8 Texas Cities Were Alerted To A Brain-Eating Amoeba Found İn Water Supply - Cnn

8 Texas Cities Were Alerted To A Brain-Eating Amoeba Found İn Water Supply - Cnn

8 Texas cities were alerted to a brain-eating amoeba found in water supply

Residents of eight cities were alerted to a brain-eating amoeba found in a southeast Texas water supply.

9/27/2020 3:44:00 AM

Residents of eight cities were alerted to a brain-eating amoeba found in a southeast Texas water supply.

Residents of eight cities have been alerted that a brain-eating amoeba was found in a southeast Texas water supply, leading one of the towns to issue a disaster declaration.

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This is what you get when you let your government cut EPA and state water quality programs. Now if Ted Cruz would go for a swim with McConnel and Lindsey ... This is what 'small government', 'de-regulation' and 'tax cuts' by politicians looks like. Chlorine levels becoming low in the water supply means an employee was absent/'smaller government' or asleep at the wheel/'de-regulation'.

Does this affect Dallas And i oop what the actual fuck are these comments Ok Donny-boy, fix this, get the CDC on this So sad This is clearly more rampant that solely in Texas. I contend this brain eating critter is rampant across at least 46% of the US population. Let’s get America’s top scientist, realDonaldTrump, on to it. With his swift and effective scientific approach to all things science should be resolved in SEVERAL MONTHS, IF EVER. MAGADumpTrump trump’s America

Is it because, inadequate water treatment methods ! 🤦🤦🤦 2020 don't take NO DAYS OFF! Scary Just blame CHINA! Note: Many people say it seems to sharpen the mind of Trump supporters, and are encouraging them to drink it. petertheteacher one more for Stainer!!!! 🤣 No worries for realDonaldTrump he has cleaned the US water and has no brain to protect

It’s like the stupidity of politics has has become so powerful, that it has physically manifested itself as a brain eating amoeba! Wonder how our national pandemic team will handle it. Oh wait a tic .... It's Texas. Those things would starve. No one is talking about Fringe series and attack from ParalleUniverse... The incident sounds so similar to the bio-attacks in the series... Anyone Fringe fan here?

I like the water without the brain eating amoebas. Biden claims he’s a military family. Hunter was discharged for years of using cocaine!!!! he put our whole country and military in danger!! The comment section is 👏👏👏 Something the President drank recently? How horrible! Well that explains a lot. Ohh, you mean amoebas are going to 'starv'

Lol CNN is know for bs binduamadhav what was that? Has the Donald ever been to Lake Jackson 🧐 Chinese conspiracy; they want Texas to vote for Biden, hence this amoeba was engineered and introduced in water. Reminds me of the movie Dark Knight..well in the movie, there was Batman !!!..and kudos to those in real life who cleared it

These amoebes almost have the color of ConDon’s hair. wow these democ-rats really get around don't they... No wonder there are so many republicans in Texas !!! I’m sure they will blame the Democrats for this too Amoebic meningoencephalitis is caused only by nasal inhalation of infectious water, like from a swimming pool. The acid in the stomach normally kills them. A normal chlorination process in the water also kills them effectively.

OMG Thanks again, 2020! AmoebaBiocide has the solutions guys. French company with an amoeba healthy for human beigns and that destroy those bad amoeba. Have a look at their products and researchs you will be amazed. realDonaldTrump Finding a microscopic organism in water is a matter of scientific research. I thought actual science was already declared illegal as un-American traitorship. Well, the new Supreme Court will see to replace this bullshit by good Christian science. 😂😂😂

Appears homo sapiens are under attack by the other species. Revenge?! The water is making them retarded makes sense Texans don't need to worry about brain eating things 😉 That would explain why democrats picked Ol Joe as their candidate. So it won’t harm someone without brain ? The Republicans and their followers would be immuned to this amoeba. This amoeba is a brain-eating one. And those like Trump and his followers have no brain at all, so there is nothing to eat.

I think this is intentionally done by Biden and Democrats so that Americans don't use their brain and vote for them 😑 Is that why there are still trump fan's? coincidence that its pandemic, wildfires, now amoeba in US lakes, unless its man made laboratory work of external threats to US 🤔 Brain Eating Amoeba in Texas water supply !! .. Galatians 6:7 “.. for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap” .🦠 🚿 🇺🇸 TedCruz RandPaul GregAbbott

Im glad that Cleburne is safe. Both America and china fight virus war Those amoeba will starve in Texas, Damn 'One day, it's like a miracle, the amoeba will go away' I will do Facebook promotion of your business in the USA Oh it ordered a lunch menu while testing... or did they feed it with brains during lunch time.... Amoeba says “I like raw brain, used brain, fried brain, baked brain”

Brain-eating amoeba?! The year 2020 has been an amazing year! We haven't seen the end of Covid! EvaColeBooks How is Flint, Michigan doing? I think about 39% of Americans have already drunk this water In Texas?!? Won't the poor amoebas die of starvation? Probably too soon... And it was hard to leave this straight line alone.

