Slideshow, Vol 56 Issue 12

Slideshow, Vol 56 Issue 12

8 INSANELY CUTE Child Soldiers


3/26/2020 6:04:00 PM

8 INSANELY CUTE Child Soldiers


AdvertisementWhere you going with that big ol’ assault weapon, little buddy?AdvertisementUm, sorry, but it’s pretty adorbs how he thinks he’s a big grown-up!AdvertisementThree letters: O-M-G. Okay, a few more: SOOOOOO CUTE!AdvertisementOkay, I officially want a child soldier now. Please let me keep him.

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Advertisement“I’m a big, mean soldier!” <3 <3 <3 <3AdvertisementHmm, this one is actually kind of hard to look at. Because it’s so cute. Read more: The Onion »

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Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris face off in the first and only 2020 vice presidential debate. Follow here for the latest updates and fact checks.

tribal what the hell 'Did I read that correctly?' *checks username* 'Oh, ok.' This is so fucked up XD Too dark. No. omfg Oof Not funny at all... too too far. 😭😭😭😭 this is one of the best onion articles in a while BlakePounder Nico87664369 Are you insane? johnfeath Ah yeah. Cute as fuck that. Damn No thanks, I already watched Beasts of No Nation

would be cuter without the weapons! Chicago? IamJai520 _yonifriedman My favorite Delete this nonsense, it’s in bad taste and not funny at all. Actual child soldiers are currently in forceful conscription and untold suffering visited on them so kindly look for ‘funny’ content elsewhere! Name of the news outlet refers to the size of their balls

Honestly the femine soldiers in Jerusalem are cuter 😐 I've always believed humor (aside from experience) is the most effective form of teaching/informing. sfabtc AnthonyCK_ OMG. always knows how to make my jaw drop. This is exactly my point! Guns don't kill people, adorable little child soldiers kill people.

🤣 Is that a Fedorov? Whoa, is Prince Andrew running The Onion now? This is the first time I groaned loudly at an Onion article Speediest_Sloth we would text the innocent child Not bad as a piece of very black humour, but no Palestinian kid here? Knock yourself out, Quote Tweet The Onion · 6m 8 INSANELY CUTE Child Soldiers

humor is dark lately That split second when I read the headline, but not the source of the article.... KONY2012 Is there going to be a calendar? OHHH I want to Adopt them all... & Look at his 'Groupings at 100meters, priceless! DebbieDoiron omg Best thing to see in the quarantine Really feeling that loss of Clickhole, huh?

Wtf 🥰

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