75 years after Partition: These maps show how the British split India

8/15/2022 4:15:00 PM

The hastily drawn border, known as the Radcliffe Line, attempted to carve out two nations along religious lines—but sparked violence instead.

The hastily drawn border that divided India and Pakistan attempted to carve out two nations along religious lines—but sparked violence instead

The hastily drawn border, known as the Radcliffe Line, attempted to carve out two nations along religious lines—but sparked violence instead.

Tweet Email With the end of British colonial rule in 1947, the Indian subcontinent was divided into two nations, majority-Hindu India and majority-Muslim Pakistan.August 13, 2022 GMT https://apnews.In India, 75 years after independence, democracy dies in prime time By Global Opinions contributing columnist August 14, 2022 at 7:00 a.Updated 3:04 p.

But simmering secular tensions and a hastily planned transition—overseen by a team without any expertise in mapmaking or Indian culture—led to one of the largest refugee crises in history.It also prompted a wave of brutalities that would leave lasting scars for the people living in the two new sovereign nations.” The historic speech just before midnight on Aug.( Why the Partition of India and Pakistan still casts a long shadow over the region.12 during rehearsals ahead of the 75th Independence Day celebrations in Bangalore.) Confusion over the new border—and rising tensions among those who suddenly found their minority and majority statuses switched—was like a spark to a flame.India was a free, independent country.Violence broke out across the subcontinent, particularly in Punjab and Bengal.Dhillon, 38, is better known for his sideline: reuniting people separated from their relatives during partition, when Britain split its large South Asian colony into Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan in August 1947.

Although the violence faded by 1950, the Radcliffe Line has still had lasting implications for the region.A new future beckoned.ArrowRight On another network, Times Now (owned by India’s wealthiest newspaper group), a garish gold band proclaimed an alleged double standard of the “#Zubair Lobby Hypocrisy.In 1971, the people of East Pakistan declared independence for the new nation of Bangladesh.And the southern border of Jammu and Kashmir, a princely state that chose to remain independent after Partition, is still contested today.Its story is told through its throbs of tumult, daunting hurdles, spirited triumphs and terrible tragedies.(.To be sure, in any robust democracy, journalists — or politicians— should not face prison over remarks, no matter how lighthearted or insulting.

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We’ve removed a tweet because an image used did not provide context for representing Kashmir. We have updated the image to more clearly reflect National Geographic’s mapping policy. کتا ،کتا محمد کتا۔ 🐕 محمد کتا ،کتا محمد کتا۔ 🐕 محمد کتا ،کتا محمد کتا۔ 🐕 محمد کتا ،کتا محمد کتا۔ 🐕 محمد کتا ،کتا محمد کتا۔ 🐕 محمد کتا ،کتا محمد کتا۔ 🐕 محمد کتا ،کتا محمد کتا۔ 🐕 محمد کتا ،کتا محمد کتا۔ 🐕 محمد. محمد کتا،محمد کتا۔

How many countries did Britain actually invade? Sad how you marked J&K as grey not including it as part of India WRONG MAP OF INDIA!! Maps like this erase the existence of Ladakh and its people. Ancestors were all hindu - sad that we choose to forget Why is union territory of Jammu & Kashmir and union territory of ladakh in different. Pls take note and act PMOIndia DrSJaishankar SSIFS_MEA MEAIndia

Please update the map of India to show Kashmir as integral part of India. As a major publishing magazine must know thay it is a punishable offence to show distorted map of India. MEAIndia MIB_India PIBSrinagar The Grey color also represent the Gilgit Baltistan which is part of Pakistan Bangladesh separated from Pakistan bcz it was far away from Pakistan hate speech on Pakistan by indian teachers in Bangladeshi schools was a terr0rism act to start war

AP PHOTOS: The story of India, 75 years in the making'When the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.' Seventy-five years after gaining independence, India is a vastly changed country. Its story is told through its throbs of tumult, daunting hurdles, spirited triumphs and terrible tragedies. Yeah. But you can’t tell the story of India without also telling the story of Pakistan FareedZakaria tell them if they have the money, then don't even fly 7eleven BobbyJindal obviously there will be exceptions. MORE OF A WARNING /// than a threat.

No £_&££ instead about it. That was the whole £_£_ purpose HMOIndia National Geographic publishing unwarranted Indian Boundaries.. They need to be arrested ishkarnBHANDARI.. Need to file a case against them CongressMuktBharat VeerSavarkar Joker_Savarkar British didn't divide India. It was the people from inside India who asked for the separate land because they feared that their interests will compromise.

LANNATULLAH ellehy in PY BESHUMAR Britishers! The violence between them was already there hence the separated areas, now you only have clashes from time to time at the border areas, try to reverse what the British Government did and watch what happens. i never understand why dont they just fix it. Every former colony can make their own decisions now.

