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7-year-old Alabama girl helps to fund her own brain surgery

A 7-year-old Alabama girl is helping raise money for her own brain surgery by running a lemonade stand inside her mother's bakery

3/5/2021 11:15:00 AM

This 7-year-old Alabama girl is helping raise money for her own brain surgery by running a lemonade stand inside her mother's bakery.

A 7-year-old Alabama girl is helping raise money for her own brain surgery by running a lemonade stand inside her mother's bakery

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.The Associated PressHOMEWOOD, Ala. -- Liza Scott, 7, started a lemonade stand at her mom’s bakery last summer so she could buy some frills like toys and sequined high-heel shoes. The bouncy little girl is still in business months later, yet the money is going toward something entirely different: surgery on her brain.

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Last month, doctors determined a series of seizures that Liza began suffering were caused by cerebral malformations that needed repair, said her mother, Elizabeth Scott. Always eager to help out and with an eye toward entrepreneurship after a childhood spent around a small business, the little girl volunteered to help raise money for her upcoming operation.

Located near the cash register of Savage's Bakery in suburban Birmingham, her stand of bright pink and yellow wooden crates offers lemonade for a quarter, plus other treats. But people are putting in a lot more as word spreads of her medical condition and her attitude.

“I’ve got a $20 bill, and a $50 bill and a $10 bill and a $5 bill and a $100 bill,” Liza said Tuesday as she counted donations from the morning.Liza was still in the hospital after suffering two major seizures when she came up with the idea to help out with the stand, said her mom, who also has a preschool-age boy.

“I told her, ‘You don’t have to do that,’” Elizabeth Scott said. “There’s no expectation of her doing anything to help pay the bills. I’m a single mom, I take care of my kids on my own."Yet Liza wanted to help, and she has. Her little stand has made more than $12,000 in a few days — nearly all through donations.

“She likes being part of the team. This is something she can really take ownership of,” Scott said.While Liza’s story has warmed plenty of hearts, some are outraged over the idea that a child facing brain surgery would feel a need to raise funds for her own care. The story is yet another sign that the U.S. health system is broken beyond repair and driving families into bankruptcy, critics say.

Despite having good insurance through the popular bakery she runs with her father, Elizabeth Scott could quickly see that she was still going to be responsible for some"pretty exorbitant" expenses. So, she also set up an online fundraiser.“Just one week in the hospital and the ambulance rides is more than my monthly salary, and that’s without the surgery and travel expenses," she said."I can’t fund that by myself, and we have a business to support.”

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Friends, family and others who have been touched by Liza’s story have already donated more than $300,000.A bubbly little girl who likes Barbie dolls, dressing up — and lemonade — Liza hadn't shown any signs of major health problems until Jan. 30, her mom said.

“She had a massive seizure at 5 in the morning and it lasted like 45 minutes,” said Elizabeth Scott. Another one occurred hours later. It was a few days before tests revealed Liza had three malformations that were both causing the seizures and posing a risk of rupture that could lead to a stroke or other problems.

Now on medication, Liza was quickly accepted as a patient at Boston Children's Hospital, where a representative said Dr. Ed Smith, a neurosurgeon, and Dr. Darren Orbach, an interventional radiologist, will be part of a team set to operate Monday. The family will fly to Boston on Thursday, and Liza could need follow-up visits into her 30s, her mother said.

Liza said she enjoys helping with her stand, where she makes the lemonade and puts donations in a big jar. “It's better than just begging,” she said.Temporarily out of school because of her condition, the girl is spending a lot of time at the bakery running the stand and playing with her dolls. A whirlwind of energy, she runs from one spot to the next, climbs atop a table in an empty room and swings upside down on a handrail as her mother speaks to a well-wisher.

In a quiet moment, Liza said she is trying not to think too much about what she called “my brain thingy.” Read more: ABC News »

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It is hard to understand how someone would go without surgery due to lack of money. US is a strange country. Mitch McConnell could certainly lend a helping hand with the millions he has. Fuck you and your “feel good stories” about people literally going to extremes to survive. What a disgusting country we live in that this is even a thing. 😒😞

Weird way to say “American health system is so fundamentally broken that a fucking SEVEN YEAR OLD is having to worry about raising money for her own brain surgery.” During a pandemic might I add. This country is such shit What a cute kid. Would be nice if she had health care and she could worry about being a kid, instead of having to raise money for life-saving surgery.

This is sad and a scandal and it is a tragedy that people in America see this as ‚normal‘ Get this child a free brain surgery what the F%*C this is outrageous America is a failed state. Bless her heart This sums up everything wrong with the united States God bless her. This country is a hellscape.... Hey bibi.........have your mum set up a online fundraiser and I’m sure lots of people will help you. You look like a sweetheart and you deserve life and happiness. GOD BLESS YOU

Stop portraying these tragic indictments of our intentionally broken healthcare system as “heartwarming stories”. At 19, I developed epilepsy and it’s been absolutely devastating. Give her a chance to be seizure-free and get her life back. I'm sure this article concludes by saying it's insane that we don't have free healthcare, like every other developed nation on earth... right?

