8 million Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, new study says

8,000,000 Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, study finds.

10/17/2020 8:38:00 PM

8,000,000 Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, study finds.

Researchers looked at the devastating financial effect the pandemic has had on Americans, with Blacks, Latinos and children faring the worst.

relief ended without more to follow.Although the federal Cares Act, which gave Americans a one-time stimulus check of $1,200 and unemployed workers an extra $600 each week, was successful at offsetting growing poverty rates in the spring, the effects were short-lived, researchers found in the study published Thursday.

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After aid diminished toward the end of summer, poverty rates, especially those among minorities and children, rebounded, they said.“The Cares Act, despite its flaws, was broadly successful in preventing large increases in poverty," said Zach Parolin, a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University and one of the study’s authors.

The federal stimulus saved about 18 million Americans from poverty in April, he said, but as of September, that number is down to 4 million.A family of four earning $26,200 a year or less is considered living below the poverty line, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The total number of people in the U.S. living in poverty is 55 million, including the 8 million who joined their ranks since May, according to the Columbia researchers.

The study comes as negotiations for a new coronavirus stimulus package have stalled and Americans continue to be without relief for the foreseeable future.Columbia researchers tracked monthly poverty rates in the U.S. between February and September, or before and throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“We find that the monthly poverty rate increased from 15% to 16.7% from February to September 2020, even after taking the CARES Act’s income transfers into account,” wrote the researchers. “Increases in monthly poverty rates have been particularly acute for Black and Hispanic people, as well as for children.”

The results of the Columbia study are underscored by another recentstudypublished by the University of Chicago and the University of Notre Dame, which found that within the last three months alone, 6 million Americans entered poverty.Those researchers also found that poverty rates temporarily stabilized amid federal economic intervention, but are now getting worse, particularly for certain groups.

Moreover, the Columbia study found that poverty levels were somewhat improving in the last month, while the joint study said they were worsening.“The big takeaway is that for a while the unprecedented government expansion of unemployment insurance and the stimulus payments kept families out of poverty,” said Bruce D. Meyer, an economist at the University of Chicago and an author of the joint study.

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Negotiations between Senate Republicans and House Democrats for anew stimulus packageremain at a standstill as Americans grapple with the fallout from the pandemic and millions remain unemployed.“The gains in employment throughout the summer have not been enough to offset the dwindling income support,” said Columbia's Parolin.

Both groups of researchers said that unless more relief comes, the federal government runs the risk of more people falling into poverty.“In this time of crisis, it is important for policymakers to respond as quickly as possible to address the needs of those hit hardest by the pandemic,” wrote the researchers in the University of Chicago-Notre Dame study.

The group will continue totrack poverty in real timein an effort to “determine what additional support is called for” as the pandemic continues and government aid lingers, the researchers said.“High levels of poverty, food insecurity and hardship will likely intensify in the absence of further income support,” Parolin said.

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“Slipped”?you mean they had the rug pulled out from under them. I wonder why. Maybe realDonaldTrump can provide some insight. ...due to the complete lack of leadership from the failed Trump administration. DumpTrump As a writer this article is inaccurate! Slipping is an accident where you didn't see it coming. Mitch and the rich pushed us into the poverty ditch! Mitch refused to sign Legislation to give aid to Americans and stopping the extra $600 weekly unemployment benefits so let's not

Mislead the public! You mean FORCED into poverty due to tRumps incompetence! How true.. DUMP TRUMP..HE WAS NEVER THE PEOPLES CHOICE I'm sorry the people of America didn't get the president they voted for 4 years ago. Yes By Democrat Governors!!!! Green_Footballs You misspelled 'driven.' The Democrats pushed them really hard May I say

'Slipped'? PUHLEEZE. Learn to write headlines. Thanks to the Republicans I say it’s the person running the country! Bill is still rolling in the hay with Monica Yeah, but WE NEED MORE LOCKDOWNS! The Left is officially nuts. 🤡🤡🤡 MAGA TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020ToSaveAmerica Like it was accidental? Sheeeeit. That's by design and that's capitalism.

Thank you Hillary Don't worry... the airlines will be there to serve them when we open again... bailouts Coming from a person who lived in Chappaqua where they average home value is over 800K during the worst housing market crash in US history. Makes sense... 🐸 ☕️🤷🏽‍♂️ That was the idea. Don’t look like it on Instagram. Everybody been taking trips off scams

“slipped” into poverty? They were forcefully shoved, and remain there because the GOPtraitors won’t strike another relief deal. Come on do better! Green_Footballs They didn’t jump, they were pushed. Slipping into poverty causes 'excess deaths' in all sorts of ways too: suicide, domestic abuse, alcohol, etc.