Wherever the British sowed 'progress', today, we have slaughterhouses of peoples, hatred and blood up to our knees. Thank you Britain. Thank the queen. Stupid world, learn something. That island of Europe sows hatred between nations even today, for its own interest.🌍🧠💡😉 Show the correct map of India , respect the sovereignty of India,

Opinion | In India, 75 years after independence, democracy dies in prime timeOpinion by Barkha Dutt: Many prominent Indian TV journalists have displayed an ugly doublespeak when it comes to whose liberties they are prepared to protect. rootless elite liberal cabal who was inside power corridors when congress was in power is now out of business and relies on white shoulders to cry. Use 🇵🇰 this flag… her country…

I am going to defend the British here. There is no pleasant way to divide a country up and not dividing up would have likely lead to civil war. Sometimes the outcome you get was better than the counterfactual. In Africa, failure to divide up on religious lines has been terrible. J&k is indian part Everything was fine until the British wanted to season their bland food

:( Kashmir should be in Orange as it was is n will always be a integral part of Bharat!!! Religious intolerence. Both sides. They were all murdering and hating each other long before the British ever arrived. Separating the religions in to regions was the logical thing to do… Why the fck u guys grey shade J&K?

IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE..!! THE ONLY WAY THE HUMAN RACE 'EVER' GETS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. THERE HAVE TO BE (3) THINGS TO HAPPEN. 1) ALL HUMANS SPEAK ONE LANGUAGE..!! 2) ALL HUMANS WORSHIP THE SAME RELIGION..!!! 3) ALL HUMANS LIVE UNDER THE SAME GOVERNMENT & LAWS..!! OTHERWISE..HOW.? Get it right. It attempted to, and succeeded in sowing a blood war as a parting legacy for the sub-continent. All very deliberate.

Survivors of Partition Seek Closure Through an Unlikely Source: YouTubeThe founder of a YouTube channel in Pakistan says it has reunited hundreds of people who were separated by the partition of India in 1947.


Gray region is our ok why Nat Geo u forget this U should follow one India policy 🙏🙏 The word hastily should be replaced with cleverly considering what Cyril Radcliffe did in the Boundary Commission while chalking out the maps; and your tweet is missing the oppression of Indian Muslims till date. When doesn’t religious divide spark violence? Hypocritically oxymoronic

Disputed Map Isn't that what colonization is all about... 👇 he is the person who drawn lines in 6 days 👏👏 Shame on britan Is this the map of UK? republic IndiaToday There Never was a Single India. And this illusory idea of India was deeply divided by Castes & Deities they worshipped. Marathas waged reign of terror on Bengalis. Destroyed their temples, killed their population & Bengalis to-date sing folklores that remember Marathas as Demons.

Suspect in Rushdie attack pleads not guilty in NY courtHis agent said the writer’s injuries included a damaged liver, severed nerves in an arm and an eye he was likely to lose. How could he plead not guilty when you can see plain as day he did and that poor man has all those injuries 😞 Sending prayers to him and his family 🙏❤️

Pakistan Zindabad 🤍💚 Quaid e Azam Zindabad 🤍💚 Pakistan wasn't the only country that sought Independence. South Korea sought Independence from North Korea Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova sought Independence from USSR. I dare you to a feature like this on Ukraine, Latvia etc Around 3,500 people live in the cluster of seven villages known as Makaura Pattan, separated from the rest of India by the Ravi River. 'We are the forgotten people,' one resident says. 'Nothing has changed for us in the last 75 years'

If you aren't clear about history and religion, better stay silent. Muslims in India are still minority despite a huge number - religion based discrimination. They can't get higher official jobs, status in society. The existence of Pakistan was necessary for Muslims. At others’ behest Partition of the Indian sub- continent was announced on 3 June 1947 without determining boundaries , which led to unprecedented communal riots .

What's the point of showing J&K in grey? It joined India and it is controlled by India since decades but many US based outlets are trying to start unnecessary conflict like what they are doing in other parts of the world. it was all intentional , they did this cause they knew religious tensions would persist forever and hamper india's unity and progress in the long run.

This map is wrong. J&K is part of India and it is very peaceful if you compare to other parts of the world including separatist in US. If it is not India, illegal British settlers in Australia and NZ needs to be kicked out first. The grey regions later joined India This is one of the most fascinating points in our history.

Agent: Rushdie off ventilator and talking, day after attackSalman Rushdie was able to talk and was taken off a ventilator a day after he was attacked, according to his agent.

The motive always to divide the Indians on the basis of religion... So we would put out effort in infighting rather than development...

Salman Rushdie on ventilator after stabbing, may lose an eyeHis agent said the writer’s injuries included a damaged liver, severed nerves in an arm and an eye he was likely to lose. Yet our current administration is willing to negotiate giving nuclear capabilities to the animals that issued a fatwa against this man over 30 years ago. Seek motive? The muslims had a 3-million bounty on hm!