But we don't need health care reform!! This is unconscionable. We have truly failed as a society. Sad😔 this is sad. She shouldnt have too even be thinking about the cost of that Bless her heart.💕 Wie glücklich bin ich in einem Land zu leben, in dem kranke Kinder einfach im Krankenhaus behandelt werden, ohne dass für die Bezahlung ihre Eltern oder sie selbst schuften müssen!

I thought I blocked ABC over this why is it on my feed? This is disgraceful and also disgraceful that ABC is plugging it as a feel good story. The lemonade $ ain’t gonna do shit to pull her parents out of bankruptcy from the medical bills.. What a miracle young child she is if anyone in her State reads this tweet please donate some money towards her very life saving cause.

Please support her. Great citizen! 'Despite having good insurance' the girl has to raise money to have needed brain surgery. Pretty much sums up the American health care system. How is this not enough for people to realize we need universal healthcare for kids and families like this? Please vote for candidates who will support this.

This is pathetic! She shouldn’t have to fund raise for her own surgery. 😢 America is literally the dystopia of sci fi novels at this point. Oh cool, more failed society stories being masked up as feel-good stories. This should be America’s shame. POTUS SpeakerPelosi VP SenSanders In America, no one should have to pay out of pocket for life saving procedures.

I fucking hate how the media twists horrifying stories into 'heartwarming' bullshit. While commendable, how sad that anyone needs to find raise for a serious illness. there is now growing speculation that Jesus, instead of healing them outright, helped lepers raise money for their medication by setting up Arak stands all over Jerusalem

This is disgusting that a child has to rise money in this rich country for a life saving surgery. Why? Because we have a medical system that puts profits before people! This is America. Don't they have a St. Judes there? StJude Why is a 7 yo having to raise money for her brain surgery? This is sad Ah America, where a child won't get treatment for a life threatening illness unless they cough up a few hundred thousand dollars up front.

If this doesn’t make you think, “we need universal healthcare,” then you don’t have a soul. This isn’t a good thing. Let that baby be young. Sad and embarrassing for our country. Depressing as fuck I'm glad she & her mom got the $, but sad that this is what the healthcare system in our country is forcing people to do. Thanks to all those that helped this mom & her daughter in their time of need.

Its a shame that in ine of the wealthiest countries in the world, a little girl has to raise funds for a life saving surgery. Bless this young lady's heart 7 year old forces into labor to help help pay for surgery needed to keep her alive. Fuck your title. Theres nothing good about this. Nightmare country.

M4A This isn't inspiring or feel good, it's bullshit. For a bullshit country America the beautiful What a travesty. kết bạn rồi tìm hiểu nhé :) This is tragic. I love children of all races, their demonic spirits don’t come to age until around 13 yrs old . The failure of the American health “care” Totally normal story for a developed nation.

How you know healthcare is broken. Be blessed girl 🙇🏾‍♀️ 🧠 healthy in Jesus’ name 🙇🏾‍♀️🥰 MonopointAmy Shameful commentary on our inhumane health care policies. Now if that is not an indication of how messed up our healthcare is, then I don’t know what is. Bad . Health care should be free and guarateed for everyone.

This is not a feel good story. She shouldn’t have to fund her own brain surgery. We need M4A SHAME on the AMERICAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM! It’s a broken system JoeBiden KamalaHarris 😷 Another reason for universal healthcare. Pathetic. ❤️ from Finland Ah yes. Play to my emotions so I don't wonder why a little girl would need to work in order to fund her own brain surgery when she lives in a wealthy nation. Oops too late

This should be its own ad for universal healthcare in the US. Bc the alternative is gofundme and a 7 y/o running a lemonade stand to help pay for her brain surgery. UniversalHealthCare WeCanDoBetter Mixed feelings. Beautiful girl acting so responsible and adulting to help herself. But isn’t it unforgivable that Americans have to do this to get healthcare. Only in America is it this bad. Time to give Americans affordable healthcare 😢

MonopointAmy America the Horrible Tell me you live in America without telling me you live in America. this is not a positive story. this is sad. Tìm bạn nữ vui tính , nóng bỏng biết cách dẫn lối mọi cuộc vui không quan trọng tuổi tác và ko rằng buộc đến nhau . luôn có mặt khi đối phương cần nhất thế là ok rồi .

JoeBiden SpeakerPelosi AOC CoriBush IlhanMN kayiveyforgov KamalaHarris This is what we live in. What an embarrassment. It's been going on for years. You and your colleagues are required to fix this, in this term. why can’t the US introduce a bill that charge 0 fee for cancer patients’ treatment? That’d help million of people.

This is the United Shame Of America. The wealthiest country on the planet has its sick children begging for money for brain surgery. This is insane. This isn’t inspiring. It’s horrifying that a child has to do this. If ever there was an argument for universal healthcare this is it. Sad and brilliant that a,child has to tell us all how things should work. Out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom. I have a feeling people will help her out.