Green_Footballs 'slipped'? They were SHOVED by a GOP that thinks only rich people deserve to live. Better ram that supreme court nominee through then, that way these families can keep food on the table and electricity bill paid. Those voted to Trump 2016, you guys must correct this fault. Someone remind Trump that Hunter Biden is not running for POTUS 🔹🤢🔹🤢🔹 American people are dying from COVID19,waiting in lines at Food Banks, losing jobs and homes every day!! 🤢🤢 They expect their President to find a solution not to talk about Hunter Biden!!! DemVoice1

But... her emails... 🙄 I look at all this campaign money that is being thrown around and wish the poor people could have it. Treating poverty as a little “oopsie” is the problem. It’s not temporary displacement, resulting from a natural disaster. Poverty is caused by systemic, intentionally cruel, policies that leave many w/o any access to true equity. Covid is exposing the fissures, not creating them.

They crashed into poverty head on because the WhiteHouse are first tier bunglers. No much longer. vote La confinamiento que propone Biden es la solución 'slipped into poverty' like this was completely unavoidable. Fuck weak journalism. Slipped? You’re ignoring the problem and doing a disservice to the American people.

Is this what they meant by MAGA ? I AGREE! Poor handling of this virus! Not slipped you slackers! Pushed by trump and GOP! JesusNarrowWay Is this what realDonaldTrump means by make America great again? Saner clime Trump and McConnell are to blame. I slipped on the wet grass. 8 million Americans didn’t slip into poverty, they were thrust into poverty due to the inept handling of this pandemic by the current president and administration.

Slipped? Fell. Fell hard Slipped? Fuck off. They were pushed. I'm so sick of NBCs bullshit. NBC is invested in maintaining chaos for another 4 years. Let’s be clear, it was the pandemic. Biden would be in his basement going out for an occasional ice cream. The media is winning the election for Biden. He hasn’t done a thing!!!

SLIPPED They were SHOVED. Change your headline FFS! Slipped my cock, new york is still locked down, Debozo and comie como have let this city die, these poor small businesses,restaurants are closing like crazy mass exit from citizens fleeing the city. No company is ever coming back, work at.home is cheaper. Slipped......

Nope. No one slipped anywhere. Forced into poverty by a President who didn't act, called Covid-19 a hoax, because he didn't want to spook the stock market and harm hos wealthy donors. Didn't give a damn then or now about how people are really suffering, mentally & economically ThAts cuz y’all gave us one payment of 1200 😂

Slipped? Holy FUCK. Trump did this. WTF is slipped? I'm not sure this is the right headline. Those Americans would have been fine, if not for the pandemic & their gov't abandoning them The illegal shutdown caused that. werlibertarians They were pushed there by the restrictions & mandates by state & local governments. Government was the cause, not the virus.

All in democratic states!!! Unemployment is 59% higher in blue states. D-Rats ruined what was a great economy 1 year ago and slowing the recovery. Meanwhile we were herded into big box stores. No 'superspreader' cases from Walmart etc!!! Why were we forced into the same buildings if we were at risk? Slipped 🙄

chrisspangle 8,000,000 Americans slipped into poverty due to government response to pandemic. Fixed that headline for you. The plandemic is working then eh Hillary? ...and for some reason, 7/8 of them are Trump supporters. THIS AIN'T IT. Did they trip and slip? What you talking about? They were drug into poverty because of a poor response and ongoing lack of action by this administration

🚨This headline is journalistic malpractice. As HillaryClinton said, “THEY WERE PUSHED” (ALL CAPS = my emphasis). This—after last wk’s BS💩TrumpTownHall—is why I’m *never* watching again. CorporateMedia greed💰ComplicitMSM FailedFourthEstate SupportIndieReporters! Words matter. Oh they slipped, huh? Too bad the billionaires also slipped into being literal billions richer too it's wild how there's no way to remedy those two situations

Slipped! Wow! being fucking cowards It is terribly sad they can’t be overseas contract employees like me. Trump's Economy... Sept 3rd 881,000 new jobless claims Sept 10th 884,000 new jobless claims Sept 17th 860,000 new jobless claims Sept 24th 870,000 new jobless claims Oct 1st 837,000 new jobless claims Oct 8th 840,000 new jobless claims Oct 15th 898,000 new jobless claims

I see job openings in a lot of places. I haven't lost any thing from the pandemic. Are these researchers racist by assuming minorities aren't as resilient as non minorities ? And that they require white people of government to help them ? What is wrong with you? “Slipped” not what happened. Pushed by the asinine leadership of the President of the United States.

