70 things to do this summer

70 things to do this summer

5/29/2020 10:43:00 AM

70 things to do this summer

What to do this summer locally and at home

Summer is the marquee season in Los Angeles. Usually that means trips to the Hollywood Bowl for a concert and pre-show picnics, frolicking on the beach in Malibu, dinner with friends in West Hollywood, and lots of kid-friendly outings. The coronavirus pandemic has put a major damper on the summer fun we’re used to. Don’t fret though. There’s still plenty of stuff we can do. We’ve come up with 70 ways you can have an enjoyable — and safe — summer with friends, family, kids and pets.

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Here are a few highlights: We’ve got tips for taking a wildflower walk, trying stand-up paddle yoga, touring L.A.'s architectural gems, going on a camping trip in your backyard, giving your patio or balcony an Instagram-worthy makeover, and hanging out with friends from a distance at barbecues, fire pits and pool parties. We’ve also got ideas for keeping your furry pets cool and plenty of creative crafts and challenges to keep kids of all ages entertained.

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