white floral scent.

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