Sorry about your 90yro grandma and fat uncle with diabetes and chain smokin’ cousin but... Slipped? That's an ignorant way to put it. Pushed by the democrats!! I guess none of the 8 million were Trump supporters, because I keep hearing about this economy and other bs that’s not true, because I have a 401k and I owe taxes under the Trump tax law so I know it’s bs.

They were kicked! These families didn't slip into poverty! Stop whitewashing & downplaying their suffering. GOP and a failed government did this to them. Correct your headline 'Slipped' nothing, you fucking cowards. We were SHOVED. Welp that would be thanks to the governors shutting down cities. Now blackmailing people to vote for Biden to stop lockdowns

Americans were pushed into poverty by the trump administration and republicans No slip, just kinda fucked offa cliff. How many people are in poverty now, Shammity? NotBetterOffUnderTrump seanhannity GOP PressSec WhiteHouse GOPChairwoman VP Mike_Pence POTUS realDonaldTrump foxandfriends IngrahamAngle marklevinshow newtgingrich

Pushed and buried by an incompetent administration is more accurate TruthMatters TRUTHWINS Vote VoteEarlyDay BidenHarris An additional 2.5% of America now living in poverty* Thanks to people like GovHolcomb & IndyMayorJoe! That's what happens when the government interferes with a free economy and the media incites panic.

China did it And, despite all of the BS news, it is actually the MEDIA that perpetuated this for dollars. Study yourselves. Slipping is hardly how this should be described. Now do realDonaldTrump TrumpVirusCatastrophe TrumpIsANationalDisgrace “slipped”. Yeah right. JohnnyHeldt Thanks Donald Trump But the Billionaires r doing well, & let’s be honest, that’s all that matters to our Billionaire Class bought-off politicians, National Security State, MSM & every brainwashed empathy deficient pleb who keeps voting for their own oppression when they vote for these War Criminals.

And the guy who is supposed to be in charge keeps spouting lies about how he created the 'greatest economy ever' - his version of 'greatest' really sucks! 'They didn't slip. They were pushed.' says HillaryClinton 'Slipped'?!? Those EIGHT MILLION Americans were taken, kicking and screaming, into poverty as a direct result of trump's failure to respond to coronavirus. Choose your words better, NBC News!

Thanks to Obamacate & Clinton corruption & JoeBiden Slipped is not the word, forced by Trump's inaction on covid and the resulting loss if life and jobs. Pushed is probably more accurate. And trump cronies are living high off that fat hog still getting paid everyday of the pandemic from our tax dollars!

Slip? The push was intentional. Words matter SLIPPED!? Jesus. They were FORCED! Slipped? More like dumped into it by Trump's incompetence and criminal negligence. TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER Kicked in the back of their damn heads into poverty. Call it what it is. JHilde9 Che disastro i cinesi hanno combinato, e se lo avessero fatto di proposito? Visto che adesso sono felici i cinesi!

Pushed by China. Before that, the economy was awesome, no thx to democrats. Change your headlines. Put the focus where it should be. This was not their choosing. And they didn’t slip. They were forced over the edge. You misspelled FORCED Slipped into poverty? Like they chose to do this They were pushed by realDonaldTrump ‘s incompetence and lack of leadership!! Shame on you for this reporting!!!! maddow Seriously

Slipped? More like hurled into poverty. Thanks, mr. prez. vote Let me help you out! Slipped? It is more like, Forced : compelled by force or necessity : INVOLUNTARY. My son lost his job of 15 years Dish in March. 😔 This is utterly heartbreaking. SLIPPED? What a stupid choice of word. Pushed by democrat governors

'Slipped' my ass! You really should change the wording. I don’t know anyone that slipped into poverty we were violently pushed into poverty. Please revise. This photo isn’t of people slipping into poverty. This is horrific for this and all the other folks that are losing their homes. dang... imagine if the economy wasn’t his perceived strength?!

Unceremoniously dumped into poverty. I haven't worked since mid-March and unemployment ran out last month. Is that including the millions that are already In poverty before Covid? To bad you have to tippy toe around reporting what is HAPPENING. Your pretty good at might be, could be, smells like, & looks like. Just report the truth not that hard. Trump IS a liar, the econom IS failing, people HAVE lost their jobs, GOP IS trying to take health care.

