8 Ways People Avoid Their Emotions

Which of these do you do?

9/15/2021 4:02:00 AM

People will go to some surprising lengths to avoid dealing with their feelings. Do any of these examples from DrAliceBoyes sound familiar?

Which of these do you do?

it off actually works for me most of the time. I don't have a problem with this causing nighttime sleep disruption. Once I wake up after a long nap, I don't feel frozen anymore.However, if you overdid this, if it disrupted your nighttime sleep, or if you didn't feel refreshed by it, then it wouldn't be helpful. Some problems are made worse by excessive sleeping, so there's a lot of nuance here. However, some strategies you've heard you shouldn't do can be useful for some people.

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4. Productive procrastination.When we procrastinate, we're attempting to avoid the emotions that thinking about the task stirs, which could beboredom, frustration, anxiety, or resentment. However, I've produced some of my best work when I've been avoiding a task I really didn't want to do. In particular, I often do creative tasks when I'm avoiding admin. Realistically, my creative work is more valuable than my admin, although that still needs to be done.

Sometimes the"productive"procrastinationpeople do isn't that valuable. And when you use productive procrastination, you're not training yourself to focus in spite of your difficult feelings. If you don't train this skill, avoiding tasks can become a large problem (if you miss deadlines) or very headtopics.com

(if you eventually do the task but it weighs heavily on your mind while you're procrastinating).5. NostalgiaOne of my current favorite things to do when I need emotional comfort is to watch YouTube videos about 1980s-1990s wrestling. I loved that as a kid, and it brings a lot of nostalgia. However, it's also not facing up to anything in the present.

A little nostalgic escapism is fine, but don't constantly engage with a different time period as a way of escaping the present.6. Blaming others.Blaming others for why bad things happen to you, or why you can't get what you want, is often a way of avoiding your own feelings. It helps you avoid the hurt you feel. It also helps you avoid other emotions feeling frustrated with yourself. However, this strategy has huge costs. It'll hurt your success, relationships, and overall happiness.

7. Podcasts.Having entertainment always playing in your ears can be a type of avoiding your emotions. If you feel antsy going for a walk or taking public transport without a podcast, this might be an issue for you.8. You're always learning and improving.

Love of learning is an important strength. If you've got this strength, it has probably contributed greatly to your success in life. However, sometimes when people arealwaysengaging in new learning or self-improvement, it's a defense against anxiety and not feeling good enough. headtopics.com

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