Uniontown, Ohio

Uniontown, Ohio

9-year-old boy has hot lunch taken away on his birthday because he owed school $9.75

9-year-old boy has hot lunch taken away on his birthday because he owed school $9.75

9/11/2019 10:00:00 PM

9-year-old boy has hot lunch taken away on his birthday because he owed school $9.75

A school district in Ohio has changed their lunch policy after a 9-year-old had his hot lunch taken away, on his birthday, due to owing just $9.75.

On that day, the staff at Green Primary School in Uniontown, Ohio took away 9-year-old Jefferson Sharpnack’s hot lunch and replaced it with a cheese sandwich, a side dish and a serving of milk because of his lunch debt, which totaled $9.75.The young boy said that the incident left him"a little hurt."

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"I can't believe that it's cost-effective to throw away food and give them cheese and bread," Sharpnack's grandmother, Diane Bailey, who has temporary custody of Sharpnack and his brother, told WKYC."When he got off the bus, he said 'worst birthday ever.'"

Bailey has enrolled Sharpnack in the free and reduced lunch program, according to Fox 8, and she was informed that she would be able to write a check for any unpaid balance that may occur while they waited for the paperwork to process. Now, she believes the school district bullied her grandson.

"He was bullied. He was bullied by the school officials. He had his lunch removed from his tray at the age of 9," she told the news station.After Bailey's story sparked concern on social media, other parents made claims that similar incidents have happened to their children at Green Local School District schools.

The district has responded by implementing an immediate district-wide change to their policy, shared on Facebook by Superintendent Jeff Miller."All students enrolled in PreK through 12th grades will receive the standard lunch for the day at their respective buildings regardless of their account balance," the statement read in part."We are sensitive to the financial hardship families incur and challenges presented due to the cost of school breakfast and lunches. Our staff, in coordination with Family Support Specialists, will continue to work with families to ensure they have access to all available resources to assist with purchasing school meals."

Representatives for Green Local Schools did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.Read more from Yahoo Lifestyle: Read more: Yahoo Lifestyle »

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9-year-old student's hot lunch is taken away over a $9.75 unpaid balance, grandmother saysThe Ohio boy was given a cheese sandwich to eat instead. The incident happened on his birthday, his grandmother said. monsters This is so terrible. Karma is a bit** What kind of a person takes food from a kid?

Ohio school takes lunch away from boy on his 9th birthday over account balance'We have spoken with our cafeteria staff already about how to handle things, maybe differently,' the school principal said. Simply cruel! What school is this? Ayn Rand Elementary? You'd think one of the teachers would've paid for the child. It was only 9 bucks.. pulte can we get this kid some lunch money... for like the whole year?

This 9-year-old was denied lunch on his birthday at school. Now the district is making changesA boy from Ohio had the 'worst birthday ever' after his school lunch was taken away because of an unpaid balance on his account. His grandmother says it all happened on his ninth birthday, in front of other students in the lunch line, because of a $9 debt. Unfortunately this happens across the country. In our area we have a group of people that each of us go to the neighborhood elementary school and anonymously pay off one childs lunch debt. I encourage others to do the same until this issue is solved in our public schools. And this headline is false. If we can feed criminals in prison then why can’t we feed the children in school? Maybe take a meal away from them and give it to our future!

Ohio school district updates policy after child denied lunch due to debt\n\nAn Ohio woman said her grandson’s lunch was 'taken away' because of an outstanding cafeteria balance of $9. Once again, I read the comments and am worse off for it. The lack of compassion among administrators charged with looking out for the well-being of children is disgusting. I would be UNLEASHED if that was my kid...