That’s right you make as many people homeless as you can . Then you offer them free everything . It’s called socialism 8,000,000 slipped into poverty... And, yet 45+% of Americans will vote for Trump. How do you explain that? These people were pushed into poverty by these incompetent fools. realDonaldTrump senatemajldr this is America?!

'Slipped into poverty'? Good Lord. 'slipped into poverty.' Nice way of saying the administration took food out of their mouths, failed to protect their incomes, and abandoned them during a dealy pandemic. When did NBC become Fox? You guys are losers. The “hoax” is trumps great economy. And we need universal healthcare NOW.

Slipped? Forced is more like it. Forcing people into poverty and refusing to end poverty is a policy choice. We were pushed by governors like RoyCooperNC NC_Governor and NYGovCuomo Not slipped but pushed. A slip is an accident. This was a shove by Trumps lack of direction Slipped into poverty What? Were thrown into poverty you mean. The mishandling of this pandemic was not a slip up, it was purposeful.

Helped by China 👍🇬🇧 'slipped into poverty'🙄 They failed to pass a bill after letting the virus run rampant amongst marginalized communities. It was planned and lack of action by Congress. Slipped isn’t the word to use. Trump wants many of us out of the picture it'll be better for him and his cronies

No Trump handled the pandemic horribly and still is. slipped!!! There watching out for their own asses! Pray they feel the wrath!!! This is the plan, keep 99% of America poor and out of gated communities. 😔 *shoved Thx realDonaldTrump TeckieGirl Nobody wants to say why Trump 2020 Why do you NORMALIZE Trumpcrimes? These Americans were PUSHED-they didn't SLIP. Trump's purposeful incompetence is KILLING AMERICANS!! You want ratings? Report on TrumpCrimeSyndicate's crimes! Ivanka Jared violation of nepotism laws. THAT is the NEWS to SAVE USA!

Terrible lede....the word is SHOVED HillaryClinton fixed it for ya, : '8 Million Americans Were *Pushed* Into Poverty.' Weird.... last time we had a Republican president we 'slipped' into an economic crash. 🌀 GOP crashes. Dems fix. Wash, rinse repeat. 🌊 BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica. JoeWillLeadUs Nobody slipped They were all beaten into submission & hunger by greedy republicans & drumph

This is Trump's responsibility. You can bet your ass we wont slip on the way to the ballot box...getridofthemall If they 'slipped' into poverty, it's because realDonaldTrump snatched the rug out from under them. VoteEarly to save the middle class. 'Slipped?' Like, on a banana peel? What the hell do you mean, 'slipped?' The government has failed these people.

Thanks Trump, you fricken loser! senatemajldr and y’all ain’t doing shit DumbDonald helped a lot to MakeAmericaPoorAgain They didn’t slip realDonaldTrump and senatemajldr pushed them Slipped? SLIPPED? Like 8 million people just missed a wet floor sign or something? Nah, the economy was tanked and they just weren't ultrarich enough to be able to afford the world going wrong

Pushed, shoved, abandoned would be the appropriate words to use instead of slipped. TheyWerePushed Slipped or were pushed They were pushed into poverty by Republican incompetence and cruelty. SenCoryGardner BenSasse SenJoniErnst TeamCornyn GOPChairwoman MarthaMcSally senatemajldr Not ProLife, Not Religious, NO AMERICAN Values GOP Pushed another 8-MILLION Americans into POVERTY GreenfieldIowa AmyMcGrathKY Hickenlooper VoteEarly VOTE

Slipped? I got kicked into it like I made a wrong turn at Sparta. More like PUSHED into poverty. This is on trumps head 'slipped' is a funny way to say 'shoved' Not a 'slip,' but a kick while they're down. None but the elites were doing well, but now we will literally have homeless families going into winter. For shame.

To say they slipped into poverty makes them the responsible party. They were pushed, forced, and dragged. They didn’t slip. Another reason to to eradicate white supremacy/survival. That devastation is owned by the states' governors and their lockdowns. A slippery little accident and not at all an orchestrated class genocide

Shoved. Sentenced to. The difference? Volition. Yes nbc, it was very wet 💧💦 when that happened. Can u blame them? SLIPPED? FeministaJones Slipped!?!?! Like oops my bad slipped? TF is this headline? FeministaJones “Slipped.” Which editor chose that word? Slipped? How about forced, drop kicked, thrown, pushed? So many more accurate options.

