8 Posture Correctors That Will Help You Stop Slouching

Have we all become slouchers?!

10/31/2020 10:04:00 PM

Have we all become slouchers?!

Physical therapists share their top recommendations.

) and modeling good posture with a posture-correcting device. Traditional posture correctors (which are worn like a harness) give your rusty postural muscles an assist by either reminding you to sit up straight, or making it easier for you to do so by holding your body in the correction position: Shoulders back, in an upright position that supports the

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: one at your neck (your cervical spine), another in your mid-back (your thoracic spine), and another in your lower back (your lumbar spine).Physical therapists often recommend these devices to patients (along with recovery tools likefoam rollers) to help reverse the negative effects of chronic slouching, which include chronic back pain, joint stiffness, and neck and shoulder tension. “The muscles need to be retrained in order to have the strength and endurance to hold the body with a good upright postural position,” Karena Wu, DPT, owner and clinical director of

ActiveCare Physical Therapyin New York, tells SELF.Besides finding a device that works well with your setup (think: a lumbar pillow that’s the right width for your chair or posture strap that’s adjustable to your size), it should also feel comfortable. “If it’s too hard or uncomfortable, you’re likely to avoid it and then the good posture you’re striving for is less likely to become a habit,” board-certified sports physical therapist

Leada Malek, DPT, tells SELF.To use it, either wear it for as long as the device’s instructions recommend each day, or ease into it. “Start with one-third or half your day, and vary which half you use it,” Malek suggests. “Sometimes people do better with using correctors toward the end of their day, since that’s when the body gets tired.”

And remember that these devices are ultimately meant to be used short-term: They should help you gain awareness of your body alignment, and strengthen your muscles enough to support yourselfwithout Read more: SELF »

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