Governments have so much money they could easily pay for all the kids surgery's and everything else a child needs till adulthood all a around the world but it seems its more important too pay them self huge selfish salaries and waste millions on weapons no one needs! This country is so damn broken. Insanity. I hope she gets well soon.

These evil Satanist resurrect with crystals, resurrection plant and olive oil, in some kind of process and they use an olive press to murder them. I believe that there is a hero in all of us, and that keeps us honest, gives us strength,. If someone needs help and you can help, you have an obligation to help those people. Hope // Life // God // Faith // God bless you 😭🙏

It's worthy of admire What the F Is wrong with the US? Lord we need a better healthcare system 😥 In this country she has to raise her own money? God bless her! This in the richest country in the can this happen Prayers 🙏🏽♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ A perfect example of why we need cradle to grave Universal Health Care in this country.

Ok, where do I turn in my US citizenship card because this headline is embarrassing, sad and infuriating AF What sort of 3rd world country is the USA when they can’t fund healthcare for its citizens? Yay. Poverty porn. America's 1 voyeurism... This is a disgusting story of a failed state. Stop romanticizing it

Her family should just be worried about getting her well, not how they will pay for this. What the hell. God loves you I have a daughter Megan Lily Ezekiel Caley Taylor Heavenly 🙂 This is fucking disgraceful and an irresponsible headline and image supporting the article. For the richest country in the world we sure do a piss poor job of making sure this completely avoidable shit doesn’t happen.

This is insane. We need universal healthcare. No one should have to ensure so much on top of being sick. Perfect illustration of what’s wrong with our healthcare system 这个小女孩好漂亮啊 Good for her shame on trump spending $150 million dollars for F golf I agree ABC, our country is indeed a massive failure. A swarovski crystal encrusted turd.

A 7 years old not supposed to be worried about “who’s gonna pay my brain cancer surgery bill!!”😭 The greatest country in the world 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂With the best healthcare😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 If this is helping her feel more in control of a scary situation, that's nice, but holy shit we live in a failed state. We're making 7 year old sick children work to 'earn' what should be a basic human right.

In a truly civilized society children would have the health care they need so they can run a lemonade stand for the summer bike they wish to save up for. What a positive attitude! It's a lesson for us.wheecer we face any problem we ahould handle thay situation in that way. And we who want to help people in their bad times really rhey should appreciate this type of work.

Such a shame that she needs to raise money for healthcare Being from Canada, I can't even imagine this happening. I praise her pluck, but christ almighty. Imagine! Ameritrash healthcare ain't that america Holy fucking shit Why do we need money? Does she have a go fund me account? Isn't capitalism wonderful

Had we a decent MedicareForAll plan, she wouldn't have to do something like this! what a fucking nightmare...from an Australian mother Am so glad she is ok I once had a friend like that she died because we could not raise the 💰😭😭😭😭😭 Coming up next: more horror stories from this late stage capitalist dystopian nightmare world we have have created. Will god forgive us? Here's Tom with the weather.

alternative headline: Child forced to raise own money to pay for her own brain surgery in The United States of America. Very sad This would be the plot to the darkest after school special ever made. Lets be friends 🙂🙂 In The Netherlands we would pay for her surgery, shameful to read all these 'look, she manages to pay for her needed surgery' or the 'tech students build a wheelchair so he gets out of house' stories. If you’re one of us, we pay for you and make sure you can live as one of us!

This is NOT a feel good story America!!! Bloody disgraceful JoeBiden KamalaHarris Go girl 🙌🏿🙌🏿 Why doesn’t this article have a full throated case for Medicare for all after reporting on this dystopian nightmare? The media is useless This is the ultimate conviction of the United States of America, and all those (mostly) Republican politicians who refuse to support affordable healthcare. This child has to pay a brain surgery herself so she can keep on living. USA IS A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!

Is there a Web page for donations? I couldn't see anything in the article? As a father of a 10 year old girl, this news hit me right in the heart. I don't know what I would be like in a situation like this. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. My prayers for her and her family 🙏🙏🙏 Imagine all the one that don’t go viral , this should not be the norm this day and age in America.

Why is this a 'feel-good' story? This is a f'in travesty. She shouldn't have to do that to have BRAIN SURGERY! Why is universal healthcare still not a thing Richest country in the world...little kids have to raise money to live...? Disgraceful. Bless her little baby heart. If it happened in China,you will say China di not take good care of children.

A 7 year old should not have to worry about paying for medical treatment, just so wrong and shameful! Only in America. This is how you support yourself. Not that ' I'm a victim, can't find a job cuz of my skin color ' crap. Only in This is why America a glowed up third world country MedicareForAllNow this. is. just. insane. best wishes from germany.

I wish a literal 7 year olds brain cancer could be paid for by free healthcare and now be forced to pay out of pocket. Can you do the courtesy of putting a go fund me with the link horrible This is so wrong. ... That’s awful This is not okay.