MediaBuzzFNC How do media types not put together that when you close businesses because of a pandemic, people will slip into poverty. Cause and effect. Elements of good journalism. This was posted on a network site. Not some person’s comment or opinion. Shame on NBC pissedboomer This is what donald trump calls winning folks.

Just.. 'slipped', huh? Who approved this headline? SpeakerPelosi realDonaldTrump senatemajldr stevenmnuchin1 Wasn't a slip. It was a full on face down free fall. ADOSDMV_Region So, Gavin Newsom listened to Trump and became the first to lock down. Because they are the best of friends. 5 million made more on unemployment than they did working

That’s what happens when you shut down the whole country ... 🤷🏾‍♂️ Slipped or were pushed? Slipped? Whoooooo TF wrote that? Slipped you say? You slip on ice not into poverty. Slipped Trump Economy Just slipped? Like oops, guess I’m in poverty now. 8 million Americans were failed by their country and were consigned to poverty by the people who ostensibly represent them.

slipped? 'poverty is a political weapon' quote And Joe would have shut down the entire country and is talking of doing it again 8 mil Americans were pushed into poverty because Republicans hate Americans and refused to do the bare minimum to preserve livelihoods and save the economy. But sure, we will go with “slipped”

Americans were forced into poverty by the purposeful and criminal negligence of the trumpRegime gopFascists They just slipped and fell into it? What a goofball headline! 🙄 Who writes these milk toast headlines? Slipped? How about thrown. Jettisoned. Sent by the giant covidiot’s audaciously evil empire.

Slipped? Pretty sure I was thrust there by this administration. *were shoved by their hostile and uncaring government Slipped might not be the best operative word. Forced seems to be more like it because as a country we didn’t do all we could to prevent the spread due to the spreader in chief Slipped? This wasn't an oopsie. It was premeditated.

this phrasing is horrifically intentional Making American Great Again isn't a easy job but somebody had to do it. But tRump says the economy is booming BidenHarris2020Landslide “Although the federal Cares Act, which gave Americans a one-time stimulus check of $1,200 and unemployed workers an extra $600 each week, was successful at offsetting growing poverty rates in the spring, the effects were short-lived.” REALLY? 🙄🙄

Thanks to realDonaldTrump that seems to feel very comfortable living in the house that belongs to the American people! Over 200,000 DIED because donaldLIED That is to be expected as bad as it is during a pandemic. GET BACK TO WORK. THEY NEED JOBS NOT HANDOUTS. Yep. But Trump gone help them out. By next year, CORONAVIRUS will cost this Country $16, Trillion dollars. So why these GOP idiots have people like these folks screaming against Nancy Palosi for trying to give them 2 Trillion dollars. That’s too little.

But we are somehow better off now than 4 years ago? SaveAmerica VoteHimOut PaHouseDems realDonaldTrump has shown no empathy for our fellow citizens. Please vote for Biden/Harris as soon as legally possible wherever you are. Yet 40-45% still supports him.... Trump has done nothing but hurt the American people with his lies. All that matters to him is that he remains in office and continues the carnage that he has started with no signs of slowing down. The people deserve a better leader, one that cares for the most vulnerable.

Biden Harris will have a huge task in front of them in repairing the inexcusable ad irresponsible damages caused by the incompetent Trump. Your governor has the power to shut down your states economy..well they did “Slipped” ?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! 😡 That’s what happens when people can’t work, or run their businesses.

Only your governor can shut down your states economy..to make Trump look bad The real pandemic is still coming folks. Desperation. Class warfare. This was done by design. The poor are easier to control. Trumps America... Screw you all, so long as the stock market improves... Heartbreaking. 💔 It didn't have to be this bad. Trump failed every step of the way, and continues to fail. GOP have too. America deserves better, and they deserve prison. TheDemocrats HouseDemocrats SenateDems

great job Trump for Destroying America You could thank Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for that..What else is Joe Biden lying about? Richest nation Fools Omg Woo hoo! Good news for the millionaires. Now they can be billionaires! Greed has no boundaries MAGA? If we really talk about Americans the numbers are amazing (P.S. America is a continent) covid19inamerica

Yup, where ever the Democrats are in control, that’s where the failures are. Now you try blame it on President Trump... While you posted nothing when jobs were booming under the Presidents leadership prior to the pandemic Damn it to hell !!! Not a single parent should ever have to see their child being evicted from her world. Scenes like this make you want to explode.🤬

Thank your boys, Trump and McConnell, and the rest of the do-nothing GOP Senate. TrumpCrimeSyndicate TrumpCrimeFamily WeAreAllOther Meanwhile, in Canada, minimum cash direct deposit started immediately in March 2020 for $2,000 per month per person if you can’t work!! WeAreAllOther And many are Trump supporters. Smh.