More fear mongering from the main stream media, no surprise!! That’s nasty If it starts eating brains in smarter states it's going to start getting clever. 2020 keeps getting better. Fake news!! American water is the best water around the world ever! How dare you! Geez everybody hates Texans but I am for Biden all the way. It sucks to think that just because we live in Texas we are bad people.

At least Trump won't be at risk. . . I’m sure those amoebas long time ago visited Trump. Everything is coming clear now.🙈 just a reminder that it's still 2020 Naegleria fowleri? Why is that everything happening at time of election? Akkushay Humans population is increased, so the food cycle is now foucussed on humans. Easy catch

whoahhhh!!! Not to worry. Supply this water to Chinese restaurants. They will prepare a dish out of amoeba and eat it. I thought amoeba is not a parasite🤔 irishsakura2017 what's going on there? Is this the same brain-eating amoeba that killed the girl who went to that water park a few years back? kmc_kolkata Fresh water disease & need serious attention. We have excited the biodiversity in such way, for it is entering human specis.

What happens to the people who have already consumed the water? pahadi_babu Because 2020 was not hard enough, let’s throw a brain-eating amoeba in there just for kicks! Good God. Make it stop! Sirji,yehi baki tha?Yeh bhi China 🇨🇳 ka hai kya?sahi hai ki india mey bottled mineral water ka dhanda badega.not time to go to mars but to start a new business as every crisis is an opportunity?now 🇺🇸 will send some of this to 🇨🇳 & ensure there is a new kind of biological war?🤔

2020 😩 What the rak2401 Brain eating Zombie apocalypse is not far I guess Ok good brainless No worry for GDP Loan Covid About kishan😷 😷😷 That could explain a whole lotta things ... 2020 🤣 This is a big conspiracy from the Joe Biden team. When everybody is as stupid as him nobody would notice how stupid he is.

Estuviste por texas recientemente? crisvalverdej 😂 Nasty 🤔 Brain eating amoebas? So that's what gave birth to lefty liberal loonies! . . PRS ;Paul Revere Society). How they get there? 2020 don’t sleep What about their masks though This explains a lot. Mañana te cuento. omg...is that why Texas is turning into a blue state?

skennison Make tap water great again! skennison Don’t believe that fake News Lol funny joke cnn! Bwhahaha Oh well, they should be fine then. It said “brain eating”. Need that brain first. 😂😂😂 Things Happen! Hello guys..Do you know you can earn as low as 3000$ in just 72 hours..inbox me for info.. Trump says drink the water!!!

No one is yet certain how the brain eating amoebas will affect the public but both the AMA and the CDC agree ALL Trump supporters have absolutely nothing to fear Is this why Biden is hidin? Can human science and technology save from what's coming? Jesus he can. We'll see. What is the president gonna do about this

Gotta love 2020! SBillante Third world country Doggone 2020 up with more sh!t Arrest2020 Explains Ted Cruz Don’t worry people. The president will say it is fake news and a hoax. I’m sure the smart people of Texas will believe him. Lmfao There should be no problem then. People in Texas have no brains. The Amoeba will die from starvation. 🤣

Those amoebas must be starving 2020 just keeps the hits coming realDonaldTrump Finally, an explanation for Trump supporters.... So no one on this feed read the article!! What's new!! You’d think the Amoeba would be starving in Texas, right? I mean Ted Cruz lives there. Certainly no nourishment residing in that brain case.

Texas, what a surprise 🤣🤣🤣 Of course Where does Ted Cruz live? Send those to California please Don't drink the water. Oh shit and we have an election coming up. I don't think the country can afford to have the IQ of undecided voters to drop to that of an average Trump supporter. That’s what happened to Trump!!!!!!!

If it’s in areas with democrat voters the amoebas won’t survive long. Has anyone seen Ted Cruz? Ted is infected. Bigly infected. Just wear a mask. You’ll be fine. They work. I promise. Maybe this is what's causing more Texans to vote Democrat And the worms ate into their brains. In Texas? How did anybody notice?

stay outta swimming pools and lakes and oceans Brain-eating bacterias? So those little fuckers will die of starvation in gold old Texas. Nobody told Joe biden :( This is what happens when you get rid of EPA regulations OMG. Flint all over anybody else worried about all of those people who sunk their boats in that Texas lake a couple weeks ago? Have any of these people been heard from since? not really concerned because I think all that alcohol probably will kill the amoebas

That would explain a few things ... Check WH? How do we know they are telling the truth about being cleared? The area thrives on Chemicals. Climate change is real. Can't eat what is NOT THERE!!?! No worries. It will starve itself out in a few days. Ugh, why warn them 🤷‍♀️ 😳🙏🏻 Will CNN blame Trump? Trump will survive. Nothing to eat up there.

