84% of tech workers report their products aren’t inclusive

'Not only are diverse and inclusive teams more profitable, but they’re more likely to create inclusive products.'

8/1/2021 11:59:00 PM

'Not only are diverse and inclusive teams more profitable, but they’re more likely to create inclusive products.'

Capgemini research found significant gaps between the opinions of executives and underrepresented employees regarding inclusion.

. What’s more, the firm found stark differences between the opinions of leadership executives and underrepresented employees including women and “ethnic minorities” when it comes to inclusion practices.When presented with positive statements meant to evaluate equity and inclusivity, executives overwhelmingly felt the statements were true for their organizations, while very few underrepresented employees felt similarly. For example, 85% of executive leaders said they believe their organizations provide equitable opportunities for career development and promotions to every employee, but only 18% of the underrepresented employees agreed. Similar numbers were reported for all seven inclusivity statements posed by the research team. Elizabeth Kiehner, VP of enterprise transformation at Capgemini Invent, told VentureBeat, “That’s an incredibly wide perception gap.”

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“These gaps demonstrate that true accountability needs to be established across the majority of organizations,” she said. “There’s an enormous opportunity to focus on inclusivity and appropriately recalibrating in order to create an improved reality for all in this pressing moment.”

The urgency of inclusive techNot only are diverse and inclusive teamsmore profitable, but they’re more likely to create inclusive products. Specifically, organizations with advanced inclusive practices are four times more likely to create inclusive products, according to Capgemini, which evaluated inclusivity by considering an organization’s training, growth opportunities, and to what extent employees feel comfortable offering their perspectives, among other factors. headtopics.com

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