A democrat plan. Lock down them down. Leave them desperate and broke, then tell them you can fix you it if you vote for them. It sounds like a shady mechanic sham. Beware it is. Thanks to the lockdowns. Cover Hunter Biden scandal We have to become more progressive to counter this poverty and repair people's lives. This is another reason to vote for Biden and push progressive ideals. The old ways led us to this point with hundreds of thousands of Americans dead from COVID-19.

Someone needs to show this to McConnel isn’t there a stimulus bill on his desk somewhere? I’m sure some of the in poverty may be because their unemployment may be on hold. Smh I thought that said 800,000 not that the number is except able either, but damn 8,000,000!!! My goodness!! Thank you tRump Administration If the Houses didn't dick around with the stimulus Maybe some of this could hv been prevented.

Don't expect any help from this Boss man. StevenHarp_ This should be linked directly to Trump's incompetence. Thanks for the extended blanket lockdowns instead of targeted measures, governors And Trump sat on his fat ass and didn't warm everyone how dangerous it was...didn't want to upset his sticks on the stock market...Rednecks still going to vote for him?

LauraWalkerKC Slipped? How about “were thrown” into homelessness, starvation and no healthcare during a pandemic while the rich get richer. There are three categories of Americans: bloodsuckers, bloodsucker-wannabes and those who make the blood. Look at all the winning!!! Everyone having fun bending over for Corrupt King Trump

Facts! 🙏 Are you a news organization or a SPAM machine? You keep repeating this tweet every 8 hours! Really? I thought a worldwide pandemic was like hitting the lottery for every American. Whoever started this owes me big time. This is on the republicans! Can’t pass the hero’s act that’s sitting on McConnell’s desk!

Trump is a failure. I will blame lockdown The shutdowns were worse than the alternative. realDonaldTrump, Pg 2, what happened to the halts on evictions until Dec.31st. Kids are being put out of their homes and schools...they are homeschooling now...this is reprehensible..Pray for this country..kids..elderly..jobs..for this hell to end!

Americans don't 'slip' into poverty, they are pushed there by the structural inhumanity of the elite class Go talk to Wuhan America!!! Yep thank the radical socialist democrats! realDonaldTrump This is heartbreaking and horrible for this to happen to americans and putting ppl..children on the streets..while the president dances at rallies..and more than 8 million ppl are in poverty!!!!! Americans shldnt be living like this.

😞 I blame trump for not using his magic president powers to banish the covid. If only we locked down for 2 weeks every single trace of the virus would vanish and nobody would get it anymore. I mean we did lock down, but theres still a virus so must mean noone locked down right? Thanks to China I don't call this winning.

Thanks, trump and Moscow Mitch... LauraWalkerKC Tiny villages of the homeless coming soon to a neighborhood near you, kids at your door begging for food, your parents wanting to move in with you after losing their social security and medicare, long term unemployed riding the rails etc. Too dangerous to work and work but rioters looters arsonists and vandals are surely immune

My wife taped a show we watched today called 'The way I See It' Obama WH photographer. The pictures/comments often had me close to tears with their impact. I said; 'We will never see pics/films of Trump like this, he has no empathy or interest in the human race - only himself. The LiarInChief thinks the stock market is the economy. Only about 55% of Americans own stocks. This is absolutely heartbreaking and devastating for families especially with children. VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica2020 TrumpFailedAmerica

did not have to be this way! tRump’s America Thanks to Trump and the GOP I have an idea, open shit up and let people fucking work. This lockdown is going to cause more damage than if we never locked down. All thanks to China for lying, covering up and exporting the virus to the world, while locking down Wuhan, knowing human to human transmission. ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaMustPay

$200 a month of Ebt for fruits and vegetables for all Americans. We feed families, lower healthcare costs and help American farmers JoeBiden . Let's go!! I have a question for the fine folks at NBC especially Savannah Guthrie. What would you have done differently with Covid? Why did that happen in the greatest country in the history of the world? Could it be our leadership?

So much winning postcards4USA Maybe you could host him for a town hall and ask him why, . Not from the pandemic but from fascistic policies like lockdowns by your murderous governments. Why isn’t the government stepping in here to help people, both tenants and landlords? VoteHimOut2020 FlipTheSenate Hey realDonaldTrump you said the economy was doing great.