Well seeing that you guys probably did it Probably been in there for years. Explains Texas. Shit the fuck up. CNN Are they from China? apparently it only affects democrats.. LOL Did anyone have brain-eating amoeba on their 2020 bingo card? That's unexpected, but not surprising. NEW BINGO CARDS FOR TEXAS 😐 Some of them have been drinking it for awhile already🙄

That might explain this. What is worse? Brain eating amoebas or brain eating cell phones? If the 8 cities are full of Black people I think it’s biological warfare so 🤡 wins Texas 🧠🐛 How small are they? I’m sure it’s fine. Another hoax from liberal scientists. Rand Paul says drink up, so drink up Trumpsters.

Well that explains a lot. Texas dont worry. Brain-eating amoeba has starved to death. This is shocking information.... Unfucking believable Another trump virus realDonaldTrump which he is spreading to destroy America This explains a lot! jaketapper OMG how frightening! NoWharButTexas This must be another Lt. Gov. DanPatrick idea to reduce the number of Texans since COVID19 has only killed 15,823 in Texas. In the meantime, JohnCornyn toasts DanPatrick with another Corona. FlipSenateBlue VOTE mjhegar 2020Election

Does replouiegohmert live near any of those cities? FriendlyJMC Domestic terrorism well, it's Texas. no harm--these amoeba will starve. bloggerheads How long has it been there? Wait, is this where tedcruz is from? If so, that would explain a lot. I think the brain eating amoeba is in the Wash DC water, too!

Brendajurgens3 Seriously 2020... Did any of that water find it’s way to the White House? Or Kentucky? I never drink this Texas water. Bottle water is my go to vosswater is my FAVORITE!! 🥰 jaketapper It's Texas. The poor amoebas must be starving to death! Um... I'm not sure I'd trust 'cleared'. With over 15,000 dead from covid, Texas really doesn't need more health risks.

Now ee know what is wrong with trump Just trump rallies And if there's none...? A brain-eating amoeba... in Texas? Can't be. It should've gone extinct by now. And they’ve named it the Qamoeba koweiszki just this week someone was doing number 2 on carter bridge MatureMetal I'd have expected nothing less this year. Being CNN, let me guess... it's linked to Covid19 and affects primarily babies

What is being done about it? But it is their God given right to drink water. Sorry just so over the stupidity. No it's BIO engineered to DEPOPP Yeah! Smell the no-bathing aroma of pure freedum. Less job-killing regulations! More brain-eatin amoebas! 🤪 It must not be in a liberal neighborhood, otherwise the amoeba would starve.

2020 just keep kicking us while we are down jaketapper Climate change, pollution and and toxic waste are killing our planet which will eventually kill off the human race but before we die we will suffer greatly thanks to the Republicans. 2020...where murder-hornets were replaced with Brain-Eating Amoeba....

jaketapper Seems to be in Washington DC and Marilago

Texas Warns Houston-Area Residents of Brain-Eating Amoeba in WaterNow you know the end of the world is near. Trump supporters ? TUESDAY'S DEBATE SHOULD HAVE A FACT CHECKER- LIVE ON TV MaddHatterMandy

Deadly microbe water warning lifted for all but 1 Texas cityTexas officials on Saturday lifted a warning for all but one Houston-area community to stop using tap water because it might be tainted with a deadly brain-eating microbe. Deregulation ! People get rich. Some get dead.. but who cares right Vote GOP ! The party of deregulation! Republicans- don't let them control you or take away your freedom. Drink up, stay hydrated! That explains a lot.

Deadly microbe water warning lifted for all but 1 Texas cityLAKE JACKSON, Texas (AP) — Texas officials on Saturday lifted a warning for all but one Houston-area community to stop using tap water because it might be tainted with a deadly brain-eating... Now check Florida. When such public utilities become forgotten priorities of the Elite...The real fight is between Good & evil. Fear nothing but fear: America was under British dominance & dictatorship Until The People said two words & acted upon ‘em: No more. A different one, but time has come. Texas, known as the 'Anus of America', has officially lived up to the parasitic dump that it is.

In Texas, suburbia holds key to November electionIn Cheryl Polak&39;s living room in the Houston suburbs, hunting trophies and crosses share space with Lone Star State decor. 3.5 Years did NOTHING but ATTACK Obama Care, Medicare and Social Security..... LEADER would have FIXED TRUMP ISNT DOING GREAT IN TEXAS EITHER.

Texas official arrested on felony election fraud charges, could face 99-year sentenceThe charges allege that he and his cohorts cast mail-in ballots for able-bodied voters, falsely proclaiming the voters were disabled. Sooo good But voter fraud isn’t real. Good. Throw these cheaters in jail.

Ron Paul hospitalized for 'precautionary' reasons in Texas, Fox News has learnedFormer Rep. Ron Paul is in a hospital Friday in Texas for 'precautionary' reasons, Fox News has learned. I saw there was an 'outbreak' of COVID in Kentucky last night. RETRIBUTION for standing up the Wuhan-Fauci 'fake statistics'? Damn thought it was rand. FlipTheSenateBlue