MAGA thanks to Trump Thank your local democrats for turning into dictators $urvival of the riche$t is Trumpi$m 8 million slipped into poverty amid coronavirus. Researchers looked at the devastating financial effect the pandemic has had on Americans, with Blacks, Latinos and children faring the worst. Evictions continue despite CDC moratorium as COVID-19 ravages

😪 thankstrump You still want lockdown ? Smh 🤦🏼‍♂️ Don’t stop looking for a job. Pelosi will play games with us before she approves the COVID stimulus package. She refused 1.8 trillion and wants the freaking 2.0’trillion. She wants to wait until after election. The game of wait and see! What the fart?

We never should have shut the economy down. Thank SpeakerPelosi for that..... But we have Trump boat parades funded with surplus COVID funds so the rich can fly Trump flags on their $ 100,000 plus Boats so it’s all good. Meanwhile the GOP is more concerned with quickly filling the RBG seat on the Supreme Court. Don't forget this at the polls.

How did the fake news network determined 8 million.? And Nancy Pelosi refuses to pass a stimulus so she can show Trump and our Democrat leaders still want to keep everything shut down! 😥😫 Yea, We can thank trump for that! While he pats himself on the back for the great job he thinks his done. Give us a break! This guy has been a plaque unto himself on this country. His magats hear his voice and suddenly become stupid! Vote Blue 100% to put an end to this nightmare

Don’t worry COVID-19 will go away says or government ThankRepublicans4Death By design, I guess Not me! I've actually prospered despite the pandemic! The media plays the largest roll in continuing the shutdowns. You peddle the fear and then pretend to be shocked about the devastation it takes on real Americans.

The hole POTUS Trump has put us all in is fairly deep. The current unemployment rate still high and if anything it's an underestimated. That’s a very very bad state for the labor market to be in. It’s worse in fact than at any point during the Great Recession. VoteHimOut Dr. Li-Meng Yan shows the evidence in her two short reports that the coronavirus is manufactured and spread intentionally by the Chinese Communist Party. Video:

Wayyyyy more than that Powell: Ok, I've a solution MAGA2020 winning Trump claims the economy is taking off. 900,000 new u employment filers, 11 million still out of work, businesses closing daily, people falling into poverty. Trump is failing big time and is oblivious to it all. Claims the virus is almost over when 33 states set new records.

Yet this evil man keeps evading death. While his wife is like stay down I wonder why? But bezos made billions shouldn’t that have trickled down? 'But your 401k..' -realDonaldTrump Thanks Trump I'm tired of 'winning'. IDEA that will help people stay afloat during/after the pandemic. Social media account holders Earn money from their POSTS! (IDEA):TAG restaurant they eat at, products they buy, sites they purchase from, clothes they wear,etc. Accumulate points and get paid!!! patent buymyidea

Slipped is quite the word choice. I feel like there are better words that explains structural neglect/lack of action U mean were forced into poverty by ignorant government policies And Republicans do nothing Good job Donald if you're reelected maybe it'll be a hundred million living in poverty. You made America poor again. And you contributed nothing federal income tax wise but you have no problem spending on money flying around and golfing

Same people complaining r the same ones who want to keep everything locked down. There’s no making these people happy Pssh should've just been born rich and filed for bankruptcy multiple times while committing tax fraud a scamming millions from people. The white rich American way. Dummies More NBC scare tactics.

And Pelosi refuses to cut a deal. It’s beyond disgusting. We need the money NOW. mathers_georgia Vote Blue! Biden/Harris! 💙💙💙💙 Yes, but the wealthiest among us are still doing very well. docrocktex26 Welcome y’all...pick one food or electricity Totally unnecessary. Blame the inept Governors. PuestoLoco Vote the GOP O-U-T

Yep bc your side won’t sign off on the stimulus bill! But keep fear mongering! We will return all Americans to prosperity and beat COVID-19 with President Trump and Vice President Pence!! 4 more years!!🙏🇺🇸❤👍👍😊✌ Thanks to the 2 wing( GOP TheDemocrats )1 corporate party. We gotta keep fighting. Never give up. This too shall pass.

Yeah, too bad gop is on some stingy psycho tip Remember this when you hear about the Trump economic miracle and Republicans refusal to provide a stimulus that focuses on these families, not Mnuchen stock buy backs. Trump: This is what it is. docrocktex26 And MoscowMitchMcTreason and his wife ElaineComplicit Chao have become multimillionaires on a government salary...

And the Liar-in-Chief calls that winning docrocktex26 That’s eight million.💔 This is what I have been referring to endlessly sine the whole shutdown began. Of course, no one listened. The lockdowns were such a mistake, and now the esteemed WHO is against them. The shifting of goal posts from “2 weeks to flatten the curve” to “Lockdown until there’s a vaccine and no cases” is a testament to the control that the media have over the collective American psyche.

hhhhhhh.This is the consequence of trusting your president to push-off the U.S. virus to the China, not being ready for defense in the first place. Americans deserve it. Stop with the Left Wing Propaganda, if Biden was president it would have been Much Worse !!! TrumpsAmerica MAGA Who knew a 'Democratic Hoax' could cause such suffering. Let's kick this bum out of office.

Pelosi is the cause of people falling into poverty as she is the one holding up the virus stimulus checks., she wants money to bail out NY and Calif for years of poor government, nothing to do with virus, trump us right in denying those layouts! Pelosi is wrong to demand ! Open America! Bring back jobs and paychecks 🇺🇸

ShitHoleCountry Trump's fault. Yet, 'someone tweeted today that 82% of Americans make over 400,000 a year' The GOP is definitely out of touch with reality. This is really sad and a tragedy. This should not be happening in the 'richest country' in the planet. what happened to take care of our own? This is all on Trump along with the 200000 deaths

'Slipped into' or fell headlong? I grew up in poverty and escaped. Still the lingering scars of poverty are there--you take them with you everywhere. Under Trump, 8 million people slipped into poverty just as we get pulling them out under Obama. Elections have consequences. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

Sorry I should not have said first lady that is. Disparaging to all the true first ladies that came before her we need to do better by our people. Yeah, the govt. now needs to drop about 6k each on each adult for all their delays and fuking around. Homeless, hungry in a pandemic? COME ON MAN! And is Trump acknowledging this or doing anything about it? No.

And these poor souls are most likely paying more in taxes than Donald Trump. I'm trying to find a job and get myself back on my feet, but unfortunately, I'm being played with by employers like I am some sort of game. I'm tired of these people interfering in my life. I need a good and steady paying job because I am homeless. They're preventing too much.

That’s what happens when you shut down economies. This isn’t surprising in the least You mean the cure is worse than the disease? 8m and Jeff Amazon making 10s of billions more off working slaves And yet you gave a competing town hall to the coward whose inaction contributed to this poverty. Thanks CHINA!

Coronavirus live updates: US reports highest daily case count since AugustCORONAVIRUS LATEST: • There were 63,610 new cases of COVID-19 identified in the United States on Thursday, the country's highest daily tally since Aug. 14. • The U.S. is the worst-affected country, with at least 217,700 deaths. wow Great job Donald.... freaking great

Coronavirus live updates: Chris Christie speaks out after contracting COVID-19NEW: WHO director-general says potential COVID-19 therapeutics Remdesivir and Interferon have 'little or no effect in preventing death from COVID-19, or reducing time in hospitals,' according to results learned from global randomized trial. WHO lost their credibility a long time ago fu*k the WHO it have a sinister plan for all of us don't worry about the corona virus ,please be free in everywhere don't wear mask

Job losses hit Gen Z harder during the pandemic than older generationsAlthough the coronavirus pandemic has impacted tens of millions of Americans financially, a new analysis shows that younger workers, especially those in Gen Z, have taken the biggest hits. MakeIt good MakeIt thought that was miakhalifa MakeIt Washington DC fat cat Pelosi is blocking $1,200 Trumpbux checks

Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in U.S. Surpass 8 MillionNine states reported a record tally of new coronavirus cases, as the total number of infections detected in the U.S. since the pandemic began ticked above 8 million. “Totally under control” DON’BODY COUNT of children, Moms & Dads AS OF TODAY 222,835 as he continues his plan of “IT IS WHAT IT IS“ DON’S PLAN of Herd Immunity will take 80% of the citizens to become infected resulting in US 3,310,026 DEATHS! Instead of fighting his CDC & FDA he should just be honest Over 215,000 dead Americans. Trump is a FAILURE and Trump is making Covid worse.

How have students fared in the coronavirus pandemic? New data sheds some light.☑For a responsive business website, Click ↆ Hmm Social interaction is an important part of a child's development and school is often the best place to get it. Social distancing and COVID fear have disrupted their social interaction at school and it might have consequences on there future both socially and academically.

Strictly's first look images show how stars and contestants will keep far apartThe eighteenth season of Strictly Come Dancing is finally here with the 2020 launch episode - with everything looking familiar, yet different, as the show returns amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic